2237-08-29 - The Harpy Lands

Elena arrives as the newest Timber Wolf, and finds herself among other Capricans.

Date: 2237-08-29

Location: Berthings

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Scene Number: 455

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Captain Elena Imbros has arrived. The Harpy of the Caprican Chimeras Viper squadron was bussed in by Raptor, still in her Caprican Naval uniform, debriefed in the squadron office, handed her official Colonial Forces and Timber Wolves gear and clothing items in a pile, and sent off alone to fund her way to the berthings. It wasn't rudeness, it was just necessity, as after the long weekend campaign, there wasn't any grunt level peons un-busy enough to escort her.

The tall pilot finds the berthings in due time, and she steps through the hatch, glancing around the common room with an armload of fresh clothes, a bag over one arm, and her normal pack of gear over her shoulder.

Dressed for the evening, Paige is in the common area of the bunks. A long cotton shift covers her from neck to ankles, with only her hands exposed as she works on pulling her hair up into a bun. In front of her are the reports from earlier in the day, along with her glasses and a pen so she can write her own report before she heads to rack out. Noticing the newcomer, the Raptor ECO offers a lift of her head. "Welcome aboard." she greets. "There's plenty of bunks in E, but you'll find more officers in B."

One should learn to be careful for what one might wish for. Marcus had finally been sent out into the black and has now several sorties under his belt as a Timber Wolf. Though he has yet to score a kill he has managed to at least fire his Viper's weaponry, driving a Raider off his Wingman who promptly got the kill. It was the one time he's been able to find an enemy and engage and he chaffs, at least internally at not getting the kill shot.

As he returned from an uneventful CAP, he noticed a Raptor landing and had, but had really thought noting of it. Raptors are one of those craft that sort of go everywhere. So he made his way to the bunks helmet slung over a shoulder, his flight suit unzipped to his waist, the arms of which are tied to keep them falling down. He wears the traditional white tee with a black tank underneath, his dog tags present. So it is that he hears Paige inform somebody of bunk arrangement. He peeks his head around a corner, his curiosity now piqued as he looks the newcomer over.

Speaking of bunkroom B, Paquette steps out from there, he steps into the common area, looking like someone about to head for a workout. He comes to a stop as he hears someone being welcomed aboard, turning to look over at the new arrival. "There's a new arrival? Welcome aboard," he offers.

Elena gives Paige a quirky smile, with one brow arching at the effective nightgown the woman is in. "Thank you. I think I've been assigned to bee..." she juggles the folded off duty wolves gear in her arms and manages to slide her uniform sleeve up a bit to read the digits scrawled on her wrist in pen. "Bee Five Dash Bee."

Imbros gives Marcus a nod as he comes in, and moves aside to let him pass, as she moves to set her things down on a table, her duffel thudding to the floor. She nods again at Paquette and turns to offer a hand to the others. "Captain Elena Imbros, most recently of the Caprican Naval Forces, now a Timber Wolf."

If anyone is a follower of celebrity news, and was around a decade ago to do so, they might realize the new arrival used to be married to actor Lance Sirra, in a very messy marriage of just two years, ending in a very messy divorce.

"Wait..." It's been a decade, but sometimes it's hard to forget a face...

...it's even harder to forget a scandal.

"It's Paige." she offers as she stands, waving her hands a little as if that helps with the drying of her nails as she moves to give a quick hug to Elena before pulling back. "Seems like all the Caprican celebrities are arriving." she offers with a laugh. "Even Micah Knoor is aboard as a Captain." she's quick to point out before she gestures. "Go go. Drop off your gear and come back. We have a lot to catch up on!" Even if Paige was a younger member of the pack that included Micah and Elena, she was already a teenaged model by that time.

"A fellow Caprican Naval pilot eh?" Marcus says with a quick salute. "Lieutenant Marcus Webb, though since people have issues with spiders - "He shrugs not really understanding, "Or something, people just use my calsign, Thumper." He nods to Paige in greeting as well as Paquette and then leans against the wall with folded arms.

"Ah, we get all of Caprica aboard..." Paquette sounds a bit amused, as he looks between the others. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm Captain Mathieu Paquette, or Jukebox." There's a brief pause and a grin, "Bee Five Dash Bee? Just inside there." A gesture to the door he just walked out of.

