2237-09-03 - Putting In The Time

Nova and Razor brush up on the firing range while discussing what to do if the Cylons descend on the base.

Date: 2237-09-03

Location: Anas Firing Range

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Scene Number: 472

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It's somewhat strange, going from the intensity of day-to-day combat to... training exercises. It's good, for the squadron, but strange. They need a bit of downtime. Some more than others. Astraea is almost fully recovered, but she still gets the rare dizzy spell or two, even if she hides them well. After the final battle over Delphi, she went straight to bed. She skipped her usual shower and big meal, even; went back to the barracks, stripped out of her flight suit, and passed out. Argyros Naval Air Station is a nice change of pace. Sharing a room with just one other person is wholly new to her. Even on leave, sharing with one other was still in a small house; it was loud. This is more like a hotel. Better sound-proofing, more space, better bed. It's downright luxurious in some ways. She's sleeping better.

Today is a training day, but sort of an 'at your own pace.' Nova's decided to enjoy a firing range that's not in a cramped ship quarters. And one where she can use live rounds. She's set up at the far end; well and away from some Caprican marines who aren't actually firing at the moment, but rather hanging out and chatterng about weapons. She'd checked out an SMG and is still setting up in her lane.

The downtime was appreciated by Kell, even though the fighting over Delphi was nothing like the attrition they faced when they were battling the Cylons over Picon. But since they are not on shore leave, it isn't a surprise that the Libran Viper pilot still places duty on the forefront. So he has either been training either on the sims, holobands, working out in the gym to stay fit, or in this case visiting the firing range to keep his reservist skills sharp.
Entering the large, firing range, Kell passes by the Caprican marines with a respectful nod in passing before walking towards the marine in charge of logging weapons in and out of the locker. Requesting a rifle, which has the Caprican arching a brow, it is taken out of the locker and the weapon handed over to the Leftenant with a couple of spare magazines. Completing his sign-in, Kell ventures down the firing line further away from the Marines, probably out of courtesy to not disrupt their conversation with his shooting. Surprisingly, he sees Astraea and stops at the lane next to her, "Nova, good to see you working on your shooting as well." A quick glance at the weapon of choice has him nodding his head, recalling the last time she was working on that weapon, "Getting the hang of the sub-machinegun yet?" He asks before stepping into hsi own lane to begin setting up as well.

There's a look up to Kell and a small smile for him. Astraea lifts the SMG to look it over before loading in the magazine she was holding. "Fairly. But I wanna be... sure, y'know? Especially not that I've been keepin' one on board m' Raptor as part of my standard loadout." Considering how often she gets shot down by rockets or missiles; likely not a bad plan. She checks over the weapon one more time before setting it on the table as she reaches for her ear protection; glasses already on. Before she puts them in place, she glances over to the Libran pilot again. "We did fairly well that last battle, yeah? I mean... wasn't easy, but none of us went down."

"Even after you get the hang of that weapon, you need to practice often to keep your aim on point." Kell offers, which is probably just rhetorical since Astraea is already here ready to train with that weapon. At the moment, Razor is disassembling the weapon, checking the parts over and making sure each item is properly clean before reassembling. "We did, though our CAG's Raptor took a very nasty hit by a missile. Those SAM sites are brutal and I must admit, my stomach drops whenever my cockpit starts giving me the lock warning. I'm glad this time we were able to prevent the transports from fleeing though."

"Orders were just to evade th'SAMs," Astraea murmurs, when Kell mentions them. "I mean, it's hard... There they are, lockin' on to us an' hittin' us hard... But especially for us Raptors... Talons ain't good for 'em. They're meant for hittin' other ships. Not batteries. Our targets were th' transports. But I know it's sort of second nature to go after th' batteries." She swallows, lifting a hand to the side of her head, where the hair is still growing back in. "Th' Cylons seem to be pickin' on us Raptors more these days, too. Kinda dick move, if y'ask me."

Kell remembers the initial orders, to just take down the transports and Raider escorts, "Original works if the transports were kind enough to meet us in high altitude, out of range of the SAMs, but unfortunately they can jump at lower altitudes. And if we didn't take down those SAM batteries, they would've just kept launching until we were all shot down." There is a pause as Razor loads a magazine into the rifle and chambers a round, "And you're right, taking out the fortified batteries need missiles unless you land a lucky shot on the ammo. As for Cylon tactics... they appear to be adapting us ours. Two raiders and a Heavy, and they probably started realizing that our Raptor with their ECM really causes havok to them. I know the missile launched at me lost its lock beause of the jamming our side was putting out there."

"Well, you remember that battle back on Picon. They've got Raptors now." Astraea suppresses a shudder. Along with the Cypers. Raptors- Rapons? "So they know what they can do an'..." She shrugs, picking up the SMG again after pulling the ear protectors on fully. "Guess they see us as a threat. Go figure." She gets the stock fitted into her shoulder. "Jes' glad no one went down. CAG got hit hard, but she kept it t'gether an' we finished it out. I'd say we're all gettin' better up there. For th' most part. One of our Raptors didn't seem able to stay in one spot. Didn't catch who was pilotin' it though."

