2237-08-31 - Dance Lessons

While getting a moment to prepare for the final push on Delphi, a few pilots meet a Marine and Paige has an odd request of the LCPL.

Date: 2237-08-31

Location: Ship's Canteen

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Scene Number: 460

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It doesn't take much to find a Paige in the wilds of the Dauntless. Sitting at one of the tables of the canteen, there's a half-picked at sandwich at her side as she's looking over a map and making notations upon the topography of the city of Delphi and it's surroundings, and she seems to be working on the different directions that the various flight vectors.

Geoff slouches his way into the room and goes to the counter, apparently in search of some local Caprican snack foods. He buys his packet of dehydrated crunchy things and makes for a table alone, helping himself to a seat.

Irene never slouches, but she's not exactly her bouncy self. She's more Virgon than usual, maybe, tucked neat and tidy into her duty blues, hair up. There's a shell of propriety around her, an aura of calm detachment that stays strong all the way to the counter in Geoff's wake. She gets a few things; a bottle of juice, a packet of crisps and an envelope for mailing something out later. Stepping out of line, she notices the pair at their separate tables and encompasses both with a fanning wave of the envelope.

There's always a polite smile for a fellow Caprican. "Corporal.. Courtois, was it? I heard about the injuries you took on Canceron. I'm glad to see you back with us." Paige offers before she notices Irene, and the ECO's smile warms. "Hey Iris. You meet the Corporal yet? I was just looking over the aerial maps of Delphi, make sure I have the no bomb zones memorized. You pick your ECO for tomorrow yet? Or should I wait for the talent competition?"

Geoff looks up at Paige. "Oh," he says. "Hey." He glances at the map she's been working on, then back at her face, nodding at Irene by the way. "Thanks. I...was here, anyway. While I was gone. On Caprica, I mean. So I guess I'd be here either way. Sort of."

In green Fatigues, no make up, and and a scrunchie-like object in her hair giving her a pony tail - Verity makes her way into the Canteen. She is off towards her tried and true love of Sagitarron and Virgon treats. Her eyes going over the various options. She gets out the little holder that allows her to pack a few in and goes to town choosing what she likes. The acknowledgement of the other three - or anyone - hasn't done yet. She was a woman on a mission and Verity would not be denied.

"Sure. Hi, Courtois. How've you been?" Irene smiles a little as she finds her way to Paige's table where she'll peer at the map she's been studying. "You mean the CAG holds contests? I thought they just assigned whomever, completely at whim. I wish I'd known." Is her answer, given while she unscrews the cap on her juice and catches the familiar redhead stroll by in the corner of her eye. "Maybe we can swap on this next mission, I'll fly Flameout's viper and she can drive the bus."


"I suppose for any of us, it's not the most auspicious circumstances to come home to." Paige admits as she pinches off a piece of the sandwich and tries to wave at Verity, but she's a girl on a mission, so she lets her slide for now before her nose wrinkles at Irene. "If you wish me to fly with a different pilot, I will, Iris. No need to threaten Verity."

"Yeah, okay," Geoff answers Irene, nodding. "You?" He opens his bag of junk food and has a piece. There's a new wound along his scalp where he was hit by enemy fire during the boarding episode, but it's mostly healed. He shrugs at Paige. "Least I can fight for it."

Verity comes back with her various treats and it's only then after hearing her name a couple of times that she recognizes the people. Her eyes go to Irene and Paige a moment. A soft exhale and faint smile, "Hey Ladies." Her voice is gentle and she makes her way over to the table. She hears her name being said and nods slowly, "I have to get some Raptor time in soon. Recertifications are coming up." She glances between them and sets her food on a nearby table, her hand coming to open the container as she reaches for a dough ball of some sort and pops it into her mouth.

She finally notes the man as he talks and dips her head, cheeks turning the slightest pink, "Hey.. Sorry.." She moves to wipe her hand on her fatigues and offers it to him, "Verity.. Most call me Flameout.."

"Fine." Irene says, the way people do when they're not fine, but they say they are anyway because nobody really wants to hear a terrible personal tragedy in great detail just because they asked how someone was. "Hi, Flameout." She segues, "And of course I want you as a co-pilot, Cap."

