2237-08-29 - The Boots We Leave Behind

While escorting //Autumn Cornucopia// to deliver supplies to //Dauntless//, the small group of pilots that have started to become a squad of their own discuss boots, before finding themselves intercepting a flight of Raiders attacking the transport they were protecting.

Date: 2237-08-29

Location: Outer Edge Of Caprican Atmosphere

Related Scenes: None

Plot: Operation:Delphi

Scene Number: 454

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Spaaaace! With the missions over Delphi in a slow down, there's the need for CAPs around Dauntless. And more importantly, transport and supply missions. The supply transport currently coming up to deliver fresh meats and vegetables to the ship and is currently being escorted by a pair of Vipers and a Raptor. It also allowed the pilots and ECO a chance to do some pre-launch shopping.

Next to Paige's console is a small bag with honey, a few apples and other items. "I will definetly be putting that honey to use in my tea." she says with a small grin. "Did you find anything that you wanted, Iris?"

"This is Viper-7591A, Flameout.. Everything is looking clear for the moment and nice blue skies above. " The telltale Sagitarron voice comes through. The Redhead leaned her head back - the helmet hitting the back of the seat. She stared at the displays for a moment and blinked her eyes, knocking her self out of the reverie. She slowly shook her head and glanced over at the viper next to her. She glanced back at the readouts and clicked on short wave, "Bingo.. This is flameout.. You getting any chop in the airs? Almost feels like a wake on my end.. Might need to get the techs to take a look at the stabilizers when we get back.."

"I saw these boots and they were incredible, but I have no room left. I bought too much on Scorpia." Irene sads as she keeps an eye on the supply transport she's pacing. "I thought about getting them anyway and just sleeping with them in my bunk." But obviously she didn't, because there's no box large enough for boots in the back. It looks like she settled for a few smaller treats like Paige, probably edibles. When Flameout calls, she cranes her neck and peers at the viper as best she can, to see if she can spot the chop, probably, or tell her that her engines are on fire and/or there's a cylon clinging to the back causing a ruckus.

"Careful, you'll make your suitors jealous with such talk." Paige offers with a laugh as she hears the transmission and reaches over for a moment to toggle the radio. "Flameout, Princess. Give us a flyby and let us take a looksie." she offers as she moves from the cosole towards the co-pilot's chair. "We should be breaking atmo soon, want to make sure you don't have anything busted."

Faye was in a bit of a lull, catching up on looking over all the readouts for the Viper as she hums a soft tune. It's not long till she hears something from the other viper and she lazily turns her head in that direction. She stifles a yawn, her eyes watering for a moment. She toggles the comm on the tailend of it, sighing out, "Flameout, Bingo, I'll check for ya on that pass. Make sure to wiggle a little for Iris." If Iris could see Faye, she would see her sticking her tongue out at her. Which she actually does, before nudging the Viper over to give her a better view of the flyby as well.

"..Roger Princess... Bingo.." Though there is the briefest of pauses, "I'll have to belay the last piece. I wouldn't want to make you jealous and I don't have a comfortable Frog nightwear.." The engines to the viper cut from normal and the nose tips up as the ship falls back to perpendicular with the pack, "Besides.. I'm beginning to find myself to like fluffy things more and more.. and crumpets.. Is that weird?" She's a pilot - they do banter. Even as she's talking she does the flyby of both. On the comm a disgusted 'Gah' and 'Thump' can be heard. The shortwave comes back up, "I think it may just be the area.. It was fine in prelaunch and after we took off.." (Verity)

Paige rolls Composure: Good Success (7 6 6 4 3)

Iris looks about ready to tell Paige that it's always boots before bros with her, but she did have to leave them behind. Poor, sad boots, stuck on a shelf in Delphi, forever denied her love. War is cruel. "Nothing to bust. I had to refrain from buying all those cute glass figurines too. We really need larger lockers." She sighs, but it's mostly facetious and she's soon distracted by the visual inspection of the Viper. Nothing looks to be falling off it, from her estimation, but she's not a technician. "Well, rook, given how new you are, you're probably in the oldest most banged up viper in the wing. Or, if you look at it another way, you're in the luckiest viper in the wing. It's sure to have some... 'quirks'."

