2237-08-21 - Not A Spider Webb

Marcus meets some of the members of the Air Wing. They make sure he's not related to another Webb.

Date: 2237-08-21

Location: Mess Hall

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Scene Number: 422

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Another day, another CAP. At least they didn't run into anything out there, but they did pick up some Caprican troops that needed transport. The flight to and from the base to Delphi was full of machismo and attempts at flirting with the pilot and ECO. Paige is rolling her eyes as she glances over at Irene, going to get in line to start to get her food. "So did you see the gift that last ride left us?" she asks.

The 'gift' in question was a roll of toilet paper that the Marines had pulled out of one of their rucksacks to write their contact information on in the hopes that one of the women would contact them later. "One thing to say about Marines.. they are persistent."

"They're so cute, like little puppies with bad tattoos and worse haircuts." Irene gushes in their defense, though they might not take it that way. Good thing they're not in earshot! She's still in her flightsuit, having stopped only to stuff her helmet and vest in a locker, replacing the headgear with garish tourist style sunglasses she likely picked up on Scorpian R&R. They're pink framed with silver mirrored lenses that have an oil slick rainbow sheen to them in the right light, at the right angle. There's really no need to be wearing them, but she just don't care. Maybe the overheads are too bright. "Wait, which one wrote that? Was it the Virgan? I think he was just being a turd."

Lieutenant Marcus Webb was a new transfer, and had yet to take a Viper out while under the Wolf banner. Instead he had been sent through numerous training sims and in general had spent his time being "shown the ropes." It was after one of these that Webb saunters into the mess and picks up a tray of food where he is scooped something that might resemble food. He looks at it skeptically and then moves to take a seat which is when he notices the two Raptor pilots.

Giving a shrug he moves to the table and gives a slight bow of his head. "Howdy!" He says by way of greeting. "I am Lieutenant Webb, would you ladies mind if I joined you?

<FS3> Paige rolls Composure: Success (8 4 2 2)

Paige, like Irene, is still in her flightsuit, having just flown with Iris on the mission earlier. "Yeah, well, that's about as close as he's ever going to get to my arse." the brunette comments, just before she hears the new voice speaking up and the name 'Webb' sets her skin just a little on edge, but the Caprican is able to cover it easily. "We haven't found a table yet, but if the el-tee's alright with it." she offers, "I'm Captain Paige Graystone.." the same name equated to the Cylons, "..and this jay-gee Irene Harris. You're not related to Spider, are you?" comes the obvious question, Webb having been the former CAG.

Irene slowly turns to stare at the new Webb from behind the silver mirrored glasses. Her expression is perfectly neutral, if a little tinged with the kind of relief fatigue that comes with the winding down of mission nerves. She's not entirely rude though, in fact, she's actually fairly quick to lift a hand to brow in a reflex salute, "Sir." As Paige supplies the introductions she keeps quiet, only offering a polite smile in the meantime.

Blinking, Webb just shakes his head. "Naw. Only had sisters and I'm the eldest. If it's easier just call me Thumper." He shrugs a shoulder. "Everybody else does." Then he remembers the rank of Captain was mentioned. He blinks again and clears his throat. "I mean, Captain sir, if you'd like you can call me Thumper." He nods to Irene. "El Tee jay Gee. Pleasure to meet you."

Shaking her head, Paige considers for a moment. "We're not so formal here." she offers. "Nice to meet you, Thumper. Princess.." though she seems that her voice seems like she's fine with that callsign, before she smiles towards Irene with a little shake of her head to call off the salute. "...and this is Iris."

Ensign In The House! The ECO that's most commonly known as Double-Tap strides into the Mess with a pair of invisible blinders on the size of a capital frigate. His eyes are glued to the screen of the holopad that he's got in both of his hands. He's not trying to hide anything he's doing so the random scrolling code is very visible as he just comes in to make his presence as normally known as possible. He only looks up once to make sure there's nothing in his projected trajectory towards the vending machines. He's got the biggest grin on his face while he's reading the code too. What a nerd.

"Hey, Thumper." Irene grins as if she's decided he's an alright dude, just right then, because of reasons only she's party to. Maybe it's solely the callsign. Maybe with those sunglasses she can read people's auras. Hard to say. As she cans the salute, she grabs a tray and starts moving to not hold up the chow line. Over her shoulder, she keeps on talking to Marcus, "You must be new if Princess doesn't know you. Sit with us and tell us gossip from far away colonies."

