2237-08-28 - Couch Comforts

After the escort mission in Delphi, Verity finds a very tired Paige and the two talk a little more to solidify a friendship.

Date: 2237-08-28

Location: Alert Lounge

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Scene Number: 448

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It's been a few hours since the mission to deliver the Marines to the shopping centre. After returning to Dauntless, Paige was faced with a choice. Shower, or rest. There's not time for both. Paige opted for rest. Having made it to the alert lounge, she claimed one of the couches and is currently half-curled up on it. Her jock smock (read: flight-suit) is pulled down to her waist, exposing the double tanks that she wears on her chest along with her tags.

A thermos sits on the table next to her, as she's got her head back, her hair up in a loose bun. Her eyes are closed, and it appears that she's just trying to get a few moments of rest. Her skin's unblemished. No marks, no tattoos, no scars.

The Latest on-flight shift had finally returned. The rook wasn't lying when she said she was taking a few extra shifts. It had finally come towards the end of her day though - unless a basestar jumped in. It wasn't outside of the realm of possibility. Verity made her way towards the fridge, the figure on the couch not being something that was unusual given where they were. She retrieved a can of some sugar flavored water and looked at the figure again. Her eyes tracing over the skin curiously. Flawless skin was a rarity on some ships. A slight recognition as she realizes who exactly was there. Her eyes going down to her drink, she goes to set it back, and walks off. A few moments later, the woman returns with two mugs and black liquid.

She moves to sit next to Paige and sets the cup infront of her. She doesn't say anything just yet though.. Her eyes going up and out at the deck as the operations of the deck crew never ended. A soft exhale as she looked back to the woman - her hand tentatively coming up to touch her arm and see if she was awake.

The touch to her arm draws a soft sigh of possible protest as Paige opens one eye to find that she has company. "Knew you'd come looking for a snuggle." she comments with a playful hint of mirth before she closes her eyes again. "Just taking a few moments of downtime before we have to get back out there again."

"How're you holding up?" comes the question finally to the young redhead as she moves over a little to give Verity some more space if she wants it.

There's a soft smile at the response and her head tilts, "..There's something very comforting about being held. I was hoping you'd ask.." The tone is given back and she reaches over to push the liquid towards her. Her voice becomes a bit softer, "..I got you something. If you're on duty.. don't want you to be groggy." She realizes she was still somewhat touching paige and her hand comes back to her coffee. She looks at the place presented to her and then back at her cup. There's pause..an actual debate. Ultimately she does relent and sit next to Paige - the cup coming to her lips so she can take a sip.

"It's actually the end of my shift. I was going to grab something and leave.. I saw you here though and figured you needed company." She looks over to the woman, "I'm sorry if I disturbed your rest though. I know how coveted sleep is."

"I just haven't made it to my bunk yet." One arm does move and gives Verity's hair a quick tossle before resting there and she gives a little laugh. "Thank you for the coffee.. but I do perfer tea." she admits with a smile of apology as she glances towards her thermos. "I figure if someone needs an ECO, this will be the first place they ask. So if I'm here.."

There's a shake of her head. "Always willing to forgo rest for pleasant company." She points out as she just seems to be in resting mode, allowing Verity to get comfortable as she sees fit.

The woman stops completely and her eyes close as her hair is touched. Her breathing slows for just the corner of an instant, "... You're probably the only one that I would allow to touch my hair at the moment. You should be honored.." Her eyes open and She takes another drink, "If you'd like to rest and want a pillow..You're welcome." She smiles faintly, "I have some paper work I can do here." She leans over to nudge Paige a bit, "Though you wont be allowed to snore."

"..And as you told me..Just don't burn yourself out. You're not helping anyone if you get yourself hurt.. I mean who would I offer my pillow services to?"

"I do not snore." Paige retorts, and she gives a roll of her eyes. "Paperwork, huh? Which poor schleb dumped their after action reports on you?" There's a moment of thought before the older ECO moves and does lean against Verity just a bit. "And yes, I am the worst at taking my own advice. But there are plenty of Viper pilots - ECOs.. we're not the glamour girls you are."

She closes her eyes as she gets a little more comfortable and tucks her legs beneath her as she does so. "Here I was sure that you were more into the frog girls." There's a smirk at that. "Or a tall Navy hunk. Of which I am neither."

"You're assuming that I'm not Asexual..Which I very well may be." Verity counters. Her arm does come around Paige and she tries to move back a little for the woman to rest better. Her hand coming to gently trace the fabric of the tank top. She glances down to Paige with a smirk, "The short black haired one was pretty cute.. I'll admit." A slow shake of her head, "Though I don't know. That's just to.." A frown, "..We're at war. It doesn't seem right right now. We all deal with it in our own way, I suppose." She chuckles softly and reaches down to a pocket, taking out some crumpled paper as she waves it, "This hotshot captain who thought we should engage some toasters on a drop off mission.. Viper Pilot's have paper work to."

Her eyes go over the paper at all of the readouts, "..So.. Paige.." Her voice is soft and it's one of the rare times she'll ever use her name, "If I can ask.. Did you lose someone? To the Cylons?"