Paige rolls Technician: Good Success (8 8 6 5 5 5 5 5 1)

"Well, maybe if you took some of your pictures down, you'd have room for knick-knacks." Paige offers as she waits for Flameout's viper to fly by so they can take a better look. "Flameout, Princess, cheeky." she comments with a frown as she starts to take a closer look since she doesn't have to worry about flying and can actually take a look. And as she peers, she frowns. "Looks like your number three engine is a little loose. When we break atmo, you're going to need to throttle back your engines." That is the suggestion she makes as she moves to go retake her seat to relay the information to the transport as well. "Or you can always just find a friendly bunk to share with someone and turn your bunk into storage. I heard a couple of Marines are doing that already."

"Hey, look, the Viper wants to flameout." Faye mutters with an amused smile before keying the comm, "Flameout, Bingo, you know -- if you break it, you buy it. I don't know about you, but I don't get paid enough to buy a Viper. Especially the luckiest one." She shakes her head from side-to-side, a look over her fuel gauge out of habit. Somewhere, she had the sensation that someone was talking about boots.

There's a soft huff as she's referred to as a 'rook'. Though the displeasure at such terminology is never given outside of the cockpit. She responds, "Roger, Iris. I'd rather be lucky then new anyday.." She moves back into formation and a slight grin comes at the response from Paige. She can't help herself but respond, "Whhhy.. I neeevveeer.. Princess.." The voice coming back as Virgon - far more easier than one would expect from a Sagitarron, "I do not engage in such things as.. Cheekiness.." The overtones and emphasis is meant to give a 'royal' feel and 'upper class' that Virgon is none for. She's not that good at it however. A slight smirk at her wing-mates response, "..You get paid?"

That's enough Cheekiness from Verity for the moment however. She does move back into position alongside - though her engines will be kept at just a hair less to ensure no issues.

"Flameout, you should have seen the bucket I had when I first got here. Your viper looks mint in comparison." There's a hint of a laugh there, partially because the memory of said raptor is both amusing and terrifying to Irene now. There's a beat and she picks up on what Paige is saying with a raised eyebrow, bunk storage? What!? "Bingo, Iris. We may have to share a bunk so we can use the bottom one for storage. I saw these boots down there, and they were really, really, nice. Like, so nice they deserve their own bunk." Irene chatters away, making sure her line's good and her indicators are the same before they've run out of blue sky and go shooting off into the black of space. "Before you say yes, I think you should know that I have very sharp elbows and I'm a blanket stealer, and I have really hot breath... but I'll buy you a matching pair."

"We did just picked up some new Vipers, just recently. Just goes to show that those jocks don't know how to treat their playthings right." Paige passes a wink towards Irene before she settles in her seat and barks a laugh. "And she probably doesn't brush her teeth before bed." she smirks with a roll of her eyes. "They were really cute boots." she chimes in. "Not really my style."

Flameout's engine rattles dangerously in it's housing, but doesn't seem to be breaking away yet as there's a momentarily rattle of all the crafts as the blue fades to black, and for a moment, a few items that weren't secure float free before the artifical gravity settles in to secure the items.

"Iris, Bingo, you mean you haven't noticed that I keep putting things on your bunk already in an effort to get you to move into the lavish downstairs bunk-partment?" The voice sounds hurt! How could she miss it! "I even put up photos of me down there so you would be surrounded by memories! Not a single picture of Lauren or Dirk." She lets the Viper drift a little lower as she begins to move her eyes about, she's still trying to keep an eye out in case there were any cylons sneaking about. Thankfully, there wasn't one clinging to Flameout's tail.
"Princess says they're cute too...? Hmm."

"Sorry, I think Flameout can attest that doubling up in a bunk was strictly against VRN regulations. I wouldn't have even considered it, despite your best attempts, Bingo." Irene explains as she keeps the raptor going the right way. She's got that piloting thing handled. Another sigh, "Those boots were amazing. You don't even know. I'm considering breaking regs for them." Despite this raptor being one of the newer ones, and one she's managed to baby through several engagements with little but superficial damage, she still reaches over to idly smack the DRADIS screen in the center like it's the old one that would hiccup on occasion. It's just habit now, or she's keeping it in line to avoid future problems.

