2237-08-24 - Everything Comes Back to Pyramid

Tavo and Rothschild talk about life and the war after a mission in Delphi.

Date: 2237-08-24

Location: Armory, Head, and Observation Deck, //Dauntless//

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Scene Number: 1385

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The dry, dusty heat of the area around Delphi is not particularly pleasant for anyone. Tavo would be fine with the heat, but the dryness wicks away energy, and the dust... well, the less said about the amount of dust he's been inhaling, the better. With a mission dirtside completed and no casualties among the patrol, Tavo harches along with the rest of the short squad to the armory, turning over his SAW and unfired LAW first and then moving back from the gun cage. He finds a convenient bench and drops down onto it with a low groan, reaching up to unbuckle his helmet, set it before him, and scratch at his dust-streaked black hair in annoyance. "Missing Scorpia yet, Roths?" Despite the more public nature of their... oh hell, no matter what you want to believe, it's a relationship of some sort... he's still careful about what he calls her in public.

Rothschild is already on the bench, drawing off her hat and sunglasses with sweeping gestures. Her dark hair is dusty, looking almost like a pale ochre than its usual brown. She glances up at the big Scorpian as he draws himself down heavily onto the bench beside her, and she casts him that casual, smooth smile. "Mm, I missed it the moment we left it, Tavo." She starts to work loose some of her gear, ignoring the heady smell of sweat that comes off her from under the flak jacket. She's dirty, and she knows it, and she feels relief when she exposes some of her skin to the cool air of the armory.

Something about that smile goes right to Tavo's brain, and he clears his throat, glancing down at the top of the helmet sitting between his legs where they straddle the bench. He's only distracted a moment, and then he chuckles and slips his pack, setting it down with a thunk alongside him and then starting to work his web gear off, "I meant the weather, not the company. But yeah. Yeah." That's definite agreement with her statement. "Hell, Delphi's almost enough to make me miss Canceron."

"Bite your tongue," Rothschild says with a sudden laugh. She picks at the fabric of her tunic, loosening it from her skin and trying to get some air between the layers. She then nods in mute agreement as she continues to work the rest of her gear off, removing things from her various pockets and loops on her belts and thigh. She glances up after a long moment. "I do miss Picon's rain though."

Tavo laughs easily at her response, sloughing off his webbing and setting it atop the backpack at his side. The flak jacket comes next, unzipped and left to hang open over dual tanks, "I said almost," he protests easily, then shakes his head at her response, "Not a chance. Too cold." There's a pause, "In the north, at least. Didn't mind Tasman too bad, except it was dry too." He considers for a moment, then notes, "Huh. Never really thought about it. What's it like back where you're from on Leonis? Cold as all hell," otherwise known as temperate, "or nice and warm?"

"Depends on which home you wish me to speak to," Rothschild muses as she draws herself to her feet, starting to work loose her weapon's belt now that it is free of its weighted pockets. She glances down toward the large man. "My grandparents' farm has fertile springs, hot summers, and cool autumns. Winters are the worst, but also quite lovely. But I lived in Luminere, and it had more moderate seasons, though summers were always the hottest. I think there's some climate science to that... something about cities and heat."

Tavo grunts at the reminder of 'multiple homes,' smiling a little dryly and nodding acceptance. "Yeah. I noticed that too. Cities and heat. It's why I like it better up close to home than in downtown Celeste or Argentum Bay." Something flutters funnily about the jacket, and he pulls it off, studying the side for a moment before his eyes widen a little and he pokes a finger through a bullet-hole torn through the outer layer of cloth, shy of the actual kevlar, "Guess you were right, that shot was close."

Rothschild arches her brows at the sight of the jacket, and she immediately sits back down to peel back whatever is left of the jacket to examine the hole. Then she reaches for his side, gently brushing along his firm muscles to seek a possible wound. Her eyes flicker up to him. "I told you," she murmurs. "You look alright though... not hiding anything from me, hm?"

