2237-09-03 - Gym Chatter

A few of the officers of the Dauntless discuss a night out while exercising.

Date: 2237-09-03

Location: Gym

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Scene Number: 471

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Dressed in a gym shirt and leggings, Paige is currently on one of the mats, stretching out away from a group of Marines that are taking on the punching bag and each other from the looks of it as he they whoop and cheer each other on in the boxing ring. The ECO doesn't seem to be terribly interested in the spars as she's more focused on herself at the moment.

And there's Irene in the standard colonial grey sweats, standing at the base of the climbing wall and looking upon it like it's a sheer cliff face on the side of the twelve colonies highest peak. Before even attempting that, she carefully puts her hair up, tucks the odd strays behind her ears and rubs her hands together. Gonna do it. She puts her foot on the lowest toe hold and reaches for one over her head, but she's not quite tall enough, it takes a bounce to get there and stick.

And in walks Faye! She heard that the ECO was doing her Yoga, how? Who knows and does it really matter? She walks in wearing something that's very similar to Paige, but she wears a larger baggy shirt and a more close fitting one under that. The larger baggy shirt has a smiley face face on it with the words "F*#&ing Kill me!" under it. The leggings were black, the undershirt was black, and the baggy one over top of it is pristine white. She spots the woman doing her stretches and starts to stalk her way over there before coming to a stop to look over at Irene.
"WOO! GO IRIS!" she yells out, before continuing onward. Like, yells it. As if she was in a very large crowd.

Arching her brow as Faye approaches, there's a slight jump as the pilot yells out to the Raptor jockey. "Looks like she's just getting started. I'm sure she'll make it a good distance." the ECO offers with a small chuckle. Of course, Faye's calling attention to Irene has some of the others glancing to where the woman's climbing. Her attention returns to her stretching exercise, the woman seated on the floor as she moves to pull her feet up to her chest. "I heard there was rumors of a shopping trip, or some such."

Irene's already stuck, little more than a foot off the floor. Definitely did not choose the right starting approach there. Of course, having someone cheer for her while in such a sorry state makes her turn her head and frown-face at Faye, "Oh my gods. You totally messed up my concentration, Bingo!" See? That's why she drops from the wall and not because she'd made a mistake straight off. Faye's fault.

See? Faye was able to give Irene a perfectly plausible reason to not feel bad about choosing a starting position. The perfect partner/Bunk mate! She continues along, picking her way along with a spring to her step as she finally stride up and over toward the Raptor ECO. She plants her hands on her hips, looks down at her and says, "Teach me. I wanna learn that thing you do with the stretching, flexibility, stuff." A turn of her head to look back at Iris.
She looks at the blonde, then gives her a raspberry, before grinning, "At least you weren't two feet off the ground then!"

"Or six." Paige points out diplomatically as she moves back to stand up and eyes Faye. "You want to learn how to stretch?" She smiles a little. "Most people think it's pretty boring. I do it because it helps me to relax." she shrugs. "But sure." she finally relents. "I can start you with some of the basics, but if you get bored, I'm so not at fault." There's a wink at that before she moves. With that, she takes a seat on the floor and stretches out her legs in front of her, patting the mat nearby for Faye to join her.

Do over! From the top. Irene pulls a quick face at Faye, regarding the pair as they prepare to stretch. She doesn't run over to join in, but turns back to that vexing wall. Who built this thing? Did they have freakishly long arms and legs? She has questions, but she's determined to conquer the stupid thing before she can even consider stretching. Two steps to the left and she launches herself at it, needing a bit of a jump to grab a hold and hang from it long enough to get her feet placed. Success! Now the actual climbing part...

"Not stretching." Faye waves a hand back at Paige from side-to-side before turning back to look at her. She's still grinning from watching the Raptor pilot launch back at the wall. The raven-haired pilot gives a shrug of her shoulders, a little cant of her head and the eyes skitter along for a moment as she says out of the corner of her mouth. "The, err, yoga that you do. Not just the um, stretching." The eyes dance over toward the people doing the boxing, and the other people around in the gym before finding Irene again.

