2237-08-24 - Arr Tee Bee

After the attack on the //Dauntless//, some of the flight crew finds themselves holed up in the Hangar Bay while the Cylon incursion is pushed back. Also, a rookie pilot introduces herself to the group.

Date: 2237-08-24

Location: Hangar Deck

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Scene Number: 431

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The marines currently have the doors leading to the elevators - and the berthings, showers, and everything else blocked off. "Cylons on board." one of them reports, as one of the Marines adds under his breath. "Probably came to look for their mother." A glance is cut towards Paige where she's coming out of the Raptor. "We did quite well, did we not?" she asks Irene as she's taking off her helmet to shake out her hair.

"Quite well, considering. We barely took a scratch and stopped the cylons." Irene answers as she follows Paige out of the hatch. She too has to fix her hair, mostly just teasing her fingers through it once she's bitten a glove off and then tucking it behind her ear. Over the wing she goes, checking the bird for battle damage. She wasn't lying, there's hardly anything, besides the dents across the nose. She waves those off dismissively after pulling her glove from her mouth, "That's nothing. That'll buff right out." Irene says with confidence, even though she's likely never had to buff bullet holes out of armor before, and probably never will. "Still, glad to have you in the backseat, Captain. Those toasters were all over us."

After hours strapped into a flight suit, it's never pleasant to have to wait around, especially when -- like Alain -- you have routines that start with getting neat and clean first. Still, the Gemenese pilot grimaces and settles for neatly rolling his flight suit down to his waist, before he nods towards the marine. "You got a spare pistol, Sergeant, in case they break through here?"

Shwoooooooom. The Viper landed with a soft thud - the exhaust engines pouring out the noxious fumes and other varied atmosphere-killing ingredients that the fuel no doubt used. The cockpit cover slowly pulled up and the hands of the pilot reached up to unclasp the latches. As she is helped by the deck crew, wirey hair draped down out of it, as her hand then came up to wipe the sweat from her face. Verity looked up to the flight crewman who was talking to her and a slow shake of her head, "I'm sorry? Oh..Yea.. It went great.. Thanks." A forced smile as she began to get out and make her way down the ladder, "Though.. the rook gets to play in the background while the others take care of the real business.." Her voice soft and under her breath. She hits the ground with a soft reverberation. A deep breath of the ... 'reused' air.. of the ship. It was still good to be breathing on the dauntless then in the suit. She looked over the others arriving, an attempt to remove the pout from her lips at those celebrating the action.

Another deep breath and she made her way over towards Irene, the smile slowly becoming less forced, "Hey.. I saw you guys flying out there.. You really did great.. Toasters didn't know what hit them.." The accent of a Saggitaron evident as she speaks.

"I'm sure there are plenty of people that would love to see you down here buffing the plane, Irene. We could possibly turn it into a motivational poster." Paige gives Irene's shoulder a gentle nudge. "I promise that the stick is not that far up my arse to realize some things are relaxed around here." she starts to say, when she hears the warning of Cylons on the ship. "That.. is a new tactic." she says quietly, a frown creasing her features as she checks her sidearm at her side. "Do you not carry a spare sidearm in case of shoot down, Jigger?" A curious lift of her brow before a new voice speaks up, and the Captain turns to offer Verity a smile. "Thank you. I am sure you did quite well yourself.. I am Captain Paige Graystone, callsign Princess. And you are?" she asks as she presents her hand to the young redhead.

Alain glances towards Paige, grimacing. "I do -- the slide jammed when I got bit shot up out there. Don't really trust it to be reliable." And of course, an ex-marine really, really prefers reliable. He glances curiously at Verity as she approaches Irene and Paige, but doesn't interrupt, turning attention back to the marine for the moment.

By the time the Raptor of Shame (that's what Yohan's calling it right now) lands in the hangar, it's likely hanging on by a thread or two. It doesn't take long for Double-Tap to lead the helpers to Link and then he's getting out himself. He doesn't even take any of his gear off. He's pissed. About personal things in his own head but he's pissed. He takes his heroics as seriously as he takes his gaming and he did not perform up to his own standards. So he's already stomping through the hangar with only a slight bit of 'ignoring' to those around. He's got training to do. Behold, the Frusrated Gamer w/ Pouty Face.