When Rothschild checks the hole, Tavo chuckles quietly and hands over the flak jacket, "Didn't even pierce the kevlar." He lifts up the bottom of his tanks just in time for her brushing fingers to find skin instead of cloth, "See? Not even a bruise." He sounds more amused than anything else, although he does note, "Just means the next one will be on target. I hate working in cities."

"Well, certainly we can ask Command to send us into the rurals next time." Rothschild smirks slightly, and then she shakes her head as she sits back up from examining his possible wounds. She leans in closer to him just a moment, her forehead almost touching his before she settles back into her own seat and continues to work loose her gear, now focused on her boots.

Tavo grunts in eloquently-amused and skeptical fashion at Rothschild's suggestion, "If they asked us grunts where to go..." He hesitates a moment, then shakes his head, "...nope, we'd still be fighting the canners." As she lingers close, he rocks his head forward to lightly nudge his forehead into hers, smiling a little before he straightens up again himself and lays the jacket out over his web gear and pack. "I just don't like it 'cause the sightlines are too long for some place with so many places to hide. Give me jungle where you can't see ten meters in front of your face, or give me grass where there's just a little cover but you can see forever. Anywhere in between blows." In his humble opinion.

"Mmhmm..." Rothschild works off her boots, and she sighs heavily at the sight of her once-white socks, now streaked with dirt and sweat-wet dusk. Her right sock is a bit bloodied around the toes, and she grimaces. "I thought I tightened that boot too much," she says more or less to herself. She glances up at him as she begins to work off her socks, mindful of that right foot. "We are so unlike," she teases him. "I prefer city blocks to all those things."

Tavo bends down to unlace his own boots, although his own sign is one of relief when they loosen. Her murmured words draw up his attention, and he frowns at the sight of the bloodied sock. His helmet is set aside, and he drops off his boots alongside the rest of his gear, twisting on the bench to sit with both legs on the same side of it. As she teases him, he beckons for her foot, holding out both hands, "Of course you do. More chance of good shopping in cities." His deadpan game is strong, but not that strong, as he cracks into a smile at the end.

Roths snorts, and snorts hard without a single ounce of delicate noblewoman to be found. "That part of city life never interested me. Though, I remember someone once saying that I had a natural knack for finding the perfect ensemble within ten minutes of entering a store." She arches a brow at him with a flicker of amusement. Then she looks at her foot, noting where calloused skin has turned to bloodied blisters. She sighs a bit. "A Private's mistake."

"Must make shopping easy." Tavo leans over to study her foot alongside her, nodding once, but letting it go for a moment, "I remember before the first leave on Galactica, a bunch of the women were out dress shopping. Got the feeling they'd been at it for hours." He gives her shoulder a nudge with his own, then strips off his own dirty, sweaty socks, "So. What had you all distracted while you were putting on your boots?"

"Ha." There is a moment of thoughtfulness from the tall Leonid before she glances sidelong to Tavo, and that smile returns. "Dress shopping is another endeavor. I have been fortunate that the PR machine of the Colonial Forces have good personal shoppers." She then releases a heavy sigh, looking at her foot once more. "I don't know. Perhaps I was thinking of Scorpia again." She glances to him with a tilt of her head. "It has been rather nonstop since we were assigned to the Dauntless, hasn't it?"

Tavo responds to her thoughtfulness with an amused grunt, "Yeah. You love that PR machine." He smiles a bit at her suggestion and the question that follows, nodding a little sorrowfully and patting at his thighs -- which looses a bit of dust from the material. Coughing to clear his throat, he adds, "Delphi ain't the only place in the midst of a dry spell." Even as he says the words, his cheeks heat faintly, for all that he gives her a sidelong grin. Pushing up to his feet, he offers a hand down to her, "Let's get that washed up. Think you need to hit sickbay, or are the showers gonna be enough?"

Rothschild actually feels a small warmth at her cheeks at his mention of the dry spell, and she dips her chin in mute agreement. She then reaches for her off-duty shoes as so she is not padding around in bare feet, and then she reaches for his hand. She limps slightly as she gets her bearings, and then smiles up at him. "A shower is plenty," she murmurs to him.