Marcus grins as he takes a seat and picks up a fork to once again look at the slop on his tray. "I just got tranfered from the Caprican Navy." He says with a nod. "As for gossip, not much to tell. Cylons. Lots of fighting. I did a few sorties against the buckets before I got my promotion, and a nice fresh transfer here." He shrugs again. "Chances are you guys know more about what is going on than me. I haven't been able to get out in the black since my transfer, though I'm hoping that changes."

There's a lift of Paige's brows at the mention of the Caprican Navy. After all, she was one of those before joining the ICJPK. "Long story short, we're trying to keep Delphi from falling." she says and then nudges Irene. "I'm not that nosy, I just like to make sure I'm well informed." the ECO points out with a bemused smile that matches her dry tone. As she notices Yohan, however, she raises her hand and lifts her voice just briefly. "Double-Tab, come meet the new Viper pilot."

Suddenly Webb's eyebrow's raise. "Wait ... Graystone?" He looks at Paige and then blinks again. "Holy Frak. I have a poster of you in my Locker. The Summer issue when you turned eighteen!" He grins and leans back. "I kept it because you could see her ... " Suddenly Webb stops talking as his eyes go wide and he clears his throat. "Aaaanyway. Teen crushes not withstanding, I had no idea you joined the," he gestures with his fork. "The uh Military. Princess." He clears his throat again and stuffs some slop in his mouth.

Double-Tap's focus is on the holopad even as he puts the correct change into the machine and presses the correct keys to get his correct snack of the Gummi and Frog variety. The package is tossed up and caught as he does a small victory pose that he just can't stop himself from doing. And that's when he hears a familiar voice and looks up like a Cylon caught in a Raptor's Headlights. His teeth already tearing open the candy package. "Mmm?" His eyes get wider as he actually sees who's talking to him and he spits part of the wrapper out of his mouth with the comical quickness. "On my way!" He swipes the holopad back to screen saver and heads over so fast. "Hey. Double-Tap. Uh, that's me, I mean. Welcome to The D." Yohan gives a bit of a headnod and offers an elbow-dap to Marcus because he's got his hands full with gummies and technology. Everyone else gets a familiar smile! "Hey Princess! Hey Iris!"

"Well, actually, I was trying to imply that you've been with the Forces forever and are, like, old so you know everyone, Captain." Irene teases, making sure to scoot ahead as far as she can in the line to avoid any retaliatory swats or karate chops from Paige. She squeezes in so close to the crewman she's behind in the queue that she has to lay a dazzling smile on him to make the invasion of personal space a little less awkward. He seems willing to let it go, but gives her an eyebrow quirk before sliding down to the next station. Pilots are weird. She turns back then, raising a hand in greeting to Yohan. "Hi. You want to sit with us too?"

Oh, Irene would totally get a swat, but Marcus just mentioned a certain picture. "Nineteen." she corrects gently. "And it was a crocheted bikini top. I was quite aware of what would be seen." Paige shrugs her shoulders a little. "I joined the military a couple of years after that and became an ECO. Anyway, you'll find that there is quite a few models among the ranks. Iris, for instance, as she is closer to your age." There's a small smile as Paige congenially bushes Irene under the Raptor.

Revenge is best served swiftly with a smile.

Webb makes a mental note to remove that old magazine photo before he finds himself thrown out an airlock as he taps the offered elbow. "Pleasure!" He says after he Swallows his forkfull of food. He peers at Iris out of the corner of his eyes after Paige directs his attention that direction. He doens't "look her over" he just looks at her and nods. "Yeah, I can believe that." He gestures with his fork. "The model bit. Your Callsign fits you. Pretty eyes." He nods. "I got mine for crashing a Viper." He grins. "The Landing struts wouldn't deploy and I sort of bounced along the launch bay. I laughed because it made a "Thumping" noise. I've been Thumper ever since." He stuffs another bite of food in his mouth. He looks to the newcomer, "Double-Tap. How's you get that piloting a Rap?"

"Game on, Thumper. Game on." Yohan says this as if that's going to actually explain it all. He's probably the least likely to tell his callsign story so he just kind of rolls with it. "Let's just say I push a lot of buttons." He's going to leave it at that because he's looking over to Iris and giving a bit of a nod. "Sure! If that's cool. If there's room. Y'know. I can also stand. I'm a stander." He is not good with this socialization thing. Not when it doesn't involve his main mission. He hangs loose, though, since he's got his snack while the others are getting their food.