The pilot's DRADIS flashes for a moment, showing Irene an echo of what appears to be targets on the edge of the screen before her smack resets it. Who knows for sure. "So you and Flameout are sleeping together, Iris?" Paige asks in confusion. "I'm going to have to use one of the whiteboards in the ready room at this rate to figure out who's dating who, and who's casual, and who's serious." she rolls her eyes a little as she reaches to toggle her own systems. They're not in FI-FI, so they have that going for them. "With any luck, however, we'll still be here for our leave - if we get one this time after the operation."

"I-i-i-i-r-I-i-i-s!" Bingo says, "That's why I even made the sheets up in VRN style! I was trying to make you feel more at home." A sniffle as she keeps looking about. A little wiggle of her wings as she rides up higher. "Are the boots really that amazing that you would risk what we have?!" It's like you can almost see the splayed fingers and a plant of her hand upon her chest. Well, I mean, maybe you could if you could see into the cockpit of the Viper. Faye is, of course, still scanning the skies.

Paige rolls Gunnery: Great Success (8 8 7 7 6 5 5 4 2 2 1)

Verity rolls Gunnery: Success (8 8 5 4 4 4 4 2 2 1)

Irene rolls Gunnery: Success (8 7 5 4 4 4 3 3 3)

Faye rolls Gunnery: Amazing Success (8 8 8 8 7 6 6 5 5 4)

".. Roger that.. found it out the hard way.. Apparently asking the commandant if you want to snuggle is frowned upon.." The familiar voice comes back through the comms. She reaches up to hit a few of the toggles and listens to the conversation, "You know.. I don't think I hear as much about sex when I fly with the male pilots.. " She smirks at the thought, "I actually miss the Academy in those thoughts. There was something about the strictness that was appealing.." Verity more speaking to Irene - though it is obviously apart of the conversation.

"I know, these guys seem utterly lax in comparison, Flameout. It took me a little while to acclimate." Irene shares in a semi-distracted way, attention returning to the DRADIS screen for another look. She doesn't hit it this time, but leaves her hand there for a moment, finger tapping at the largest of the circles. "I must be nervy, Princess. I thought I saw something there for like half a fraction of a second. We must have brushed another patrol." She eventually says to her co-pilot, frowning a bit afterwards as if she's still slightly worried. "Bingo, we're never breaking up, ever. No boots will come between us."

Someone that will never seem to acclimate would be Paige. She just seems such an odd fit to the rest of the squadron. However, when Irene speaks up, Paige brings up her own DRADIS and breathes quietly. "Frak." she murmurs, and hits the comms. "Flight, Princess. Unknowns in our blind spot. Bingo, be a dear and take a gander for me." with that, she's bringing up a second frequency. "Freighter Autumn Cornucopia, this Colonial Raptor, prepare for intercept. Flight will try to keep you clear, over."

Faye pokes up with the nose a little further, a roll onto a wing and she points her nose more in the direction that she was asked. "Oh frak." She mutters before keying the comm, "Flight, Bingo, tally four bandits." Her voice taking on a bit of an edge. She doesn't really pause to wait and see, they were angling in and she was heading for the merge.

"Roger that, Iris. Though I'm used to the banter.. Don't think I'll be partaking in any of the proclevities though.." The sentence is cut short when she hears Faye. The demeanor instantly changing as the professional side of her comes out, "Roger, Bingo. I've got your six.." She pulls into a barrel roll - the third engine not liking that at all as she comes up and angles to move in behind Faye. Her hands coming down to zero in on the four targets around them. A deep breath as she brings up short comms, "You have the ball Bingo.. I'll take your lead." Her eyes go to the warning read out and fuel before focusing back on the threats.

"Flight, Iris. You can bet that heavy is going for the transport." Irene says, burning the raptor through a 'S' to keep her close to the bigger ship and bring her nose around to face the incoming bandits.

Verity attacks Heavy1 with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Nose. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Faye attacks Heavy1 with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Paige suppresses Heavy1 with Ecm and succeeds.

Paige suppresses Raider1 with Ecm and succeeds.

Paige suppresses Raider2 with Ecm and succeeds.

Transport passes.

Raider3 attacks Faye with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Cockpit.

Raider2 attacks Irene with Kew but Irene EVADES!

Irene attacks Heavy1 with Talons but Heavy1 EVADES!