Leaning back a little, Tavo leans back to haul Rothschild to her feet, giving her hand a squeeze, "Huh. You do blush." At least he has the good graces to keep the comment to a low murmur. His other hand pats her shoulder lightly, and then he looses both hands, reaching down to haul his gear up into his locker, tucking it away and keeping only his sidearm and bayonet on his belt and a few personal effects in his pockets as he too slips on exercise shoes and turns toward the door. "Good. I've got some Grunt's Best Friend if you want to soak your feet after."

"When properly primed," Rothschild murmurs in response. Then she smiles lightly at him before she turns to see to her own gear so that it isn't just left sprawled around. She is careful with her organization, but not too careful as that slows down her readiness to leave. She then glances over at him, arching her brows. "Grunt's Best Friend?" She then nods toward the door, encouraging him to come with her.

Tavo steps toward the door alongside her, although when they reach the portal he slows so that she can precede him. "Foot soak. Best thing for after a long march. Pull your boots and socks off, fill a couple ammo cans with hot water and Gee-Bee-Eff, stick your feet in them." There's a pause, then he adds, "That's the brand name, by the way. Grunt's Best Friend. Must be a Scorpian thing." Or he doesn't know that an epsom salt bath with a little peppermint oil is known everywhere, just not by that name.

"Mmhmm... never heard of it before, but I always like new things." Rothschild manages not to make that sound as delightful as it could have been. She steps out into the corridor, looking a bit tired in the harsh overhead lights. She then settles into a short stride that carries them toward the head. "I look forward to experiencing it."

She may not be putting much suggestion into her voice, but Tavo's brain goes there anyhow, and he clears his throat, scuffing one shoe against the deck as they traverse the corridors. Still, he recovers quickly, nodding, "It ain't magic, but it's the next best thing." He turns aside at the berthing rooms, ducking in to set aside his sidearm, webbing belt, boots, and bayonet, and to grab his towel and a change of clothes, "So. You figure the Cappy Marines can hold the city if we can help them take more of it? Or is this just gonna end up another bloodbath that goes on and on?"

The Leonis woman catches the scuff, and it draws a small smile onto her full lips as they continue along. She turns into the berthings with him to drop off her own gear and grab a towel herself. Her off-duties are thrown across her shoulder, pants overlaying tanktops. Then she glances aside toward him, and she breathes out a slow breath. "I don't know, Gigas... my fear is that we will leave another colony without a true victory."

Tavo nods slowly as they cross the hall to the heads, "Yeah." He's quiet for a long time, "Besides our second trip to Canceron, there haven't been a whole lot of real victories, have there?" He claims a locker and starts to strip out of his dusty clothes, piling them on the bottom shelf and his clean clothes on the top one, "Doubt we're likely to see any real victories though. I mean, as soon as the situation's sort of stabilized, they need us haring off somewhere that's on fire, right?"

Rothschild lingers back to watch the big Scorpian, head tilted slightly as she does. Then she clears her throat and claims her own locker so she can follow suit. She is careful as she eases off her shoes, wriggling her toes with a wince. She then resumes her careful undress. She considers his reasoning with a small frown. "Yes... I suppose that is true... but that wears, doesn't it?"

When Tavo realizes that he's being watched, he glances over his shoulder to Rothschild, coloring a little and then shrugging slightly, "Barracks bod. Just... don't even think about it." Now that he is thinking about it, he shifts his stance slightly, then tears his brain away from more pleasant trains of thoughts to follow the rails that she lays down, "Yeah. It does. Might get us more leave time going forward. Or they might figure they can use us up until we break. Depends on what you think of the people in charge." The grunt that follows is thoughtful, and somehow a little dire. Shaking the thought off, he moves over toward the showers with his towel and his basket of soap, loofa, and shampoo. "So what do you think, since you've had more chance to see how they think than I have?" The water is turned on, definitely on the cool side of the spectrum.

"Hmph." Rothschild seems to be thinking as she draws up the dirty tank tops and then begins to follow. She claims a shower across from him, as if to respect all the proper distances here in the head. "I don't think they would work us quite so hard as to break us... but I don't know if extended leave is going to always be an option." Then she frowns a bit. "My guess is... they will feed us small enough victories to keep us going."

