2237-08-21 - Working Games

Paige speaks with Yohan about setting up some training games for the ECOs to train on.

Date: 2237-08-21

Location: Squadron Office

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Scene Number: 421

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Dressed in her off-duty greens, Captain Paige Graystone has claimed one of the desks in the Squadron Offices. Once she was settled, she sent a message to Ensign Ramseyer that she would like to speak to him. Yohan may recognize the name, if not from rumor, than from experience - Paige is one of the daughters of the family that created not only the VR and holoband technologies for gaming and other things, but also the creator of the Cylons.

The woman sits at the desk, proper and upright, with everything on desk in order, including several files and what looks to be programs for various games and other simulations.

There is a such thing as nerves. And even somebody as epically talented and skilled as RAMSES: The King of Games has nerves. Especially when a reputation preceding call down from on high has requested his presence. Normally, he would be as glib and cocky as he he is when it's time to get his game on. This time, however, he seems to be so much more... not like himself. He's left Ramses in the bunks and has arrived as nothing more than Ensign Yohan 'Double-tap' Ramseyer.

His arrival lacks the usual fanfare that he creates when he decides to try and be the coolest. He's dressed in his Off-Duty Sweats and looks every part as focused and ready to listen as he normally doesn't. He has to put on a good impression for multiple reasons. And he has to not fanboy out. NOT. FANBOY. OUT. It takes him a moment to clear his mind and his throat before he makes himself pop into the Squadron Office of Greatness. Only a moment's hesitation to adjust his 'ECO' pin because he's always got to represent. A stutter and then he finds his voice. Kind of.

"Captain?" The rank difference is astounding. Even as he says it. "You wanted to see me?" Nervousness. Obvious.

Lifting up from where she was working on her paperwork, Paige offers up a smile. "Ensign. Or may I call you Double-Tap?" the Captain asks with a glance, and gestures to the seat across from her. "Please, have a seat. I am hopeful that this will be a productive meeting." After waiting for him to be seated, Paige opens the file on her desk. "Major Stirling made me aware of your recent scores on your qualifications. I am very impressed by them."

Though there is a slight wrinkle of her nose as he shows up for a meeting in off-duty sweats, there's no real comment on it, she fully understands that it's hard to squeeze in meetings with the ever evolving CAP and Alert 5 schedules. "I was looking over your personnel file, and it has down here that besides serving in the Libran reserves that your official pre-war occupation was 'Professional Gamer'?" There's a curious lit to her voice as she waits for Yohan to explain that to her.

"Right, um." Yohan is not good at this. He's just an Ensign! He takes his time getting seated to try and stave off any bad press he's getting for his state of dress. He's got some bad juju coming down the pipeline. He can feel it. "Heh. Would you believe it's laundry day?" He probably shouldn't be paying attention to her nose so much but he's trying to weasel his way out of it.

Topic Change!

"I uh... my scores? Were they? I could do better. Probably. No, I know I can do better. I can take them again? Sign me up. I'm always ready to beat my own personal best." The rambling gets pulled under control when something he knows more about is pulled into the conversation. He must've missed her saying she was impressed. Moving on!

"Ah, yeah. See, I did a few Pro Circuit tours. Made a few friends, made a lot of fans and a whole lot more noise. Gaming is, well was, pretty much my life. Then, y'know, the game got real so I had to stop to do my duty. Which is why I'm here." Yohan blinks for a second and adds, "Sir." Yeah. That's right. Make sure she knows he's all about the whole saving the colonies thing now and not about the gaming. He's focused! Honest!

Holding up her hand, Paige gives a smile and tries to soothe the nervous Ensign. "You're underselling yourself. You scored in the Expert range for your scoring in the ECO part of the training. There's only a few of us that have that designation." she explains as she closes the file folder to listen to the explanation. "Ah.. that makes sense." Except it doesn't, not that it would ever show on the Captain's face.

"So to get to the point of my request for you. We have several ECOs that require training. Pi and Weathergirl come to mind immediately. What I would like to do is set some holoband programs based on the recent missions we have come across so that they can get in much needed practice for the different scenarios they may face."

Then she pauses, and offers a small smile. "The reason I have asked for you, Double-Tap is that I was informed, and from what I read of your file, you have experience in the programming side of it all?" she asks, looking up to him for confirmation.

"Well, thank you. I just tried my best. I can definitely do better, though. Definitely." Granted, Yohan's probably saying that last bit more to himself than the Captain because he's desperately trying to make sure that he's living up to all his pro-gamer hype. Not that he's sure anyone is even worried about him being a gamer. But it's all he thinks about sometimes.

