2237-08-25 - Meditation, Not Medication

Since I have to write this (Faye) I will do my best. There was something about Medication and Meditation, it was funny and had to do with the Chaplain. Then more people showed up, including two amazingly (beautiful, super cool, famous, so awesome) cute people in frog onesies. Then a raccoon showed up. And there was a Flight Instructor, and a Musician! There was a Musician! And we all talked. Plus ''Lasers and Feelings'' was explained. Fini!

Date: 2237-08-25

Location: Ship's Canteen

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Scene Number: 432

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After the attack last night, Paige just needed to get a shower in and some sleep. When the morning finally rolled around, the ECO was up early. Settled into the canteen, the woman is seated at a table with a small container filled with near boiling water that she's steeping tea in as she reads over some notes. A small tin next to the container has a few cloth bags for filling with the cut tea in the tin as she waits for it to finish soaking so she may pour.

".... No.. Mom.. I understan.." Verity makes her way in - an earbud in her ear attached to a wire running down to a device she is looking at. She frowns and shakes her head, "I didn't say that I wasn't in combat, I said that it wasn't as heav..." Another frustrated sigh, "No.. I'm not lying again for your feelings." The woman looks a lot better than she did last night. The sweat that had covered her body giving a sheen and making her hair stringy was now gone. While not wearing any make up at the moment, she was dressed in her fatigues and well kept. Her hair was now combed and had clearly been a focus for her before coming to the canteen. Her voice had just a tinge of strain as she was speaking, though she didn't seem to care to try to hide it, "Look. It's fine. I'm not sixteen.. I have to go, I got drills soon." Her words having a tinge of heat to them as she started at the object. This was almost instantly melted at what ever response, "Yea.. Love you. I have leave soon, I'll come visit.. Tell Dad.." A very pregnant pause, "That I'm alive.. Bye." Her finger hits the analog button, the ear bud coming out. The device is tossed to a nearby table.

The redhead makes her way towards the food for Virgon. Her hands coming behind her as she looks at what may be available.

Her eyes find themselves over near paige..and then the tea, ".. So.. No more Cylons this morning?" The tone lightened up a bit - hiding the mix of irritation and affection she had just went through.

Lifting her head as she considers Verity, Paige offers a warm and polite smile. She rises for a moment and gestures. "Flameout, was it?" she asks, then offers. "Please, take a seat? I do not not have a second cup, but if you would like some tea, you are welcome to join me if you can find a container?" There's a slight pause, but she's not going to intrude upon the conversation she was just in.

"Seems we are once again Cylon free." she says with a small chuckle, "Just be a little time while they seal off the areas that they made their breaches in."

"Yea.." The feminine voice responds sardonically, "that's me..flameout.." Her eyes go to the tea as the offer is made. It takes only a moment and she smirks, her voice staying lightened up now, "What.. You don't want to share a cup, Princess.. Right?" Her eyes go to meet Paige's. She dips her head, "Sure. If you will give me a moment." She makes her way over towards the cabinets or 'kitchen area'. She finally finds something resembling a cup and heads back to the Virgon delights - taking a treat and moving to sit across from Princess. Her head dips slowly.

"Breaches.. Feels like that is going to hurt operations.." She says with a frown, "They'll be leaning on Pilots more with the ship having to setback a bit?"

"I don't usually share a cup unless I'm in relations." Paige admits with an amused and mischevious twinkle in her eyes, "Do you prefer your callsign or Verity?" she asks curiously. "I'm usually Princess, Captain, or Sir. I am fine with Paige, however." Lifting the small bag out of the pot to check, she lowers it back in, and lifts the pot to pour Verity a cup first. "It's flavored with a hint of ginger and peach."

"Anyway, as far as operations - as we have been in orbit since we arrived, I don't suspect that missions will be slowed much, and that the push this weekend to retake the city centre will still go on. But it does mean that we should expect a hard resistance, since they were desperate enough to launch an attack against the ship directly."

"I don't think in these conditions you can ever not have some relations with someone.. It's intimate.. death." Verity notes a bit a somber. She chuckles and her face sours just a moment, "Flameout is fine.. Everyone else calls me it, I don't want to have to remember multiple titles." She dips her head, "But when we're not on duty.. Verity works to when its not related to this." She looks at the Tea and considers it a moment, her finger tracing across the edge of the cup before she brings it to her lips. An exhale as she sets it back down.

"Desperate? Please.." She shakes her head with a frown, "Desperate would indicate some form of emotion. It was a calculated risk that it lost. I doubt it even cares about the amount of resources it wasted." She looks back into her tea.

"Your tea is fine..could use some Virgon Whiskey..but fine beyond that. Thank you."

Paige makes a non-commital noise, but there's a smile at the idea that someone shares the same idea of not having a relationship in time of war. "It does make it rather tidy." she comments as she pours her own tea, and sets aside the small pot for the moment before she takes a sip from the small cup with a small sigh of satisfaction.

"Perhaps. It's a risk that it usually would not have taken - the usual tactic would be to send in a basestar to destroy the ship utterly. These Cylons seem to be looking to cripple the ship rather than destroy it. It's curious, really." says the girl who is considered by some to be the 'niece' of the Cylons. "I overheard one of your comments last night. You have not been flying long?"

".. Tidy.. necessity. High Emotion, Testorone.." Verity shakes her head with a chuckle, "Take it from an Adrenaline Jockey.. We're all on drugs - every day. You can't really expect anything than the moment in that." Another sip of the Tea, "But you can't expect not to be pulled into more either. It's probably why there is always tension and anger in our ranks." She listens to the tactics and considers. Her head slowly shaking, "Who knows.. The Cylons probably want to use us for some form of experiments.. It's not enough they reduce us to the stone age in technology - biological warfare to." A scoff at the thought, "It's just good that it's losing this war."

A soft exhale as she hears and she just seems to focus on her tea, "Yea.. Under two years. I'm just waiting for more of the Hazing." She looks back up at her conspiratorily - though her eyes try to betray a hint of jest in her attitude, "Is that what this is.." She motions around, "lull me into a false sense of security.. talk me onto a date and then a pie in the face?" She shakes her head, "I mean.. I'll give you credit.. That's a lot of work - usually I'm just dealing with sophmoric things left in my bunk or my fighter.. so you're going the extra mile here.." Her tone is kept light though - giving the indication she doesn't believe anything of the sort is occuring.

There's a laugh at that, rich and bright. "Oh, Verity, you think me so manipulative? I'm so terribly hurt." Paige offers with a shake of her head. "No, my days of hazing and such are well behind me." Lifting her cup to sip from it again, she sets it aside, one leg in her off-duty greens swinging to settle over the other. "I just happen to enjoy conversation. As for asking you on a date?" A slender brow arches up in mild amusement as the ECO drums a manicured finger on the table.

