2237-08-28 - To Each Their Own

A discussion of burial beliefs and other randomness between Beckham, Cate, Lyn and Aldrich in the mess hall.

Date: 2237-08-28

Location: Mess Hall

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Scene Number: 449

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You'd think that a doctor would know better than to eat junk food, but there's Cate, munching on a cheeseburger. There are french fries on the plate too - the closest thing to a vegetable in sight. The mess is doing "burger night" for supper today (though there is a healthier burger option and a vegetable side for the more health-conscious). She's eating one-handed, a novel held in her other. The latest Jan Brund spy novel, for those who pay attention to such things.

Screw healthy. After that offensive? Beckham is totally taking a cheat day. Just don't tell his wife. Though his burger is loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles - the works. Dropping down across from Cate, the Sergeant gives what sounds like the epitome of the most-self-suffering sigh in the world. "Now, you tell me to stay home so I don't aggrevate my injuries, and what do you do? Go out and get shot. Maybe I should create a new award just for you. The golden BB or something. How bad was it?"

BURGER NIGHT. There is no way Lyn is going to miss this. Aquarian's know the value of protein and fat in the cold. Granted, there's no cold to be in on Caprica right now but that's no excuse! She comes out of the line with a tray laden with two burgers and fries and a grape soda because if you're going to eat bad stuff, may as well go all the way. She spots Cate and moves to her table, setting her tray down. "How are you feeling, Doc?" she asks, because she saw the shot she took at the museum.

"Hey," Cate offers to the pair of marines who join her, setting down her novel and offering a subdued but friendly smile in greeting. She offers Beckham a mock-scowl. "You really think there's anyone on this ship who wants to stop getting shot more than me? Tell him -" She looks to Lyn, trying to enlist the other marine's aid. "What was it... ten or twelve marines, and they still frakking find me. I was even in cover." Yeah, she's whining a little. She lifts a shoulder to the questions. "The usual. It hurts, I'll live. Maybe if I run out of room for clusters on my sacrifice medal they'll make up something new." She's probably obviously teasing about that.

"Yeah. Cover isn't what it used to be." Beckham speaks from experience on that, since he was hit behind cover, as well. "You know I'm just galmongering you." There's a smirk at that, before he frowns. "Glad you got patched up and kept to your senses though. Sounds like they're going to need both of us for that final push."

When Lyn arrives, the Marine Sergeant offers a little smile. "I know we met briefly. I heard about your ex. Sad shit, that. At least it was quick. Anyway. How're you holding up.. Arda, wasn't it?"

"It's true. She is the Wolves champion bullet magnet. She can't even stand up straight if she wears all her "forgot to duck" medals," Lyn quips, popping a fry into her mouth. "You need to find yourself your own chaplain to date. I haven't had any booboos needing more than a bandaid in months," she points out with a grin. Preacher Protection Plan works y'all. The mention of Jonas has her grin fading a little. "Yeah. He went out how he would have wanted though. Fighting the good fight. And I'm doing great."

Speaking of preachers... here comes one now! Aldrich arrives at mess ready for a meal. He spots Lyn and the others and gives a way, but he hits the chow line first. It doesn't take him long to pick up a quick plate, a cup of coffee, and then he's making his way back toward the trio.

"Galmongering?" Cate looks puzzled at the unfamiliar term, but nods. "Yeah, hopefully they'll let us finish things off here instead of dragging us off someplace else." Lyn's remark gets a dry smirk. "I went out with a marine who studied theology. Apparently that doesn't count." She sees Aldrich approaching and gives him a little nod in greeting. "Hey." It's a welcome distraction from the veer into 'dead ex' territory.

"It's be nice to finish a fight for once.. galmongering. You know. Frakking with you?" Beckham shrugs his shoulders before he laughs. "I'm married to a pregnant knuckle dragger who dabbles in religion. I think I win." When Al comes over to join them, there's a curious arch of his brow as he looks between Lyn and Aldrich. Someone was slow to the quick. "Anyway. I should be cleared from medical and ready for the lines here pretty quick. What'd the docs tell you, Cate?"

Lyn starts in on the first of her two burgers, loaded with ketchup and mayo and pickles. The latter the only thing you could call a vegetable. She makes a happy sound because even a less than stellar burger is still pretty good. When she spots Al, her face lights up, and it's clear there's something utterly schmoopy going on. She makes room for him.

"Hi," is offered to Cate, with a glance to include the rest of the group. Aldrich sets his tray down next to Lyn, and while he's a bit more reserved than she is on the schmoopy business, he does gives her a secret little smile as he settles into his seat. "I heard there were some injuries but I never had a chance to check in," he offers, by way of roundabout apology, and glances over to hear Cate's answer to Beckham's inquiry.

Cate offers a brief smirk to Beckham, before turning more serious. "Yeah I'm cleared for tomorrow, though I don't know if we're going out." The exchange between Lyn and Aldrich causes her lips to quirk up in a fleeting half-smile. Then she notes to Aldrich, "Our squad didn't lose anybody, but I heard some of the others did."

"Sounds good. We'll see what the powers that be decide to throw at us." Beckham offers with a slight nod of his head. He starts on tucking his meal away, a glance towards Aldrich and Lyn and he glances down at his meal. Probably missing someone.

Lyn sits close enough to Aldrich to touch their shoulders together, some silent little communication of affection between the marine and the chaplain. She looks back up and smiles. "Glad you're both doing all right. How's the wife, Beckham?" she asks.