Yohan doesn't like having this chip on his shoulder. Even if he's the one that put it there.

"Oh! Oh yeah! I can program. I love to do it. I've been working on a few things recently just to kind of mess around." Yohan shrugs a little bit. "Um! When I'm not on duty, of course. Only in my downtime." He's not even sure that was a good save. Probably not. "Whatever you need me to do, Captain, I can do it. And if I can't, I'll find a way to get it done anyway. You can count on me." Because you don't tell a /Captain/ no, right? Like ever?

"Good. I have here.. well.. I pulled some strings." The Graystone name still carries some weight. "I have a few game programs that were never released to the public, because it was considered that they were military sensitive. One of them is a missile defender game that is really based on our ECO stations that is supposed. You can understand why that was never released. It's my hope that you can modify if so that we can use it in training." She slides the programming file over to Yohan to take before she folds her hands in front of her on the table.

"How long would you need to set up some training simulations?" she asks. "If you need assistance, Ensign Asa.. rather, Ensign Newton, or Pi, is a well known programmer from Tauron, and I am hoping to speak with her so taht the two of you may work together to come up with a training program. I'll work on getting up time in the actual Raptors for practical training. Is there anything that you would need for working on these programs? This isn't an official order, but for now, it's a side project that I hope will help with our training."

"Whoa." Yohan looks like he's holding the Holy Grail in his hands or something with the way he's just letting the programming file sit there. If anyone could see things from his perspective they would get to see it glowing in his hands. He sometimes sees things like he does when he's gaming and this might as well be the equivalent to getting some big time power up. And then some. "Um. That depends on how long I have to completely geek out over this." He doesn't even realize he just slipped into casual chatter tone because he's lost in the thoughts of just how awesome what he has in his hands might be now. He's barely in his meeting anymore.

"Yeah. Pi. Right. We can work together on it. I'm ready, willing and gamer." Another one of his catch phrases is slipped into chatter with a superior officer and that's probably going to end up in his file too. "Um. Anything I'll need? Not sure. Not off the top of my head? Could maybe Pi In The Sky and I get back to you on that? I mean, I program but she /programs/. So I think between the two of us we can be ready faster than a supersonic speedster rodent."

"Just Pi. I wouldn't recommend other nicknames for her until you get to know her better." Paige's tone is dry, but she's not offering any real bite behind it as she nods. "Let her know of my suggestion and what I want, and I look forward to your recommendations. Thank you for coming down to assist with this project." She offers a smile and rises a little and pushes the files to Yohan. "If there's nothing else you need, do enjoy the rest of your day."

"Right! Got it. Just Pi. Sorry." Yohan is up and giving both a bow and a salute while still cradling the epic information in his hand. He's got to make sure nothing happens to this. "I'm on it!" He makes sure to not trip over the chair as he high-tails it out of there. To get to work. Playing. Er, programming. He'll find Pi. Later.

"Oh.. one more thing!" Paige pauses, realizing what she had completely forgotten about it. "I have been invited to participate in a gaming session. Tabletop, I believe they called it?" she asks. "It's a game called Lasers and Feelings. Could you do me a favor and look into it to see what type of character would be.. appropriate?" There's a little raise of her brow in thought as she reaches for the file with the game information in it. "I'd appreciate it."

"... /you're/ playing Lasers and Feelings?" Yohan can't even stop himself from realizing how he sounds when he says that. He doesn't want to get himself in trouble so he moves into patch it mode with the quickness! "Awesome! I mean, you'll probably be Beast Mode at whatever you play but I can take a gander or two." He grabs that file too and does one of his quick salutes. Again. "Don't you worry, Captain, I'll take care of everything. You're gonna' rock the casbah." Yohan smiles. A genuine smile. He doesn't do that often but he's been given two things to do that he can't possibly fail at. This has been a good day.

There's a small chuckle, perhaps even nervous, from the Captain. Paige lifts her finger. "I was told that I should try to socialize with others. I can talk to some of the others to see if you can join in?" she asks. And then with that, Yohan's free to go when he's ready.

"You should. I mean, if you want to. You look very sociable!" Yohan realizes this is getting into bad territory. "Right. Sure. I'll play! Gaming's my life. Besides, maybe I can make you a tag team partner or something?" Yohan shrugs this off and does another one of his salutes. He's saluting a lot. It's time to go. "Gonna' get started! Thanks!" And he vamooses. Because otherwise it'll get weird.


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