"Though I would take caution about mentioning such to Iris or Bingo - they may find their own unique way to welcome you into the fold." the Caprican offers, amusement lacing her voice and features as she glances about. "As for the canteen, I believe that I was approached by you, which would have given me little chance to prepare for an ambush with whipped cream and feathers, no?"

"Mmmm... Isn't that what they all say? I don't want to haze you..it's not what we do." A smile into the coffee when the date is seriously considered she coughs into it, choking a moment. Her cheeks burn a bit as she sets the coffee down, "I.. Wasn't trying to.. I mean.." She shakes her head, "I'm not against.." The woman seems flustered a moment and her hands come up, palms out as if she's being robbed, "..Ok.. Thoughts gathered." She says as she brings herself back. She just lets the moment pass and moves on as the woman opposite her does, ".. I've found that many have preplanned their assaults upon 'rooks'." She says with a fore-knowledge, "Thus you would just need to wait.." She smiles, and brings the tea back up - hiding behind it a bit.

"Well I sat down because you were remarkable out there.. and pleasant enough.." Her head tilts, "I'd be lying if I said I didn't recognize you.. " She pauses a moment, "Graystone Industries..Yea?"

A sip from her cup, and Paige reaches to pick up a small bit of cake to pinch off and take a bite of. "There's nothing to be flustered about, Verity." the Captain offers with a mote of amusement and sympathy as she stops herself from reaching to give the redhead a 'there there' pat with her hand as she gives a warming smile. "There you go. So, thoughts gathered? Well.. we could check around the corner and see if there is a pair of snickering pilots waiting with the duct tape and chocolate syrup."

Then her name is brought up. "One and the same. My mother was Vice Preisdent of Marketting, my Uncle, creator." she shrugs her shoulders a bit. She's heard the song and dance a million times before - once upon a time to try to get in her pants, now hurled as an insult. She's non-plussed either way. "It's fine to be recognized. You may find that with quite a few on board - actors, pyramid pros, models, and even a singer, if I recall correctly."

".. Yea.. Thanks.." This doesn't help the woman try to will her body to turn back to its natural color. But the lightness is helping. Her eyes stay on the woman as the conversation moves to her lineage. She slowly nods her head and watches the woman. She slowly gets up, "You know.. The thing about Kids.. Parents always get the sharp end of the stick.. and they never are able to get away from it." She moves back with three shot glasses. She then sits down as her eyes watch Paige a moment, "People like to talk about how things were great before the war.. It's a lie. We killed eachother just as good as any soul less object did. We even did it better.." She places the shot glasses side by side, "And when we weren't killing eachother? We let each other starve..kids starve..fend for themselves.." Was that Anger in her tone?

She points at the glass on the far right, "..Virgon Police Craft.." She points at the middle, "Virgon Family.. parents..little girl.. standard fare.."

her finger touches the one on the far right, "Fancy ship.. all of the trimmings.. Hell may have been a Luxury Graystone ship.. I forget now.."

She looks up, "So.. You're a teenager that thrives on adrenaline.. she loves the hunt.. Who ever she is with..what ever she's doing.. She just needs the fix. Who needs drugs when you can force your body to give you what you need?"

"And if you don't give a damn about anyone else? It's easy.. Theft. Fights. Betting.." A brief pause and chuckle,"Sex.." A shrug, "It's easy.."

"So.." Her hand motions, "These three ships are all docked.. prepping to leave.. I decide - what the hell. I need a fancy Graystone Industries ship.. Crash it.. maybe sell some parts.. Make out with whatever fling I had.. And there's the virgon Police?" A wave of her hand, "It's always more fun when you can do it and get away with it." She moves her hand to the right tumbler glass (The luxury ship) So I jump in it.. and take off, waving to the little girl as I do. The tech and pilot are screaming and yelling. It's obvious that I didn't own the thing.." She removes the glass. Her hand goes to teh one designated as the police, "The Patrol craft comes after me.. But the driver.." She frowns, "Gorram Idiot didn't know how to pull up and then out.. He went forward.. The wake hit the family.. knocked the little girl out. What Pilot does that? They're trained right?"

"So the little girl falls behind and right infront of the engines of the family car that was about to take off.. The Engines were ready - I don't think they could have stopped the sequence if they had wanted to.. She was about to be fried.."

Aldrich arrives on the scene with an eye toward snacks. At least, that's where he heads first. He checks out the colony-specific offerings first of all, but he must be disappointed by what he finds because he moves on to eventually pick out a generic sort of coffee drink. He picks up a box of envelopes on his way to pay. His eyebrow goes up a little at the overheard story, and he glances that way briefly, but perhaps he's too polite to do anything more than eavesdrop.

There's a bit of confusion that clouds Paige's face. She knows that her docket isn't an open book, as some are, but the young woman straightens slightly in her seat. "I was well aware of the conditions before the Uprising. I had two tours with the ICJPK on Sagittaron." As part of the Caprican contingent there, but the news of her being there at one time may be known. However, her attention returns to the story, listening.

And as she does, she tries to put herself in Verity's shoes to try to figure out the redhead's angle in all this. Was she the pilot? The little girl? That hasn't been made clear yet. She may have just been a witness. Instead, of interrupting, Paige reaches up to push some stray hair that escaped from her bun back behind her ear as she lifts the cup for a drink and continues to listen.

<FS3> Paige rolls Alertness (8 6 3 3 2 1 1) vs Aldrich's Stealth (5 4 3 3 3 3 1)
<FS3> Victory for paige.

"..So.. She was dead.." Verity head tilts as if this was a known fact, "If not for the fact that the Pilot of the luxury ship jumped and pushed her out of the way.. News Reports called him a hero. His arm was pretty toasted. I don't think he ever got full use again." She sits back and exhales, "If you talked to the man who raised me on Virgon.. He would introduce himself as my Legal Gaurdian. Not my father, my legal gaurdian. I never admitted to that.. He knew it was me.. I don't know how - but he knew I almost got a little girl killed. That's the moment he gave up on me. But it wasn't the first time I had been like that. The Virgon police were always coming to him.. others were always mad at him." She motions with her hand to a random area with noone and her voice comes out mimicking, "Oh look.. Verity's Parents.. Don't they know how to raise that Girl? No wonder they're always having to pay for her misdeeds.."

She sighs and frowns, that edge of annoyance coming out again - at herself for rambling.

"All that to say this.. People always blame the parents.. or the parents kin.. for the sins of the child. I don't try to do that.. Not fair.."

Her hand moves back to the cup and she takes a drink. Her eyes do turn a bit mischevious, "Also.. I probably owe Graystone quite a bit for the property I stole..so I think we'll call it even?" She tried to end it light hearted.. even if her message was probably lost in the incoherent ramble.

Aldrich lingers for a moment to choose between a couple of bags of chips. It's a tricky choice, apparently, but finally he picks one out, and then makes his way to wherever it is one goes to pay for things in the canteen. He sets his purchases down on a counter so he can dig in his pockets for his card.

