2237-08-30 - Story Time

Verity gets to learn more about the younger days of Paige and Elena, and they learn about the younger pilot's origins.

Date: 2237-08-30

Location: Crew Lounge

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Elena makes her way into the Crew Lounge to familiarize herself with it. She's been using her off-duty time, little as she gets, to get to know the Dauntless a bit better. She looks around with an appreciative expression, as the new ship has some nice amenities for those stationed on it. She makes her way over to the vid shelf, and looks amused that some of the films she did stunts for are among the movies. She's in her duty greens.

Dressed in a fresh set of duty greens, Paige is rubbing her arm and makes a little face to herself as she looks down at the sheet of paper she carries. Noticing the others in the lounge, she makes her way over to the tall Viper jock first and half-drapes on Elena. "If they try to tell you that you need to go through capture evasion training, don't listen to them. Savages. All of them." she puts on a mock pout before she pushes up and sighs, lifting some brown hair from her face to over her ear.

And then she moves to Verity. "I will have to attempt the course again in a few weeks, after some more training." she murmurs as she drops into the seat next to Verity's. "Have you met Harpy yet? She knew me when I was about your age." she's obviously teasing in her tone of the younger pilot.

Verity seemed intrigued by the game of Pool - though the new person coming in does grab her attention. She considers the ECO a moment and then looks back to the game when the draping of arms occurs. Her hands staying behind her as she just watches. Her head turns when Paige comes closer to her and she shakes her head, "Course?" She hadn't caught the first part, but then glances over towards the woman known as Harpy. She looks back to Paige and shakes her head, her voice staying soft to, "You're not that much older than me." She rolls her eyes and looks back, "Though.. A woman you have history with..? Was she a family friend?" Her eyes go back to Harpy and should the woman look over, she'll recieve a smile and motion for her to come over - should she want to.

The next time Paige begins to talk - regardless of what its a response to... She'll find a Sagitarron Donut being pushed into her mouth.. Because that's how Flameout rolls.

Elena snorts at Paige. "I pity the marine that has to try to capture my ass. You remember when I accidentally kicked Elvin Kent in the face during that fight scene stunt sequence?" She damned near broke the other stuntman's jaw. She makes a grunt of displeasure at the jab at her age. "Yes, I could almost be your not very much older sister," she points out, tucking a movie back into the shelf and heading over to the others. "Elena Imbros, or just Harpy, as Paige said, fresh to the Wolves."

"We ran in the same circ--mmf!" Paige's mouth is full of Sagittaron goodness, and the ECO has to take a few moments to chew and swallow the donut bit before she continues. "..circles when I was a model. Same way I know Micah Knoor. Though apparently, according to her ex-husband, her and Micah were more than friends." There's an eye-roll at that before she frowns delicately at Elena.

"They purposefully shot me in the arse three times." she murmurs. "I got stuck in one of those culvert things and they cornered me and.." she sighs and takes the rest of the donut to snack upon. "Next time they're in my Raptor.." she threatens, though it's really an empty threat, she's too prim to do any real harm.

"Verity Harte." The redhead dips her head and smiles faintly, "Flameout. Most call me by my callsign, but I don't have a preference." She smirks at the donut fiasco but lets the two talk and considers, "I thought you looked a little familiar.." She motions between the two, "so you two have been friends a while? Anything in that book about the ECO?" She offers and then chuckles, "Or anything not in there? It's always fun to find out salacious stuff from old friends who don't have anything to lose.."

"Micah and I didn't even know each other at the time," Elena points out. "He just happened to step into a bad situation and defend me, so the idiot ex made all kinds of assumptions, and then published said assumptions in his book. We became friends later, at Flight school, but I haven't seen him since. And there was no 'more than friends' at the time. I was trying to lay low and just get through school. I dyed my hair brown back then, just so no one would recognize me." Sure, no one will recognize the 5'11" woman with the telltale mole between her eyes.

Harpy wrinkles her nose at the tale of Paige's woe and she chuckles. "Next time, walk up and punch them in the face. They're so used to shooting, a lot of them forget how to react in hand-to-hand." She arches a brow at Verity. "Probably, but after I read the chapters on me, I burned the copy the bastard sent me."

"Verity, are you trying to find out juicy gossip on me? I fear you will be rather.. bored." Paige admits as she gestures to the chair. "Come on over, Elena. We can talk to her about the good old days on Caprica." She pauses for a moment to consider and then smirks. "Besides maybe the whole idea of one of the last photoshoots I had that was a pinup collection." There's a shrug at that as she snacks on her donut.

"I still have no idea how he got that past the lawyers without your permission. Unauthorized biography, my arse." she mutters and takes another bite before reaching to give her old friend's hand a squeeze. "Though if you want to know the truth, Verity, Elena sorta mentored me when my mother threw me out into the wild of celebritydom, and kept me away from some trouble." As in boys that would have completely ruined her reputation.

"..I think there's more to your story then you let on." Verity counters to Paige with a knowing smile. She shakes her head, "We all have things in our past that we don't talk about. That's where the fun is." She goes quiet as the two begin to discuss the glamors of Caprica. Her head dipping with a nod, "It sounds like being in Caprica and some form of celebrity was the way to go." She notes quietly. She slowly stands and turns to make her way back over to where the treats were. This time she returned with a drink from Virgon as she sits back down. She nods her head again, "Sure.. Regail us with the times of perfection that were Caprica Days?"

"I was in the military by the time it came out, and couldn't be bothered with fighting him in an extended legal battle," Elena replies with a sigh as she sits. "And I just basically pointed her away from people like Micah Knorr at the time. He was a hot mess back then," she says with a chuckle. "Good deep down, but a walking dumpster fire otherwise." She smiles at Verity. "I wasn't in the circles for long, just the two years I was married to Lance."

"No.. I do not think I will." Paige says as she glances to Verity. "How about we learn a little bit more about you. I've heard the hints of Sagittaron and Virgon in your voice. I know I heard you say something about your parents. So, what's the story? How'd you end up here? Because the former celebrity needing a change of pace is already taken and overdone." There may have been a wink at Elena at that.

"..So he was a bad egg..and now he's on the same ship as you are a man of the Gods? What's the chances of him, and you two being on the same ship?" Verity quips back to Elena curiously. The odds would be somewhat staggering. Hmm.. Fate was interesting in that way. The Demeanor which was steady and somewhat lighthearted, but dropped as her history was asked about. She shakes her head, "I.. don't think my past is as interesting as yours.. and I don't want to ruin what seems like a fun reunion." She says tentatively. Though she takes a sip of her drink and atleast gives a little bit to it, "I was born on Sagitarron.." She tries to somewhat emphasize her accent at that point, "I lost my parents and was orphaned... " She looks at her drink and takes another sip, "Sagitarron has always had issues.. Never had its stuff together. So.. When everything went down, I was lucky to be adopted by parents on Virgon. So, I forced myself to learn how to speak both."

A brief beat, "So I may not be a fancy movie star or model.. But I do consider myself lucky in that I consider two colonies my home."

"That is lucky. Means you may have a place to go if something happens to one," Elena says sadly. She's from Delphi. Her parents have been evacuated, the place they worked just recovered, and her alma mater is where the Cylons have retreated to. To say she's feeling the stress of the current assignment is an understatement. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I have a duty shift in a bit. Was just getting familiar with the ship." She gets up and gives Paige a clap on the shoulder. "Catch you later?" she offers, before she heads out.


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