Iris turns her helmet neckhole up and puts her gloves in it, letting her sweaty hands air out. The helmet goes under her arm as she turns away from the nose, feigning a stagger from Paige's nudge as if it were more of a shove. She grins at her, "Maybe if you were helping in your crochet bikini. Thumper would be down here in a flash." Her fingers are stretched and wiggled, releasing some stress before coming to rest on the butt of the pistol strapped to her thigh. Cylons aboard, and all, just knowing the weapon is there is reassuring. Her cheery demeanor doesn't fade and Verity is soon given a polite once over and a smile, "Thanks. We were especially popular for some reason. I'm, Lieutenant Jay-Gee Irene Harris, Iris." A hand is offered.

"..I was unaware the toll that the war taking on Colonial Public Relations.. I can only imagine what the pitch is with a picture of someone buffing the ship on a poster.." Verity tries to add a bit of levity, the smile tinging upward only a bit more to try to add to the joke she had interrupted. She looks to Paige and her eyes go down to the womans insignia. Her hand coming up for a briefly salute, "Sir. I'm Verity Harte, Ensign. Callsign.." A brief pause as she still hadn't gotten used to it, "Flameout." She glances to Alain with a smile and then back to Princess. Her hand comes out to take Paige's and then to Iris.. though she does glance over at a pilot stomping. The smile turning to a frown and confused look. Her eyes wander back to Paige, "I'm sorry.. We're currently under siege by Cylons on the ship? Should we be doing something about that..or?"

Taking out her pistol, Paige makes sure it's safetied before presenting it grip first to Alain. "I'm sure you would be a better shot with this than I." she admits with a small smirk. That is until the call for the stand down from general quarters comes over the comms. "Sounds like it's been handled." she comments to Verity. "Flameout? Was it for the hair? It is quite brilliant."

There was a moment there that Double-Tap stopped and looked as if he were about to get an opportunity of redemption. Then the call comes over the comms and he slumps his head back down. He was totally going to recycle some motherfrakkers. When he starts moving again, though he takes his helmet off finally, he realizes he should probably not just walk out of the hangar like a little brat. He's slightly better than that and approaches those gathered. "Excuse me, Sir." Though he does manage to offer a 'nod' towards everyone else around while he speaks to the Captain. "If we're all clear, I'm going to head to the Sims." See? Even in pouty mode he can check in with the superior officer before going to blast everything under the sun.

It's with a nod of thanks that Alain takes Paige's pistol. He checks it over, racking the slide to make sure there's not a bullet in the chamber, before holding it at his side for all of perhaps ten seconds. "Well," with an expression of relief, he reverses the pistol and offers it back to Piage. "Welcome aboard, Flameout. Heck of an introduction to the fight," the Gemenese pilot says, with a sympathetic twist of lips. "Jigger," he replies with his callsign, and a nod of his own. He glances towards Yohan, shifting his weight; he looks like he wants to leave just as readily -- for the showers perhaps -- but he settles back on his heels to finish the introductions.

"Nice to meet you! It's probably something embarrassing though. It always is." Irene snorts out a brief laugh. Callsign meanings be like that. When she has her hand back she hooks her fingers onto her collar and hangs her arm from it, opening a gap for some fresh air. Aaah. Refreshing. Her attention wanders from there, gaze eventually settling on Alain after a brief diversion to the stomping raptor ECO. "Thanks for peeling those raiders off, Jigger. I think we owe you a beer or something for that. You were pretty amazing." Then back to the Yohan, her head slowly tilting and eyebrow arching upwards. "Taps, you know it's not a game out there, right? Be happy you made it back in one piece."

As if to emphasize the point Irene is making, now that they're freed up, the medical teams are moving to assist Link to medical for treatment. Paige reaccepts her pistol to put it away and gives a small frown towards Yohan, though she adds nothing to the commentary for the moment.