Raider1 attacks Verity with Kew but MISSES!

Heavy1 attacks Irene with Missile but Irene EVADES!

Faye has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Raider3)

Faye spends a luck point and is back in the fight!

"Flight, Princess, starting suppression. Cornucopia, Princess, provide fire where you can, but keep moving for the Dauntless fire solutions." Paige offers quickly before she gasps softly. "Princess, Bingo, sing out." she says, voice calm but laced with concern as she continues to suppress the cylons as they continue to advance. "Do you see her, Iris?"

Faye angles in on that Heavy, holding down the trigger to her Kews and it was perfect. She had it lined up just right when all of a sudden there's a stream of tracers right in front of her cockpit, "FRAK!" She calls out, not on the comms, as she banks up and away fouling her shot. The Raider hit her cockpit though and there's a hissing sound with the feel of a pull toward the exterior. Faye fumbled about and slapped an emergency panel in place to keep her viper still going as she calls out, "Princess, Bingo, that asshole hit me!" Oh man... the deck crew is probably gonna whine about this for a week.

"Bingo, Iris. Acknowledge." Irene calls, scanning for her bunkmate's viper in the fast tangle of ships whirling and spewing KEW at each other. This of course, while she tries not to get clobbered herself. Her attack is wide, mostly because she has to break and deploy a missile decoy that fakes out the Heavy's first. She veers back, determined to keep its attention lest it try to ping the fleeing transport. When Faye speaks up, she smiles a tight, brief smile, and presses an attack, this time on the cheeky raider that's been trying to bite her. "Like Princess said, let's bring them in closer, let Dauntless scrap a few."

"....Bingo, look out for th.." It's to late as the shots ring out and her heart stops as well.. that is until she hears the voice. A soft exhale, "Bingo.. I got you.. Just remember.. bullets hurt.." She calls out over the comm, angling her ship to barely strike the cylon she was after. She banks back - letting the bogie go as she aims her sites on the ship that went after Faye. She breathes out, "Quick and easy.." She says to herself..her fingers coming over the trigger as she lines up for her shot against the Bad Bad toaster.

Verity attacks Raider3 with Kew but Raider3 EVADES!

Paige suppresses Heavy1 with Ecm and succeeds.

Paige suppresses Raider1 with Ecm and succeeds.

Paige tries to suppress Raider2 with Ecm but FAILS.

Raider2 attacks Irene with Kew but Irene EVADES EASILY!

Raider3 attacks Faye with Kew but Faye EVADES!

Raider1 attacks Verity with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body.

Irene attacks Raider2 with Talons but Raider2 EVADES!

Heavy1 attacks Irene with Missile but Irene EVADES EASILY!

Heavy1's weapon clicks empty.

Faye attacks Heavy1 with Kew but MISSES!

"Careful, Iris, we have this.." Paige tries to keep her pilot cool in all of this as she looks up towards the DRADIS. "Twenty seconds (two rounds) until the transport is in range of Dauntless. We don't have to kill these frakkers. Just have to keep them off the transport." she comments before she's moving to try to keep the raiders confused and away from Cornucopia.

Verity attempts to hit the ship that had harmed her wingmate, only to find her ship slow down with out her consent - that engine now pulling her back a bit. She hits the ship as if it would do anything for the engine, "Don't you Gorram do i.." Her eyes look up as the original raider she was ater targets her and attempts to evade - but alas it is not as quick as she would like it hits the hull and slams the armor. She pulls forward, finally regaining control and speed. She couldn't let that happens again. Her perfect record was scorched due to that as well.. Someone would pay. Breath.. Calm.. Kill. This was just a standard operation.

A hard swing of her Viper one way, a shove of Faye's nose over as she tries to get a shot in on the Heavy. As she does, there's another set of shots whizzing by her, oh yay. "My DRADIS is bent." She calls out as she triggers the shots and watches them miss the heavy. She yanks back up and catches sight of a Raider that seems to be angling in on her. She's not about to just let them get another shot in on her though, at least not for free. "C'mon, c'mon...!" The fun of being in the middle of the fight.