Tavo nods as he gets to temperature where he wants and steps under the spray, groaning in something approaching delight as he sluices off dust, sweat, and stink. He's still thinking though, and after ducking his head under the water, he wipes his face with his right hand and frowns, "Feed us victories? You mean hold off shoving us into some other fire just long enough for us to see a little win? Instead of moving us to the new fire as fast as they want to? Huh. I could see it. Kinda makes you question the wins though, doesn't it?"

Rothschild is more of a dive-right-on-in kind of showerer. She ducks her head under the spray, welcoming it to rush down her body from head to toe, soaking her thoroughly. She closes her eyes, listening to Tavo's response thoughtfully. Then she glances over her shoulder toward him, and nods thoughtfully. "I think that's exactly what to expect... I doubt they would actually risk a loss elsewhere to do it, but they would still manage to make sure that we see more victories."

"Well that's just bullshit," grumbles Tavo. It doesn't seem to surprise him, or really do more than annoy him, all things considered. He scrubs water over his body, starting over his chest and then working his way down his arms and legs in turn, "I mean, I get it. I do. But... I wonder how many people die before we get there? Might just be no good answers though. I mean, if they don't let us take a victory lap now and then, we break, then more people die. That's some grim shit right there." Turning to face Rothschild fully, he grabs a bar of soap and starts lathering up.

"Of course it's bullshit, darling... it's the military." Rothschild offers a smile over her shoulder to him, and then she shakes her head slowly as she resumes to let the water run through her hair and over her skin. Slowly, she begins to lather her hands with the liquid soap, preparing to wash away the residue of Delphi dust. "I don't know the answer to those questions, though I wish I did... they have to keep us fighting as long as we can, and not thin our numbers. Sadly... it's all algorithm."

Tavo grunts in a faintly disgusted manner, "Fighting shouldn't be math." He shakes his head slowly as he soaps up his arms and chest, "It's too easy to forget that it's people when you look at it like math. Me, I figure that's the problem with most of the Admirals and Generals out there. They've been at a desk so long, they forget what it's like, so they're quick on the trigger."

"I know." Dora turns a bit more toward him as the water rushes across her shoulder and back. Her hand hooks on her opposite shoulder, and it strikes a lovely profile if not for the serious look on her face. "Gigas, I don't disagree with you... but you also have to see it reversed. Too much time on the battlefield and you can't see beyond it. It is a balance... and I know you know that."

Tavo considers. He considers her words and her profile, then nods slowly, "Yeah. I know you don't disagree. And I know you need some cold-blooded numbers too." He ducks back under the water for a moment, rinsing off his upper body, then draws up one foot after the other to start washing his feet and lower legs. As he does, he glances toward the door, lowering his voice a little as he notes, "We both also already know that that's a real good look on you."

Roths watches him tend to his legs and feet, and the softer words draw her brow up with a slightly amused smile on her lips. She shakes her head before she grabs a bar of shampoo, rubbing it up in her hands so she can lather up her hair. She focuses on this task for a few minutes before she ducks he rhead back under the water to wash it clear and to rub the streams of suds across her skin to finish cleansing away the dust. Then she glances back toward him. "Thank you," she murmurs. "I like hearing it, even if I know."

Tavo watches Rothschild wash her hair for a long minute, and then looks back to his own cleaning as the door opens and a pair of crewmen come in, chatting quietly to one another as they head over to a pair of mirrors facing away from the showers and start brushing teeth and the like. Tavo nods slightly at the murmur, offering up a little smile, then gets down to shampooing what little there is of his own hair, rinsing it off and nodding to himself, "Much better. No more dust anywhere but in my mouth." Half-turning, he twists the shower control from cool to boil-a-lobster, "Now just..." and then he smiles beatifically, "Ahhhh, yeah."

"You're definitely going to need to fix that," Rothschild teases him with a quick and sudden smile that just edges in smoldering. Then she finishes with her feet, washing away anything that had run down her lines to gather at her lower limbs. She then turns off the water, beginning to wring out her hair and shake the water from her until she feels just damp enough for her towel. She hesitates a moment, thinking. "Tavo..."