<FS3> Irene rolls Athletics: Success (7 7 5 4 3 1)

Irene keeps making very slow progress up the climbing wall, she might even make it to the six foot mark the way she's going. It might take a few hours, but she's going to do it. She doesn't need any fancy stretching, she's not Marine sized, so she's got to really reach for the holds. Her last move required some precarious swinging to get her fingers to the next grip so she pauses there, clinging and giving her one arm a rest. "This didn't look so bad from the bottom." She notes to noone in particular as she turns her head and looks for her next path of ascent. "Bingo, do you think we should have a party in Caprica city? Might as well talk on her break, she seems to figure, nevermind that it might distract the other pilot from what she's up to.

<FS3> Faye rolls Yoga+Brawn: Success (6 5 4)

Faye was trying to do Yoga-ish things, based on what she saw Paige doing earlier. Mostly just stretching and... surprisingly she seems to pull it off to some extent. A reach this way, then that, a twist and -- What the hell pose is this? Pretzel? She stares up at Irene from under a leg and blinks. "Wat?" She says in a flat tone, then she teeters and whumps over onto her side in a very un-yoga like way.
"I like that idea. I mean, I always like going to parties with you, especially with whipcream." Eyebrow wiggle and a grin before she pushes herself back up and starts trying to move into another one of those strange poses.

Nora has been running, and is swiping a towel across her face and throat as she gets to the climbing wall and the mats near its base. "Bingo," she greets her recent-wingman with a raised hand and a nod. She spots Irene up on the wall a moment later. Or over on the wall, more accurately. "Iris," she adds, "Making plans for the training break? I've been meaning to ask if this is something you lot've done before."

Irene lets one arm dangle free and leans back, turning her torso enough that she can look back at Nora and Faye from her lofty perch, five feet off the floor. "We sort of are. I doubt there'll be a lack of parties, but we have to plan for all contingencies. If we can't find any, we'll have to start our own. Being that you're a fellow Virgon and pilot, Shirts, you get an automatic invite." The climbing definitely hasn't winded her yet. "If the training isn't too exhausting. I'm not sure what it'll be like, exactly. If they've done this before, I wasn't with the outfit then." Big effort! She pulls up and swings her dangling arm up to grab the next hold and stretches her leg full out to catch another with her toes and hoist herself up.

Into the gym comes Calliope. Dressed down in her sweats with that tired-but-wired look about her of one who has just/ enough energy left to need to expend it somewhere. The action on the climbing wall catches her attention, and she angles that direction to watch Irene's progress. "Oy. That looked hard. Hi."

<FS3> Paige rolls Yoga: Good Success (7 7 6 5 4 3)

Having left the room for a moment, Paige returns with a second mat and hands one to Faye. "Before you hurt yourself, stretching is the most important part of yoga when you center yourself." she points out diplomatically as she offers Nora a polite smile and glances up to Irene's perch. "You made it up there, good!" comes the call for her pilot before she gestures to the mat. "Roll it out. We'll get started with the basic poses."

Faye takes the mat and unrolls it, looking over toward Irene as she does, "What sort of party are you thinking though, Iris?" An arch of her crafted brows, she gives a smile toward Nora as well, "Heya Shirts." A glance toward the new person who was walking in but then Paige was telling her that it would be starting with basic poses. A nod and a fidget to her shoulders before Faye steps up onto the mat and looks over at the ECO.
"Okay, Princess, where do we start?" A smile, more toward the sheepish.

Nora gives Calliope a wave as she appears, and then extends the gesture to encompass Paige as well as she returns. She watches the beginnings of the yoga lessons with mild interest, a twitch of a smile at Faye's tumbling-over first attempt, and then looks back up to smile at Irene. "Thanks, Iris. I can't remember the last time I went to a party. But I've always heard Caprica City's known for that sort of thing."

