2237-08-24 - As The Ping Pong Turns...

Faye and Paige play a game of ping pong, in which Paige is thoroughly winning! As they play, Faye is sure to tell Paige all about how she feels Irene is so self centered since her bunk is full of photos of herself and she thinks it's cute when Irene paws at empty space while sleeping. Soon Irene arrives on the scene! A heated moment, the cast of a pall over it as Faye denies their relationship! Irene wells with tears and Faye moves to sweep her up in her arms! But will it be enough? Faye does still harbor feelings for Irene's twin in a coma! Irene can't take it though, she never should've fallen for Faye. Then Faye lets her know the deep truth... she put Lauren in the coma! Stay tuned for more as... The Ping Pong Turns.

Date: 2237-08-24

Location: Crew Lounge

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Scene Number: 426

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Ka-clack, ka-clack, ka-clack. The pool table over in the corner of the lounge has been converted to it's table tennis mode. The small white ball is bouncing back and forth between Raptor ECO and Viper pilot, but it seems that Paige was made to track targets as her paddle seems to find the ball each and every time and send it back towards the Viper Pilot. Before Faye arrived, the ECO was playing alone, the table bolstered against the wall, and the people that were within were muttering under their breath about the Princess playing at the table and noone really approached her. Paige, for her part, was grateful for the company.. even if she is a little competitive.

Faye has a paddle in hand, using it to send the ball back toward the Raptor ECO, but either Faye was off her game or that backseater really was that good. "Ack!" She calls out as her hand comes up with the paddle, batting it a bit too hard and off the table for the third time. She gives a look toward the other woman and a scowl, half-mock (she's competitive too after all), "Bleh. What the hell are we even playing for /Princess/?"

As she goes to retrieve the ball, Paige arches a brow. "I didn't realize that the way to make you actually try was to.. offer a bribe, Bingo?" there's a driness to her tone, but it's completely teasing as she holds the ball to prepare to serve again. "One serving zero." she announces succiuntly. Apparently even enunicating her callsign doesn't seem to phase her that much. There's a thin smile offered as she bounces the ball on the table and prepares to whack it. "Are you settling in well enough?" she asks conversationally in the process.

A laugh, "It just seems like everyone always wants to play for something, I figured you'd be the same." She gives a shake of her head, the free hand reaching up to sweep the errant hairs behind an ear. A crinkle to her nose and she arches a brow, "Yeah, I'm settling in just fine. Iris and I have been having a bit of fun, why you the defacto morale officer?" A slide of her lips into a smile, higher on one side than the other to match the eyebrow.

<FS3> Paige rolls Athletics+Reflexes (8 8 7 5 3 3 3 2 1) vs Faye's Athletics+Reflexes (8 8 7 7 6 6 6 5 4 2)
<FS3> Crushing Victory for Faye.

"If someone as chosen me as the defacto morale officer, or told you such, I believe they did so in jest." Paige starts to respond, but it seems that the words had some sort of affect on the usual composed woman as she takes an angry swipe at the ball and Faye slams it past her. There's a hint of chagrin on her face before she shakes it off. "You two knew each other before being assigned here?" she asks curiously as she turns to retrieve the ball and tosses it to Faye for her to serve.

It was the follow through, totally the follow through, that made that ball skip with the little curve in there. Yeah! Faye's the best at this (she has no idea what she's doing) but that doesn't stop her from flinging her arms up in the air, "Woo!" The little things. Faye gives a shrug of her shoulders, a little waffling to one side, "Nah, just not used to people asking if I'm settling in."
Faye beckoned for the ball, waiting for it with the open hand. "Nope, well we knew /of/ eachother but no. I met her when the Wolves were all planetside on R&R."

"Ah." Paige offers rather non-commitally on the whole subject. "I've met Iris. She seems genuinely nice, and is rather terrific at piloting the Raptors. "I believe that we were discussing getting some of the female pilots together after this campaign is over to plan our own assault upon a mall." she admits with a little smile. Though she doesn't seem particularly enthused for the idea completely.

"She's a lot of fun." A wide grin, a wiggle of her eyebrows. "We play a game of cards every week or so." A nod, because that's clearly what Faye was meaning. There was never any subtext. The Viper pilot shifts her weight more over one leg than the other as she holds up the ping pong ball. "Could be fun? Depends on what mall. One one, serving. That's right, right?" She gives a questioning look as there's the Tok-klack! Of the ball being sent off in Paige's direction.