<FS3> Paige rolls Composure: Success (8 5 4 3 1)

"If you're asexual, you may not be alone." Paige points out, keeping her eyes closed as she nods her agreement at Verity's assessment. She doesn't retreat from the touch though. Sometimes, it's just nice to be held, someone once said to her. "My report was already filed..." she starts to retort before she hears the question and arches a brow.

"Do you mean romantically, or family?" she asks, careful in her response. "...my last name is Graystone, Verity. And everything that comes with it. Most of my family is dead - at the hands of what we created." she shrugs a little against the woman, though it doesn't quite hide the shiver that comes through her frame. It's chilly in the room. "As far as a romance? I've had one, but we decided to amicably part ways when we went to our new duty stations."

"Hah..In this atmosphere, I'm sure anything short of 'When is our meet up tonight' is Asexual to most people." This said with the tiniest chuckle as she nods her head, "My Report is not.. I'm not an ECO.. I'm a viper pilot. We do it when we have to or late." She smirks and sets the paper down next to her. Her head nodding slowly and she shakes her head, "..So past the last conversation we had.. We don't ever have to bring that up if you don't want. Your family.. I mean. It's your choice though." She nods her head slowly, "Amicably on both sides..or did one of you decide it was 'amicable'?" She asks curiously. Her eyes going down to the skin and her touch. It certainly looked odd, it would be a lie to say this wasn't intimate - but there was no overt attempt to make this sexual. It was two soldiers who just needed some time. A soft exhale as the woman seems cold.

She reaches up with the hand not on Paige to begin to unclasp the top of her suit. Clip, clip, Clip. Once it was unzipped and unclasped.. She wiggled her arm until she was out of it and finally removed her hand from Paige to completely take it off. This did force her to move up and push against Paige a moment before she laid back again. Her arm returned around the woman - pulling her just a bit closer and bringing her jacket over her.

"..Here ya go.. Give something for the others to take a picture and start some new rummors huh?" She softly jokes, "..Viper Jackets are environmental..should keep you warm." Her voice is soft and she notes it - even though Paige would be well aware. She leans her head back and looks at the ceiling. Her eyes close a moment to and she just rests.

"Consensual split. He's with Manticore." Paige murmurs quietly as she gives a shake of her head. "There is a rather rampant amount of hook-ups on the ship." she admits. "But that is a pair of consenting adults doing what they wish. Not my place to scold or judge." she admits as she gets comfortable, before Verity is moving away from her.

Sitting up as Verity undoes her jacket, Paige blinks a little and looks confused, but she soon enough pulls it around her like a blanket. "There is someone on ship." she finally says. "I think she's interested. We spent a little time together, but she admitted that her relationship life is confusing. There's someone else I think that she may be in love with." There's a shrug of her shoulders and she sighs.

She presses back close to Verity to steal some more warmth from her, and sighs. "So, asexual? Maybe not. But this is all.." she gives a roll of her finger, unable to find the right word so she settles in with a brief frown. "...probably sound like some dumb teenager."

"Ahh.. " Verity says with a nod, "Well then, I'm sorry it didn't work out..on both circumstances." As Paige moves closer, it would seem that Verity is a bit more comfortable in the situation to and the ECO finds herself with both arms around her as they talk - optimizing the warmth for her. She shakes her head, "It's..definetly like highschool. But..as you say, who's to judge? If it helps and the drama is minimal." She continues to listen and a frown comes to her lips at the last part, "Love.." She softly repeats. A shake of her head, "Now there's a rough topic. What is love? Is it monogomous, can it be shared? Will it get you killed?"

"I've had people tell me that our emotions make us different from the Cylons.. I'm not convinced that's true." She glances down at the woman and smiles faintly, before looking back out at all the chaos as ships leave and come back, "We all are fighting for our own reasons though..and we have to justify why the enemy is worse then we are.. not worth having." A shrug to her shoulders and she looks down at the Reports on the table, "..You do know that I'm about to check the roster and if you're not on it, I'm going to ensure you find your bunk so you can get some proper sleep right?" Her voice keeps its light tone, teasing the woman - though there probably is some seriousness there about getting her to bed. Seems the Viper Pilot does care about her.

"...now you sound like one of those overly melodramatic soap operas. Next thing you know, you'll be claiming that you are my sister's roommate's cousin's something or other." Paige responds with a smirk. "Love? That's just an abstract that doesn't exist." she sounds almost bitter there for a moment, but it doesn't seem that she's willing yet to share that story.

As the Cylons are mentioned, Paige's hands lower and she makes a small design on Verity's arm. She may not recognize it, but Paige does, she's making a small circuit diagram. "When my uncle first built Cylons, and introduced them.. I remmeber him speaking on the rules of robotics. One of them, when it came to artifical intelligence was that a Cylon would do no harm to a human unless it finds a way to ultimately prove that the harm done would protect humanity in general."

She lets out a breath, "It sounds like so much gibberish, but there are times where I wonder that.. what the Cylons are doing, is trying to save humanity from itself. Not that I'm romanticizing or siding with them. But, think of it this way - we were at war with each other long before the Cylons were built and the military put chrome on them and guns in their arms. Somewhere in their programming, did they think that the harm they were doing to each other was worse than the damage they would do?" she asks, then lets out her breath as she tries to consider her words.