"Paige!? Frak, it's been a long time!" Elena exclaims, returning the hug with a bit of a shocked expression. "Micah's here too?" she asks, blinking. "You two were the celebrities, I was just married to one," she reminds the woman with a grin. She turns to the men and offers, "Thumper and Jukebox then. I have the illustrious honor of being called Harpy, thanks to my ex-husband referring to me as such in his frakking book. Who did you fly with?" she asks of him. "I was with the Chimeras on the Androcles until today." She looks towards the indicate bunkroom.

"I was over on the Phoenix after a stint in the ICJPK. Been here for nearly the last year, though." Paige admits with a small chuckle after releasing the woman. "My last name was the real celebrity." There's a roll of her eyes before she realizes the two of them aren't alone. "Hey Thumper, Jukebox. This is the new girl, but you already know that. They call me Princess around here. I guess you don't need to guess why." She's already in her gown and everything!

Marcus grins at the mention of some of the home squadrons. "The good ol' 172nd Silver Spears." He replies with a thumbs up. "The Chimeras were pretty bad ass, though I never got a chance to do any operations with them." He shrugs and looks at all those present. "I almost feel like I need a promotion to be in on this conversation ... "

Paquette smiles, "Old friends, then?" he offers to Elena and Paige, before he shrugs, listening to the squadron names being mentioned. Offering his own from back on Leonis, he smiles. "Careful about wishing for a promotion, Thumper," he offers to Marcus. "At least back home it came with a troublesome price of added paperwork." It's said with a grin, though.

Elena chuckles at Paquette. "We ran into one another at parties a lot. Same with Knorr. At least until I got divorced and joined the military." Her good cheer fades a little bit as she looks around the room. "I need to thank you all though, for helping take back Delphi; it's my hometown. My parents both work at the museum. Fortunately, they evacuated from the city in time." She folds her arms over her chest and leans a hip against the table. "Heard the toasters have fallen back to the University." Her alma mater.

"Hey, I went for a year to the university too.. and you know that Delphi's important.." As most of Caprica is to a Graystone. They had roots everywhere. "Anyway.." Paige shrugs. "I joined the military about the same time as I stopped showing up at the parties, before Knoor's third record.. and before that book, I think." she frowns at that. "He was an arse for that, by the way." she admits.

"Anyway I was with the..." she sighs, and there's a little grin. "...Packmules for a bit, and then ended up here after a stint on Galactica. It's good to have you on board. There's a lot of celebrities running around, just to give you a heads up."

Marcus blinks. "Holy crap. There are ... " He says as he realizes he's around a bunch of Caprican and other colonial celebreties. He blinks again and rubs the back of his neck as he looks to Jukebox. "I did notice that as I climbed higher I had more paperwork to do, you'd think promotions would come wiht a warning label:" He makes a gesture with his free hand indicating the invisible warning label, "Warning! The Higher in Rank you Climb, the Risk of Paper Cuts increases. Please see your Squadron Medical Corp representative if you have a papercut that lasts more than four hours, please make ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for paperwork ... "

Paquette smiles, "Glad to be able to help," he offers, before he adds, "I only wish we could drive them off from everywhere." Nodding a bit as he hears what's being said about the celebrities. "For me, the only celebrity in my family would be the family business, I think." He grins briefly.

Elena smirks at Paige. "As long as Lance isn't one of them, it's all good," she points out. She looks around. "It's going to take some getting used to, officers and enlisted all bunking together."

"Well, if you're in Bee, most of them are officers. I took a different bunk, I'm sorta used to it." Paige offers with a roll of her shoulders. Then there's a small chuckle at Marcus' exclamation. "Yes, well, speaking of, I need to finish these reports on the action that we ran into today." A shadow of a frown tugs at Paige's features. "We'll catch up soon." she promises Elena before she stands up to gather her glasses and the papers.

Marcus grins and turns to head out waving over his shoulder as he does so. "You all have a great night. I'm gonna hit my Rack before my next CAP." He takes a few steps then calls over his shoulder, "And welcome to the Dauntless Ma'am! Hope to fly on your wing soon!" With that THumper is gone as he heads to his own Rack in B.

Paquette grins, nodding as people starts heading off. "It takes some getting used to," he replies to Elena, before he adds, "But once you're used to it, it's no problems at all." Another brief pause, before he adds, "I was going for a workout. I guess I should do that now."

Elena waves after Paige. "We'll hit a karaoke bar on our next leave!" she calls after her, with a craning of her neck. "Rest well, Thumper," she offers to Marcus, as she begins gathering up her gear and new Wolves-wear items. "Nice meeting you, Jukebox. See you in the skies." With that, she heads into bunkroom B to get situated.


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