Nodding her head, Paige apparently didn't read any subtext into it. Who seeing's who doesn't seem to be something she's all that into as she waits for the service of the ball. Instead, she seems to change the subject. "How do you feel about the current standard operation procedures of deploying a Raptor with the Viper teams?" she asks. "I had heard some complaints from the Vipers that they feel as though they have to babysit the Raptor instead of engaging as they want."

<FS3> Faye rolls Athletics+Reflexes (8 7 4 4 4 3 2 2 2 1) vs Paige's Athletics+Reflexes (8 7 6 6 4 4 4 3 2)
<FS3> Victory for Paige.

Faye takes a swipe at the ball as it comes back in her direction, maybe it was the word engagement, who's to say! Either way she looks toward the other sharply, "What?!" A pause and the words seem to all catch up and she nods her head a couple times, "Ohhh, I see what you're saying." She turns and starts off after the ping pong ball. Probably a good thing Paige wasn't interested in all that relationship nonsense.
"I don't mind at all. Though I didn't know that wasn't Ess Oh Pea. Since I've been with the squadron that's how it's been run." She bends over and picks up the ball, "It's more important to win this war than to lose pilots for fighting alone." She tosses it back in the direction of Paige.

<FS3> Paige rolls Socialize: Success (6 6 5 5 4 3 2 2)

"Something on your mind, Bingo?" Paige asks with a lift of a dark brow. Perhaps she picked up on some of the social cues of her partner, as she takes up the ball, balancing it between two of her fingers. "Don't know if it's official, but it seems to be the way Whisper wants it. Back on Canceron, the Raptors stayed behind while the Vipers served as the screen." she explains.

A flash of a grin, as if Faye has caught the canary as she says, "Nope, not at all." A little cant of her head as she shifts her weight from one leg to the other. "I mean, really, just thinking about my bunkmate. When she sleeps she gets this cute little wrinkle in her nose and sometimes she makes little swiping motions." And Faye uses her free hand to demonstrate, the whole while wearing that grin.

"Unless you're sharing the bed with her, that could be considered rather creepy." Paige points out dryly as she rolls her eyes, a small tuck of a smile. "Two serving one." And with that, she's sending the ball towards Faye. Maybe she doesn't talk much on relationships, et al.?

<FS3> Paige rolls Athletics+Reflexes (8 8 8 6 4 4 4 3 1) vs Faye's Athletics+Reflexes (5 5 5 5 4 4 3 1 1 1)
<FS3> Crushing Victory for paige.

<FS3> Faye rolls Acting: Failure (5 4 4 4 2 1 1)

Faye goes to make the swing back at the ball, and that's when she tries to stifle the laugh at what Paige has to say and whiffs. To compound it she doesn't even manage to turn that laugh into something else and so she swings about quickly trying to cover up the snicker with the action. "Oh, you should see her bunk too!" She bends over to retrieve the ball again, "It's just wall-to-wall photos of herself. Just no room for anyone else." She's still trying to fight her smile as she tosses the ping pong back.

"She was a model, wasn't she?" Paige asks curiously. Though to be honest, Paige was a model as well, she just doesn't advertise it as much. The ECO considers for a moment as she catches the ball to prepare to serve. "Three serving one." she starts to say, looking thoughtful. "I assume that means that you're relationship is a bit more than the stereotypical 'girlfriends that shop together' role?" she asks curiously. With that, the ball is bounced, and smacked with the paddle to send the small white orb towards Faye.

<FS3> Paige rolls Athletics+Reflexes (8 8 7 7 6 4 3 3 2) vs Faye's Athletics+Reflexes (8 7 5 3 3 3 2 1 1 1)
<FS3> Crushing Victory for paige.

Faye lets out a laugh, "So was I." She says with a smile still, the grin spreading ever wider. Then the ping ping ball comes her way, the questions were asked and Faye swats back the ping ping way too hard, completely skipping the other side of the table and she lets out a laugh. "I'm terrible at this game. I mean, I do like the one of her from the party back groundside. We took it together, but she old saved the half with /her/ on it."

Speak of the Virgon. Irene strolls in wearing her greens. For whatever reason she's just never got on board with the whole wear your undershirt tanks everywhere. It's probably not something that would have been encouraged on her previous posting. Instead she's smart as ever, even if she looks to be about to wind down here in the lounge, maybe fall asleep watching something on the holoband as she tends to. Or ping pong? The little white ball comes bouncing across the floor at her and without thinking she stops it with her foot, mostly, it ricochets off, careens off the wall and back into the air high enough she can catch it. Barely. Brows both go up like she's thinking someone was trying to murder her, until she sees who's at the table. "Hey!"

