2237-08-24 - Tread Cautiously

Beckham is concerned about Cate over Jacob's return.

Date: 2237-08-24

Location: Dauntless/Observation Deck

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Scene Number: 427

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It's early afternoon and the obs deck is empty at the moment save for Cate. She's got a front-row seat to the beautiful view of Caprica spinning below them. She stares at it while munching on a bag of some trail-mix type snack she got at the canteen.

One of the good things about the canteen is the coffee service. Carrying a styrofoam cup filled with the hot liquid, Beckham was looking to settle in on one of the loungers, when he gets sight of Cate. "Hey." he greets, moving to drop into the seat next to hers. He doesn't ask permission - and possibly takes the liberty, but they pratically sleep on top of one another, so why not? "How's the face?"

Cate doesn't seem to mind him sitting down. "Hey," she greets back. "Better thanks. Ribs still hurt like hell. I talked Doc Stewart into giving me something stronger than aspirin though, so... that's good at least." Probably accounts for why she looks more relaxed than usual. "How bout you? You go out today?"

"I didn't get a scratch last time, so yeah, I'll be out again." Beckham shrugs as he takes a sip from his coffee. "Heard there was a push this weekend. Guess we better be ready for it." he comments, before glancing out at the planet. "Run into Jacob anymore since the last time we talked?"

"Sorry I meant had you gone out again," Cate clarifies. "And yeah, I heard that too. Hopefully we'll make a dent." The question about Jacob gets an unhappy frown. "Yeah. Saw him in the lounge the other day. We talked a little." She snorts lightly. "He called me 'Rhodes'. Thought it was easier, since he wasn't trying to be the guy I knew." That statement causes a pained crease across her brow.

"Ah. Been out a couple of times, when they needed an extra pair of hands at the aid station." Beckham shrugs his shoulders a little at that, though he pays more attention when Cate speaks up on Jacob. "Hard to find out where there's a common ground when your whole life was built upon lies, you know."

Cate bobs her head slightly. She holds out the trail mix bag to him in silent offer. "I know. I just... some part of me doesn't want to believe it was all lies, y'know? It's hard not to look at him and see the guy I loved once." She sighs. "Even if that guy never really existed."

Accepting the bag, Beckham pours a little of the mix into his hand before passing it back. "I can't say what happened between Tam and I was that bad..." he admits. "But for a long time, I thought that Tamlin was only in love with the idea of me. Or what my parents presented of the idea of me. The money, the prestigee. The life. All built on the backs and money of others that was never legal. And when it all came down, and I was left with nothing. I thought she went with it. It took a long time for that to rebuild, you know." he pops some of the mix into his mouth and frowns a little. "I wasn't a willing participant, but in a way, I didn't exist either."

"Yeah but you didn't lie to her," Cate points out mildly. She tucks the nuts away in her cargo pocket and bends down to pick up a bottle of water from the deck by her feet. There's some wincing involved and then she takes a sip. "Still sorry you guys had to go through all that. But I'm glad you worked it out."

There's a lift of his brow as he notices Cate's wince. But it's not like he's going to ask her to take off her top here, and he trusts the doctor's judgement. "Eh. Shit happens. I feel worse for you. You fell in love with something that doesn't exist. You going to try to figure anything out with the shell left in it's place.. or should I have.." He teasingly cracks his knuckles. "...a talk with him to convince him not to come after my favorite medic."

Cate smirks a little at his question, slanting him a look. "He was a semi-pro boxer so... might want to skip the fisticuffs. But I appreciate the sentiment." Then the smirk fades, and she shakes her head. "We said we'd try to be friends. It's just awkward. I don't love him any more. I don't hate him any more. But it does still hurt. So... I don't know where that leaves us."

"On the ground floor." Beckham responds, and smirks. "I bring guns to fist fights, didn't you know?" he asks with a small smirk, before he gets that concerned look that would belong better on an older brother. "Tread cautiously. Because you may not love him - but how does he feel about you?"

"Wise man," Cate quips weakly when he mentions guns. The latter comment gets a sad frown. "I don't know. Hell, I don't know if he ever loved me." She shrugs a little.

"Part of the cover?" Beckham asks as he leans back in the chair. "I can't answer that. And neither can you. And you admittedly said you can't trust the one person that could." he points out. "I'll say this much. I'll always be here. Ever need a shoulder or whatever.. and you don't have to worry about a jealous wife, because she already knows better. At least until the hormones make her crazy."

Cate nods wordlessly. A few seconds pass before she murmurs, "Thanks. I appreciate you listening." There's another helpless shrug. "But there's not really anything anyone can do. It just sucks. And it's complicated."

"Yeah. I can see how that's complicated." Beckham admits, and reaches over to chuck Cate's shoulder gently. "But I'm keeping the offer open. Ear or you know, want someone to punch that probably ain't as good punching back." he winks.

"Thanks," Cate offers with a faint smile. She lets out a slow breath, then asks, "Anyway, how're you doing? Being back on Caprica and all."

"If it was a younger me - I'd be worried and shit. I mean. I'd want to see my family, and this and that.." There's a pause, and Beckham glances over towards her, and looks back to the planet. "My family's on Aerilon. My friends are here. That? Down there? Is just a lot of bad memories I'd rather forget, and a few good ones I get to cherish."

"Yeah. I can relate to that," Cate offers another weak smirk. "I'm glad you're all right. I don't just mean about Caprica, just... in general. You really had me worried there y'know. Don't like seeing my buddies down."

"Well, it's my turn to return the favor." Beckham leans over and gives Cate's temple a quick peck. "I need to start getting ready for duty. On the alert team tonight. You need anything, let me know, alright?" With that, he's rising to his feet to head out.


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