2237-08-20 - Competitive Yoga

Several Timber Wolves socialize in the gym.

Date: 2237-08-20

Location: Gym

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Scene Number: 412

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Dressed down to a half-racer back shirt and a pair of yoga pants, Paige's hair is pulled up into a ponytail as she stretches out on the floor, before rolling over and settling into a bridge pose with her shoulders and head flush on the floor as she stands on her feet, knees lifted and bent.

Gabriela picks her way in wearing a pair of shorts and the standard issue naval shirt. Her own hair in a longer braid down her back as she picks her way in. She smiles as she catches sight of Paige and makes her way over to the floor, "Stretching? Just finishing your workout or starting?" She asks in her chipper voice as she drops down to the floor to begin stretching.

"Just starting, really." Paige offers as she gives Gabriela a smile from the floor as she stretches her back. "I picked up some stretching techniques a while back and I learned to really enjoy it. You?" she asks. "I mean you are just starting, but what were you planning on doing today for training?" she asks curiously as she folds her arms and clasps her hands in the empty space beneath her back.

Gabriela raises her brows curiously and studies Paige, "Oh? What kind of stretching techniques? Care to share?" She asks and then shrugs, "I usually just do running. I'm not a lifter or anything. The climbing wall looks fun but not reallys omething I've done before but I might give it a try once I'm warmed up." It's clear she doesn't have a particular routine.

Moving to sit up and settling on her ankles, Paige grins. "I've had plenty of time to work on stretching exercies. Anyway." She pats the floor next to her for her to sit. "Feel free to join me." she says as she considers. "Anyway, I haven't had a chance to go over the combat footage last night. Not sure what you might want help with - seems Whisper has us both beat when it comes to targetting with bombs."

Gabriela squints a little at Paige's grin, "Oh?" She says neutrally as she analyzes that statement and then nods as she settles down beside Paige head tilted. She nods, "That it seemed like, my bombs didn't get anywhere near the critical points." She says her features drawing into a faint pout and then she shrugs, "It was more jamming. I mean it's hard to tell what effected what but... the way you threw up the jamming seemed just a lot more effective." She admits as she stretches her legs out and bends over them.

"Truth be told, I'm more at home in the turret." Paige admits with a small chuckle. "I don't mind using the ECM suite, but I really like seeing a physical reaction to my work, you know? I think I miss my calling as a Viper jock." There's a wink at that, and then she starts to bend. "Follow me." she suggests as she starts to bend. She tucks her feet and sends her hips upwards. She pushes herself up to where she's sitting fully on her knees and then bends over. Then she pushes down, trying to get her chest as close as possible to her thighs - and truth be told, she is a bendy thing. Holding the position, she considers. "But sure, I have a couple of programs on the holobands I can run for you for trying to do a successful jamming. Is that what you want to do in the war? Just be an ECO?"

Gabriela laughs softly, "Did you? Raptor's are pretty versatile but yeah it's got to be a wholly different pace." She admits and then she follows bending slowly tucking her feet in and her hips rising doing her best to follow Paige along as her hips rise and she sits on her knees and bends forward. It's clear that Gabriela isn't too bad on the flexibility herself clearly some gymnastics in her background as but she does struggle to hold in that flexed position. "Hmm? what I want to do. I'm here to help. If that's where I can do the most good, certainly. I guess trying to broadcast from the back of a plane chasing storms kind of geared me up for this flying into the teeth of AA is pretty well up there in terms of thrill. I like being able to see what's going on around in the battle." She admits.

"So going to consider some day where you're handling command and control from the bridge of a Battlestar?" Paige asks with a lift of her brow as she holds the pose for a few moments. "Though it sounds as though you're more of a thrill seeker. Surprised they don't have embedded reporters in the fleet. Though we do have a photographer already with us from the Colonial Press." she admits as she moves to the next position, rotating herself so that her legs are parted, her chest lifted and pointed to the cieling as she stretches her arms above her. "And you're already helping, Gabriela. I mean, they really appreciated it last night. And I enjoyed having a second set of ECM out there."