Aldrich doesn't seem to mind Lyn sitting that close, which is kind of a change, actually. Not all /that/ long ago, he would be looking distinctly uncomfortable about it. He does look grim at Cate's comment, though. "I heard. I've had to have some...difficult conversations this time around. And I suspect there will be more before it's said and done."

"More difficult than usual?" Cate asks Aldrich, a little perplexed. Otherwise she's content to just eat quietly, listening to the rest of the conversations and slanting Beckham a slightly concerned glance.

"She's very pregnant and unhappy that she's in a desk job at the moment." Beckham responds. "I'm not sure she will ever be able to return to duty in the Marines like she wanted." he says quietly, and pokes one of his fries at the burger. "It's what we wanted though, right?"

"At least I don't think I accidentally destroyed any antiquities in the museum," Lyn murmurs. She seems grateful about that. Who knows what duty Mercer assigned the marine that did damage one of the pieces. She arches a brow at Beckham. "It's tough for us. Women I mean, in that respect. You can return to duty but who is going to take care of the munchkin if you do?"

Aldrich lifts a shoulder to Cate. "Problematic sect. It comes up now and then." But he doesn't explain, partly because his attention is drawn to Beckham and Lyn. He frowns, thoughtfully, and picks up his coffee for a sip, rather than offering an opinion.

Cate offers a soft 'ah' to Aldrich's vague answer. She doesn't pry, touchy about digging into the chaplain's priestly affairs too much. She's also tight-lipped about the other conversation. My what a delicious hamburger this is. She seems to be focused quite intently on eating it, a crease to her brow showing that she's still paying attention.

Lyn polishes off her first burger and begins on the second between sips of grape soda. "Mind you, I think if the time was right, I'd be ok with not returning to duty to raise a rugrat. Not sure this war is going to give me that luxury."

Aldrich shoots a look toward Lyn that is... Well, not quite alarmed. It's that look people get when they're not sure what to feel, and then he covers it with a tight smile. "Well, anyway." He has a swallow of his coffee, and in a strange change of subject, he says, "Did you know there's a sect where they feel it's very important that their bodies be fed to wild animals after they die?"

Cate's brows knit at that 180 turn to the conversation. Not that she's unhappy to be changing it, she just got whiplash there for a second. She peers at him. "Seriously?"

"That's right up there on the weird scale with the ones who want their bodies tossed into Mount Thula when they die," Lyn says with a small smile. She notices the chaplain's discomfort as she finishes off her meal.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder slightly, and shoots Lyn another odd look. "It's not /that/ weird. I believe the idea is that their spirit is already gone, and it curries favors with the gods to offer their bodies as a kind of final sacrifice. Makes it more likely the gods will look after their spirits in the afterlife, or something like that..." He trails off, and picks up his fork to start picking at his makeshift salad (probably made with what was meant to be hamburger toppings). "Anyway, it /is/ a rather obscure belief."

Cate dips a french fry in ketchup and munches off the end before responding. "I dunno, getting tossed into a volcano sounds way cooler than just being left to rot under six feet of dirt forever." She shrugs. "They're dead, so what the hell. Whatever makes them happy."

"And kind of hard to orchestrate in the middle of an urban center during a war, I imagine," Lyn commiserates. She chuckles at Cate, "True, but getting to Mount Thula is pretty impossible these last couple years." She finishes off her soda and glances at her watch. "I have to get to the armory for a shift." She leans over to kiss Al's cheek. "See you guys later." She gets up and takes her tray to put it in the bin before departing.

Aldrich accepts the kiss and returns it with a little subtle arm-squeeze before releasing her. "See you later," he offers after her, watching her go for a moment longer than /absolutely/ necessary, before returning to his food. To Cate, he just replies, "Not /precisely/ my perspective, but close enough I suppose."

"Oh, well, it comes down to what you believe. Some want to be buried. Some think they need to sacrifice themselves. Some people feel they need to pay the ferryman." There's a distant look on Cate's face when she says that one. "Anyway, who's to say one way's right or wrong?"

Aldrich lifts a shoulder. "I think it's possible the gods judge you by what you believe, deep in your heart," he offers. "And that makes it rather important that we honor each other's beliefs, especially in times when people can't act on their own behalf."

Cate eats the rest of her french fry before nodding slightly. "Yeah. Well. That seems to be something you've got a knack for."

Aldrich pokes at his dinner. "I'm not sure everyone would agree with you, but I try." He smiles slightly, and looks at Cate a little more closely. "So... how are you? For real, I mean. Do you need anything?"

"Well, hopefully none that matter," Cate comments on the people who disagree, shrugging a little. The question about how she's doing gets a weak smirk. "Short of stopping the damn war, not too much anyone can do. But I appreciate you asking." More seriously though she offers, "I'll be all right."

Aldrich nods, solemnly. "I think everyone feels about like that," he agrees, and looks down at his coffee, lost in thought for a long moment. Finally, he shakes himself out of it, and gives another smile. "Well, if you change your mind, let me know. I should probably go. Shift's are changing."

"Yeah, pretty much I think," Cate agrees glumly. But she offers a little smile nonetheless. "Take care."

Aldrich smiles back, and pushes to his feet, gathering his tray. "You too," he responds, perhaps a bit more pointedly than he would with someone else, and then he's off. Probably to try to talk someone into letting them feed a dead soldier to wolves. That should be a fun conversation.


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