Shaking his head, it looks like Kell would prefer not to remember Picon, "I think they've always had Raptors, like the Vipers, captured when they rose up. Just they never really saw their use on the other colonies as much as Picon." As for what the squadron is doing, Razor has no answer to that, "I'm sure it will be on the tapes. I haven't had the time to review them yet but I will. In the middle of combat, it's hard enough keeping track of the wingman you're flying with sometimes, especially when there are a lot in the air." Like he usually does with every mission he flies, and some that he isn't even part of. Putting on the protective shades and earplugs, Kell brings the rifle up and presses the stock against his shoulder as he takes aim. A finger flicks the safety switch, then he smooths out his breathing. Once he is ready, he begins pressing down on the trigger, single fire mode, ten shots. Once that is completed, he flicks the safety back on and lowers his rifle, exhaling slowly as he hits the button to have the target brought over so he can take a look.

<FS3> Astraea rolls Firearms: Good Success (8 6 6 5 4 4 4 3)

"The Vipers they got're usually th' older models," Astraea points out before he begins firing. "Th' Raptors we saw were newer, remember? Mebbe they got ahold of a factory. That's a problem, y'know. I mean, we don't wanna destroy a factory, but retakin' it's gonna be hard as frak." When he fires, she follows suit. Unlike Kell, Nova goes for a couple quick bursts. Like she'd do if she were on the ground and dealing with Centurions. She'd no leave it to single firing in that situation. Lowering the gun to the table and putting the safety back on, she draws back the mufflers to drape around her neck and calls in her own target. Her spread is a bit broad due to the firing option, but overall? Not bad for a pilot. She seems satisfied, at least.

<FS3> Kell rolls Firearms: Great Success (8 8 8 7 6 5 5 2 1)

Kell can only offer a shrug in response to the subject on factories and what they are to do with them, "That's something the brass will have to decide, not us. Usually best not to think on it since it will just be a distraction on what we have to do." With his target now front and center, Razor takes a look at the grouping, all center mass and tightly clustered, a good result. "It's odd to be basing us here, especially with the Cylons just a couple of hundred klicks to the north."

Satisfied enough with her results, Astraea leaves them to step over into Kell's lane so she can see how he did. The Scorpian pilot leans up against him to get a good look. A bit close, perhaps, but she's often been one for ignoring things like personal space. At least where he's concerned. "It's almost unfair," she murmurs, "how good you are at this." A bit of teasing there. The Raptor pilot looks up at him then and offers a sort of lopsided smirk. "Weren't ya just sayin' that we shouldn't think on it? Brass prob'ly has a reason for us trainin' with th'Capricans. Mebbe they're plannin' some sorta offensive. Puttin' together tactical plans can take a few days. We prob'ly won't be here long."

Having gotten use to Astraea being one of those that is more up close and personal, Kell allows her to peek in on his results, a slight glance to the side, "Just years of training, Nova. If you were born on Libran, you would've been just as good properly." As for not dwelling on the bigger picture, he can't help but chuckle in amusement, "Touch´┐Ż, though it's harder not to think on it when they are easily within striking distance. I guess we just have to be ready if the air sirens go off and we end up scrambling." There is a pause before he adds, "I heard from some of the other pilots, before this special ops unit was created, it happened on an air base on Canceron."

"Yeh, well, can't all be so lucky, can we?" Nova makes a bit of a scoffing sound. She tucks her arms in at her sides, considering for a moment. She stares at his targeting sheet, though her attention isn't really on it. "I've heard some stories 'bout it, too." Astraea digs a toe into the gravel at their feet. "Mebbe we should dig up some records on it. Just in case. I mean, iff'n th'Cylons have hit an airbase b'fore, means they're prone t'do so again, right?" There's a look up at Kell and she tilts her head slightly. "Up to some studyin' over dinner?"

Releasing the paper target, Kell removes it before replacing it with a new one. Hitting the button, it sends the target down the range and while it goes, he looks back to Astraea, "Hmm, that sounds like an idea, we can check to see if there are flight tapes for the scramble when that air base on Canceron was hit." A pause before he adds, "We can also see who on the 'Wolves right now also was present there at the time. Maybe one of the Captains? Possibly Thorne or O'Day. Ask them about their experiences with scrambles."

"We'll have to put in a request since that was back on th' Galactica-" Astraea watches his new target head out, chewing at her lip as she considers. "For tapes an' records. AARs an' all. That'd give us a picture of who was there, so we could talk to 'em. I can file one, see what they send us. I'm sure they'd be willin' to send some footage for study, at least." She glances up to him again, with a bit of a smile before she returns to her own lane to put up a new target of her own. "Mebbe nothin' will happen here, but we can at least prepare for th' future. Should we schedule a meetin' with th' CAG? She can expedite th' request."

Looking a bit surprised, that was something that Kell didn't think of, that they will probably need to make the requests since it happened with the previous members that served on the Galactica, "That's a good point, Nova, it would take a bit of time." He grows silent for a moment as he tries to remember the procedures to request all this additional information, "It's always better to be prepared, just in case. Just like the friendly fire incident, if we were more prepared, it could've been avoided." As for getting the CAG involved, Razor nods his head in agreement, "We can ask Whisper to help expedite the request, so we can get the information as soon as we can." Kell looks pleased that they will possibly be getting more resources to review, to help them be better trained. The target had reached its designated distance and is now waiting, which he then raises his weapon, ready for another volley, this time in burst fire mode.


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