Tavo nods a little absently at her teasing, the words not really locking in for a moment as he luxuriates under the prickling spray of hot water, feeling muscles in his back relax under its influence. And then he realizes that her shower is off, and she's considering, and... the big man slowly pries one eye open, then the other, a little smile starting to gather at the corners of his lips, "Yes?"

"Would you like to join me on the Obs-Deck?" The question is asked almost shyly, as if Roths has never asked someone to do anything with her. Perhaps there's always been an assumption, or perhaps she waits for the opposite party to propose to her first. She does smile after a moment, nodding to the head's exit. "Might be a nice change of pace."

Tavo's smile dips for half a heartbeat as she doesn't respond with a distinctly off-color suggestion, given where that smoldering smile left his brain, but his grin returns full-force that half a heartbeat later, then spreads wider, "Love to." He shuts off his shower, grabs his towel, and starts to dry off, "As soon as we're both in something besides birthday suits," he teases. And he heads over to the lockers to finish drying off and get dressed in his not-totally-dusty-and-sweaty clothes.

Rothschild notices the small dip of his smile, but the recovery does settle her own small smile into place. She nods agreeably. "Yes. I doubt that anyone would like to see us striding around naked." She then begins to towel off, wrapping hers about her torso as she heads for the lockers. Her hair has already started to lightly curl after being vigorously toweled off.

"Bullshit," is Tavo's response to her claim as he starts to pull on his clothes, "I'm pretty sure there's a not-too-small bunch that wouldn't mind seeing me strutting my stuff and... oh, damn near the whole ship who wouldn't mind seeing you. Even if we already share showers."

Dora laughs brightly then, shaking her head as she begins to dress. "Hmph. Maybe." Then she casts him a wry smile just before her head disappears under her tanktops. She shakes her head slightly as she does. "Though I want to know more about the people you think want to see you, ah, strutting your stuff as you say."

Predictably, Tavo goes shy again, shrugging his shoulders a little helplessly as he glances down. He pulls on his pants, then sits down to drag on socks and shoes, "I dunno. I'm a big guy, in good shape, some people like to see a big guy in good shape stripped down." Yeah, definitely bashful as he shifts in his seat, glancing up from beneath his brows at the other gunner.

The Leonid feels herself smiling as the Scorpian goes bashful. She shakes her head as she advances, feet padding across the wet floor. She gives him a small nudge as she sits down beside him and works on her own socks and shoes. "Mm, well... I rather enjoy the stripping, so perhaps we can keep that to ourselves."

Tavo rocks rather more than the nudge really necessitates, managing a still-blushing grin, "I'm good with that. Totally, totally good with it. If they're really curious, they can find out when I shower and side-eye like everybody else on the ship does when they get curious about someone." He snorts softly, pulling on his tanks and then giving his hair a little brush with his towel and balling up his dirty clothes inside it. Clearly, a buzz-cut is cheating.

"Oh, I'll make note of that," Dora murmurs those words before she casts a smoldering smile once more to the big Scorpian. She then draws herself up to her feet, stretching through her spine. Then she offers out her hand to him, palm up. "Ready?"

Her smoldering smile draws Tavo's own lips up into a grin, and he nods, starts to rise, and then has a hand offered to him. He blinks a moment, then nods, his smile spreading a bit further, and takes her hand readily, hauling himself up and tucking his dirty clothes and shower caddy under his other arm, "You think the Obs Deck'll be able to match Galactica's?" He pauses then, as they head for the door, "Huh. I keep forgetting you were never on Galactica. Have you been up to the Obs Deck here yet?"

"You do keep forgetting that." Rothschild squeezes his fingers, and her hand then falls away. "No. Been too busy with everything else to spare the time." She gathers up her dirty clothes, intending to drop them in a laundry bag before she leads the way to the Obs Deck. She glances aside to him as she steps out into the corridor. "I'll let you lead the way."

Tavo shrugs his shoulders slightly, "There's a sappy explanation for that and a rational one." He crosses the corridor to drop off his own gear in his locker and then start toward the stairs, "I can tell you either one if you want. And yeah, I hear you on the too busy to check the ship out part."