Gabriela tries to shrug her shoulder and then winces from the position. "Won't turn it down if I can do the job. But a Raptor's in the thick of it and far more interesting." She shrugs, "Some have called it Thrill seeking." She laughs softly, "Well I'm not really a reporter as such. Weather girl." She points out brightly and she shrugs, "Besides I think they needed ECO's more. I've got enough of a head for the technical aspects, broadcasting, path of impact, all that fun from meterology and comms. All that is SUPPOSED to help with ordnance and the like but well it's still an adjustment." She smiles brightly, "Well until they take me out of the fun and stick me in a Battlestar I'll be out here helping how I can Princess." She says watching as Paige shifts and doing her best to mimic the pose her brow furrowing in particular as arms raise and she tries to mimic and then lets out a little laugh. "You've more than a little practice at this."

"Learned it when I was still a model." Paige chuckles softly as she stretches out her arms, holding her yoga pose as she does so. "Thrill seeker, huh? Well, you will have a lot of company up here, I think. It seems a lot of the girls in this unit have a bit of a hunter's heart to them. I'm still feeling my way in." The admission comes with a shrug of her shoulders. "Don't fit in all that well with the other Captains, they've known each other for a while. And then well.." There's a frown. "...there's the whole idea of the Graystone name."

Paige and Gabriela are on one of the mats in the gym, going through yoga poses as the two women stretch and get exercise. Gabriela's in a pair of shorts and t-shirt, Paige is wearing a racer back and a pair of yoga pants.

Gabriela laughs softly from her position on the mat, "Really? A large number of the pilots in the elite forces unit are thrill seekers? Who would have imagined." She teases paige playfully and then grows a little more serious. "I can't even imagine what you've gotten before. But... as the girls said last night, you're there with us in the middle of a fight. What you're doing now counts for a lot against what your family may ahve done." She points out quietly, "As for all the Captains... well I don't know many but you seem alright. And I get the sense we'll ahve plenty of chances to prove to them why they should be happy you're here."

Reaching over, Paige gives Gabriela's arm a playful flick. "You know what I meant." A smirk is given with a roll of her eyes and she nods. "I know. But you can see it sometimes. I've learned to let it go, but I'm well aware that it's my family name that is on each one of those damn things." She shakes her head. "I remember when my uncle was first developing them and asked me to help. I was so excited. I thought it was going to be the next great thing, you know. An end to crime, a whole protective force that would keep humanity safe." Releasing a sigh, she draws in a deep breath to hold. "Then I joined the Academy, because I wanted to fly."

Gabriela shrugs, "Trouble with Pandora's box is that once it's open not much to be done about it except try and deal with the consequences." She sighs and then abandones the pose flopping back down and stretching her neck out absently, "It was a nice dream though at least, worth pursuing but tragedy." She turns then curiously, "Flying's fun." She says as she begins trying to resume Paige's pose, "How come you didn't go into science or engineering? Sounds like you have quite a talent for it? Or just because of the family?"

Geoff hasn't come to do yoga, it seems. He comes in with a bag and takes a couple of hand wraps out of it, wrapping his wrists and hands to protect them and absorb shock. Most likely he intends a workout at the heavy bag.

"It's a long story. And it would probably bore you." Paige admits with a small laugh, before she watches the Marine entering the gym to start on the speed bag. There's a gentle nudge to Gabriela as the Captain continues her stretching exercies. "Looks like someone's here for something a bit more physical than what I want to offer." It's a dry tease, really, it's hard to believe that Paige may have ever thrown a punch in anger.

Gabriela teases Paige again murmuring, "It's always a long story with you isn't it." She tilts her head and over at the nudge to peer and smiles watching Geoff curiously, "Oh? I hear they don't feed the Marines enough. Iris insisted they get very hungry. That could be it." she suggests brightly, "Besides I can't imagine it's the first time."

