2237-09-01 - Afteraction Patching Up

Aldrich looks for Lyn to patch up her small scrapes after retaking Delphi. He needs some patching up too. They're schmoopy.

Date: 2237-09-01

Location: Delphi University Campus - Caprica

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The battle to take back Delphi University is over. There are many wounded, some more than others. Lyn is one of the others, with just a few minor wounds, so she's left the medics to the people in greater need. She's sitting under one of the trees, her helmet next to her, trying to see a reflection in a small mirror of her head wound, minor as it is. Those things bleed like the dickens. She's mopping at it with a cloth.

Aldrich got winged a bit, himself, but it's not bad enough to stop him looking after others first. Or maybe he hasn't noticed yet. It wouldn't be the first time. In any case, he's got that battleground-chic look as he makes his way over to Lyn, toting his medkit and looking kind of worried. "Hey... Want to let me take a look at that?"

Lyn notes the shadow falling over her and glances up and squints at him, before giving a smile. She taps her free hand to her ear and veritably shouts, "STILL RINGING! CAN'T HEAR YOU!" They probably heard that in the furthest dorms on the campus.

Aldrich winces and gives a crooked grin. He mimes putting his hands over his ears, and replies, "You might want to turn the volume down." But whether or not she understands, he settles next to her and opens up the medkit to pull out some basic supplies, starting with swabs to clean up her head wound and get a better look.

"I'M YELLING AREN'T I?" Lyn yells, then checks herself and says more quietly, "Sorry!" She pulls the cloth away from the head laceration and fortunately it's not deep, but it's a scalp wound near her hairline so it's bleeding like the dickens. "Are you ok?" she asks, trying to look him over for injury at the same time.

Aldrich winces playfully at the question, to show that she is, indeed, yelling, but then pats her shoulder, and goes back to work. Once he's sure the cut isn't deep, he replaces the cloth and holds it there. "Oh, I'm fine," he claims, dismissively. Not that she can hear. "Only a flesh wound. Here, hold this," he instructs, then takes her hand to press it over the cloth, to indicate what he's requesting. She'll probably see he has a bloody tear in his uniform shirt, right around the armhole of his flak jacket, but he doesn't seem too bothered by the fact.

Lyn holds the cloth in place and her eyes light on the tear in his shirt. "You got hit," she says pointedly. She can hear a little bit now, it's just as if it's from far away. Stupid tank shell. Her other hand moves to pull the hole open a little to see how bad it is.

"So did you," Aldrich points out, helpfully. "And harder than I did." So he says. It's hard to see through the hole. It's just a typical bullet hole, but he was most definitely bleeding. He hasn't fallen over yet, at least. He tries to shoo her hands away from his injury, then tugs on her chin a little so he can get a good look into her eyes. It's not just a romantic gesture. He's checking for signs of concussion.

No concussion apparent. Just the ringing in her ears and the minor cuts, from the shrapnel. "Make sure you get patched up too," she notes, giving him the LOOK when he tilts her chin up.

Aldrich can't help but break his 'medic' persona to give a little chuckle. "As soon as I look after you," he promises, and brushes his thumb on her cheek before pulling his hand away. "Any other injuries?" he asks, then, but he's already looking her over, critically.

Lyn grunts and she pulls aside her jacket to show where another chunk of shrapnel slashed across her belly. "Glad I have a once piece swim suit," she mutters with a fake pout.

Aldrich winces a little at the slash, but is already pulling out another swab to clean it up. "Wear whatever swimsuit you want," he advises, helpfully. "Think of it as a badge of honor."

"I do, I'm just teasing." At least her hearing is back to a more normal level. He no longer sounds like the adults in Peanuts cartoons. Lyn gives him a soft smile and looks proudly at him. "You did good out there today."

Aldrich lifts a shoulder, focusing in on the task of cleaning her wound. "I did what I could," he claims, glances up, then back down to the wound. "It never really seems like enough." He goes back to the medkit to dig up a bandage.

"It's always enough as long as you come home to me," Lyn says with a small smile, touching his cheek lightly, but only for a moment, aware that he's still a little freaked by public affection.

Lately, he's been a lot more comfortable with touching, but he still retreats into that awkward shell when he's in 'work' mode. But he's not much of one for banter or cutting up on the job, either, so that's probably pretty predictable. "Well, I'm in one piece for now," he offers, and starts to apply the bandage. "How are you feeling? Any dizziness? Nausea?"

"A little dizzy, I think it's an ear thing," Lyn replies. Stupid concussive blasts. "Should clear up overnight I'd think." Thus why she's been sitting down. Smart girl. Woman. Soldier.

Aldrich gives her a long, considering look. "You could have a concussion or something worse. If it gets worse or doesn't go away overnight, promise you'll go to the infirmary?" he requests.