Irene wedges her knee against the wall and a hold so she can stay there without wrecking herself too badly. She can't turn back to look at anyone though, she's sort of nose to wall at that point, but she talks anyway. "Thanks, mum." She calls back to Paige, teasingly, before greeting the newcomer who she apparently identifies by voice alone, "Hi, Bites! Come up here, it's fun." For real. Pay no attention to the effort it's taking her to not fall off and land directly on her head. With her knee complaining, she scrambles up higher so that she can straighten that leg and continue the conversation, "I think for the party, it should be at a dance club. I snuck into one there, before the war. It was amazing. Or are you guys in the mood for something else?"

Calliope watches the yoga, but the main of her focus remains on the wall. She studies it, hands on hips, in a considering sort of way. "It looks killer," is her laughing reply to Irene. Which, maybe, does translate to fun. Because she begins stretching and eyeing the handholds like she's contemplating the best path up. Nora's wave is spotted, and returned. "You guys planning a night in Cap City?"

It's true, Paige is a mum sometimes, but there is a hint of concern for the Raptor pilot before the ECO turns her attention to the stretching, though at the mention of going into Cap City for a party, the native daughter goes quiet for a moment before clearing her throat. "Let's start with something basic." There's a gesture towards Nora to invite her in with a slight smile. "The big toe pose. You want to keep your thighs together, and your feet pointed forward." she explains, settling her hands on her hips as she does so.

Once she's satisified that Faye's in position, "Now I want you to reach down. Don't bend your knees if you can, but rest the palms of your hands on the top of your feet." With that, she's bending over to do just that. Bendy ECO is bendy as she settles into position.

"When are we not planning a killer night?" Faye asks Calliope, a grin starting to swing ever wider across her lips. She gives a little shrug and turns her attention back toward Irene for a moment. "Ooo, that could be fun. I'm terrible at dancing though, so if I knock myself out -- please make sure to drag me back by my hair this time." A nod of her head and then... Oh! Paige is talking, and so she turns back to her. "Uh... what?"
Bingo starts to move, her feet together and pointed forward and then. She bends forward to try and put her hands where Paige says. She gets over half way there! Though her palms are definitely not pressing into the top of her feet yet. "Bleh." She says, starting to bend her knees a little to try and get her palms onto them.

Nora waves off Paige's invitation with both hands raised and a shake of her head. "I've tried before," she says, "I'm dreadful. I might give the wall a go instead." She spends a moment eyeing it speculatively, hands hanging from the ends of the towel she's got draped around her neck. "You have to sneak into clubs?" she asks Irene, incredulous, "I thought actresses got paid to turn up to parties. If you get stopped at the door, I can't imagine they'll let all the rest of us in."

<FS3> Calliope rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 7 7 4 3 2)

"Siren was my favorite updown place when I lived in Cap City," Calliope says. "Used to have all the best DJs, and this platformed dance floor that was pretty amazing. I don't know what the nightlife situation is like now, though. Everything changed, like, a million degrees when the war started. There are some decent bars on the Southwest Side - my mom's neighborhood - that I know are still standing, but like no tourists go there." She finishes up her stretching and attacks the wall. She gets a pretty good start at it, vaulting off the floor and climbing...not with ease, but she doesn't fall and gains some height. It's not a short wall, though, and she's got a ways to go.


Irene realizes she's got no easy route up and has to move horizontal first, which is at least a bit easier, even if she doesn't make much progress. "Well, I was just a tiny little bit not quite old enough at the time and afraid of my grandparents finding out." She explains, leaning out again and peering down to look at the pair about to join her on the wall, as if she were worried she'd be in their way. She grins down at Calliope when the other blonde is up and climbing, "I think it was Siren. You'll have to come with us, because I honestly don't remember where it is. It was all a blur."