As the story continues, Paige seems almost sympathetic. That is, until Verity makes the comment about the whole idea that she stole from Graystone, but what happened to her guardian makes it all legal. "I do hope that you are not suggesting that it was somehow my fault that your adoptive guardian was injured?" she asks quietly, a lift of her brow. This from the girl that barely knew her father, the result of her mother's affair.

Then, aside, her head lifts. "What do you opine, Chaplain?" comes the polite question. She saw him eavesdropping a little. "Does this apply as eye for an eye?"

"No Sir.. What I am saying is.. That your family gets a lot of hate for making the Cylons.. I don't think they can necessarily be blamed for it." Verity frowns as it would appear she failed at making her Allegory. She glances over to the Chaplain, not realizing she was being listened to, ".. I would think that Eye for an Eye wouldn't be considered..Though The sins of the Father may be a disagreement between us?" She glances back to Paige curiously.

Aldrich glances over, brows lifting sharply. "Me? Oh, I have no skin in this game." He hands over his card so it can get scanned to pay for his purchases. Then his attention returns to Paige and Verity. "Though, as a child of Gemenon, I'm inclined to lean toward freeing children from the weight of their parents' sins." He smiles, with a touch of self-mocking. "But then again, that hasn't stopped me from trying to make up for my people's mistakes. I suppose, like so many things, it's up to each person to decide how they feel."

There's a moment of pause, before Paige composes herself. She is very much a child of yoga before she smiles. "I apologize, I suppose I had missed the reasoning for the story within. The moral, as it were." she offers. "I have spent my life in the presence of my name and what it could and could not mean. I have come to accept that. But it is my name, and I am not one to surrender to it's meanings one way or the other. It is how I choose to make my name now, as my own." she points out, before a nod to the Chaplain. "That you have no skin in this is exactly why I asked you the question." she points out diplomatically. "But as one in the art of forgiving and forgiveness, what would you see as the proper penance?"

"..I don't think you should be any other way.. Not that my opinion should matter." Verity says slowly. Her hands come onto the table and she slowly pushes herself up. Her head dipping, "Any book that says someone should pay a penance for an act they didn't commit.. should be scrutinized.. to my mind." She glances over to the Chaplain. She then looks between the two, "Well.. Now that I've soured the mood.. I think my job here is done." She motions with her head, "I have Trials to attend.. thank you for the Tea." Her head dipping. She looks to Aldrich, "It was a pleasure meeting you.. for as briefly as we did.."

Aldrich chuckles faintly. "For you? If you're asking my opinion as an expert, I would prescribe meditation, I think." His eyes sparkle with a hint of some sort of amusement. "One must always start by identifying the source of a feeling before attempting to act on it. Even guilt." He nods to Verity, as he takes his card back and starts gathering up his purchases. "And you. Feel free to visit the chapel whenever you like. I do try to meet everyone's needs, regardless of affiliation."

There's a frown as the pilot mentions the soured mood, and as her hands settle on the table, Paige reaches out, covering one of them with her own. "I apologize for what happened with your family. I can understand where that may have molded you - and it is our parents that mold us - but it is our own opus to do better. Visit me when you wish, Verity. I will welcome you as a friend." Releasing the hand for the redhead to retreat, her eyes narrow slightly at Aldrich. "If the scuttlebutt were to be believed around here, you may require the medication more than I, Chaplain." she replies curtly.

"And here I thought we had a date." A slight smirk and she shakes her head, "I agree. Thanks for the drink." She nods to Aldrich - though the offer to the Chapel isn't responded to. She heads over, picking up an object on a table that had appeared to be tossed aside - making her way out.

Aldrich chuckles a bit, looking entirely unaffected by Paige's call-out. "I've heard some of the scuttlebutt around here. They would have you believe I dined on my mother's liver and picked my teeth with my father's rib," he points out. "No one is forcing you to accept my recommendation. But I will remind you that you are the one who asked for my opinion. I was just harmlessly buying a snack." He holds up the coffee drink and chips, as evidence.

There's a little frown at that. Paige straightens slightly in her seat and glances towards Aldrich. "No more than those that believe that my family sold it's soul to the machine gods." she points out. "But we both are well aware that scuttlebutt is ten percent truth and ninety percent the speculation of at least five people that have passed it down in a terrible game of 'telephone'." comes the response. "But as the doctor has already said I do not require medication, it makes me curious as to why you believe I do."

Micah has had an interestingly Cylon-filled night. Following the morning CAP rotation, he'd showered and decorated himself with his typical off duty attire. A grey t-shirt emblazoned with the 'Timber Wolves' logo on the left breast and a pair of simple running shorts are the uniform of the day. PT shoes of a muted grey and red, adorn the feet of the former rockstar. And the tell tale sign of we hair completes the looks. Knoor doesn't seem to look around the Canteen as he moves immediately for the 'tea' station.

Aldrich takes some time to consider his words carefully. "Well..." he finally says, "First of all, meditating never harmed anyone. I think most people on this ship could benefit from a regular routine of meditation. And second..." And then he grins, crookedly, "When someone asks me what their penance should be, it's a sign that they feel guilty about something. Nine times out of ten, they are feeling guilty about something they couldn't possibly have controlled. I could assert that you shouldn't feel guilty, but in my experience, people never truly believe it. So the only solution is to turn one's attention inward. Thus, meditation." He cracks the seal on that coffee drink and has a sip. "Of course, that's only my opinion as someone who barely knows you. But you asked."

Paige pauses for a moment. And then she laughs. Whole and hearty. "My apologies, Chaplain!" the Captain manages. "I was.. was wholly convinced you said medication." she shakes her head, still shaking her head with laughter. "And.. I do meditate in a way. Have you tried yoga? It's meditation with movement. I try to practice at least an hour a day when I can. If you would like to join me sometime?"

Micah's head rises slightly from the intensity of pouring hot water into one of the most flimsy styrofoam cups humanity has ad an opportunity to muster. Immediately, the sweet scents of Virgon's best rise from the concoction. His eyebrow arches, and he blinks in the direction of the tall man and young woman. "Well. I knew that I recognized that voice." His words and tone are quiet, but drip with the musical tilt of a Caprican accent. A splash of cream finds the cup and the dubious vessel is sealed absently with a lid. Aldrich earns an appreciative nod, the pilot's dark grey eyes passing over the insignia on his uniform and relaxing a bit.

Aldrich grins slowly and then gives a loud laugh, just as amused by the misunderstanding as Paige. "No, I'm afraid medication is outside my domain." He has another sip of coffee drink, and then adds, "Perhaps I will join you sometime. I did once study a small sect who practiced yoga rather...intensely..." Micah's comment distracts him from that, and he gives a little nod of greeting in return.