Irene makes her raptor look ridiculously nimble, splitting, rolling and making that Heavy commit its last missile by all but shaking her tail at it. As it comes streaking in at her, she launches counter-measures and flips over to fling a rocket at the other raider who just can't get enough of her and the captain. Nothing connects, but she's not complaining about it, she just taunts them under her breath as she turns in on the Heavy. "Come and get some, canners." There's a nod to Paige, a terse one, and a suggestion, "Get on the guns when we're in range."

Raider3 attacks Verity with Kew. Stopped by ARMOR on Wing.

Raider1 attacks Faye with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Heavy1 attacks Irene with Kew but Irene EVADES EASILY!

Irene attacks Heavy1 with Talons but Heavy1 EVADES!

Raider2 attacks Irene with Kew but Irene EVADES EASILY!

Transport passes.

Verity attacks Raider3 with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Wing. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Faye attacks Raider1 with Kew but Raider1 EVADES!

Paige suppresses Heavy1 with Ecm and succeeds.

Paige tries to suppress Raider1 with Ecm but FAILS.

Paige suppresses Raider2 with Ecm and succeeds.

"Copy that, Iris." Paige finishes her console duty as the Cylons, seeming to realize what the wing's plan is, breaks contact with the raptor and vipers to start in on the transport itself. "Frak.." she whispers as she settles into the rear gun. "Flight, Princess, they're going for the Cornucopia, we need to stop them!" she calls out as she adjust frequencies. "Dauntless, Flight, we have a transport inbound, requesting immediate fire support, over!"

"Flight, Dauntless, copy request - will be in range in one-zero seconds."

A flick of the stick to one side, a bank back to the other and there's a sound of shots skittering off the armor of her Viper, but Faye sees the Raider she's on bank and pull away. It seems like they are and her suspicions are confirmed as Paige makes the call. "Frak you!" She says to no one in particular, she was narrowing in on that Raider and losing sight of most of the others around her. She was making a point to try and take out the Raider -- or at least give it a reason to bug out.

Seeing the raiders peel off for a final assault on the transport, Irene drops her fancy flying and burns hard to put the flying pillbox as bodily as she can between them. And, of course, try to stop them with rockets from the front and kew from the back, courtesy of the good captain. "Tear them up!" She encourages the flight, hint of frustration in her tone, no hiding that.

"Son of a..." Verity pushes forward when the bulllet bounces off her win. She hears the reports and see them going for it. Her eyes going to Faye who is intent on killing them on in one swoop. A deep breath, they didn't need to destroy them.. just.. get their attention. Her eyes going down to her console. Her fingers dialing at the controls as she begins tapping, "Ok... Ok.. Electronic Control Measures.. completely off.. Electronic Counter Control Measures.. completely up.. That should increase my targeting solution.. .. And light me up on their network like A Colony Day tree.." Her fingers reach up and she pulls the throttle back, maxing out the engines. All three whine and the third damaged one begins to spark.. causing quite a little display. She aims her nose at the Heavy Raider.

"Come on.. Come on.. Just a viper.. No way to avoid your missiles.. Easy kill.. take it.." She softly murmurs to herself as the ship screams towards the ships..hoping to pull atleast one off who wants to Tango.

Raider1 attacks Transport with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Weapon. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Raider2 attacks Transport with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Body.

Heavy1 attacks Transport with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body.

Verity distracts Heavy1 successfully.

Irene attacks Raider2 with Talons and HITS! Graze wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Transport attacks Raider2 with Unarmed but MISSES!

Paige attacks Raider3 with Kew but Raider3 EVADES!

Raider3 attacks Irene with Kew but Irene EVADES!

Faye attacks Raider1 with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Nose. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Transport has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Raider2, Heavy1)

It was so close to being clear. Just as the guns of Dauntless start to spin up, both a Raider and the Heavy break through and hit the transport in the middle of it, breaking the ship's back, causing a massive explosion in the midsection, and sending the wreck tumbling as it sparks and flames out. In the Raptor, Paige's eyes widen. "No.. no! Cornucopia, Princess, do you copy?!"

For a moment, the screams of the crew of the transport are heard just before static as a last explosion rips the bridge of the transport apart, the final death blow to the ship as it collapses on itself.

The raiders, their mission done, break contact to start to race away towards the surface instead of continuing to attack the wing.