"Tell me the sappy one. I already know the rational one." Rothschild smiles gently then before she falls in with him toward the stairs with him. Her fingertips brush across his in passing.

Her response draws an amused snort from Tavo, but he complies nonetheless, "Well, the sappy one is that it feels like I've known you forever." His shoulders bunch up just enough as he plays it off as a joke to suggest that it's not entirely without merit, at least in his subconscious. He chuckles as they ascend, his shoulders loosening again as he doubles down, "There's an even sappier version though: 'It feels like the Colonies never existed before I met you.'" His grin spreads wide, although Rothschild may recognize it as a line from White Heat, a rather overwrought courtly drama actually made by Capricans as a subtle dig at Leonese nobility.

Dora actually finds herself a bit surprised despite herself at the sappy answer. She starts to smile, ducking her head slightly as she does. "That is quite sappy... both versions." She glances up at him then, and her fingers touch his own once more in passing. "And don't think I didn't catch the line... but I rather like that film. So I'm going to ignore the jest."

Tavo catches the surprise and it intensifies both the hunch of his shoulders and the grin that follows once he quotes White Heat. His fingers catch at hers a moment, trying to curl together for the space of several steps before they loose shy of the next deck, "Why so surprised? You didn't think I could go that low?" Now he's teasing himself. "Besides, it's clearly not true. I barely know anything about how you grew up, or your service between enlisting and becoming bait for the PR machine." Okay, maybe teasing her too.

"No," Rothschild murmurs softly as they continue up to the deck. The touch of his fingers draws a small smile to her lips, and she returns the passing squeeze. Then she shakes her head. "No... but it is quite a... romantic sentiment. Flattering." She continues up the stairs once more. "Is that a hint that you want to know about my childhood, Gigas?"

As they reach the top of the stairs, Tavo hesitates, looking up and down the corridor as he tries to orient himself on the new ship. Making a choice, he points forward and heads in that direction, "Hint, Roths? I'm pretty sure I've asked a half dozen times," maybe two, "but somehow you've always found some way to distract me." And that brings up a good point, and he grunts thoughtfully, "If you want to distract me now, just mention Pyramid, and I won't bring it up again."

"You've never asked," Rothschild muses innocently. "Not that I remember." Then she shakes her head slightly as they continue toward the deck, and she takes the foreward directions. She reaches for his hand now, drawing him slower and closer. "I don't mind the question, Tavo... but I'm... almost shy to talk about it. We lived... different lives as children."

Tavo shakes his head at the faux innocence, chuckling softly. His dark eyes fall on the gathering of their hands, and he nods slightly, his gaze rising up to hers, "Why? I know you grew up rich. It didn't spoil you. And I'm kind of curious how the really rich grow up. I'm pretty sure that everyone who isn't really rich is."

"Yes, but..." Rothschild's excuses seem to die on her lips, and instead she settles into a small smile. She ducks her head slightly, continuing along toward the deck's entrance even while their hands slip from each other. Though her fingers continue to gently grace his. "I suppose I can try to sate your curiosity, but it is hard to explain sometimes... would almost be nice to take you there so you could see it."

Tavo's steps slow as well, his knuckles grazing hers with each step as he stops at the entrance to the Observation Deck, letting her go through the doorway first and settling his left hand at her back as he does. "You don't have to. Really." He follows her in, glancing around and nodding slightly, "Pretty much just like the Galactica, maybe a bit smaller." He hesitates a moment then adds, "If we're over Leonis, maybe you can. Take me there."

Dora takes a careful look around hte deck, and then she nods slightly to one of the love seats. She's mostly quiet as she strides across the deck and then settles into the cushions, and there she seems to sink thoughtfully. "I do have some photos in my bunk, but... hmm." She gestures for him to join her. "Really, I would say that it was my father who was the one who made sure I didn't grow up to be a stuffy Leonid noblewoman."