"... Hmm?" It takes a moment for it to register with Verity the compliment given to her by Paige. Cylons were about and killing folks after all. She reaches up for her hand to go over her hair - the sweat causing it to be clingy and less appealing than one would hope in a situation such as this. A soft tinge of red to her cheeks, "Ahh..No." Verity looks over to Irene and dips her head in acknowledgement, confirming that her callsign wasn't exactly soemthing she was proud of,"There was an issue with a Viper on my first mission.. Lots of flames.. Had to eject.." A slight shrug of her shoulders, "You don't get to choose your callsign." Though her features do show some worry as the issue of the cylons has yet to be addressed. Her eyes go to Alain and she dips her head with a smile, "Pleasure.." She side glances to the irritated gamer curiously, but looks back to the group. As the discussion becomes more serious, her hands come behind her and she goes a bit quiet.

"I know. I just... low scores bug me. Especially because that means more people could die because I'm not on point. I gotta' stay on point. Always." Taps (he kinda' likes that) explains with the quickness to Irene if only because he figures he needs to make it clear it's less about the game and more about... it not being a game? Yohan's weird. His brain is even weirder.

"I'm afraid that's what happens when you strap me in the chair for long past the usual period for CAP. Makes me a bit twitchy and eager to kill toasters," Alain admits, a bit ruefully to Irene. "They really seemed to have a thing for you two," he adds, with a shake of his head. "Next time we need to bait a trap, we know who to send," the low laugh suggests he's probably joking, however. The laughter fades as he spots the medics rolling Link past them, going silent for a moment. "Ought to drink a beer for Link getting back on his feet soon," he adds. "I... think I'm going to hit the showers, myself. Beer later, though."

"Sure, don't start slacking out there, but don't beat yourself up for every little error either. There's a lot that's completely out of your control, Taps." Irene smiles gently at the guy, weird or no. She says nothing more about that, not after Link is rolled by. She's quiet until he's well on his way to the medbay before snapping back with a nod, "Beer later." Then a bit of a laugh for Verity, "You know you're not supposed to tell people, right? It's more fun letting them guess... or assume it's for your amazing hair, or eyes, or how well you shoot toasters."

... 'Low Scores' .. Verity looks at the ground as Taps speaks but doesn't say anything. She just considers those words and her eyes slowly come back up as they continue to talk. Her eyes go to Irene and that tinge darkens her face as she notes it. The silence could almost move into awkwardness.. especially since link is moved by. she gives it a few extra minutes and then leans in conspiratorily, "..Oh wait, you wanted the truth?" Her voice slowly changes and some how it moves to a more Virgon accent - though the tinges of Sagitaron can still be there, "You see.. I'm a member of an underground resistance known as the Sirens.. My callsign is because no pilot - toaster or human - has ever resisted my call." She touches her nose and winks to the group conspiratorily, "But we'll keep it between us.." Her Sagitarron accent returning..

Possibly a bad joke..but one trying to salvage the situation. It is safe to assume an embarassed and annoyed redhead will be taking her frustrations out on a gym bag tonight. She looks between everyone.

"..I..Should get going to.." She motions back to her Viper, "... Clean up duties.." Yay Rookies! "It was nice meeting you all.."

"See ya'." Yohan watches the medics roll Link away and then... he gives a half-salute to everyone that may still be lingering before he takes off in a quick sprint to catch up with those medics. He's going to go with Link, dammit. Y'know, because that's important.

Alain stares at Verity for a long moment, especially when she switches accents. "Gods. I'd definitely better get out of here," he says with a laugh, before he gives a nod to the other pilots -- quick-stepping it towards the showers and a clean set of clothes.

That's more like it. Irene is impressed with the totally legit, real callsign explanation, enough that she laughs as backs up until her legs hit raptor and she can neatly perch herself on the wing for a rest. "See you all later. Good work out there!" She'll move later, after a nap.


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