It's got to be the pre-flight nerves. It seems to always be that way. Reaching over into Verity's container, Paige plucks out one of the dough balls to study it. "We're all fighting for our homes. Doesn't matter where. Just one big helping hand." Then she corrects herself. "...it's better than what it used to be." Her eyes meet Verity's for a moment in a glance of apology, before offering a smile towards Irene. "Good, we do work quite well together."

Geoff looks at Verity's hand, wipes his own hand on his pants, and shakes it. "Hey. Geoff Courtois." He pauses. The pilot talk is all opaque to him, it would appear. He shrugs at Paige.

"..I..what?" There's confusion as Irene speaks and Verity slowly shakes her head. There's a sigh and she moves to sit down - across from Paige. She looks into her box and takes out what looks like a scone and then reaches for the Drink she had got. She glances up to Geoff and nods her head, "Nice to meet you." She smiles to him and then looks backto her food and sighs, "I'm being put on defensive duty again. So I'll be in the background.." She changes the n subject a bit. She sits back and relaxes now, as she takes another sip of her drink. Her eyes wandering back to Paige for a moment. Though they don't stay there long and she focuses on Geoff,"So what do you do.. Geoff?"

Irene stares at the map for far too long, like she's just noticed there, the location of a secret Cylon gold cache, but it's a bit more like she's just spaced out for a few seconds. When she comes back around she has a sip of juice, presses the bottle to her forehead for a moment and then starts to walk off, "I'll see you guys later. I need rest."

"I'm flying with Iris, I'm sure it will go well." Paige offers confidently, before glancing up as Iris speaks up about leaving. "Rest well, Iris. I'll see you in the skies tomorrow." When she looks back over, she meets Verity's eyes for a moment and offers up a reassuring smile as she moves to put away the map. "Corporal.. are you.." she considers her words for a moment. "..do you still teach dance class?" she asks finally. "I did dreadful in the survivial training and could probably use the extra mobility that it could offer.. though I suppose I could work on my stealth as well."

"I..." Geoff seems to switch tracks from whatever he was originally planning on saying. "I'm a Marine," he answer straightforwardly. He watches Irene go, then eats another piece of something crunchy. He looks back to Paige. "Yeah, if you want. Pick a kind of dance or a song you like and I'll meet you in the gym sometime when we're both off duty. Stretches, quick moves, whatever you need."

The Redhead glances as Irene goes and she reaches up to wave, but the woman is gone by then. She shakes her head and opts to focus on Geoff with a nod, "Ah.. And a dancer, no less?" Side glance to Paige and then focusing on Geoff, "I never would have thought to put those together, but I think it makes sense. Were you a dancer in a past life then? Before the war?" She takes her box of pillaged treats that are almost all spent and puts them on his table with a wave of her hand, "Trust me..You'll love these.. Best that are made out there." She sets her can down, as they continue their discussion.

"I do pretty well at stretching already." Paige admits with a small chuckle. "I practice stretching exercies (yoga) rather regularly." she rubs her left hand over her right. "Maybe you could join us, Flameout, and find out for yourself?" she asks with a rather innoculous smile.

"Sort of," Geoff says. "Among other things. Anyway, I dated one for a while once." He turns his bag toward Verity to share alike, then reaches into the box she's offering. "Thanks." He nods at Paige. "Then we'll get you some quick footwork," he proposes.

Verity looks over at Paige a bit annoyed for some reason after she offers for her to join. She nods her head, "..Sure." She says, her tone doesn't match the annoyance though and it seems sincere that she might be interested in coming. An odd mix as she looks back to Geoff when he talks and smirks, "Ahh.. It sounds like you have an intriguing background - I will have to get into." There's a pause and sigh, "Though.. I should be getting to bed to. I have to be up before most of the crew." A soft chuckle as she stands, "I look forward to training with you both." She dips her head, "Geoff." She looks to Paige, "Captain. You two have a lovely night."

<FS3> Paige rolls Composure: Success (8 7 3 3 3)

A faint frown touches Paige's features as Verity gives her that look and the difference in tone. She offers up a brief smile. "Sleep well, Verity. I suppose I should turn in as well. There will not be much time for rest in the next couple of days." she admits as she moves to rise and picks up the rolled up map. "Have a good evening, Corporal."

Geoff lifts an eyebrow at Verity, but his expression isn't unfriendly. "See you in the gym," he says. He upnods Paige, too. "Just catch me whenever for the lesson."


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