"I would look forward to it, Chaplain.." Paige starts to say when she hears the musical lit coming from near the Chaplain. Her brows rise up her forehead, and the young woman stands up to face Micah. "...Micah Knoor, as I live and breathe." she says, no longer model gangly as he may have remembered her, but she's handled growing up well. "Or should I say Captain Knoor?" There's a playful salute offered before she gives her fellow Caprican a warm embrace. "Where were you last night? I was out on the starboard side, trying to push back the transports -- when did you get here? I've been with the Wolves since Galactica, I thought I'd known you were.." she starts, then pauses. "This is Lieutenant Aldrich Kavanagh, he's the ship's Chaplain and sometimes Marine."

"Captain Paige Greystone." Micah grins, returning Paige's embrace with a warm laugh. The cup of tea, for the time being, is forgotten on that counter. "I arrived about a month ago, while the Wolves were dry docked on Scorpia. Man. It's good to see you! You look absolutely fantastic, of course." Finally, he reaches back and retrieves that warm cup, cradling it his left hand in typical military, especially officer, fashion. "I was port aft, trying to keep the attention away from our engines." His eyes move to Aldrich and that smile deepens. "Chaplain and occasional marine? That must be a difficult specialty to obtain." He extends his right hand to the man, more in civilian fashion than military. "Micah Knoor. Captain, viper jock, and occasional bad word. It's a pleasure."

Aldrich actually looks a little embarrassed at that introduction, but he shuffles his bag of chips out of his right hand so he can accept the handshake. "I wouldn't say marine," he corrects, with amusement. "Assistant combat medic, is more like it. I just try to help where I can. Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Captain."

"Ah. The last month. You must have been hiding. Or I was busy with some recent ECO station updates. One of the two." Paige offers, releasing Micah, and glances at the tea. There's a lift of her brow, but the woman's smile quirks as she takes a seat to return to her own cup of tea. "Join me? If you are both willing. You're going to have to catch me up. I missed out on a lot going on in your life, Micah. Are you still performing?"

What Faye is in is almost definitely not regulation sleepwear. Unless regulation sleepwear resembles an aquatic creature in a onesie. Bingo perhaps lost a bet as she wears the green outfit (bright green) with the frog googley eyes that are positioned on the hoodie rolling about. The hood was currently lowered down as she shuffled into the room, half of her hair pointed off in a direction that looks decidedly not combed. And in her hand (actually her hand, the material stops loosely about her wrist) is a mug that is meant for coffee -- any hot liquid really, but Bingo liked coffee best.

"I actually haven't been on a stage in..." Micah pulls out the chair on Paige's right. "Call it ten years? I actually think I disappeared shortly after you did." The tall pilot settles into the seat and sets his tea down on the table just in front of him. "After that, though? It was the Navy for me. How better to find anonymity than to wear the same uniform as everyone around you?" He chuckles, glancing up to Aldrich, the lone standing man. "Modesty? Is that what I'm detecting? I think the truth usually lies halfway between the two distant points, yes? So, occasional marine, occasional healer, constant chaplain." He smirks. "And the list may continue to grow."

Aldrich shakes his head a little, with a half grin. "Not modesty. Just honesty. But it's war. We all do what we have to, once the bullets start flying." He lifts his coffee drink in a half-salute-ish gesture. "But I should get back to the chapel, myself. I'll leave you two to get reacquainted. It was a pleasure to meet you, Captain. And to see you again, Paige."

"I'll see you around, Aldrich." Paige starts to offer, before her attention turns to Micah and she laughs a little. "That.. sounds a bit like me." she admits quietly. "I mean, the getting away for the last decade part. Was in college in Delphi and things happened and was just like - I want my own life. So I joined the Navy. And here I..." and that's when FrogFaye wanders in for the search of coffee. The woman's hand rises to her chest and Paige bites on her bottom lip before giving a sharp wolfwhistle. "Looking hotter than an afterburner after a mission there, Bingo!"

I mean, it could be in a sort of abstract way. If you squint and she was in dark lighting, it could look like greenies even. Either way, Faye shuffles forward, reaching up with a hand idly to brush the hair back down, though it still sticks up at half the angle it did before. She continues to shuttle her way toward the coffee, the cup extended out in front like a refueling boom. Then the wolfwhistle and a pause, Faye puts a hand on her hip, props one baggy-green-leg out front, turns her head, and grins. Not just any grin, one of those sexy ones with all teeth and squished eyes with a nose that fights a pug for the number of wrinkles, then a turn back toward her objective. The refueling platform had to be around here somewhere...

"Absolutely Chaplain. Until next time?" Micah returns the half salute with the Virgan beverage. The man had absolutely no desire to slum it with coffee this morning. "I had a similar moment." He offers to Paige. "I ended up taking a look at myself and wondering if it was all what I'd actually wanted, you know? Fame's fun. The parties are nice, but at the end of the day, if it isn't you..." He shrugs. "You're competing with your nature." The cup of tea rises to his lips. "Delphi, though? Where? You remember my kid sister Melanie? She was over at the DUOA for what seems like an eternity." The catcall makes him smile, and that dark rockstar gaze goes to Faye, inspecting. "I don't know how a single bloody person resists." A wider smile then.

"Melanie.. Melanie. She was in the arts courses, right? I was mainly in engineering. You know, family name." Paige gives a little smirk at that as she waits for Faye to get the coffee before waving her over to the table. "So what callsign did they stick you with? I have the fairly unoriginal Princess." she says with a small laugh and then sips from her tea. "Faye, get over here and meet someone I ran around with when I was younger. Micah, this is Bingo.. or well, Lieutenant Faye Zeller. Faye, is is Captain Micah Knoor. Are you flying Raptors or Vipers? I can see you flying Vipers."

She would call the ball, now that the coffee was in sight, but perhaps it'd be more ribbiting to just go in for the hot approach. Fayes continues her shuffling, the cup extended out, a little waver to the right and left this one might be a rocky landing. The AOA looks good though, a glide slope on point, then another hand out of nowhere... Wave off! And Faye shuffles to the side, avoiding the mid-walk collision and grabbing the whole pot from a second maker. The continue shuffle of the frog starts its looping path back toward Paige. "Nnngh" She says in greeting to Micah, "Mna-mnah." Faye's attempt to say the name as she comes to a stop next to the table. One hand a coffee pot, the other a cup.

"And you." Micah offers with a hushed laugh, turning the styrofoam cup idly on the table in front of him. "That'd be Mel. Painting and sculpture because, of course, she couldn't go anywhere near music." The memory makes the man chuckle. "Engineering, though? Wow. You were looking to join the family empire? That runs a bit counter to the Paige I remember. I think you tried to rebel in every small way you could think of, didn't you?" The cup rises, and Knoor takes a slow drink, savoring the taste of that hot tea before answering the final question. "Busker, by the way. And am I really that predictable, Graystone?"