Irene's not alone in the greens wearing. Paige is in hers as well, with her hair pulled up into a messy little bun. There's a small laugh at Faye's comment, "I thought the tradition was that the picture was torn in half so that each person gets a picture of the other?" she asks curiously. "At least that's how me and my friends did it when I was younger." As the ball is hit above her head, Paige is slow to intercept it - apparently she's not in ECO mode all the time.

When it's Iris that catches the ball, the ECO grins. "Hullo, Iris. I think Faye is getting rather flustered with my table tennis skills. Perhaps you'd like to give it a go?" she asks, presenting the paddle to Irene.

See what she just did there?

"Oh my Gods, it's you!" Faye says as she smiles widely at Irene. She gives a crinkle of her nose and waves hello in coquettish way using the paddle, just a little wave up and down, then a couple less vertical with a blown kiss as a flourish. A cackle of a laugh soon follows it and a widening grin, "Iris, I was just talking about that cute way you kinda bat your hand about while you sleep. Or is that just when you're using the holoband?" An arch of her brows.
Looks like Faye is the odd one out with the outfits, she's in the tank-top affair... then again she was also on her way to the gym at some point and she used these as her workout clothing too. A grin as she looks toward Paige and her eyebrows arch again, "Oh not your skill, just thinking about my bunkmate. And YES, yes exactly/." She gestures with the paddle toward Irene, "See? Princess gets it. You're not supposed to put your /own/ photo up there."

"Hi, Captain." Irene says as she approaches the pair, tossing the ball into the air and catching it again a couple times on the walk over. "But it was that way, until we switched bunks." She says, perhaps not being fast enough to play along with whatever it is she should be playing along with. "Did you stick that little portrait of me in your cockpit like I asked you to, Bingo? It's for luck." She presses, considering the paddle for a moment before accepting it. Might as well.

Now the pieces start to fall into place. Paige rolls her eyes good-naturedly as she moves to the sidelines to let the other two play. There's a pause as she gives it a thought and glances over at Irene. "Will you be flying the missions above Delphi this weekend?" she asks curiously. "If you need an ECO, I could accompany you."

"Well yeah, but you weren't supposed to tell her that we switched bunks." Faye's grin couldn't grow any wider, "Besides, it's nice waking up next to me every morning." She raises a shoulder, giving a little waffle of it as she gives a little swiffing of the paddle back and forth.
A quick widening of her eyes, "What?! No way. I would never keep it in there, Iris." The paddle comes up and swats herself over the heart, "I keep it in my flightsuit, right here. I don't want any of the deck crew to steal it. I mean... what you're wearing in that photo? C'mon. Who wouldn't try to take it?"

"As long as I'm close to your heart, Bingo." Irene relents without much of a fight there, but she's sort of distracted trying to make the ping pong thing happen. It doesn't seem like she's a pro, popping the ball up into the air so that it bounces up off the table twice before she deigns to put the paddle to it - only to make it go mostly straight up and land on her side of the table again. "And I think I'm on the board for more Delphi missions, sir. You're always welcome in the co-pilot seat." She smiles at the Caprican before actually trying to play the game right by gently booping the ball over the net.

"Considering that Thumper has a picture of me semi-nude in his locker, Bingo, I believe that a risque photo of your paramour would not be accousted too much. Especially since she possibly has similar photos out there, depending on the type of modeling she has done." Paige gives a shrug at that, and feeling a bit third wheelish, there's a smile offered towards the pair. "I should go get ready for the CAP. I will see you both later." she offers in her dulcet tones before she's turning to head off to let the two women continue to play.

"Paramour?" Faye says as she cant her head to the side, and looks over at Irene, "Wait, am I seeing someone that I don't know about? I didn't know I was dating." A blink, a flick of her eyes up and to the side with a pull of her mouth in a similar direction. She brings the paddle up, softly serving it back to Irene on the other side with the gentle arc of the ball.
"OH! Oh! She means... Ohhh, no, nono, she's in her fuzzy onesie. It's really rather cute." A look back toward Irene and a smile "Right, hun?"

Irene makes a 'oh-my-gods' face. "Bingo! Nobody is supposed to know of my fuzzy onesie catalogue work." She's totally not really outraged, mostly, not. She paddles the ball back across the table at Faye, punishing it slightly since she can't really jump across and smack Faye. Her arms, they're too short. "Thumper was so embarrassed he'd mentioned it too. His face. Poor guy. I was tempted to ask for a look, but I thought he'd curl up into his boots and vanish if I did."