Geoff looks over Paige's way, blinking a couple of times as his attention is brought to the present moment. "Am I interrupting a lesson?" he asks. Then he squints a little. "This an in-joke?"

Paige can't help it, her hand is brought to her mouth to stiffle her giggle at Gabriela's quip. "They do tend to overeat when fed." she says to Gabriela back playfully as she continues to stretch and then shakes her head. "At thirty, every story is a long story." she points out in mild amusement before she straightens and lifts her gaze towards Goeff. "I was just helping Weathergirl stretch, but I believe she is looking for something a bit more.. aggressive than my meditation exercises." the woman offers with a dulcet lift of her chin. "But no, you are not interrupting."

Gabriela's face tilts towards Geoff and she shakes her head, "Not interrupting anything. But yes, you should always assume it's an in-joke." Says the pilot her eyes twinkling merrily. She then laughs and eyes Paige, "Am I? No, not hardly. I am NOT one of those pilots who likes to fancy themselves a marine. I'll leave the fisticuffs to Iris."

"I know her," Geoff says of Iris, his main foothold on this conversation. "I think she sparred that big farmboy after I did."

"Big farmboy?" Paige lifts her brow curiously. "Details. You have to share them now." she comments, before grinning at Gabriela. "Well, from what I know, this mystery young man is also responsible for the dance lessons on the ship." After pointing that out, she continues with her stretching, bending back far enough that she could grab her own ankles if she wanted to.

Gabriela glances up smiling slyly to Geoff, "Of COURSE you know Iris." She says in a knowing tone. But she seems to perk up at the discussion of details as well. "Oh? Dance lessons? I like dancing." She says and then blinks her head turning to watch Paige. She looks at her dubiously but sighs and inhales and then exhales as she tries to mimic and bend back as well.

<FS3> Paige rolls Yoga: Success (8 7 5 3 2 1)

"Um," Geoff says as he searches mentally for the name. "Recon. Logan. Built like a refrigerator?" Velcroing the end of his hand-wrap closed, he looks between Paige and Gabriela. "Yeah, I teach dance," he says. "When people want to learn."

"Ah. The former pyramid star." Paige sounds rather non-commital on that, before she grins aside and upside down at Gabriela. "Then dance it you want." she says with a shake of her ponytail. "I used to dance, a lifetime ago it seems." There were rumors that the teen Paige was the little socialite with a perfect life, but at the moment, she seems to be walled off for the most part.

Nora has been on a treadmill in a back corner of the gym, busy off in her own world as she sprints through an automated workout routine. She's still breathing hard as she makes her way down the aisle, only tugging out her earbuds as she recognizes two of the only faces on this boat she can actually put names to. She slows as she nears, lifting a hand in greeting to Gabriela, Paige, and their friend. "Hello," she says, "Did I hear you right? They really offer dance classes? Here?" She's dressed in sweats and a tanktop, her left shoulder covered in a tattoo depicting twining stalks of asphodel in bloom.

Gabriela perks up at that, "Ohhhhh?" She says thoughtfully, "This is the Thresher she was talking about? Interesting." She says and the capital in that is audible as she looks... wel mischievous. "Dancing though? That sounds fun. You should give a little class. I don't imagine many of the girls will say no to dancing." She says brightly and laughs, "What kind of dancing htough that's an important distinction." She suggests and then glances up and over nodding with a smile to Nora. She does reach over and bat at Paige, "And stop making it look easy."

"I offer dance classes," Geoff replies mildly to Nora. "/They/ have nothing to do with it." He looks to her arm. "I like your tattoo." Then he looks to Gabriela. "I teach a lot of kinds, so I usually let the students choose."

