2237-08-28 - Hot Escort

While flying a squad of Marines to their next mission, Paige and Verity have a talk.

Date: 2237-08-28

Location: Skies Over Delphi

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Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom. The Engines of the Raptor and Vipers whine across the skies and land now devoid of life - Mechanical or Biological. Verity moves up along side the viper and then past it. Her fingers coming down to readjust the sesnors and then trip the comm unit, "Raptor-2745, Flameout. I'll be your escort for this lovely little CAP. I'm told this is the down shift, so there aren't any known enemies. Though we all know how well that goes.." She glances down at the controls again and then back up, "Unfortunately I am pitch hitting for one of the other pilots.. So I wasn't told who I would be dancing with tonight.."

While her words were that of other jockeys, she shifted her head to look below at the outskirts of Delphi with a frown. Even the outskirts had smoke and debris. This war was taking a toll - and it felt like it was being done all defensively.. Though none of this said. It wouldn't be sporting.. She was an Air Jockey.. If she wasn't giving one liners - well then what are we all out here for?

Below them, sections of Delphi burn. It's been well over thirty-six hours since the assault to secure the city began, and the flight crews from Dauntless and the Caprican Navy have gotten so mixed up at times, it's hard to tell who is whom. Paired up with Nails, who has been largely quiet since the mission began, Paige is sitting in the back of the Raptor with a group of Marines waiting to be dropped off.

"Viper-Alpha294, Princess. Good to see you up and still going, Flameout." comes the prim response as the Raptor ECO transmits a small packet of data. "We've got a load of Marines that are going to be deployed near the shopping centre." The same one that Aubrey's Viper went down on top of. "Skies appear to be clear, the weather fair. Let's hope it stays that way."

"Princess.." The Inflection of tone turned up. It was nice to have someone she knew on this one. A brief smile, before it faded and she looked down at the destruction again. A shake of her head, and a deep breath. Her tone coming back, "Well tell the Marines to sit back.. They're flying with one of the only pilots who can boast several confirmed kills with out taking one shot. They're basically in the hands of a Goddess.." She reaches down, flicking the comms over to the capital ship channel, "Dauntless, Flameout. Confirmed Drop off Mission. We have the ball.." She pauses waiting for the general 'Good Hunting' Response from the Dauntless before flicking back to short wave communications. She sits back and exhales.

"Nothing on Dradis on my end. Flight Computer tells me we'll be here about half an hour or more till drop off. Any News on Banshee? I saw Nova up and about.."

There's a little snort of amusement that comes over the comms. "Flameout, Princess. Careful, we already have an Iris. You wouldn't want to challenge her goddessness." she says in a completely teasing lit before she sombers slightly. "We took her from the base hospital last night to deeper within friendly territory. She's stable.. but it's pretty bad." she reports as she reaches up to toggle the switches on the flight computer. "Three-zero minutes is about right if we keep it at minimum altitude." she responds.

"Banshee may be able to fly again someday.. but for now.." the frown could be heard in Paige's voice, even without the visual confirmation. "..she'll get better." she finally decides. Over the comms, one of the Marines can be heard commenting, 'If she's a goddess, tell her I'll worship her!' This brings a small roar of laughter from within the transport and Paige audibly sighs. "You'd think after a campaign this long they'd lost some of their bravado."

"..Maybe I'm the daughter or a lesser Goddess? It could be Iris' plan to repopulate the world with the divine?" The voice comes back in an attempt to tease back. She hears the prognosis and shakes her head, "I didn't know her.." The soft, sincere honesty coming out in that statement, "But I've been told that a lot. I'm sure we'll see her back on the Dauntless.." She wasn't ofcourse. It was just something you said everytime someone went down. The chances of returning to active duty when hit fatally was generally slim. But saying it didn't really mean much. There's a snort as she heard the Marine. It was possible in the future, after the war, things like this would be used to talk about the rampant Sexism in the military.. But it was just something you had to understand. Things were different when you fought and died with people.. atleast to Verity's mind.

She responded, "Tell him that I'd have to see how tall he is.. It's my experience that Navy Men are the superior stock.." Her tone was obviously teasing - an attempt to get a rise out of the Branch who prides on being the best of the best.

She goes back to their conversation, "How are you holding up? You're the one that saved her, yea? It's one thing to watch a pilot go down, it's another to hold them in your arms and then have to go back into the fight.."