The light from the explosion reflected on the glass of the Viper as it passed by. The comms were silent - dead. There was no yelling, no murmurs from Flameout as the screams of the humans reflected. The ship passes by the wreckage - the engines lower .. perhaps the pilots was looking for survivors, or seeing the carnage. The ship pointed and tipped towards the way the ships had came. A brief spark as the engines screamed to life..but just as they had, they instantlly cut out. The ship then moved to normal operational speed.

"Princess, Flameout.. It would appear that the enemy is retreating. Given our situation, Do you wish a Perimeter or shall we pursue?" The voice was bereft of anything that could be considered emotion. It was a tone that very few people have ever heard.. And that's all they got from flameout.. There wasn't anymore.. until orders atleast. (Verity)

There's silence from Irene as the horror unfolds, but seeing the Cornucopia break apart she knows that it's done for. There's little more than an angry exhale from her side of the ship to acknowledge it. Then, "Flight, pursue those cylons until ordered otherwise." She snaps the raptor around with a burst of the port landing jet when she's facing planetwards again, she's burning hard for the raiders as they withdraw mostly unscathed. She'd obviously like to remedy that with a rocket.

Irene attacks Raider2 with Talons and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body.

Raider3 passes.

Verity passes.

Heavy1 passes.

Raider1 passes.

Raider2 passes.

Faye attacks Raider1 with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Cockpit. (Reduced by ARMOR)

CREW HIT! attacks Raider1 with Shrapnel and HITS! Impaired wound to Head.

Paige attacks Heavy1 with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Cockpit. (Reduced by ARMOR)

CREW HIT! attacks Heavy1 with Shrapnel and HITS! Graze wound to Left Arm.

CREW HIT! attacks Heavy1 with Shrapnel and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Head.

CREW HIT! attacks Heavy1 with Shrapnel and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Left Leg.

Heavy1 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Paige, CREW HIT!)

Raider1 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Faye, CREW HIT!)

Raider2 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Irene)

As the avenging valkyries of the wing pounce on the retreating raiders to tear into them, Paige doesn't respond to Flameout's request at first. Much like Irene, she let the anger of the moment take advantage as she tears into Heavy, before there's a call from the base. "Flight, Dauntless, return to base, repeat, return to base."

Paige shivers for a moment, before her attention returns to Verity. "Flameout, Princess, how's your engine?" she asks, "Iris, Bingo, let's make sure Flameout gets home."

Verity's Viper does not engage with the others, perhaps something she'll regret later. Her eyes down on the Dradis as she looks up to see some of them destroyed. This didn't really help her. She hears her name, "Princess, Flameout. Engine 1 and 3 are green, 2 is yellow. I'll be able to make it back on my own. Dradis shows no survivors.. Visual inspection confirms Dradis Results." It is a moment or two before the engines burn back and the Viper zooms pass the Raider, only to do a 180 degree to resume its course along side, "I wont be needing escort.. That's my job. Out." The comms then go dead and the pilot will stay quiet for the rest of mission - unless operation required.

"Like hell!" Faye mutters as she continues on her dogged pursuit of the raiders as they try to make a break for it. She sweeps to one side, then a sweep to the other and rolls the viper up and over. She pulls gently back on the stick and squeezes the trigger on the kews to send a barrage of shots toward the Raider. It wasn't the one that had hit her in the first place (Iris got that one actually) but it didn't matter to her. Not to mention, it was a little bit of payback as those rounds hit the cockpit of the fleeing fighter and trigger an explosion leaving Bingo with a satisfied smile as she pulls the Viper about and angles toward the Dauntless. "Was that all of them?" Bingo asks on the comms.

Oh, you thought you were going home to your Cylon family and having a Cylon victory barbecue with some of your Cylon friends from work and your cute little Cylon dog too, did you?! Well, Iris isn't having that. When the raptor is in range, she starts firing Talons and doesn't stop until the raider is a comet of flaming debris burning up in the atmosphere of Caprica. "Scratch one." She announces, but she doesn't sound especially joyful about it. She keeps the raptor burning hard, opening up a shot for Paige to get some vengeance on the slower heavy they overtake, and when the order to breakoff is given, she does so. "All we're going to catch now. Nice shooting, Bingo. You too, Captain. Just wish we'd got them on the way in." Beyond that, she'll be a clam on the way back to the Dauntless, silent until it's time to call the ball and land.


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