A soft groan from a feminine source can be slightly heard outside the door.. It is precipitated by a redhead in a Viper's uniform - some of the clips undone denoting not on duty. Her hair is in a bun unlike flowing like she had been before. Verity's right hand is centered on her back and her face betrays just the slightest hint of pain. Her voice soft, "Damn Time Trials.." She gently mutters under her breath. She finally takes stock of the Canteen and pauses a moment. Her eyes focused on the frog that is in the area. A frown, her other hand coming up to wipe her eyes and look again. She slowly shakes her head, "..I swear I'm never taking any of the meds from medbay again." She talks to herself. Her hand continues to massage the pain a few minutes more and she slowly makes her way back in. She moves over to the Sagitarron area where there are some nice treats.

She doesn't look at them currently, as she just needs to get her food. It was going to be one of those days, she could tell.

Emrys steps into the canteen, in an off duty uniform. He starts to head Micah's way, and then pauses. There's...a frog, right? Or at least a person dressed like a frog. "I.....what?"

"Well. You know. Mother wanted me to follow in the family business." You know, robotics, not killing machines. Paige shakes her head a little with a small chuckle. "You were never predictable Micah Knoor, which may be why my mother never tried to convince your family to set us up on a date." she comments with a wink, the ECO dressed in her duty greens, hair in a nice bun, sipping her tea as she and Micah share a table and converse. "Or maybe they just didn't like your music." she may have winked at that, before she glances at Faye, who sounds froggy, and Verity, who looks groggy. "I think I missed the after-mission drinking."

The black-haired Viper pilot raises the coffee pot up, pauses, then lowers the coffee pot and raises the coffee cup. She stares down into it, there was a problem here and she turned the cup upside down to prove it. Nothing came out, a frown as her lips pull off to one side. Wait, she's got this. She flips the cup back over and pours the coffee into the cup, boom. Mission accomplished. The coffee pot is slowly lowered to the table, thunking down as first one edge touches, then the rest of it. "CAP-fter." Faye mumbles and raises the cup to take a sip. She had been the lucky one to pull a CAP after the attack last night, and she probably didn't catch much in the way of sleep from the looks of it. She definitely wasn't about to jump to it. "How you?" She asks, first to Paige, then a slow slide of the eyes to Micah.

Micah shares Paige's gaze at Verity, one eyebrow cocked in an arch. "Apparently I did as well." And then it's Faye's antics that draw the eyes of the former rockstar. He leans back in his chair, distancing himself a bit from the room of figurative zombies lest he catch something. "Oh? And I'm wonderful, thank you. Bingo, is it? Micah Knoor." The tilted cadence of the Caprican accent is many things, but never dull. "Hawk? Come join us, mate. Captain Paige Greystone? Captain Emrys Montjoy. And I have no earthly idea why parents wouldn't want their children dating me. I was only a 7 out of 10 on the celebrity 'it's a mess' scale." He smirks. "And if they heard my last album? I'd hardly blame them."

A twin frog strolls into the canteen with a bouncy stride. She's not an identical twin, however, since she's shorter and blonder than the dark haired Faye, but the off duty "greens" are the same. A frog onesie with the hood up. Also, where the viper pilot frog looks hung over, she looks absolutely spry, like she rolled out of bed on the very best side of it. Sunshine, lollipops and sugar candy things and, yeah. Rainbows? Probably rainbows too. She directs all that cheer at Faye too, like she's halfway meaning to torment the other woman or she just doesn't know the strength of it. "Bingo! Did you pass out in a locker last night? You look like someone hung you up wet and let you get all wrinkled." She says once she's practically got her chin on Faye's shoulder, and immediately after that she notices the plethora of captains. She may be a frog, but she's a Virgon Navy Academy graduate as well so she stands to attention, puts hand to forehead smartly to salute, "Sirs!"

"..Actually.. just got some practice in.." Verity getting close enough, "Though I don't think my morning excercises are enough to account for it. I need to change up my routine." She grabs a few more treats and turns back - now she finds that there are two frogs. A slow pause as she considers them a moment. She looks at the two with a confused look and then moves to get something to drink. After only a few moments she returns with something black in her cup and brings it to her lips for a soft sip. She finally does find herself with in the area of those present, "This is certainly an interesting crew, to be sure.."

"I believe I have your last album somewhere in my gear. Yeah." Mess is an apt descriptor, but Paige is too polite to say that out loud. "Perhaps I'll make sure to destroy that one and let the Frogs here listen to your debut.." she starts to say, when frog two shows up. "Oh goodness, they even dress alike." she says of the unlikely couple. "The blonde is my pilot, Lieutenant Irene 'Iris' Harris." she says with a shake of her head. "Captain Micah 'Busker' Knoor." Friends introducing friends. That's how this works, right?

"Hawk." the ECO offers polietly to Emrys. "Perhaps we should find a larger table for us to take over with all these new arrivals." There's amusement in her tone as she finishes off her tea. "And you met Flameout earlier, I believe?" she asks, rising to offer her hand to the former Virgon instructor.

Emrys heads over to Micah, and the introductions being made. "Pleasure, I'm sure." Paige is offered his hand, by way of greeting. And then the frog is there. And it's saluting them. And...what even is this. The salute is of course returned, however. Crisp, to the exacting Virgon RNA regulations.

The identical frog gets a smile, then a sound that sounds a bit like a balloon letting the air out in a "ME-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-eh." A crinkle to the nose, a sigh and Faye finds the Virgon's head right there next to her. She leans toward her a little, giving some of the burden of Faye's weight toward the other in an attempt to not have to take care of it all herself. Then another sip of coffee as she looks between the two at the table again. "Wasn't the locker. Just under it. 'r something. Hi Mike." She says, shortening his name.

"I believe she stepped out the moment I stepped in, actually." Micah also rises, offering a salute in the Caprican fashion filled with no shortage of bewilderment. "Go with it. I think we may still be asleep." His words come with a chuckle offered in Emrys' direction, though Irene is offered an extended right hand. Whether or not she shakes, though, Micah's brow furrows. "Though if I'm dreaming of you, Hawk, we may need to take some steps to keep some distance." When he sits again, the tall viper pilot returns his hand to his tea. "Paige was a young lady I knew in a former life. She and I were gracing news stands at approximately the same time." And another sip of the tea. "So. Like I said. Weird dream."

There really should be an explanation forthcoming, about the frog suit thing, but Irene doesn't make with one. She releases her salute sharply when it's answered in kind, eyes brightening a bit when she recognizes the Virgan precision of Hawk's, and brightening still more when Busker offers a hand. She'll take it, gently for a polite shake. "Nice to properly meet you both." She smiles before absently knocking her hood back and off her head. For a frog, she's super congenial, until she reaches over to squish-massage Faye's face with both hands, grinning all the while, "I'll fix you up." Pat-pat and she leans to regard the other pilot's no revitalized face. "There."

"...trust me, if I'm dreaming about the frog twins there, they wouldn't be in onesies." Paige comments pragmatically, though she doesn't explore that further as she chuckles. "Yes. He got to see me in my modeling days, and certain pictures that are in certain lockers." A shake of her head in mild amusement before she lifts her hand to Verity. "And this redhead is Flameout. She and Bingo are both Viper pilots." In other words, they're all yours, Busker and Hawk!

