2237-08-27 - How To Sleep Standing Up

That and other pieces of wisdom passed in the Alert Lounge between strikes over Delphi.

Date: 2237-08-27

Location: Alert Lounge

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Scene Number: 441

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It's been almost 24 hours since the push to take back Delphi began, and the alert lounge is uncharacteristically quiet. Not empty, as there's constant traffic as pilots rotate through during refueling and repairs and minor medical treatment, but quiet, as the hours of near-constant flying begin to take their toll and the next 24 loom, daunting, ahead. Nora appears to be asleep standing up, leaned against the wall beside the coffee machine. She's got a full mug in one hand, steam still curling off of it where it's held steadied against her chest, but her head is tipped back against the bulkhead, eyes closed, jaw slack.

<FS3> Calliope rolls Reflexes: Good Success (8 6 6 5 5 1)

Calliope is certainly one of the quiet ones. She's been run as ragged by the press over Delphi as anyone else. She's currently resupplying herself with coffee. Which she's drinking out of a 'University of Delphi' tumbler. The thing is a common accessory for her, but she's been keeping it especially close at hand during the actions over Caprica. She eyes standing-sleeping Nora, and her full cup. And, very carefully, tries to dislodge the mug from the other pilot's hand and deposit it on a table somewhere. That's a broken cup waiting to happen.

Having found himself on one of the couches trying to fight the urge to doze off, Paquette's own coffee mug is half empty, or half full, depending on how people view that philosophical question. Looking up, he sees the standing sleeper, and Calliope's attempt at rescuing the mug. He stays silent as he watches, grinning momentarily as he does.

<FS3> Nora rolls Reflexes: Success (8 8 5 4 2 1)

Nora jolts awake as Calliope reaches into her space to take the mug, and her free hand snaps out to catch the raptor pilot's forearm in a reflexive vise-grip. For a second pale blue eyes are wide and unseeing, teeth baring in anger, nails digging into the flight-suit sleeve--and then she lets blinks and lets go. "Oh, Drake. I'm sorry, I must have dozed off for a moment. I thought you were--" she shakes her head, shoulders dropping in a shrug. She spots the coffee. "I've got it now."

The vice-grip makes Calliope start. Not exactly in surprise, but she's not the rumbling type. So she mostly just stares at Nora until she's released, muttering an apology. "Uh. No. It's fine. Sorry." She retreats, after getting her own coffee, to a chair near Paquette's couch. "That just looked...not like something your mug was going to survive." She sinks down into that chair with a groan, inhaling some caffeine.

Paquette smiles as he sees the danger is over, taking a sip from his own coffee. "At least the mug is safe again now," he offers. "And it good to see I'm not the only one to fight sleep here today." It's said rather lightly. "Good thing we have the coffee," he adds.

Nora takes a sip of her coffee, and hesitates a moment before heading over to take another chair nearby, completing a triangle between Calliope and Paquette. There's an air of awkward discomfort in her posture still, and apology in her small crooked smile as she lifts her mug in agreement with Jukebox's sentiment. "I just closed my eyes for a second while I waited for it to cool," she explains, "But I guess once you learn to sleep anywhere it becomes something of a liability as well."

Calliope lets out a soft chuckle to Paquette. "Yeah. I saved many cermaic lives today, Jukebox. Credit to the service, or something." It's said very ruefully. Nora's smile is returned after a moment's hesitation. A flicker of one, but it's there. "I still can't manage the 'sleep anywhere' thing. I don't know how the Marines do it. It's taken me like two years to get used to the bunks."

"I'm not sure if I could sleep standing, but aside from that," Paquette replies, with a brief grin. He takes another sip from his coffee, before he adds, "Not that I can't handle lack of sleep, as long as I concentrate. If I don't have anything to concentrate on, I'll doze off almost at once."

"You get used to it," Nora replies with a slight shrug, the material of her flightsuit swishing against itself with the motion, "Once you have to. I think that necessity is the secret to it, really." She takes another swig of coffee and nods at Paquette again, "Yes, in the cockpit there is plenty to focus on, Lords know the Cylons aren't giving us any respite in the air."

"We just need practice, Juke," Calliope says to Paquette. "Maybe Shirts can give us lessons." More coffee is guzzled. "Did you see a lot of...being forced to sleep standing up action in your last assignment?" That question to Nora. "People seem to come to the Wolves from all over. I got bounced to this squadron from the Galactica, which was basically my first combat assignment."

Paquette grins. "Most things usually take practice..." He nods a it as he hears Calliope's words as well. "Yes, we come from all over. I was thinking about a change of careers before the war broke out. Now I'm wondering if that other career would have worked out or not."