"Aw, thank you, Thumper." Irene says to the compliment, crawling out from beneath the raptor she was pushed under with a smile. Just can't keep her down. When Marcus looks away, she slowly sticks the tip of her tongue out at the Captain whether she's paying attention or not. It zips back into her mouth only when she's distracted by all that food. Despite being a model, she's not particularly picky about her food, probably because in the military you get what you get and you like it, or you don't eat. As she slides her tray down, she gets a bit of everything available. Her only bit of fussiness comes at the end, eschewing coffee for tea. As she's preparing that, she arches a brow back at Yohan, "You're a stander? If you want to, I guess... you're welcome to sit though. It's okay."

"We won't bite if you sit, honest." Paige says, and then turns a smile to Marcus. "If you want me to autograph that picture later, do let me know. I am quite pleased with how it turned out." she offers up with a small laugh as she notices Irene making a face at her, and grabbing her own tray of food, she seems to go for the salads and tea as she moves to take a seat with the pilot. "Anyway, are you part of that game that they were talking about the other night, Irene?"

"Your Welcome." Webb says with a light nod. He ponders for a moment and then clears his throat. "I would appreciate that Captain." He says with a quick nod and another mouthful of food. He chews that bit of food quickly and then puts his fork down for a moment so he can look over at the others grabbing food. "What is the situation on Delphi? Do the Buckets have us like they do on Caprica?"

"I sit! I'm a sitter too. I can really stand or sit. Whatever works best." Yohan is too busy talking to even really notice that they've moved over to a table. He picks up the pace and follows suit before finding a spot to sit down. His holopad gets placed on the table and his gummies pack dropped on top of it. He snatches up a worm and gets to chewing while listening in to the conversation at hand. He's good with the listening. And the looking out of place because he's eating candy while everyone else has actual meals.

Just as she was about to sit, one of the corporals that handles messages and the like comes into the mess hall. Finding Paige, he delivers her a small slip of paper. Glancing at it for a moment, her lips twist into a frown. "I apologize, I need to tend to this." she says quietly as she moves to her feet, grabbing the small container with the salad in it. "I will see you later." she promises as she heads off.

Well, scratch one captain. Irene watches Paige go, offering a wave and then finding herself alone with the stander who is also a sitter, and Thumper. "Well, I guess it's just us now!" She declares, taking her tray to the table to settle in. She picks up the conversation as she does, shrugging her shoulders a bit to Marcus, "It's not too bad. There's just a lot of SAM sites. They haven't been able to take the whole city."

"So, I wonder if I can add Scares Off Captains to my list of skills." Yohan offers a bit of a joke to try and keep everything as light as possible. "Y'know, if we could figure out how to like, I dunno, LAN up some drones or something or keep 'em from getting hax'd... we could probably take these things out in a heartbeat. But alas." Yohan misses being able to be 'online'. It's obvious. "Uh, not to say that I want all of us to be out of a job. Because I don't. But just saying it'd be nice if this was all over." And then he's going for a change of subject by grabbing up his candy and holding it out. "Gummi Worm?"

Irene lifts her garish pink framed sunglasses up and leaves them resting atop her head, apparently not needing them on for dinner. At the offer of gummi worms, she closes one eye and peers at the bag with the other, considering. "Maybe after." She declines before taking up fork and knife to poke at her plate of chow. She fastiduously separates the different parts with her knife, but doesn't eat straight away, noting instead, "It'll take more than some drones to get us out of this war. We just need to find a really big off switch."

Yohan stares at Iris like she's just said the magic freaking word. "Uh... that's it. That's. It." Yohan scrambles to get the gummi worms out of the way and swipes his holopad on. "Why haven't we done that? Their machines, right? Something, somewhere, has to be controlling them, right? Or like making them go? Something had to charge their batteries." He's swiping through is screens so fast he doesn't even know if he's in his Cylon Notes. "If we can figure out what and where we can flip the switch. You're like a freakin' genius over here." Swipeswipeswipe!

"Huh." Marcus says leaning back in thought. "I wonder if we can do a strike to take out those sites." He says thinking out loud. "Come in low. Fast. I mean After burners on full, and hit them at the right time." He takes a thoughtful mouth of food. "And yeah. I think we can take on the drones without too mcuh of a problem." He winks and waggles his eyebrows.

