2237-09-03 - Case Of The Old Biddies

Geoff helps Verity find the Detergent she has been looking for. Verity mistakes Geoff's last job for him being a Pimp. So, Normal day for Pilots and Marines really.

Date: 2237-09-03

Location: Ship's Canteen

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Scene Number: 473

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Geoff has a hand basket and is selecting a few things from the shelves: cocoa powder (or maybe it's some sort of chocolate milk mix), then corn starch. He looks up when he gets closer to Verity. "I think the detergent's on that shelf."

"Hmm? Oh.." Verity glances over towards one of the shelves and sighs as she rolls her eyes. She smiles at him, "Thanks.. I know that Caprica probably has better detergent..but I doubt I'll get what I want on what I'm paid." She walks over to grab it and glances back at the man. She dips her head, "Hey.. I apologize about the other day.." She waves her hand as if batting away the very scene, "..It seemed like there was some drama going on and I was just.." She considers her words on it, "Tired.. So I wasn't much for talking. I think Captain (Paige) Graystone was right.. Everyone was pretty stressed.."

"If I know Capricans, they'll be price gouging now that the city's better protected." He shrugs at the apology. "If there was drama, I didn't want to be involved in it, either."

"Hahah.." Verity actually laughs out at that and shrugs her shoulders, "I could be wrong. But I just got that feeling. Anyway, Yea.. I've never been to caprica actually. I'm interested to see what it's like. I'm told that it's where the money really is." She smirks and looks at the Detergent and then back up, ".. So Geoff.. Right?" She says, trying to remember, "..The Marine Dancer? What kind of dancing did you do? Ballet or?" A half smirk, though she wasn't necessarily being derogatory. If it helped him in combat.

Geoff picks up a powdered cherry drink mix and some petroleum jelly. "There's a lot of money there," Geoff confirms. He turns to look at Verity. "Ballet? No," he says. "Ballet's for rich people. But I used to go with a dancer, did lessons for old biddies and on cruise ships and stuff, I learned and went along sometimes."

"..Did you call them old biddies when you were with them?" Verity questions curiously as she raises an eyebrow, her arms crossing at that consideration. There's a brief pause, "I assume you were an.." She shakes her head, "Friend or personal trainer?" She tries to put it lightly incase she might be wrong on where her thinking was taking her. (Verity)

"Not to their face," Geoff answers, with a faint smirk. He nods at her phrasing with an amused expression. "A friend, huh?" he asks. "I did a lot of jobs. Worked as a bellhop and a bartender mostly."

"..Well I mean, if I'm an old biddy - I would suppose I would want a friend.." There's a shrug from the Viper Pilot and She holds the detergent behind her, "So.. Did you decide that the biddy business was not for you once the war started? I imagine Biddies will always need help.."

"I was never /really/ in it," Geoff says. "But the CF sure pays better than the hotel." He looks at Verity with curiosity. "So where are you from, anyway?"

"Oh!" Suddenly Verity realizes what was being said and it clicks. Her face darkens and she shakes her head, "Oh.. I thought.. Uh.." She sighs and shakes her head and waves her hand, "It's..That doesn't matter anymore. So.. What did I do? Oh.. Born on Sagitarron.. Lived on Virgon. I joined the Virgon Academy. I was actually apart of Civil Service until the war and decided to join." Her head dips forward, "..Beyond that.. I've just always enjoyed flying. I can't really dance.. I'll have to see how well you do with Paige.."

Geoff smiles at Verity. "I'm not offended," he assures her gently. "You seem nice. 'Specially for a pilot. If you /do/ want to learn about dancing, don't worry about being good or bad to start. Everybody gets so uptight about whether they're good, but it's normal to learn something without being good from the beginning."

"..Pilots aren't nice?" That almost seems offensive to the Redhead. She smirks and shakes her head, "I don't know. I honestly don't have the want to learn..more as I do think it would help being lithe and stretching." Her hand comes up to sift through her hair as she considers that option, "How long have you been with the timber wolves?"

Geoff shrugs. "Officers aren't always everybody's favorite." He scratches his chest, holding his shopping basket in one hand. "I mean... I haven't really been keeping track of it. Since before the Timber Wolves were the Timber Wolves, I guess."

"I'm the lowliest officer you'll find.. So no worries." Verity says with a shake of her head..and yes she said Worries, cause that's professional. She brings her hands infront of her - the detergent still there and lifts it, "I suppose I should get this taken care of." She offers softly with a shrug, "Thanks again.. We should go out on Caprica..You can show me the good spots for dancing or drinking." She offers with a smirk.

"Love to," Geoff says. "But you have to buy me a drink when we get there." He winks and turns to go back to his shopping.


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