2237-08-20 - Hand Of Cards

Emrys tries to teach Eva the nuances of Triad.

Date: 2237-08-20

Location: Berthings

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Scene Number: 414

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"Seriously, okay. Just one more time. Why is a Full Up not as good as a Three Up?" This is why some Captains should never learn new skills. Eva and Emrys are seated at the central table in the main crew lounge, two sets of triad cards laid out around them. One, that they seem to be playing, and we use that term lightly, with, and the other seems to be arranged to give Eva something to reference. Things do not seem to be going well, for the redhead, who is nursing the largest bottle of ice water one can imagine.

"Well, it actually doesn't." Emrys attemps to explain, pulling off of his own, much smaller, bottle of water. "Other way around. So your instincts...that Full Up shouldn't beat Three Up, are exactly right. Full Up beats Three Up every time."

Eva, eyes angled down at the cards laid out on the table, looks as though these pieces of hardened paper have personally offended her in some way. "And the colours don't matter, except you have to build these hands out of other cards with the same colours, you can't mix and match them, right?"

"Sometimes you can mix and match them." Emrys corrects gently. This, so far, has been the biggest problem. The 'sometimes' and 'except whens'. "So for example, to go back to Three Up. That's three of the same, so obviously it's going to be a mix of colors. "Actually I would say there are probably more 'mix and match' hands than not, but the two highest scoring hands all have to be the same color."

"Okay, but do you get more points for having more colours that match then? Like...if you need four of the same card and I have one of each colour, but you have two of each colour? Also, how much money will I have lost by then?" Eva takes a moment, for a sip of water, before she reaches under her chair to pull out her secret stash. Of cookies and sets the bag down in the middle of the table, within easy reach of both herself and Emrys.

"Well, I couldn't have two of each color, because I can't have more than five cards in my hand." Emrys begins, before breaking off to remark "Ooo, cookies." He doesn't immediately reach for one, however, returning to his instruction. "So the hands are pretty set...Four Up is Four Up. If we both have Four Up, the winner is the one with the highest card in their Four Up.:

"Well, no, but there are more than one deck that you're dealing from. So...I could have say..." And then she breaks off, listening to Emrys further instructions. "Okay, so in this case the colours don't matter, it's just the numbers. And what if we both had the same numbers? Is that a draw?" Save yourself now, Montjoy.

For whatever reason, Montjoy seems determined to see it through. Irrational fondness for his friend, perhaps. "I...that's a good question, actually. If I had a copy of Hoyle's Rules I could tell you for sure, it rarely comes up." The big green book, full of rules for different card and dice games, a staple of many Virgon bookshelves. "But I think what would happen is we'd go to the next highest card, and so on."

Eva's face scrunches, as she does reach for a cookie, as if it might solve all of her problems. "Okay, so...if they were all the same, then you would use the rest of the cards you have that you're not using for that hand. So...if I had a ten left over and you had a king, then you would win the draw. Okay." She glances across the way at the other captain, "Maybe I could just wear a slinky dress and drape myself over the back of your chair or something." Because that's always the pretty girl's job in this sort of thing.

Emrys flushes at that, and reaches hurriedly for the water bottle. "I'm...sure that would be fine. I mean, you'd look great." A long, long drink of water. Followed by a cookie. Finally, he offers "You can get this. But if you'd rather not, slinky dress and draping is absolutely a legitimate option."

Eva's eyes narrow, a thoughtful expression, as she sees Emrys make a mad grab for his water bottle and her cookies. Ahem. But it's actually a bright humour there. The woman is old enough, and aware enough to comprehend the reason for the reaction, "Well, I saw a movie like that once. It was very distracting. For the other players, I mean. of course, we're not trying to rob a casino." She looks back down to the table, "No, I'm going to get this."

Emrys is avoiding her gaze for a moment, and so misses the narrowing eyes. "I've seen similar movies." He agrees. "And I swear there's a scene like that in just about every Jan Brund novel. But yes, no casino robbery." A nod as she declares she'll get it. "I think it's one of those things that at some point, probably once you've played a few times, will just click for you."

"Think we could get away with a little robbery?" Eva laughs, as she finishes off the cookie, before she turns her attention back to the cards, beginning to pull them back together. "You're probably right. I suppose it's like being in a sim. You can practice all you want, but you don't really get it until you're out there."