Speaking of being tired, Paige is pretty much in the same boat. Arriving with her own thermos, she glances up and notices the others. "Hello, Soundbite." she offers in greetings to the one she recognizes immediately first, before offering a polite wave of her hand to the others. "Is it morning or evening? I'm not even sure I'm sure anymore. Banshee's going to recover, but they may have to do some surgery, so she's being moved to a military hospital." Update given, she moves towards the machine to refill her thermos.

"In a manner of speaking," Nora replies to Calliope, hesitation lingering before her words and again after. She drinks before continuing, "I was with the resistance on Leonis for a while prior to this. We were often on the move, and at times there wasn't anywhere better to sleep than standing up. What other career were you considering, Jukebox?" She offers a polite nod to the arriving Captain but otherwise seems focused on Paquette for the moment.

Calliope nods with relief at the report Paige brings about Aubrey. She listens to Nora's answer with interest, though she's plainly reluctant to press much. "Yeah. I imagine that would do it. I joined up with the Caprican forces when the war broke out, but I didn't have any combat experience. So, straight into fighter flight training, and then posted to the Galactica when I was done with that." She also looks curious at Paquette's answer to this.

Paquette nods a little as he listens. "Good news," he replies to the part about Banshee, nodding a little, before he smiles at Nora's words, "A bit easier than those of us who were in the normal troops back there." There's a brief grin, before he adds, "I hope that, aside from this whole war thing, my home colony was an enjoyable place?" Another smile at the question about the other career. "I was considering opening a restaurant. I've always been good at cooking."

"I think we found who is cooking our next leave's meal." Paige offers with a small smile. "You did well out there earlier, Shirts. Good sticking with the CAG, both you and Flameout." there's a shake of her head. "I joined the Capican Navy at nineteen, somewhere in my first year in University. If my mother had my way, I'd be someone's trophy wife." She may have just rolled her eyes a little as she moves to start to fill the thermos with coffee. "You were a commercial pilot, weren't you. Soundbite?"

Nora arches a brow at Paquette. "Easier?" Her mouth quirks into an answering smile that's crooked, not entirely certain whether he was actually joking or not but deciding to go with it. She doesn't get a chance to answer him when Paige interjects, and she smiles, thin and polite at the praise, but her eyes are flicking between her fellow pilots with a hint of apology as she replies, "Thank you, sir. And yes, Paquette. It was lovely, before this whole war thing. I'd always wanted to visit." She flashes him a close-lipped, rueful smile before looking to Calliope. "That's brave of you, to volunteer knowing it means going to war."

"Yeah," Calliope replies, as to her own pre-war vocation. "Worked for this company called Hyperlight Fantasies. Cruise liners and pleasure freighters and stuff. I actually spent a lot of time on Leonis." Slight smile to Nora. "It was my favorite tour. I was thinking of getting a condo there before..." Shrug. The robot uprising, and such. "...I mean, what else was I going to do? Not like I'd want to be flying taxis in Delphi right now. Maybe I'll get back to it someday when all this is over. I definitely won't be opening a restaurant. What kind of stuff do you cook, Juke?"

"I actually meant it was easier for us, after all we didn't have to sleep standing up.,I guess I've not had enough coffee, so I misspoke," Paquette replies with a brief smile, before he shrugs a little. "Cooking has always been a good way to relax for me. Gives me the chance to forget all troubles, and just focus on one thing." He smiles at the question about what kind of stuff he cooks. "Mostly traditional Leonese food, but I can make dishes from the other colonies as well." There's a chuckle and a grin offered to Paige as well. "Get me a kitchen, and I'll get you the food," he offers.

<FS3> Paige rolls Composure: Success (7 3 3 2 2)

It takes a moment, but Paige catches on. She draws in a small breath, and concentrates on the task of filling her thermos with hot water. When done, she adds a couple of tea bags to steep and seals it closed. "I apologize for my interruption." she comments quietly, before she shrugs her shoulders. "I should get back to the flight line in case an ECO is needed." With that, she's preparing to turn about on her heel and head out.

Nora tips her head at Calliope, "I suppose, but you could've just found some other career altogether. I'm sure many have." She lifts a hand to wave off Paquette's apology, shaking her head. "No, please. It's my fault, I'm too tired to tell a joke. And it's not as if it's a competition, is it? None of us have had an easy time of it anywhere. And in the end you missed out, didn't you? If you'd learned to sleep standing up you might be better off today." Her smile labels that a joke, but it's tugged sideways by Paige's exit. Her brows furrow in faint confusion, but she lifts a hand in polite farewell. "Clear skies, Captain. We'll have to find you that kitchen, Jukebox. I spent two years on Leonis and barely got to eat any Leonese food at all, I have a great deal to catch up on."