Paige rolls Composure: Success (7 6 2 2 1)

"I just scolded him with a look." And in the Raptor, the icy glance that Paige levels on the Marines seems to silence them down a bit. "I am glad to hear that Nova's alright." she adds finally. "I was hoping to catch Weathergirl, check to make sure she was well after having to take control of the Raptor. We're all trained to fly them of course.. but it's not something we ever expect to have to do." And now two of the younger ECOs have had to do so on the last pair of missions.

"I'm doing well enough." comes the response about her well-being. "Isn't the first time I've run marathon missions, won't be the last. And you are doing well? This is your first prolonged mission with the Wolves, isn't it?" she asks curiously as she glances up at the mission clock and DRADIS to check again.

".... Ahh.. I liked my comeback better." Verity said with a soft chuckle. Her eyes continually scanning the area. It was a precaution. The sensors of the Raptor were far more sensitive than that of the viper. You never knew, but it was unlikely that she would see something before Princess. Her fingers moved up to her helmet with a sigh as the land zoomed below them. She nodded to the words given, even if the woman wouldn't see it, "Yea. Nova was giving snacks at the Alert Lounge. The Dauntless crew are very ... odd." A tonal shift as she considers the differences that they are doing.

At the next question, "Yea. This is my first Marathon Mission actually." She admits, "Though I am getting far less Rook jokes with it so I'm not complaining."

There's a palpable pause and her voice seems a bit less strained to, almost sympathetic, "It also means that I am not as drained from these operations. I've taken a few extra shifts to.. I think it's helping out a bit with Morale... or atleast that's what I tell myself. It's ironic.. this war seems to slowly degrading Humanity.. when that's what we're fighting for."

As she's looking over the sensors, Paige considers the words of the young pilot. For a moment, there's a sadness there, and it shows in the beginnings of her response before she quickly drowns it out. "Take it from someone that has been accused more than once of not having any heart - don't lose that fire you've shown once already." In the battle that started the whole campaign.

"Yes, they're different. Perhaps it's because we're the first ship to have Marines and Pilots living together. Maybe because things aren't quite as strict as they should be at times. But it allows those that want to to live a little. Just wait until we have our leave after this." she says with a small chuckle. "I've been told they are quite the attraction." Not that she would know from personal experience, never having attended one fully.

"I understand how you feel, though. I've been in the backseat for every mission that needed an ECO. I will probably have blisters on my arse from being in the ECO chair for so long when this is over. I know it sound hypocritical, but try to make sure you tack care of yourself in all this. I wouldn't want to lose you because you were fatigued to the point of exhaustion and something goes wrong."

"Becareful Pricness.. Word on the street is you're a heartbreaker. I'd hate for you to lose that streak because you're becoming sweet on a Rook. Even if it's because I am absolutely wonderous with my flowing hair of fire.." The tone is obviously teasing and meant to keep a bit of levity since they are talking. She chuckles softly, "Though on that score.. I don't often go to social events. I find people become ... very emotional. I can be a bit.." She considers the words, "Unreasonable.. if I am prodded and there is alcohol." Then there's an actual out and out laugh - this one over the comms, "I saw you and others talking to two frogs.. I would say not being strict is an understatement. Though.. Who am I to judge? If we're getting results."

"And don't worry about me. I know my limits.. Unless we are at an all out fight.. I wont be in this cockpit if I feel its a danger.." She leans back as her Nav Computer goes off,"Confirming we'll reach the LZ in One-Zero Minutes. Make sure our package is prepped.."\

There's a snort of laughter. "Whoever said such apparently misinformed you. I do not date." Paige responds simply. "Tried it a couple of times. It doesn't work. Time is too short in one of these duty stations to consider a relationship." There's a smirk on her side of the line, before she smiles faintly. "You'll find that the formal events are formal, but short, and at least for the women, the reception afterward is uniform optional for a formal gown." she responds, before another chuckle. "One-Zero, copy." she confirms. "Marines!" Called out over her shoulder while leaving the comm open. "We'll be landing in ten minutes, stack 'em and rack 'em! This will be a possibly hot zone!"

With that, she turns her attention back to the comms. "That was Iris and Bingo. I think they're trying to convince people that they are a thing when they're just friends, but it just all seems confusing." she admits with a small snort of a chuckle. "I usually claim a corner table - you're always welcomed to join me there if you want to be out of the spotlight."