"Yeah, you're not the person I was intending to dream of at all, Busker." Emrys agrees at the talk of it being all a dream, looking around as more introductions are made. "Virgon Naval Academy, huh? I was an instructor there for a while." A pause, before he adds "Word of advice, though. If Whisper catches you walking around like that...well, it won't be pretty."

Faye looks like she was drifting off, it might've been a bit of a shock that she some how managed to keep hold of the coffee cup when all of a sudden her attempts at a nap are thwarted by her twin. She just leapt right into it, didn't she? "Mrrrrrrr." Faye says with a bat of the free hand toward the squish-massage, her face squishing up even without the extra help and her eyes opening back up. Of course this also means that she'll have to lean heavier on the blonde with a short step to try and rest a forearm on Iris' shoulder and a head upon that arm. "Totally worth it." Faye says in muffled tones back toward Emrys. "Can you imagine the report Whisper'd have to write up? Sure, just an out-of-uniform, but the description of it would be priceless."

"Whisper would have a..." Micah laughs, taking in the sight of Emrys dealing with a frog. Where was Aubrey and her camera when you truly needed it. "She may actually have a stroke." He sloshes the tea around absently now that he's made room to do so in the cup. Releasing the aroma, maybe? Or mixing the cream? "As long as you salute her. We can't have you written up for uniforms and disrespect. That..." He shakes his head, looking up at Hawk. "Would be too much. What're you up to? I thought you'd be well and truly tucked into your bunk by now, old man."

"Right until you two have to clean the head in the same onesies." Paige points out with a raise of her brow and finds herself out of both tea and cake. "Perhaps I should make my departure, since it seems I am low on time before I need to get started on afternoon training with some of the newer ECOs." she reaches up and adjusts her bun slightly before she moves to rise and puts away her own personal tea cup.

"Yes sir. Class of '34. Were you a flight school instructor, or teacher? And thank you. It would not be especially pretty." Irene wonders and then nods sharpish, eyes narrowing as she tries to place the Virgan captain. Still, just the thought of Stirling catching her in the frog suit is enough to make her reconsider whatever it was that urged her to go wandering the ship like that. She unzips the front and peels the onesie down to her waist, tying the arms off so that it's the more acceptable twin tanks routine from there up. She'd still get dinged for non-regulation trousers, but she's kind of mitigated a full uniform infraction? That leaves her hair a little wild from the hood static, which she carefully smoothes down and tucks behind her ears. Partially de-frogged and more presentable, she probably looks a whole lot more familiar too. She has that shining golden poster girl aura.

"Bye Captain!" Irene also offers, reaching up to wave Faye's floppy hand after Paige.

Emrys nods to Paige as she declares she's heading out, looking back over to Micah. "Oh, you know...I decided on a walk. Wasn't feeling like hanging out there right now." And then back to the questions about Academy. "I was a flight instructor. Taught the viper pipeline." A nod of approval, as the frog situation is somewhat rectified.

Her hand is already being waved, oh that is just perfect! Faye doesn't even have to wave bye at the Captain, instead she just calls out after her, "Buh-bye Princess." And her eyes start to trail around, finding Emrys, a crinkle of the nose, then over toward Micah and a wider grin. "Oh c'mon, wouldn be a stro-o-o" yawn, "-oke. Probably more like a conniption."

"Hellaciously good to see you, Paige. Do me a favor and don't be a stranger?" Micah merely offers her a warm smile, raising the cup for a salute. "Not many of us left around, you know." Many of what, he leaves as a mystery. With Paige leaving, that leaves Micah sitting in the canteen with Hawk and the two frogs. Or, one frog and one human hybrid. He shares the nod of approval. "Great. Something going on back there that I don't want to be there for?"

"I had Cooper for viper training. She was tough." Irene answers quietly and sadly, as if that was the reason she's a bus driver rather than the more exciting by far, viper jock. "But I think I remember some of the others complaining about you." She quickly adds with a smile that's just as fast. "Oh, you guys were at the beach party, on the paddle boards. I saw your legs." She's placed them both now.

"Oh, I think you'd be fine. I just...didn't feel like being there. I'll go back in a bit, when I'm ready to sleep." Emrys tells Micah with a shake of his head. There's a grin then, at the talk of being complained of. "Good." He's joking, right? Maybe. And then he gets a look on his face that can only be described as 'I left something in the washer..a long time ago'. "I...do excuse me. I need to go check on my laundry. Micah, we should talk later." And off he...fast walks.

A blink from the raven haired viper pilot as she watches Emrys fast walk off. "I'm guessing he had too much bacon." Faye mumbles into her arm still tucked onto Irene's shoulder. She starts to lean a bit more onto the woman for a moment, using the opposing force to help get her back to an upright position. She pulls up the hood (the hair dragging along with) so that she has the frog eyes perched on top of her head and bangs covering over her real ones. The coffee cup comes up, another sip of the liquid as she murmurs in a flat tone, "Was that before or after you stripped me?"

"I really wonder if he's exceptionally bad at making excuses or exceptionally bad at remembering engagements sometimes." Micah stares after Emrys, absently raising his cup to his lips and shaking his head. There's a tone of tired amusement riding his voice. But, after a moment, he's left with the two frogs. And then, there's talk of stripping. "Umm. Stripped?" He looks between the two. "...Nevermind. Yeah, I was there. Bit of a last hurrah before coming back to the wonderful world work." He motions to the ship around them.

"Bingo, seriously. You were soaked." Irene whispers, loudly, at the woman leaning on her. See? That explains that. The stripping was for a good reason. She lifts a hand to the departing Emrys after that and with all the chairs now free, she ducks out from under Faye's arm and slides into one, guiding the dark-haired viper pilot into the one alongside with a tug-pull of her fuzzy green sleeve. "It was fun, I was tempted to join you guys, but my legs were jelly from surfing. You were also both intimidatingly handsome so." She chickened out.

"You were an animal." She says in that sort of loud whisper back, "Just ripped my bikini top right off." Faye of course follows along with Irene's urging. I mean... why wouldn't she? She was being pulled and everything which is why she let out the complaining noise of "ME-e-e-e-eh." As she slides down into a seat far more graceful than she might otherwise appear. She takes another sip of her coffee, then reaches out for the refueling Raptor to fill up the empty tank. "What? Are you kidding? I don't know what I'd be doing without this. Seriously... I don't know what I'll do when I /have/ to leave. I love flying the Viper."

There are two frogs here. Frogs. That's peculiar. Weird. Odd.

But Erin wearing a raccoon hat and matching scarf? Not weird. She wears the two things seemingly all the time, enough to get a reputation. (The hat looks like: https://img1.etsystatic.com/199/0/8683742/il_340x270.1296713957_m8kr.jpg)

She comes into queue, seeing that there are people here already, and waits her turn. And trying very hard not to eavesdrop.

