2237-09-03 - A Few Rounds

A few of the Timber Wolves hit the town for some drinks.

Date: 2237-09-03

Location: Caprica City

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Geoff was itching to go out as soon as he was off-duty and cleared for it. He's been in a somewhat bad mood after failing to do anything to especially distinguish himself in the last battle, but he's ready to party now, with whoever will join him.

Being that her hometown and alma mater are in virtual ruins, Delphi native and Viper pilot, Elena Imbros, agreed to come along. She needs a drink or two to pack away the memories of the last few battles. She's in simple jeans and a tee shirt with the logo of the Delphi Museum on it. Her parents both work there, er, worked there. They'll be there again to restore all the damage when the all clear is given.

The big secret is that Aldrich is usually down for a party, even if sometimes it seems like he mostly sits back and watches other people have fun (except that one time with the mechanical bull). So he shows up at whatever the designated meeting spot is. For once, he's actually wearing civilian clothes! ....He probably borrowed them. The shirt is a button down with some sort of exotic flowers printed on it. But in any case, he seems to be in a fairly good mood, at least.

Geoff looks between Elena and Aldrich. "This it?" he asks. He reaches for his pack of cigarettes and puts one in his mouth, lighting up. "All right, let's good. I know some places around here. What kinda places y'all like? Dives? Gay bars? Swanky hotel bars? Trendy bars where people drink old weird stuff that tastes like flowers?"

"I'm not picky as long as they have cold beer in bottles," is the response in a crisp Caprican accent. "I'm Elena, or Harpy if you prefer. Recent recruit to the air wing." She doesn't mention her rank. No need to scare the partiers away.

Aldrich gives a little wave to Elena, since they haven't met yet. "Apparently so. I tried to round some people up, but everyone was either passed out or on duty. Training." He leaves that as a one-word explanation, and gives Elena a bit of a smile. "Aldrich. Chaplain. Nice to meet you." Apparently he doesn't mind possibly scaring the partiers away. Turning his attention back to Geoff, he answers, "Something different, maybe? How about your favorite place?"

Geoff has a much less crisp Caprican accent. "Yeah, all right," he says, scratching his chest. "Cold beer in bottles. We can do that." He laughs at Aldrich's suggestion. "I can't go in there sober," he claims. "I know a place jammed with beer. Or at least it was. We can go there first."

Elena tucks her fingertips into the utterly useless front pockets of her jeans. Why do guys get real pockets and women get these shallow things that can't hold matchbook? The Amazonian blonde tilts her head to listen to the discussion. "Sounds good. Lead the way!"

Aldrich raises an eyebrow at that, but he seems more curious than put off. "Well, let's get some beers in you, then." He'll follow Geoff's lead as well, though presumably they're heading toward wherever the exit is to this place they're staying. Oh yeah and also his accent is Gemenese, which probably went without saying.

"You payin', stretch?" Geoff asks Elena. He's already struck out confidently in the direction of the bar. And it doesn't seem like it'll be too terribly far.

"First round's on me," Elena quips back at Geoff with a grin. She strolls alongside them through the base checkpoint and towards the city.

Aldrich grins a little at the back and forth between Elena and Geoff. "Well, in /that/ case..." he jokes, mildly. And they're off to the city, hooray!

It's a short trip, and soon they arrive at a bar that's a little up-market, but not insufferable. It's lined with large casks (or decor made to resemble them) and there's a lot of wood and tons of taps behind the bar and lists of bottled beers and special imports from other colonies. There's a sign outside reading 'YES, WE'RE OPEN!' possibly because some places may have closed down when the city was under threat before the Timber Wolves showed up. "You get to pick a beer for me, too," he tells Elena.

Elena sidles up to the bar, and her smile (and the tight tee) get them service quick. "I'll take three bottles of Delphi Dig," she notes to the tender. She slaps some cubits down to pay and tip.

Aldrich states no preference when it comes to what beer they should have, and seems just as happy to let Elena choose as he looks around, taking in the place. "This is nice," he observes. "Reminds me of a place we used to go to back when I was in school."

"It's tame," Geoff says, exhaling a stream of smoke. "But the drinks taste good and nobody picks your pocket."

Elena passes out the beers, a local brew from Delphi of course. "Friend I used to work with owns the brewery. He's way better at beer than he was at stunts."

"Tame is a good place to start," Aldrich agrees and takes his own beer from Elena. "Stuntman and brewery owner? Sounds like an interesting friend."

"Exactly," Geoff says, taking the beer from Elena and immediately taking a significant pull from it. "Not bad," he says.

Elena sips her beer and relishes the taste of home. "Yep, I was a stunt woman for a few years." And married to actor Lance Sirra for a bit before a messy divorce. "Clark went into beers, and I went into the military. I think he got the better end of the bargain," she chuckles.

Aldrich seems a little surprised by that. "Interesting." He has a drink of his beer, nods his approval at the taste, and then observes, "Seems like we have a lot of Wolves who were in show business before they joined up."

"Least he can drink whenever he wants," Geoff says, and drinks more. "Yeah, they recruiting y'all for PR or what?" he wonders. "All these fancy people."

"It does seem that way, doesn't it?" Elena quips to Aldrich. "If we weren't all so good at our jobs, I'd think the whole group was a PR stunt. But," she grins, "we seem to have more talent at war than showbiz."

Aldrich looks pretty amused by that idea. "I don't think I'd be here if they were doing it as a PR stunt, but that's a funny idea."