"I promise. Silly, Al. I have all the reasons to want to live," Lyn says with a chuckle, meaning he's made life worth it. She pokes at her hairline wound. "These are just minor annoyances. I'm clearly under the Preacher Protection Plan."

Aldrich chuckles a little, and shakes his head. "A great many people have good reasons to live and still try to soldier on when they should be getting attention..." he points out, but he actually frowns a little at her last quip. "Lyn... The gods can be fickle and mysterious," he replies, solemnly. "I hope you don't take unnecessary risks."

"I try not to these days. I leave the risky crap to the younger kids," Lyn replies with a grin. She's clearly upbeat in the wake of the battle. "Is Dorn all right? Saw him take a bad hit."

Aldrich still looks worried, but he lets it go and finishes with the bandage. "Anything else I've missed?" he wonders, still letting her put pressure on the scalp wound, for now. "Dorn certainly thinks he's all right," he comments, in a tone that suggests he doesn't completely approve.

Lyn frowns. "He needs to stop shoving away help. He has a kid on the way," she says quietly.

Aldrich nods a little, one brow going up. "Yeah. He shouldn't be taking the risks he does," he agrees, mildly. Speaking of help... Since enough time has passed, he tugs her hand away from the bandage to peek under and see if the bleeding has stopped.

Indeed it has! The booboo is no longer leaking crimson. It isn't deep enough to scar either, looks like. Neither wound is. Lyn squinches up her eyes. "Is it ok?" she asks him.

Aldrich looks at it solemnly, and pronounces, "I think you just might live." But there's a spark of teasing in his eyes. If he's relaxed enough to make even that small a joke, she must be fine. He pulls out a fresh bandage and starts the work of covering the wound.

Lyn chuckles. "Jerk," she teases back, and holds as still as she can for the bandaging. "I wonder how much funding goes into supply bandages for the Timber Wolves. We seem to go through an awful lot of them."

Aldrich gives a crooked grin, without taking his eyes off his job. "So I'm told." Once the bandage is in place, he pulls off his gloves and tosses them into the pile of trash already growing in his pack. "I don't know. Probably a lot." After a quick glance to see if he's needed for anything else, he decides it's probably as good a time as any to deal with his own battle wound. "May need you to help me with this. It's in an awkward spot," he comments, as he starts gingerly removing his flak jacket.

Lyn sits up straighter to help, as she helps ease the flak jacket off. "Small movements, it'll tear the wound less," she advises, clearly an old pro at getting shot to pieces.

"It's not too bad," Aldrich claims, even though he hasn't really looked at it. As the jacket comes off, it's clear he's been kind of ignoring it, because there's a fun red stain down the side of his shirt where blood leaked under the jacket. He starts unbuttoning his shirt. "Anyway, I've had worse."

Lyn grimaces. "For future note, it is a good idea to get yourself patched up first, Al. So you're as close to 100% as possible to help others. Kind of like that airline safety brief that tells you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others."

Aldrich finishes unbuttoning and pushes the shirt out of the way, gingerly. "I would have if it were truly bad," he claims, and reaches for a swab to start carefully cleaning away the blood. It seems like the bullet grazed the side of his chest just below his armpit, where the bulletproof jacket didn't do much good. "You were bleeding worse than I was."

"Yeah but I'm used to it," Lyn quips. "Before I started dating you, I was constantly full of holes, remember?" she points out. She helps him clean the wound carefully. "What do you need me to do?" she asks.

Aldrich smiles a little at that, and points out, "I think if I can survive having a truck dropped on me, I can survive a little scratch." He discards the swab, and picks up a bandage, "Here can you help me slap this on there? It's an awkward spot." He has a point. Having two hands free does make the bandaging business a lot easier.

Lyn helps to maneuver the bandage and get it into place. "It clipped you right where your vest didn't cover. Need to do some training to work on profiles your presenting." There's the soldier. She kisses his cheek after. There's the girlfriend.

Aldrich accepts the kiss, and then admits, "I was a bit distracted. I thought you got hit by the tank." He gives a little smile, and pushes her hair behind her ear. "I'm glad you're okay."

"I did, sort of," Lyn says with a laugh. "But I somehow walked out with just a couple scrapes." She smiles at him sweetly with a tilt of her head. "Hopefully we'll get some downtime now that we've stabilized Delphi."

Aldrich nods a little. "Maybe for a moment we will," he agrees. He double-checks the bandage, making sure everything is good, and then starts buttoning up his shirt again. "What do you want to do next time we get shore leave?"

"Curl up in a cottage for most of it?" Lyn says with a chuckle. "Swing in a hammock, sip fruity drinks, and spend time with you?" She straightens his collar.

Aldrich nods a little. "Sounds like a plan to me." He finishes buttoning his shirt, and then starts the uncomfortable task of putting on the flak jacket. Getting shot in the aftermath of a battle would be an incredibly stupid way to die.


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