There's a salute that wants to happen, but Irene also has to ping pong. She settles on a grin and a very brief wave of her paddle, "See you, Captain."

Over her shoulder, Paige offers. "It'd be the only way to see it. I haven't modeled in over a decade - I don't keep a book anymore." she admits with a shrug as she steps out.

"Well, she asked, and I think she thought we are dating." Faye says back to Irene, she takes a swing but misses the more speeding ping pong ball as she lets out a sound of exasperation and a crinkle of her nose. "Ten, love." A crinkle of her nose and she turns to walk away from the table to get the ping pong ball back.

Irene squints up her eyes in supreme concentration and deliberation, to the extreme. She's surely goofing with a look like that, especially given what she says, "What? I thought we were." There's a big, shaky inhalation from the side of the table, like she's going to start crying, but surely she's just using the excuse to exercise her melodrama muscles. The sudden sadness isn't quite touching her eyes. They're still bright and sparkly, and ultimately amused.

<FS3> Faye rolls Acting: Good Success (8 8 7 3 1 1 1)

Faye sweeps up the ball and comes back around. She moves around the table with a sweeping motion and tries to catch Irene up into her arms. "Oh Iris! Iris! We are, oh I've waited so long to tell you. You are always so close to my heart, my dearest." The eyes pleading, brows arching higher as she stares to her still with the tears welling in her own. "I don't know what I'd do without you....!"

Irene straight throws her paddle away without really looking, but luckily it doesn't bean anyone completely ignorant of the drama she's swept up in. It hits the nearest couch and bounces off to the floor with a clatter, but she doesn't care. She just launches herself at the viper pilot and squinches up into Faye's arms and clings, and sniffles. "Don't go! Stay with me forever!" She cries, definitely having watched way, way too many dramas, she has her voice brimming with emotion. She sells it hard. "I don't care what people say!"

"Irene! Irene! I could never let you go." Faye says, acting in similar suit as she stares down at the other. Her voice choked up and a flutter of her eyes as she pushes back the tears!! She won't cry! She'll be strong for the Raptor pilot! SHE MUST! "Not even for your twin back home. Even if they come out of the coma, I'll always be by your side!" And then she goes to dip-smooch the blonde.

Irene balls her hand up and weakly punches Faye's shoulder, suddenly turning, "What?" That broke the spell. If the punch doesn't do it, she puts her hand, palm first into the other pilot's face to prevent that smooch. "You don't love me, you're just using me. You'll throw me away when Lauren wakes up... I should never have listened to Dirk! You'll never love me!" She shakes out of the embrace and looks all woozy, overcome with the horrid truth. She put her twin sister in a coma for nothing! Another realization rises from a dark pit in her stomach, and she cries, "I hate you!"

Faye finds the smooch stopped early and then soon the punch to her shoulder and Irene is free of her. Her eyes widen, the brows arching yet higher as she stares at the Raptor pilot. "Iris! We both know that Dirk said that because he had amnesia!" She turns resting half of her weight on the table they were playing on as her palms land hard on the surface. She balls up a hand and reaches up, brushing hard at her own cheeks. "Irene, I... I didn't want to tell you, but it's been too much to bear. I put Lauren in the coma! I did it so I could be with you, I saw how she looked at you, I knew that she would never let us be together! I had to frame it on you, or else -- or else I feared that you would hate me. But now it's too late!" A fling of her arms wide, "You already do."

All pretense of being upset disappears in a split second and Irene is her usual congenial self again just like that. "Oh my gods, I hate Dirk so much." She says all seriously, until she just cracks up and is giggling for next little while, unable to say anything else. Breathe! When she's composed enough she gestures vaguely at the exit, "I was going to go eat something. Come with me, my love! We'll reconcile over chow. I might even forgive you for Lauren, even if I thought I'd put her in a coma myself." She reaches for a hand so that they might both walk the path of forgiveness, together.

"Iris, my love!" Faye says as she sweeps up the other pilot in a hug, finally losing it herself as she gives her a final snug. Her hand slips down and she entwines her fingers with Irene's, looking toward the other with a nod. "Yes! Let's. You're the best, babe." She moves a little closer, pulling the hand a bit, so that Faye can snug her shoulder into the blonde's. "Ugh, I hope it's not that ground beef stuff again."


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