There's a bandage around her left leg. Regardless, she bounces on her heels and toes anciously. Lines suck. Lines suck especially for impatient scavengers.

"Were we? I couldn't see because I was blinded by the beacon that ended up being Hawk's shorts." Micah replies sarcastically, leaning casually back in his chair enough to wrap one arm over the back of it in an idle fashion. It was not the look of a Caprican Captain. Instead, it looked more like the magazine covers of old. "Seriously, though? You're too kind. I think I was reminded of my age quite a few times that night." Erin earns an arched eyebrow glaring pure amusement. And that cup once again rises to the pilot's lips. "You were an animal. Now. Pun intended, or?" The new arrival earns a glance. But, avast, the Captain had not ventured too far into the foray of Marines.

Irene's mouth screws into a tight frown and she glances aside at Faye like she's about to drop her with a might slap, but instead she snorts at her. She can't be mad at her, not her frog sister, it wouldn't be right. "Banshee couldn't get enough of those," Iris notes, "I saw her staring." Since she's talking to Micah at that point, she follows his look to Erin and twists around to flag her down and offer, "Haaaayes. We have coffee."

Yes. The "foray" of Marines. That's sort of like calling a pen of pigs a "den" or something equally euphemistic. Marines are what they are: hard-fighting, hard-drinking, and hard-frakking. Seriously. Rumors of sex-related injuries heading to the sickbay abound. Some of those must be true.

For her part, Erin's short for a stormtrooper. A bit on the slender side. Probably built for long-range stealth and recon missions, less so for handling light machineguns and implacements. But, one never knows. Raccoons are resourceful beasts.

Perk. Erin blinks when Irene calls to her. "Coffee?" She doesn't sound like she needs it. "But I was in line to get some power converters." For what is unclear: should Marines be allowed to obtain technology? Regardless, the brunette slips out of line and quick-steps to where the coffee is. "Gimme, gimme, gimme." Demanding beast.

And once she has her coffee, off she goes. "So, like, you in for another session of Lasers and Feelings? Thinking, maybe, we can get Chuck again, find a few others, and have some fun, like, in the next week or so -- you think?" Chatter, chatter, chatter.

"Literally. She grabbed it with her teeth and just shook her head like crazy from side-to-side." Faye says, a glance out of the corner of her eye toward the Raptor pilot. "Of course that was before Edward arrived." And Faye takes another sip of her coffee, though the eyes find a new target. A Raccoon! She elbows the woman next to her a couple times, pointing with her head toward the marine. Poke-poke-point-eyegesturepoint-point. And then a wide grin to wrap it all up. Seems Faye hasn't croaked yet.
But then it was back to Micah after catching the look from her green twin, "He was just all over her, but she had none of it. Just put her nose up in the air and walked on by. I was surprised, I'm pretty sure he was on the cover of some Caprican fashion mag." And then the raccoon approaches and she begins to smile more widely. A crinkle of her nose as she nudges the coffee pot in the direction of the new comer. "Lasers and Feelings?"

"Caprican? Fashion? Mag?" The words exit Micah's lips disjointed with no shortage of questioning amusement. His eyes shift from the sleepy frog to the half frog. Holy hell, what has the world come to? "Banshee has pictures of those. It wasn't enough just to look. She had to immortalize Montjoy in pink shorts for all of eternity." The teacup is tipped back again with a slight frown. There was a shortage of tea. On certain colonies, that was a criminal offense. He looks at the cup as if accusing it of something until the chatter of a distant animal draws his head up, eyebrow still quirked. "Lasers..." He breathes, looking toward the exit in a mock nervous manner. "And feelings?"

"Oh, for sure. That would probably keep us out of trouble too." Irene admits, down with more lasers and feelings if it'll keep her out of frog onesies and situations what Faye will not stop describing, despite her shooting her warning looks. She's like two seconds from a 'shut-yo-mouth!' if her expression is any indication. In fact, after that slip about Edward, she reaches over to squish Faye's cheeks together to make her mouth stop moving for a second. "Biiingo! You promised." Scronch. She's looking plaintive now. Sad eyes. Trace of a frown. If she were actually super upset, she wouldn't have cracked a smile at Micah's comment though. The effect is ruined.

"Right." Erin looks to Micah, and gestures at him with whatever cup she's given. That is full of coffee. "Feelings. Lasers and Feelings." She grins crookedly at the man. "It's something Chuck found for me before we shipped from Picon. A game, of sorts. Immersive, fun, relaxing." She rolls her shoulders. "I mean, if you're into fun, and that sort of stuff. And you don't mind hanging out with a bunch of women in their skivvies drinking."


She looks over at Irene, and grins. "I mean, because, we could play and play until we fall asleep, or something. I used to do that all the time when I was in school -- like, once, twice a week, even." Beat. "Played other games too, like, weirder ones. There's this one where everyone's trying to kill each other? And another one that simulates Pyramid called "Blood Bath"."

"Boo shoo wike we talkin boot joo." Faye says as her cheeks are squished together by the Raptor pilot, she blinks and continues to stare at the woman before she shrugs and looks back to Micah. "Well, it may have been Virgon. Not sure." She leans her head away from reprisal as she raises the cup and takes a sip of her own coffee. Then of course Erin is talking about things and her attention shifts.
"What sort of game?" Faye asks, giving a quick glance over toward Iris with an inquisitive arch of a brow. Irene played...? Well if Irene played, "I mean, I guess I could be convinced to play too. If Irene is there, I'd be willing, but I'm still curious what I'm getting into."

"I think if I was caught drinking with a bunch of beautiful ladies in their skivvies, a bloodbath may ensue." Micah muses, turning the 'lowest bidder' styrofoam of that cup idly in his fingers. He watches the Faye and Irene spectacle for a moment, even going to far as to laugh at them. "You two..." He motions with the cup. "Are trouble. Pure and simple. Models from Virgon, though?" He glances the way Emrys had departed. "I'm disappointed. We have enough folks who were in Caprican magazines on this ship to start one of our own. You could take your pick." Erin, though, as Raccoons always do, manages to earn his attention again. He was, after all, interested in the answer to Faye's question too. At least he wasn't fleeing yet.

"Role-playing. Played them?" Beat. "You create a character. It's quick and easy, and then, basically, you, like, verbally describe your interactions with other characters and those created by whomever's the chosen storyteller." Shrug. "It's meant to be a fun activity, like playing pretend. You just use a six-sided die to resolve conflicts when they arise. Then, that's it."

Sounds boring, of course. Most games to, like that.

"I think Iris here liked playing it, as did Chuck. It's low-risk fun, and passes the time. Might be some drinking, but, I mean -- " Snicker. " -- I'm pretty sure these games were made up by people who felt bad they weren't getting laid on the regular, so they wanted to pretend they were, except that they only other players were people like them, and, so, it was just a circle of lonely people around a table."