"Iris and Bingo.. So are they just now figuring out what they like then and are now just so happy to be able to express it - it's coming out inappropriately in the form of Frog Costumes?" She offers with a smirk, "I.. can't say I approve and that it wasn't disatsteful to me. But.. I can understand needing to be able to do something so far away from the business we do.." A soft sigh as they continue moving forward. She leans her head against the backboard and switches the topic.

"But back to your unrequited love of me.. I think your phrasing is a bit sloppy, yea? We all have relationships.. Hell, I'd say we have connections.. You can't tell me that you didn't enjoy hearing my voice as your escort today." She leans forward again as the Landing Zone comes up, but they're still far enough that final approach hasn't begun yet.

"It's the long term. Everyone is transferred or dies.. So I can understand that. Anything long term is a lie in all this.."

Then theere's another chuckle, "My Gods.. This is like a Sitcom right now.. Here let me mimic the music for you so you can look down at your control panel contemplatively as if this was something deep and we wer paid actors.. Dooo Do do do doooooo do do do do do doooooooooo"

Paige rolls Gunnery (7 7 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 2 2) vs Centurion (a NPC)'s 4 (7 6 6 4 2 2)
Marginal Victory for Centurion.

There's a small laugh at that. "My mother once got me a bit role on one of those shows. Forgot the name of it. I was the new girl at the school, who like disappeared after one episode. I mean, really. What's the point of having a plot device if you're only going to use it once and then forget about it?" Paige asks and then smirks as Verity 'serenades' her.

"Should we be shopping for matching frog suits for your undeniable crush on me, Flameout?" comes the response after a moment of checking the landing zone, and she frowns. "Mine better have a crown." Then her voice takes on a decidedly more formal tone. "Flameout, Princess. I count two-zero enemy troops on the ground. Picking up signal of possible shoulder AA. Deploying countermeasures and flares. Watch your six for tone." comes the report.

As they approach the landing zone, a missile streaks up from the mall and explodes next to the Raptor, peppering it with shrapnel. "Frak." Paige hisses between her teeth. "Unloading the package, Flameout, strafe 'em!"

Verity rolls Gunnery (8 7 7 5 4 4 4 3 1 1) vs Centurion (a NPC)'s 4 (7 7 5 3 1 1)
Marginal Victory for verity.

"..Ahh Princess.. If you and I ever date.. we wont have to buy what we'll need to wear Tru.." Her words are cut off as she gets the report. The tone becomes a bit more professional, "I see them.." The short comms are switched back to the official channel, "Delphi Forward Base, Cohen Station.. This is Viper-Alpha-294, providing Escort for Rapter-2745. We have confirmed hostiles - 20 units, Anti Aircraft. I'm escorting Package, Request Alert Vipers. We are 395.6 Carom 5 of Forward Base Pronto."

She clicks back, "On it Princess.. Stay back - I can outrun the Anti Air then you can.." She pitches the ship down - and forward. The ship lurches at the command, pushing the centrifical force against Verity. She banks right and flips around, the maneuver much harder in atmosphere than in space. She then begins her strafing run - hitting one of Cylons Succesfully."

Paige rolls Gunnery (8 6 5 5 5 5 4 3 2 2 1) vs Centurion (a NPC)'s 4 (8 7 6 5 2 1)
Marginal Victory for Centurion.
-- Luck Reroll
Paige rolls Gunnery (8 8 8 7 7 6 6 6 6 1 1) vs Centurion (a NPC)'s 4 (8 8 6 5 4 2)
Crushing Victory for Paige.

While the sentiment for Paige and Nails to hold back, this is their mission to run. "Just keep overwatch on us, Flameout." she grits her teeth before gesturing. "Put us down in the food court!" The Raptor touches down and the rear door opens to deploy the Marines while the sides of the ship are peppered with small arms fire from the Centurions. As they do so, one of the Centurions pops up from the second story with a missile launch. "Chrome job on the second with a missile!" she calls out.

The missile screams out, but Paige's ECM skills are too much this time and the missile is sent careening into a potato shop, exploding there and starting a fire. "Go go!" she calls out to the Marines. Within a few moments, the Raptor's clear and they are raising from the food court to return to Verity's side.

"We're clear to return to the barn." Paige reports and then smiles slightly, if her voice is any indication. "You can tell me about what we would wear later." she says in a teasing lit as she waits for Nails to get them out of the combat zone and back on their way to Dauntless.

And as they are escorted back.. Princess, Dauntless, the Cylons, nor even the Universe itself..shall e'er know if the captain had illicited a blush from the cocky Viper Pilot.. It shall always be a mystery.


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