"He did a good job." Tavo settles down into the loveseat alongside her, half-turning so that he can face her as he does, "I hope we aren't sent over Leonis though. Better if it's not as bad as the places we get sent." His big hand spreads over her shoulder, blunt fingers pressing tightly for a moment. "Scorpia's been lucky. I'd like it if Leonis was almost as lucky."

Rothschild sinks back into him as his heavy arm settles across her shoulders. Her eyes flutter closed as she rests against him, head tucked against his own shoulder. She breathes out a slow breath, and then a small smile starts to tug at her lips. "Scorpia may become the only Colony to come out of this without major scars." She looks up at him. "To its planet and people, at least." She touches his arm gently. "Not its soldiers." She sighs then. "Leonis may be lucky, but not that lucky."

When she sinks against him, Tavo's smile spreads a little further, his arm sliding around to her far shoulder. He's quiet for a long moment, enjoying the contact, then nods, "Libran too. But yeah. People from all over are going to have scars. And I know Leonis got plenty of scars early on." He smiles at the Praetorian of Trenoire, chuckling slightly, "I'd be pretty stupid to be..." he hesitates a moment, then tries out, "...dating? you and not recognize that." There's another moment of hesitation, and then he adds, "Have you checked in? With your family? I know some of the Picons were shocked at how their planet was looking."

Rothschild actually smiles a bit more deeply when he tries out that word. She cocks a brow at him, head tilted aside to show a mild curiosity. "Dating. Sounds a bit strange, hm?" Then the real questions draw a heavy breath from her, and she nods slightly. "A bit. Dad reaches out regularly with updates, though he keeps things rather... undetailed. I think he's worried that he may worry me. Mother is less on-top of communicating, but she will pop into Dad's check-ins now and then." She shakes her head slightly. "I think they are hoping that they won't worry me."

"It does. Kind of... college." Still, Tavo sounds more amused than anything by that part of the discussion, at least. The rest, however, cause him to nod, "And is it working? Well, that and being too busy to worry about home, I guess. Scuttlebutt says there's a big-ass push this weekend."

"Of course not," Dora says, though her tone is quite gentle. "I'm still worried daily for them. Picon turned so fast, and we had almost no inclination that it had gotten that bad. My father isn't going to tell me if things are really that bad." Then she turns herself more toward him, tilting her head as she rests it into her palm. "Gigas... I have a great affection for you. We don't need to try to label what is happening here... you're my companion, and I'm yours, and I'm comfortable now with people knowing that."

Tavo nods, accepting the first portion, and then second... it causes him to glance down, chuckling and nodding again a little bashfully. "Yeah. And that's pretty nice too. You being comfortable with it." He leans back in the loveseat, turning his head toward her and smiling quietly, "I'm totally good not labeling." He pauses a moment, and then chuckles quietly, "And I do mean it this time. Even if I was a bit squirrelly about trying to keep that stuff all separate earlier."

"You were patient," Dora murmurs to him, and she presses her forehead against his. "That's the important piece." Then she leans back into the arm and loveseat, nestled against him. "Next time you are feeling squirrelly, you need to say something. I want to know if we are seeing things the same way or not." She glances up at him. "Promise me that, hm?"

"Yeah. Patient and squirrelly." Tavo chuckles as she rests her brow against his, nodding slightly and settling back himself as she does. "I promise. Just didn't want to push too hard, drive you away. Should have figured out that you were tougher than that." His teeth flash bright against his skin as he grins, "Pretty sure you can handle anything now though." A bit of remembered heat touches his dark eyes alongside the word, and his grin spreads a little further.

The heat that touches his eyes draws a warmth into her smile, and she nods in agreement. "Mmhmm. You do enjoy testing that now and then, don't you?" Then she nestles in a little closer and presses her lips against his own. It is a slow, gentle kiss that just edges on something a bit more fiery. Her fingertips run along the edge of his jaw before sliding back behind his ear and against his ruffle of hair.

"Hey, you..." and then Tavo is silenced by the kiss, sitting up against it and bringing up his right hand to touch her cheek. That hint of fire draws him up a little more in the loveseat, and he draws in a little breath through his nose. The motion of her fingers sends a wash of gooseflesh down his neck, and he catches her lower lip between his teeth, drawing it out for a moment as he straightens up. "...you asked me to. Sort of." That last addition draws a low chuckle from the big man.