"Remember to credit me when you've figured out how to do it, so I get a medal." Irene smiles, drawing a line with her thumb right where it'd look best pinned to her chest. If she was in her proper dress uniform, that is, not her flightsuit. "I like medals and ribbons." And also potatoes, and gravy. There's some nodding, agreeing with Thumper's attack plan once the 'off switches' are found, but she's quiet because food.

"No, like, if we do this, you're gonna' be there. Somebody's gotta' fly me in so I can flip the switch." Yohan is only half-thinking and half-talking because he's mostly reading through everything he has compiled on the Cylons. "I mean, this could be epic if we plan this right. The ultimate game over." Yohan's eyes light up. "Operation: Game Over. Yeah? Yes?" He's looking to the others for some approval on his naming idea. "There's gotta' be something in here on it-- on them." He starts muttering. "Every machine can be turned off. It's just how..." More swiping for swiper!

Marcus raises an eyebrow to Double-Tap and eats a few more bites of food. He looks to Iris and then back to Double-Tap. "I think it's likely a Base-Star. Command and Control on that scale would have to be insanely protected. A Base-Star is one of the most powerful things out there in the dead black of space, so it makes sense." He gestures slightly to Double-Tap. "The best way to handle that is a nuke up the engine exhaust."

"That would make sense. I don't think they'll let us just fly a raptor up to a base-star and turn out their lights." And Irene is properly saddened by that fact. There's a smallish sigh from the blonde, but her appetite isn't ruined any. After a few more bites and a sip of tea, she adds an observation, "But we've destroyed base-stars and the cylons weren't disabled. They're still autonomous afterwards, like the raiders don't just shut off."

"You're right. And you're wrong. Or I'm wrong. We're all wrong. I think we've been going about this the wrong way. Since it started." Double-Tap swipes a couple more times on his holopad and spins it around on the table so that the others can see. He's pulled up a file on sicknesses. To be more specific: Viral Infections. "I don't think we need to find the off switch. I think we need to create it." Yohan grins a little bit and looks up at the others at the table.

Taking another bite of food, Marcus gestures to Yohan with his fork. "To do that, you'd have to do a double strike. Hit their network to distribute this "Off Switch" and then blow up the Base Star to make them Autonomous and kill their network." He shrugs a shoulder. "Because I think when the Star is blown, they each go their own AI ways, they're just not connected anymore. So, to prevent them form networking and coming up wiht a massive solution, you gotta hit the off switch, blow up the Base Star, which keeps them thinking only as one, instead of as millions." He shrugs a shoulder. "I think. I dunno man. I'm a historian."

Irene's amused at least, attention flitting back and forth between Yohan and Marcus as she sits there sipping tea mostly. "Not a bad theory from a historian." She grins, "What do you say to that, Tap? What if you just made one shut off, and then it shut off everything else, like a bad light in a string?"

"What do I think?" Yohan grins and swirls his holopad back around to himself. "I mean, this is all theoretical, right? Hypothetical? Some weird combination of both? I mean, if we could figure out how to do both, and live, then I think..." Yohan leans back, snatching up a green gummi worm and taking a thoughtful bite. He blinks a couple times before his grin gets a little bit more confident. He looks to the others at the table. "...hm. If we're right, then it looks like The Historian, The Gamer and The Model are about to save the universe."

Marcus taps his chin with the end of his fork. "It would be nice to approve the facts of a Thesis written about me ... " His voice doesn't betray if he's serious or joking. He leans back in the chair and then takes another bite of food.

Irene laughs as if she doesn't believe for a minute that they're any closer to ending the war, but a little hope is better than none at all. "You two figure out the particulars. Just let me know where we need to go when you do." She smiles cheerily enough at the pair, but it's chased with a yawn she hides behind her hand. "That was a long CAP, I'm going to go get some rack time. Nice to meet you, Thumper. See ya, Tap!" She's up with that, collecting her tray and empty cup and is all set to leave when she remembers something important. Gummi worm! She snags one from the bag and strolls off with it hanging from the corner of her mouth.

Shovelling the last bit of food into his mouth, Webb stands and stretches. He nods to Double-Tap and puts his tray in the proper recepticle. "Let me know if you need a cover flight. I can fly a Viper pretty fast." He nods and heads toward the door. "I am going to read more damn procedures and manuals. Have a good night, and it was awesome meeting you." He waves and heads out the door.

"Yeah, uh, later." Tap is focused now. He's got a new Side Mission. Save The Universe. "We got this. We can do this. We have to do this." That said, he grabs another gummi worm and focuses back on the holopad. It's research montage time.


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