"Siren? I remember that place. But my place to go was Enchant." Which would make sense as she was the uptown teen, Paige glances over at Faye and grins. "Just hold it for a few moments.." she takes a few deep breaths and then moves to rise up, stretching out. "Bring your arms above your head, stretch out, and let your breath center in your chest. Just.. feel the room. Don't let anything distract you. And.. deep breath, hold it for five seconds."

"Sounds like we should be following you, Soundbite," Nora says with a smile, stretching arms up over her head to limber up for a possible attempt on the wall. "I'm game for anywhere we can afford more than one drink and don't have to spend hours on line to get in." She switches arms, bending slightly the other way, and adds, "In Gosport near the academy there's a notoriously slimey strip club called Enchant."

<FS3> Calliope rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 7 6 5 2 1)

"Enchant?" Now Irene's sounding as if she's not sure where she was, but it was totally the hottest club that had everything. She files both club names away and hoists herself up by one shaky arm to the next level of handholds, swinging a leg up and reaching again until she can get herself into a more comfortable resting position again. Tipping her head back, she eyes some possible routes further up but doesn't decide on any just yet. She'll just have a quick rest there, "Well, with two locals to find them and our combined star power to dazzle the doormen, we should get into any club in the city with no trouble. I don't mind which one, so long as I can dance." She snorts out a laugh at Nora, "I wondered why that sounded so familiar."

"Oh, gods, Enchant was intense," Calliope says, with a kind of rueful nostalgia. "I totally felt like an imposter those few times I made it past the ropes. But the drinks were amazing. We'll get to see if all those places are still around, at least. And I would love to come out with you guys, Iris. It feels weird, seeing the city as kind of an outsider like this, but partying with you all will make it...less weird. Probably." She hopes. She's just starting on the climbing wall. She has a somewhat easier time than Irene did, because she can watch Irene's ascent and see where the better path is. And isn't. Still, her muscles work with exertion as she goes. It's not easy getting to the top.

The Redheaded Viper pilot makes her way into the gym, her hand coming up to go through her hair. Her eyes widen as she notes how many people here. She slowly side steps and makes her way towards the lockers. She begins to change, a scrunchie like thing to bring up her hair into a pony tail and begins to switch into her work out uniform, a pair of fighting gloves to the right of her. (Verity)

<FS3> Irene rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 8 7 6 4 3)

Iris is almost to the top of the wall, and she seems to decide that being slow and methodical just isn't getting the job done. She leans out and hangs from her arms to see what she can of the handholds above and when she's visualized which ones she can use, up she goes. She's obviously rushing the last bit, afraid her limbs will go to jelly if she doesn't, so it's an ugly but effective scrabble. Victory! When she's reached the point she can go no higher, she slaps the wall and looks immensely proud of herself, that is, until she peers down at the floor that's not so close anymore. "It'll be fuuuuun." She decides of the party plans.

"What do you thing, Soundbite? Want to scout out a few locations, see what might still be a good time?" Paige asks, casting a smile from one Raptor pilot to the other, and Verity is given a wave just before Faye has to fade out of the yoga just as Paige stretches herself, lifting her leg over her and grabbing the outstretched ankle to hold onto.

Calliope might be getting over-confident. She tries to vault again up to the next handhold, but loses her grip and...down to goes. Landing with a thump on the mats below the wall. She wasn't terribly high up, so nothing hurt but her pride, but she still manages to huff and glare at the piece of equipment in a pained sort of way. "I'm fine!" she assures the room, getting to her feet. "I am totally fine! But...maybe I should stick to the pool today."

The Fight Gloves are slipped on and the woman now finds herself in a blue t-shirt, with blue shorts on. She has opted not to have on shoes as she walks through the Gym. Her eyes go up to Iris with a brief smile and slight wave to the woman. She does also note Paige and pauses a moment to consider the Eco. Her head dips and she moves towards one of the punching bags. She brings up her fists about to begin punching when there's a thump. She whips around to find Calliope, her mouth opening and then a pause. Verity walks over towards the woman with a faint smile - offering her hand to help her up, "..I didn't see it, if that makes you feel better?"