"My family's greatest creation is also our greatest shame. I shouldn't try to justify them. They just are." Her hands retreat back into the jacket and she closes her eyes again. "As far as when I'll rest again? I will when I know everyone is safe." she smirks. "It's just too far to my bunk right now, and no telling when I'll have to pull my jock smock back on and get back to work."

"Oh mah, dearest Princeeessss.. I wahs so in loohve with your sistah.. As she was mah only one. Her cousin had drugged me.. I do declahre.. It was soooo awful.. That's why I kissed something or other!" The voice is very dramatic and her tone shifts between that of a poorly done Picon accent to that of a Libran. The natural bent of Sagitaron returning after. An actual giggle from her, "Maybe I missed my calling?" Though her eyes were closed, her breath stopped at the intricate touch. Her eyes opening," I uhm.." Her skin responds against the touch with soft bumps. It would seem that the woman wasn't necessarily used to something like that. Odd, given how easy show found herself holding another officer. Her eyes close and she tries to stay focused on the conversation.

"Mmmm.. That.. Um..." She shakes her head and refocuses, "That is not what I would consider a popular opinion. That humanizes it.." She pauses a moment and looks to Paige, a frown, "Them.." She corrects herself for the moment and looks forward, "I never knew that about the Cylons.. I never knew safe gaurds existed.."

There's a soft exhale and Verity leans in closer to Paige - the woman feeling her breath on her ear, "So you're saying I'm going to have to carry you to your bunk and cause a scene?" A soft chuckle gives away the seriousness. She does keep her head close to the woman a moment before pulling back, "By the way, you can trace on my arms any time you want." She idly notes..before looking down at her lap, "Tell me more about your uncle. What was he like?"

"It does humanize them, which demonizes me." Paige responds. "There are those that feel I should stand accused for what my uncle had done." She sighs, seemingly the discussion on all of this has taken away her own moment of humanity as she stiffens beneath the redhead. "My uncle.." That would be Doctor Daniel Graystone. "...was a brilliant and sometimes caring man. He wanted to play pyramid when he was younger. But he was smarter than he was athletic." she admits. "His wife, Amanda? Beautiful woman - a plastic suregon. They had a daughter, Zoe." she continues.

"Zoe died when she was 16. She was on a train that was bombed in a terrorist attack. I think that changed Uncle Dan and Aunt Amanda. They weren't as close anymore, and I drifted away from them, because that was at the same time that I was already serving in the Caprican Navy. I don't know his motivations. I wish I did. I rarely talked to him, and when I did.. it was more of a reminder of why I had decided to make Graystone my own name in my own way."

Verity stops as something said by Paige reverberates in her head. She looks back down at the ECO and considers her, her form. Her head leans back and her face betrays her inner struggle with what her next question should be. If she should even go there. Her voice moves very soft, low enough so that she would hope only the ECO would hear her, "..What are your thoughts on the Cylons? Do you see some justification in what they are doing?" Her eyes stay on her now - concern though what for could be anyones guess. She then closes her eyes and sighs as they open and look forward, "... Protocols to protect humans.."

"They need to be stopped. I joined the Colonial Forces to stop them, Verity." Paige frowns a little, shrugging out of the jacket to turn around and face the redhead, sitting on her knees. "I don't sympathize with something doesn't feel sympathy. I'm only trying to figure out what changed in their programming so that I can find a way to shut it down. What did you think I meant?" Concern is in her voice, because at the same time, she's glancing down as well.

The name catches her attention and her eyes. She wasn't often called by her name - most referring to her as flameout or some variation. She lets Paige sit up and move away from her. Her hand dropping to the couch and then returning to her lap. Her head dips to the right as she watches the woman and shakes her head, "I didn't say you had sympathy." She says gingerly, "And I don't doubt your intentions or why you are here.. Paige." Her voice stays soft, "You had given a reason on why they malfunctioned.. I didn't know if you wanted to expand on that." She glances to her coffee and and reports. She slowly moves to pick up the reports and the coffee. She finally turns so that she is facing Paige.

Her head dips forward, "I'm sorry if I offended you. It wasn't my intention." Her eyes trying to catch Paiges, "I'm don't do well with interactions.. If I'm not trading barbs with pilots, or flying.. I'm dealing with a temper that I blame on my childhood." She sits the coffee down and sighs as her hand comes to take Paiges,"How about we make a deal.. You try not to assume that I am somehow going to attack you for your last name.. and I'll work on my interaction skills. Deal?"

"Deal. And you'll have to tell me about your childhood. Because I want to know. But a time when I'm not about to fall asleep." Paige admits with a little smile. "Perhaps over tea when this is all over?" She asks. "Campaign. Not war." Standing up as she moves to pull her flight suit back on. "And make sure you have a nice dress for the after-awards party. Want to make sure the proper tongues wag after all." she smirks as she glances over her shoulder head towards the bunks to maybe get a couple of hours of rack time.


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