And that -- well, put that way, even Erin looks a bit sad.

"Oh well. It's fun, trust me. We'll take over the Crew Lounge."

"Dangerous adventures in a universe of darkness. It'll be fun." Irene patiently explains to Faye and smiles so brightly it's hard to imagine that she used the correct adjectives. Maybe she actually meant wonderful adventures in a universe of rainbows and ponies. Her hands, now that they're not squishing faces, go to her lap and the sleeves of the frog oneside tied off at her waist. She flaps them absently back and forth beneath the table, considering Erin and the other games she's mentioned. "I was a dangerous doctor." Which sounds about right. Otherwise she lets the recon marine who actually knows the games to lay it out. She's just an amateur in the realm of lonely people at tables. There is a quirk of a brow at Micah and a sudden realization, "You were a Caprican model!"

"Oh he wasn't on the ship, he was just there on vacation. But Iris showed him no attention at all." Faye says, a shrug of her shoulders and lean toward the other woman. She bumps her shoulder into the blonde and adds, "He was pretty cute. I mean, he was no Dirk." A flick of her eyes toward Irene and a wide grin before she turns her attention away (with another crinkle of her nose) to Erin.
"Err." Faye starts, a cant of her head and a blink of her eyes, but Irene spoke up about it too. A very slow nod, "O-o-okay. I guess I'll give it a shot then?" The brows give an arch, the question firmly planted in her words. But she did agree!

"Occasional model. But I was a musician. Until you hit my third album. And then I was a con artist, if you listen to the reviews." There's an amused tone to Micah's voice, and a bit of mischief blatantly painted on in his eyes. "But I mean, honestly, who is a Dirk?" He looks between the three women, spinning the cup in his hands in a practiced but bored fashion. Yes. Senior officer. "No, seriously, who the hell is a Dirk?" He smirks. "I... would be open to checking it out, I suppose. Drop a line by Bunkroom B. I'm the only Captain that doesn't look like he's from Virgon or is ready to kill something."

Erin gives Micah a blithe look. "The rules and game fit on a piece of paper. Seriously." And then, she laughs merrily. "I'll drop a line, though." Snicker. And then, she looks to Faye and Irene.

"Good, I'll make arrangements with Chuck. Maybe Calhoun'll pop on; we'll see." Shrug. "Marines are tough nuts to crack when it comes to this stuff. Something about all of the testosterone and whatnot." That's probably a joke. "I mean, when they grow 'em like Lindus, you know they're putting something in the milk." Erin takes a sip of coffee, and then decides it's polite to take a seat on the table.

Irene was right, so she looks absolutely impressed with herself, "I knew it! You look like a model and your hair is almost better than mine. Oh, and Dirk is Faye's ex husband who has amnesia and convinced her to put my sister in a coma." Somehow she says that with such a straight face and even tone, it's almost convincing. She was on television for nine seasons or something, she's got the acting chops. Without looking at Faye she whaps her across the leg with one of her onesie sleeves and carries on, chatting amiably away like she'd never run out of talk, ever. "Perfect. We'll find some people, or bring ourselves at the very least, Hayes. Maybe we can scrounge up something to eat and drink."

"Hey!" The female Viper pilot says to the blonde. "We were only engaged, it was the night before the marriage that you convinced me to go to the Academy. He's never forgiven you for that you know, I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to go after Lauren for it."
Faye turns back to Micah, a wiggle of her eyebrows and she leans across the table, with the frog hood pulling down a little further in front of her eyes. She holds a hand up to cut Irene out of her whisper, "I wasn't going to tell you, but I hear she's into musicians. I've heard her playing this song... I think it's ''This House is a Prison'' on repeat." A swift nod and she leans back, casting another quick glance over toward Irene before leaning toward her once more. She reaches up to fuss with her own hair, the black locks covering her gaze now.
A lean of Faye's head to the side, resting it on the Raptor pilot's shoulder, but soon the frog head with the black-haired beard (her head does look like it's under the frog's after all) turns toward Erin. "Are you saying I have to convince people to let me play? Because then maybe I'll skip. I don't know if I'm that invested in the idea."

"No. I'm saying that Marines are more about lasers not feelings." Snicker. "Guess, when you shoot and shoot and kill up close, you just lose the ability to feel for others, or to play pretend. I mean, the number of stereotypes of my people? Countless."

Erin finishes off her cup of coffee, and sets it down beside her. "No, no cost to join, just everyone come, let's have fun. Be less exciting than, but probably less injuries than, a team session of Pyramid." She taps the edge of her cup. "And I am out of coffee. And I forgot what I came here for. Eh."

She hops off the table. "I'll catch you flyers later." And then, off trundles the raccoon. Short-term memory raccoon.

Micah can't help but smile when he looks at Irene, his head shaking side to side. And then Faye happens. That's about the best way that can be described. Musings of hair aside, the pilot stands, the styrofoam cup finding it to the hand that is graced with a whole sleeve worth of colorful tattoos. "I... think I'd beg to differ." He glances up at the wayward lock of hair that always seemed to sit across his face. "It has a mind of it's own." And then the raccoon leaves the two frogs with the rockstar. Seriously. It was like a joke. "You know? I think I've heard that tune a time or two. Frontman was a hot mess, but the band made it through the script, anyway." He pauses, smiling at the pair. "You want to listen to some real music? Look me up. But? I think I have a date with someone far better looking than Emrys."

"I thought you'd eloped in a bid to steal his inheritance." Irene says, confused, but she obviously had the wrong plotline in mind or had attached it to the wrong characters. There's a bit of a sigh. "Thanks, Captain. If I get sick of... This House is a Prison, I'll definitely find you." Aside to Faye, "Frog sister. I think we'd better change before Whisper catches us. We've satisfied the terms of our mutual dare and I really, really don't want this on my record. Bad enough a VRN instructor saw this." She hangs her head in momentary despair but then after a cautious look around, starts to creep up out of her seat.

A wiggle of Faye's fingers as the Captain retreats and then a glance over at Irene as she makes her comments. A frown, "Oh damn, is today Friday? Did I mess up our story?" A sigh and she butts her head into Irene's shoulder much as a goat might - just not as hard. As Irene stands, so does Faye and she reaches out with a grabby-hand toward the other woman's as they start to make their way toward the door.
"I didn't sell you too much, right? You looked like you were giving the signal with Mister Music Pants." A jerk of her head in the direction the Captain had left in. A pause as her eyes flick up and to the side, "Or did I get the signals wrong too and you were actually wanting me to try and get you to third while whistling the Virgon national anthem?"

"I don't even know." Irene laughs, grabbing the grabby-hand and bouncing doorward. She claims she was somehow embarrassed, but if she truly was, she's amazing at recovering. Mental health is strong for someone running around in a frog onesie. "If you need me to whistle the Libran anthem though. I don't know it, but I can improvise."


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