Calliope offers Paige a parting nod. "My Raptor's down for refueling now. Hopefully it'll be finished before we have to go up again." She doesn't even consider the possibility they won't be going out again soon, given the intensity of the offensive over Delphi. "Gods, I miss real Leonese food. I haven't been back to that planet since the war broke out. Did you make those dishes with snails?" A smile at Paquette. "I mean, there was tons of other good stuff there, too, but I think the snails in wine sauce were my favorite."

As Paige starts making her way out, Paquette offers her a nod and a smile. "Take care," he offers, before he looks between the others, nodding a bit. "The snails, yes. I'll have to use one particular kind of wine for the sauce, though. Otherwise, there'd be scarier things in store for me on Leonis than the Cylons. They are bad enough, wouldn't want to add an angry sister as well." It's said with a bit of a chuckle, before he takes another sip of the coffee.

"That will give me time to check on the ECO systems. I'll see you out there." Paige offers, a smile touching her lips for a moment of nostalga. "That and the goose liver. Goodness." she says with a sigh, shaking her head after a moment. That was a different life, it seems. With that, she slips out of the lounge, heading back towards the hangar.

"I still can't believe eating snails is a delicacy," Nora laughs, "People paying all that money for things you pick off plants in the garden?" She shakes her head, "But the wine and...really everything was delicious. Once, my squad camped in the ruins of a restaurant and we discovered part of the wine cellar in the basement was still intact. That was a good mission." She flashes a smile, "Maybe we'll go over there and find one so you can cook without making your sister angry. Do you just have the one?"

"They're so savory though!" Calliope says, emphatic in her support of snails. "Anyway, Juke, whatever you want to cook, I am totally there. Maybe the galley will just let you, Cherry, and Nova take over for a night when things are quiet." She's drained her coffee, and has that heightened-by-caffeine bright-eyed look about her. She considers the machine for another cup, but ultimately just pushes herself out of her chair. "I should check my Raptor. The techs were going to do a quick maintenance check after they finished fueling. I didn't take much punishment last night, but that thing has logged a lot of flight hours lately. Want to make sure it's still in good form."

Paquette grins. "Well, often the delicacy lies in how you prepare the food, not in how common the ingredients are." There's a pause as he hears about that wine cellar, and he chuckles. "That sounds like an interesting mission, yes. And we have a few different wines. I'd say they all are good, but I'm not exactly neutral when it comes to that, you know..." He nods as he hears Calliope's words. "It seems every craft has gotten their fair share of hours lately. It's amazing they're all still flying." Another smile offered, before he adds, "Be safe."

"True, true," Nora concedes the point to her fellow pilots, and then lifts her coffee mug in farewell toast. "Clear skies, Soundbite. I hope they let them finish the check before you go back out." She gets up to pour herself a refill, adding to Paquette over her shoulder, "I certainly won't argue with you about Leonese wine. I've never had better. I'd hoped to visit the wine country south of Larrineaux, but the war caught us before we could get there." She smiles ruefully and turns back to stirring a packet of sugar into her mug.

"Safe as any of us can be. Good hunting, when we all go hunting." And off Calliope goes.

"Whatever else people say about us, we certainly know our wines," Paquette replies with a smile, before he adds, "And the wine country is quite nice, both when it comes to the wines and the scenery."

"So I've heard," Nora nods. She returns swirling the coffee in her mug with idle circles of her wrist and retakes her seat, though this time she perches on the arm instead of settling into the chair proper. "Have you heard any discussion of the Wolves going to help on Leonis?"

Draining the rest of his own coffee, Paquette shakes his head a little. "I haven't heard anything. But then again, we've all been very focused on the work here."

"Of course," Nora agrees with a quick nod, "And I'm sure everyone has places they're eager to see the Wolves help liberate. We'll just have to clear Delphi and then see where the admirals decide we're most needed next." She smiles, "And hopefully get a little sleep in between."

Paquette nods as he hears that. "I sure hope we will manage to get a little sleep in between. Otherwise, people would proably start making some very serious mistakes," he replies. "And that would be really bad."

Nora nods as well. "Yes, there's only so long people can go, even on coffee and stims. But hopefully it won't come to that any time soon." She glances up at the clock on the wall and hurriedly drains the last of her coffee. "I told the deckhands looking over my Viper I would be back by now. I'd best go see what they've found. It was nice speaking with you, Jukebox. I'll see you out there."

"Take care, and I'll see you out there as well," Paquette replies, before he adds, "And I hope they haven't found something too interesting in the Viper." Starting to get to his feet as well, to move over and get some more of that coffee.


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