The Leonis noblewoman starts to smile against the kiss as he replies so readily to her advances. There is a silent moment where she just... exists there with the Scorpian, nestled against him while nestled against his broad frame. Then she sinks down as he straightens up, and Dora wears that warm and full smile that she only offers in the peace of privacy. "I did." She tilts her head slightly. "Sort of." Her smile transforms into a light grin before she turns to look out at the curve of Caprica captured in the viewport.

That full smile spreads Tavo's own even further, and he chuckles, letting out a breath as he looks out over the view himself. His chuckle dies then, trailing off as he lets out a breath. He shifts against her, studying the planet below as he tries to smother his natural cynicism. It only lasts a few moments, however, before he grumbles, "Well, at least you're getting the kind of fighting that you like down there, aren't you?"

Rothschild casts a glance toward Tavo at his grumbling, and then she starts to shake her head. "Yes." There's a touch of amusement on her lips then. "But... you know I would prefer not to fight at all." She leans against him slightly, shoulder to shoulder as she does. Her eyes remain on the distant Caprica for a long moment. "I'd never been to Delphi before... I often wondered what the city would look like... up close."

"I'm pretty sure most of us would prefer not to be fighting at all, Dora." Letting out a little breath, Tavo grunts thoughtfully, "Have to admit, I never thought about going to Delphi. Except to the arena. But then I was mostly thinking of Atlas Arena in Cap City, or Big Blue in Picon." He nods toward the window, "So did it look like what you figured?"

"Gods be praised, we finally looped our coversation back to Pyramid." Dora teases him by putting her hands up in the air and shaking them a bit like some Gemenon deep in spiritual rapture. Then she shakes her head, settling back. She considers Caprica with a stern look, and then she frowns. "Looks almost like Leonis..."

Tavo laughs bashfully at her teasing, rubbing a little ruefully at the back of his neck, "It's not my fault..." and then his amusement bubbles up to his lips again, "Okay, maybe it is. But it's the truth." His gaze turns back to the view, "Yeah? Must be nice to have a ton of different sorts of climates. I mean, we've got some on Scorpia, but not like Leonis or Caprica."

"It is an endearing part of you, Tavo... an endearing part of you that took time to become endearing, but endearing nonetheless." Roths smiles gently at his bashfulness before she looks back at the planet. "It has its benefits... snows to the far north and south, warmth in the middle. I love the weather where my grandparents live... hot summers, cold winters."

Tavo starts to smile... and then laughs, nodding his acceptance at the correction. "That's just because I don't try to use it to get you in the sack." Still, he nods again, letting the conversation move on, "Yeah. Until Tauron, I hadn't really seen cold. I mean, there are cold places on Scorpia, but I never ended up on them. Hell, Picon -- except Tasman -- was cold to me."

"Oh my... you will be a fun person to bring along during the winter months on Leonis." There it is. The smallest flash of Roths actually thinking beyond the war, beyond Caprica, beyond this very moment. She rests back into him, not even noticing her small slip. "I love the snow. Playing in it, watching it..."

And that little flash lights surprise in Tavo's eyes, and then he settles into the loveseat a little deeper, nodding ever-so-slightly to himself. "I don't mind the snow... to look at. It's pretty. And snowboarding looks like fun. Surfing without having to paddle out again every time. Just..." he shivers a little, "bbrr. Forget the cold. Find me a warm place with snow, and I'm set." He's clearly teasing with that last point.

Roths casts him a look over her elegant shoulder, smiling as she does. "Well, I will always warm you, Tavo." Then she nods a bit more seriously. "Snowboarding can be quite fun, though I didn't try it all that often. I prefer cross-country skiing or horseback riding in the snow."

"You do," Tavo chuckles in response to her promise, his grin spreading as he does. He nods at the explanation, "Maybe the cross-country skiing then. I... uh... I'm not too sure about horses." The big man shifts a little uncomfortably in the loveseat, "I don't know what it is, but they make me kind of nervous."


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