"Oh, probably. I mean, you'd be very distracting, and I can do suave." Emrys muses. "And both of us are passable shots with small arms." There's a nod of agreement then. "Exactly. And some of it is just rote memorization, too."

Eva grins, "Actually, I managed to qualify 'expert' in pistols, the last time the marines had their qualification tests. Their Gunny let me take my quals. Jigger's been working with me to improve. I'm going to ask him to help me with the rifle soon." She offers, in case it isn't common knowledge for Emrys, "He spent two tours as a Marine, before he went to OCS." She finishes gathering up one deck and starts on the other. Apparently, she intends to play.

"Well, I'm passable you're expert." Emrys grins in reply, watching as she gathers the cards up. "I had no idea he used to be a Marine. Fascinating. I don't think I have quite the completionist streak you do...I'll stick to my pistol, if I ever get shot down." A pause. "Of course, given what you went through I can see why you'd want to have options.

"I don't think that it's completionist. I just think that given how often we've gotten shot down and had to survive on the ground, it would behoove me to be better able to defend myself and work with the tools I might find available, if I have to survive without a ship around me." Once she finishes the gathering, she hands the cards off to Emrys. You do not want to see her try to shuffle. "He was. A gemenese marine...if you can believe it. So the rarest of the rare."

Emrys shuffles with the practiced hand of a misspent youth, as they talk. "Wow. And then to go from Marines to Naval OCS and make it as a pilot." He shakes his head in wondermont. "Definitely the rarest of the rare. I don't really know him, but I assume he's good people? Flies with Banshee a lot, right?"

Eva nods, settling in to wait for the shuffling and the dealing, claiming another cookie and her water, "Right? From what I know of him, he actually started out on the track to be a priest of Ares...as one does." Because hello, Gemenon. "Decided he could serve Ares more directly. or maybe the God decided that...I'm not that clear on that part. But he is, very good people. We've been flying together since the Galactica." A nod, and a thinning of her lips, at the mention of his usual wingman, "Yes, usually with Banshee."

"Oh, well...I'm sure he knows what he's about." Emrys looks oddly uncomfortable when priests and Ares are brought up. He's on the farmer ground with the next part, and cants his head curiously. "You don't approve, I take it?" He begins to deal, apparently satisfied with his shuffle.

"Well, I can only assume so. I'm not a believer in the gods myself. Although people have occasionally thought I was. It's sort of become a ritual for us to sit together in the chapel before a big battle. he's the one praying though. I'm just borrowing his calm." Eva turns her eyes to the table, waiting for the draw, "I think there's been a bit too much...drama going on around the junior pilots, and Jigger is getting himself drawn into it."

There's a visible relief, in the way his body relaxes, when Eva says she doesn't believe. "I lost all my faith a long time ago, but...it's awkward, you know?" The draw is made, as he considers. "Let me guess? He likes her but she likes his friend type stuff? Just like in all the old songs?"

"I never had any. I mean, I don't disrespect people who do, or think their beliefs are invalid...it just doesn't work for me, you know?" She reaches for her cards, taking them up and making and frowny face as she looks them over. "Quite the opposite, actually. Let me put it this way. I may very well be one of the only people in this squadron who is NOT trying to get into the pants of Alain Tomlinson."

"I was raised into it." Emrys explains. Because of course he was. "Chapel at boarding school every day and all of that. But somewhere along the way...I don't know." A shrug. He doesn't seem to especially care, either. An eyebrow is raised at her latter words. "Wow. Well, that makes two of us." He seems a little happier with his cards. Or at least, he's not actively frowning at them.

"See, that's the thing about religion I never understood. Whether it's being made to go to chapel, or being raised to be a priest. Shouldn't faith me a choice, and not a doctrine? I mean...isn't free will or something some huge part of religion?" Eva starts to move her cards around, trying to organize them in some fashion that makes sense to her.

"I guess? I don't know. I mean...maybe I didn't have any faith to begin with? I believed it because I was taught it by my family, and my school." Emrys muses. "It was patriotic, you know? I don't even know how much of it was really about divinity, versus the idea of Virgon, and the monarchy. I think that was really what we were worshipping." His own moving of cards is a lot quicker, reflexive almost.