Irene stays up there, hugging the wall, she requires both her hands for that so she can't spare a wave to Verity, just a nod and acknowledging smile, "Hi, Flameout." She twists a bit more to try and find Calliope, but if she's still talking, the Virgon assumes she's not broken her neck so isn't too panicked. "You're alright?" She asks anyway, clearly a bit worried, before trying to get Paige on the case, "Mum! Is Soundbite alright?"

"Totally fine!" Calliope hollers again. She'll accept Verity's hand up, though, and winces some as she gets vertical again. "But, also done with the wall. I'll try it again...maybe at some point. And let me know when you guys are going clubbing. I am all about that." With that, she heads off to the locker rooms, to change and prep for exercise that will involve less falling.

Mum was called for. Paige cuts Irene a look. "I swear, I'm going to put you on restriction." she comments, but she stops stretching to jog over to where Calliope and Verity are. There's a moment of scrutiny to make sure that Calliope is well, before calling up. "She's fine, now get down here before you break your neck." she calls up to Irene as she gives Verity's shoulder a light tap. "They were just discussing having a girl's night out."

<FS3> Irene rolls Athletics: Success (7 6 3 2 2 1)

While they're all doing there things, Faye is currently trying to do some sort of stretching thing. It is not working well and her hand that's supposed to be flat on the floor is instead waving around through the air as she tries to keep her balance. Whiff! Whiff! Whi-WHUMP! And there's the sound of Faye falling over. "Ugh. I have a feeling dancing would be more entertaining than this and probably burn as many calories."

Getting down off the murder wall sounds like a good idea to Irene, now that she's lived the dream and made it to the top. At Paige's urging, she starts to carefully descend, happy to find it a little easier with gravity eager to help her along. While dangling from a handhold she calls down again, "We were. You want to come along, Flameout? We're going clubbing - a whole bunch of us."

"We'll call it a triple aces party - for Irene, Faye, and I all making ace while on Caprica." Paige says with a nod of her head. "Soundbite's looking for the venue, and we'll make it a party."

"Oh? Caprica?" Verity says as she glances to the woman touching her. She smiles faintly and shakes her head, "I..should be able to. I know Geoff wants to go on the town to." She glances up to Faye as she offers and nods her head, "I..should be able to." She calls back and smirks at the dangling woman. She looks to a retreating Calliope curiously before focusing back on Paige and her eyes widen, "You made ace?" The pitch rises at the end and her face lightens up, "That's great Pa.. Princess. Congratulations.. That's a real honor!"

"See that?" Faye says to Irene, "I get it, shoot down 4 Raiders last mission, and Princess gets all the glory! Woe... WOE IS ME!" She throw up her hands, then lets one sink back down to press the back of it to her forehead. She stares up toward the ceiling and then pointedly turns away from the group of them, her shoulders giving a dramatic shudder as the hand stays against her brow.

"This is the military, Bingo. Glory goes up, and Princess is a captain." Irene explains before she just gets tired of climbing and drops her entire height to the mats below. She lands and lets her legs fold up to take the shock and then rolls off the rest of the momentum to end up flung out on the floor with her arms and legs akimbo. She dead. After a moment she revives, sitting up like she's just fine.

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown." Paige deadpans as she comes over to where Irene has flopped and drops onto the floor next to her. "Verity was just stunned that Faye killed four in one fight that she has no words on how to put such an accomplishment."

Verity sighs and rolls her eyes as she hears Faye. Her hands come behind her as she makes her way over towards the woman who is being over dramatic. She watches the back of her head and leans over, pretending to whisper though not hiding it, "I .. may have gotten you a cupcake with a frog on it as celebration when I found out a while back you had accomplished Ace." She says as she leans back and smirks. She looks over to the other two and then back to Faye with a dip of her head, "Congratulations... It is well deserved and I am happy that you have been my wingmate from time to time.."