Geoff snorts. "I don't mean the whole thing's fake," he says, finding an ashtray to flick the end of his cigarette into. "I just mean, like, maybe they recruited some famous people to trick the rest of us schlubs into signing up."

Elena chuckles. "I don't think so. I've been in the Caprican Navy for a decade so, it was more of a career choice than a PR stunt for me." She wraps her napkin around the sweating bottle.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder. "I mean, there's at least one of those in the ranks, so I wouldn't be surprised," he acknowledges to Geoff's theory. He has a bit more of his beer, and then adds, "Aren't most of these former showbiz types from Caprica? Maybe it says more about the Caprican economy than the military..."

Geoff shrugs at that theory. "All I know about the Caprican economy is it's trickle-up," he says, drinking deeply again. He's almost done the beer.

"Lindus is from Aerilon I think, the Pyramid star. Knoor is from here, yeah. Who else is there?" Elena asks curiously. "I mean you can sort of count Paige, but that's more her family. Though she and I went to quite a few parties together back in the day."

Aldrich shakes his head, "I don't know, they kind of blend together after awhile," he admits, then grins slightly. "Anyway, it's not really important, I guess. The past is the past." He has a bit more of his beer, but he isn't drinking it as quickly as Geoff.

Geoff finishes up his beer and puts the glass on the bar. "Aren't there some models around?" he asks. "I don't remember their names."

Aldrich shakes his head, "I don't know, they kind of blend together after awhile," he admits, then grins slightly. "Anyway, it's not really important, I guess. The past is the past." He has a bit more of his beer, but he isn't drinking it as quickly as Geoff.

Geoff finishes up his beer and puts the glass on the bar. "Aren't there some models around?" he asks. "I don't remember their names."

"I've only been on the Dauntless for like, 10 minutes. I couldn't tell you," Elena says with a laugh, setting her empty down as well. She's tall, she's athletic, beer is mostly like water to her.

"Maybe," Aldrich allows. "They don't tend to show up at the chapel, for some reason. Kind of like the pilots that way, I guess."

Geoff leans forward over the bar and orders their cheapest beer and a chaser of their cheapest whiskey. But at least he tips the bartender. "Well, whatever. Who's the most religious group, Preacher?"

"You'll see me in there now and then. I have to give Clio her due. My degree was in history. My parents are both historians and work at the Delphi museum," Elena notes to Aldrich. She orders another beer for herself.

Aldrich lifts his beer in acknowledgement of Elena's note, and then shakes his head a little. "I'm not sure you could say there's a 'most' religious group. It seems odd to me, but the military overall doesn't seem to be strongly religious. Though the marines are beating out the pilots so far."

"Maybe some of us are just religious in our own ways," Geoff says, picking up his cheap draft and drinking.

"Marines are up close and personal. Pilots have a sort of bubble they operate in, because they have a couple tons of machinery and armor between them and the enemy," Elena explains, "Might have something to do with it. I do give Ares a nod now and then though. And Nemesis has been on my radar the last two years." Goddess of revenge. Timely.

"Well, I'm sure many are," Aldrich agrees with Geoff. "But isn't that the difference between religion and spirituality?" He finally finishes his beer and sets it on the counter, pushing it away slightly. To Elena, he nods a little. "That's a good observation. Probably something to that."

Geoff shrugs at Aldrich. "I don't frakkin' know, you're the preacher." He drinks again.

"So what do the Wolves like to do for fun? Besides drink in bars?" Elena asks curiously. She is going more slowly with her second beer.

Aldrich grins a little, but lifts a shoulder at Geoff's comment. He flags down the bartender and orders himself another round, then chuckles at Elena's question. "From what I've seen, mostly it's just getting drunk in bars, I think."

"Depends where we are I guess," Geoff says. "If we're on Scorpia we go to the beach and get drunk on Eli's family's dime." He's just draining off his second beer.

Elena chuckles. "Well, I'd better see about buying more books and vids to keep me busy then. I try to keep the bar hopping to a minimum. This was just a really tough couple weeks. My parent's work, my alma mater. It's starting to feel personal." She tips her beer at Geoff. "The beach sounds nice. I could stand some time just doing nothing someplace comfy."

Aldrich gives Elena a odd and slightly sympathetic look. "Oh. Well. You... might want to get used to it," he offers, tentatively. "With the Wolves, things tend to always be... difficult. It's the nature of the gig." He holds up his beer, "There's a reason the gods taught us the art of fermentation." Then he takes a swig.

"It's hard for it not to be personal," Geoff agrees. "Lot of my friends had to evacuate from here." He quickly motions for another beer and pays with tip.

Elena nods to them both. "I guess it's always a bit more raw when you're working at home," she mutters. "Where were you guys last? I think I heard Picon?"

Aldrich nods a little and goes a little quiet while they talk about Caprica. It's not something he can really weigh in on, so he just takes the opportunity to have another drink. "Yeah, Picon," he confirms, when Elena asks.

"New people are always asking about the past," Geoff observes, takes a drink, and says, "Let's push on after this round, huh?"

"Sounds like a plan. Know a place that has good shots?" Elena asks, as she finishes her second beer and sets the empty on the bar.

"They just want to know what they're in for," Aldrich theorizes, and then agrees to moving on with a final swig. "Anyway, sounds good to me."

"Nobody knows what they're in for, "Geoff replies, and finishes off his drink, putting the empty glass on the bar. "Y'all ready for something more exciting?"

"Sure, as long as I won't need to kick anyone's ass. Ending up in the brig my first week in the Wolves would be bad," Elena notes.


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