"Well, that's sort of what people do on Virgon, isn't it? Worship the monarchy and the idea of Virgon?" Yes, there's a little bit of sass from the Hibernian, though none of it seems directed at Emrys. Far from it, actually. "The gods would only be there to support that." Finally, she stops organizing. "Okay, I'm ready."

"I suppose it really is, yes." Emrys admits easily enough, half-smiling at the sass. "The idea of a perfect Virgon that used to exist. A conceptual Virgon, in a sense. I remember reading a historian who was also a shrink, back in Academy. He had some pretty sharp things to say about how he felt the male nobility were conditioned to relate to the Colony." As she declares herself ready, he nods. "Alright, so there's a round of betting at this point. It goes to the left, although there's only the two of us. Then you get to switch out cards, if you wish."

Eva purses her lips, looking between Emrys, her hand, Emrys, the small pile of plastic chips, her hand, Emrys...you get the idea. "Okay," she reaches out, pulling one of her red chips, the lowest denomination into the center, "I'd like two cards, please." A beat, "Do I have to give two cards back?"

Emrys puts in a red chip in answer, mercifully not turning this into a lesson on raises this time. "Yes. You can swap none, or all, of your cards or any amount in between. But it does have to be a swap." He's ready to deal her two new cards, once she decides which ones she wants to swap.

Back to that frowny face, as Eva picks two of the cards that she seems willing to sacrifice and slides them across the table, face down. At least she remembered that part. She'll take the two new cards that are dealt to her. Her triad face is terrible, because she looks even more unhappy with these cards than the two she gave up.

"That happens sometimes." Emrys says, in response to that unhappy face. For his part, he chooses to trade out three cards. "So now, we bet again. Everyone gets a chance to bet. Nobody has to. Once everyone has bet, or not, and any raises and matches have been dealt with, assuming two or more people are left in we do the showdown."

Eva nods, looking thoughtful, once again, as she rearranges her cards. Then looks down to her pile and picks a blue ship, one of the chips worth three times as much as the red one and puts it on the pile, "Alright, I'm okay now. I don't want anything else."

Emrys raises an eyebrow as Eva puts in the blue chip, but he matches it. "Alright. So unless you want to raise again, we're good. So now...everyone still in shows their cards, and we see who won." A pause, before he notes. "It's important to note you can always fold at this point, or if someone shows a hand you know beats yours you can just acknowledge it without showing yours. Mostly that's something you might want to do when you've been bluffing but don't want them to know how badly."

"But I'll lose either way, I mean, if I fold, I don't get to take the money back that I bet. And if you beat me, I still lose the money I bet. I mean, I'm not sure why you would want to fold, unless people were still betting. But it's only the two of us." Clearly, this does not seem to be a good tactic. "Okay, here we go." She lays down her cards.

<FS3> Eva rolls Triad: Good Success (8 7 6 5 4)

<FS3> Emrys rolls Triad: Success (7 4 4 3 1)

Emrys lays down his cards, revealing that Eva has won. Which for some reason makes him grin widely. "There you go." Her Three Up, to his Two Pair. "Well..." Back to folding. "You wouldn't want to do it if you thought you could win. Only if you're trying to hide bluffing, so others will think you had a decent hand. Matters for your ability to bluff in later rounds. Or if during interim betting, you'd rather not meet a raise."

Eva chortles, as she wins, although that only comes after she gives the cards a serious looking over, just to make sure Emrys isn't actually just being nice to her and telling her that she's won when she hasn't. "That sounds far too complicated to me. I think I'd rather just show my hand and pony up the money if I lose. I mean, I suppose if other people are bluffing too, but how would you know?" She purses her lips, "I need a break. Help a girl pick out a dress to slink in?"

"Well there's ways you can tell. People have tics, sometimes, that give away when they're bluffing. Fellow I used to play with as an Academy cadet used to drum his fingers on the table when he knew he didn't have a hand." Emrys explains, grinning at the request and beginning to pack up the cards. "Absolutely." Apparently he was ready for a break, too, even if there's a little redness around the ears.

Eva, with now that Emrys has agreed, gets to work sorting out the chips, and once everything's set, putting them back into the case they came out of. "I'd say that you'd think he'd know not to do that, but I suppose that's the whole thing with tics, is that you actually don't know you're doing them." Once everything's ready, she gathers up the cookies, and her bottle, leaving the case for Emrys, before the two head back towards what's been nicknamed by the junior pilots, the 'Brass Bunkroom'.


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