"No-no!" Faye says taking a step forward and flinging her arms wide as she still faces away from Verity. "I just don't think I can accept such a thing. It wouldn't be right!" She glances over to Irene, and sticks out her tongue, finally turning to face them all again with her hands on her hips. She shakes her head slowly from side to side.
"Really? That's the direction you take?!" She has a hurt tone.

Irene inspects her hands carefully as she sits there, one leg drawn up under the other, and frowns at how red they are. Climbing is rough work, apparently. She makes fists, releases them and repeats a few times before rubbing her palms together. She looks ever so slowly to Faye after that, throwing her dagger eyes, "I recieved a letter from Lauren today. I know about you and Dirk's cousin, RJ trying to blackmail my father for a controlling interest in the company and a seat on the board." She stands then, hands settingly on hips and expression darkening to a hurt countenance of anger. "I can't even look at you!" So she doesn't. In fact, she makes to storm out.

Paige sighs. She just rolls her eyes a little at the Faye and Irene theatrics, but there's a smile. "Unless Logan is about to come through the door shirtless claiming he's Dirk's long lost brother, I'm out." she says, rolling up her mat as she starts to head towards the door. "But I do want to know what company Irene runs."

"...I don't.." Verity is interrupted as the yelling behind her and she notes Irene, and the Paige. She shakes her head slowly and exhales as she let's them complete what ever fantasy is going on. She smiles faintly and turns to head back to her punching bag. Her hands coming up, and punching again. She would just have to figure the other stuff out at a later point.

"What?!" Faye says to Paige, shaking her head, "No. No! Dirk isn't Logan's brother. I mean, that's just silly, Dirk is totally better looking than Logan." She plants her hands on her hips, "Dirk is actually -- Your FATHER?!" A scoff from Faye and she turns to the side, shaking her head again and crossing her arms tightly over the front of her chest.
"It wasn't your father we were blackmailing. It's your Mother! She's trying to control RJ it-" A heavy pause and she draws in a shaking breath, "-it was difficult to talk about because after RJ's operation, we weren't sure if they would ever find love. But RJ knew how to turn Glitpo around into something-- something great. But your mother never understands!!" She turns to look at Irene and flings her arms wide.

Irene flings her arms wide right back at Faye, mirrored with at least twenty percent more outrage. "RJ is married to your sister!" Drop mic. End scene. She's back to her non-dramatic persona a split second later, "And I really need a shower. Bye, you two! And at the appointed time, we'll find you Flameout. Be prepared to dance!" And out she goes.

"Does your first season come on vid? I need to catch up and binge." Paige offers over her shoulder on her own way out.

"CINDY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!" Faye shouts back at her, then tilts her head.
"M'kay, Iris. I'll catch you after." Bingo gives a grin and crinkles her nose before she looks over toward Paige. She frowns and her brows furrow deeply, "What?" A slow shaking of her head from side to side as she doesn't seem to understand.

"..Heh.." Verity shakes her head as she glances over to Faye, "You're spirited.. I'll give you that. You two make a cute couple." She dips her head, "I hope we'll get to go to the Bar sometime soon." She looks back at her bag and sighs as she takes a step back. A soft exhale, "On that note though.. I should be going." She glances over to Faye and nods again, "It was good seeing you, again." She offers softly before moving to take off her gloves, turn around and head towards the lockers.

Faye gives a slow bank of her head to the side as she stares at Verity. A dip of an eyebrow as she frowns, "Couple...?" The woman gives a slow shrug and then a wide smile. Her hand reaches up, the fingers wiggling independent of eachother as she says in a more husky tone, "Buh-bye. I'm sure I'll see you later." And Faye moves back in the direction of the Yoga mat.


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