2237-08-19 - Good Neighbors(?)

Nora picks out a bunk. Calliope will not be an annoying neighbor...probably.

Date: 2237-08-19

Location: Berthings

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Scene Number: 407

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It's a typical day in the Dauntless bunks. Pilots, Marines, and the other personnel who share these cramped spaces are milling about, going to and from their duties, crashing after or killing their downtown however they can. Calliope has recently gotten off CAP, for her part. She's showered and is sprawled in her sweats on one of the couches. There's a holoband on her head, and her eyes are unfocused and fixed on something only they can see.

Nora is smoothing a hand down the front of her uniform as she enters, the cloth of the officer's jacket she wears still stiff and new. Even the strap of the bag she carries doesn't rumple it where it crosses shoulder and chest and catches on one of the buttons. They're shiny--enough to catch the flurouescent light from overhead and reflect it back--and her boots are, too. It'd be difficult to look more obviously like a newcomer. But she manages that, too, looking around as she enters, starting toward one bunk that looks empty but stopping short when closer inspection proves it's just very neat. She moves to the next, turns toward Calliope like she might be about to ask a question, but spots the holoband and hesitates again, standing awkwardly in the middle of the room for a moment.

Calliope is literally off in her own world, the volume turned up in her ears to drown out the noise of life in the bunk. She doesn't look too engrossed in her program, though. If anything, her expression is one of distant boredom. Finally, with a sniff, she blinks it off. Putting her back in reality. Which means she spots Nora standing there. There's more blinking, as she reorients herself. "Uh. Hi."

"Hi, sorry," Nora says, half-turned toward Calliope. She gestures at the top bunk beside hers. "Is this taken? It doesn't look like it, but I just want to be sure, you know?"

"Umm...no, it's still open." Calliope manages to sound enthusiastic about this. Random new bunkmate! Possibly fun. She offers Nora a quick smile. "Go ahead. I'm still kind of moving in, myself. We all are. The Wolves were based on the Vanguard, but it kind of...crashed on Picon and now isn't so much flying anymore. So, now we're here! It's bigger, at least."

Nora flashes Calliope a quick little sliver of a smile in return, and nods, moving to set her bag on the end of the bed and flip open the locker. At 'crashed' her brows rise and eyes widen slightly as she turns back and asks, "Were you all on it when it crashed? That's terrible." A pause, and then she sticks out her hand as if just remembering. "I'm Nora. Lieutenant Skinner." Her accent is Virgan, but the broad vowels of the rural reaches less-often found among the officer ranks.

"I was in a Raptor, so I wasn't involved in the actual, like, crashing part," Calliope says, shifting on the couch so she's propped up on an elbow while she regards Nora's move-in. "I guess it was more of a...controlled crash?" As such things go. "Like, it got its ass handed to it by a basestar and then managed to land on planet. There weren't many casualties aboard, but it wasn't going to fly again. So they shipped us all to the Dauntless, and here we are!" Her own accent is piping Caprica City. The sort of lot Picon-made movies try to fake but don't quite manage. She extends a long arm up, to shake Nora's hand. "Calliope Drake. Lieutenant, junior grade. Callsign Soundbite. I think that's it! The military makes it all really long."

"Pleased to meet you, Drake," Nora says as they shake. Plenty of names to choose from, but she goes with the Virgan convention, and then turns back to unpacking as she nods along with Calliope's explanation. "Well, that's good. Not good good, but better than it could have been." She flashes another quick little smile. "I'm still catching up on the Wolves' files," she admits, "Was Picon your last stop before here?"

"Yeah, good to meet you Nor..." Calliope trails off and corrects, "...uh, Skinner." When among Virgans, do as the Virgans do. Even if the first was clearly her instinct. A nod, about Picon. "Yeah. Our last mission anyway. We did a couple weeks on Scorpia after that was done, but it was just R-and-R and waiting for our new quarters to get situated. So, what's your assignment?" She adds, for disclosure purposes, "I'm a Raptor pilot. You need bus transport? I am all about it."

"Viper pilot," Nora replies, touching her collar as she does and then quickly dropping her hand with another closed-lip smile. "I forget I don't have the pin anymore. I was only just transferred," she explains, probably unnecessarily. "Scorpia, Picon, and now Caprica," she nods mostly to herself, "I wonder how they're choosing."

Calliope shrugs. "Couldn't tell you. That's all way over my head. I assume they send us where we're needed most. That's kind of what they sell this unit as, when they're picking people for it. Go where the fighting's hardest." She shoves herself off the couch. "Anyway, I should grab some chow. Welcome aboard! I'll totally be a good neighbor, I promise." And with that, off she wanders.


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