"That's all about you, Gabby." Paige offers, rolling her eyes as she continues to stretch with ease. "I

"That's all about you, Gabby." Paige offers, rolling her eyes as she continues to stretch with ease. "I'll take a pass on the dance lessons, though. Thank you. And no offense. Just not my thing." the brunette offers before giving Nora a smile in greetings. Compared to her, the ECO's skin is unblemished. No scars, tattoos, marks, not even a visible birthmark, mole, or freckle. "Good evening." she offers to the redhead before smirking at the smack. "It is easy once you've done it for a while!"

Nora lifts her chin to give a longer nod of understanding at Geoff's correction, "Ahh. I see. And thank you." She lifts a hand to rub over it self-consciously even as her lips press into a smile. Then she drops it and offers it over. "Lieutenant Skinner. Nora. People here seem to go by their first names, don't they?" She flashes another little close-lipped smile, "A lot to get used to."

Gabriela assures Princess, "It's always about me." She says in her peppy tone and then laughs considering Geoff, "Oh? Every type? Well what's your favorite." she asks curiously looking at him as if considering him thoughtfully and what kind of dance lessons she might want. Paige sighs again and drops out of the yoga pose laying back, "Slave driver." She complains at Paige but laughing as she says it. She offers to Nora, "Or their callsign more. At least the pilots, I'm not sure if the Marines do it as well." She says her tone questioning as she glances to Geoff again.

Geoff shrugs at Paige. "I'm not offended." He looks back to Nora. "I dunno. People call me a lot of different things. Geoff. Or Courtois if you want." He looks at Gabriela. "A lot of kinds," he repeats for her. "I think Latin dance is like the most fun to do overall, so."

"Hey Skins. Weathergirl here is just trying to keep up with my stretching exercises." Paige says with a small smirk. "Not that she has much to complain about. She's pretty good for someone with little practice."

"Well, pleased to meet you," Nora replies to Geoff, holding off on choosing a name just at the moment, it seems. She looks across at Gabriela and nods, "That's true, I have heard some callsigns among the pilots. I suppose that's easiest, isn't it? If you only learn one name, make it the one you need flying." Another hint of a smile, and then she lifts a brow at Paige. "Competitive yoga?"

Gabriela considers Geoff for long moments at this and then smiles, "Good answer." She declares and then laughs, "Competetive Yoga. THAT could be fun to start. Princess is going to be our yoga instructor it seems. It should be fun. I bet we could crank the heat in somewhere and do hot yoga." She declares thoughtfully.

Geoff makes a face. "Y'all better warn everybody before you turn the gym into a sweatbox."

"I'm sure there's a room they could block off," Nora suggests, "Or you could just call it hard condition training, in case we're ever sent to Canceron or the jungles of Scorpia or something. Or I suppose part of the crew has been to Canceron, haven't they?" Her brows furrow, "I feel as if I read something about that in the files. Have you been posted here long, Geoff?"

Gabriela grins at Geoff, "Oh come on, that might be fun. See everyone all working out all sweaty." She teases and then she nods to Nora, "But yeah I was thinking more a room to block off for a bit." She shrugs about previous posting glancing to Geoff curious for his answer.

"I was on Canceron," Geoff says, gaze drifting a little. "I don't remember how long it's been, but...a while. I got blown up and I had to go away for a while but..." His gaze comes back to Nora. "Here I am."

Nora glances at Gabriela as Geoff goes distant, and then nods, lips pursing slightly. "Here you are," she agrees, "I apologize for bringing back difficult memories." She attempts to steer the conversation away, remarking, "I've never been very good at yoga, myself. I end up all elbows and knees."

Gabriela blinks at that and considers Geoff, "Well I'm glad you got better from being blown up. That sounds like... a memorable thing." She says and smiles, "I'm sure we're all glad you're back." She then grins at Nora, "Well then i'd say let Princess teach you but she's a bit intimidating I just enjoy the stretching it's relaxing."

Geoff smiles a little at Nora. "It's a war," he points out gently. He squints a little at Gabriela again. "I don't...think about it that much," he claims, and with a sort of nod at them, goes over to the bag he was originally intending to punch a lot.


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