2237-09-04 - Base Px

A day for meetings involves in some byplay with words as Mira and Sarice, both two new arrivals into the Wolves meet more of their fellow, well, Wolves - Paige and Geoff. Things go better than expected.

Date: 2237-09-04

Location: Base Px

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It's night, the majority of training's finished for the day, so most people are off-duty and a few are making use of that time to hit the PX, while others have ventured into town in search of retail or, eventually, nightlife. And some are catching up on sleep. Geoff is here shopping, with a cart that he's thrown a few items of clothes into, along with a roll of duct tape. But right now he is over by the pharmacy and cosmetics aisle. He puts a hair brush in his cart even though his hair hardly looks long enough to brush at all.

Military duty, vacation, moving ... there's always one or two things that never quite make it into your bag. One of these things, for Sarice, is also down the same aisle, as the brunette looks just... tired. For being off-duty, she's still in her Navy greens, having probably not even headed back to the current bunks for the moment since she first came in in the morning. Instead, she looks a little ... lost. She glances down the aisle, and spotting another calls out, "Pardon me, are the hairbrushes down there? I've gone and left mine all the way at home..." She laughs at herself, a little lilt to her voice.

Geoff is just tossing some bobby pins in his cart when he turns to look at Sarice. "Yeah, let me grab you one," he says, bending down to get another brush, holding that out. "Where's home?"

"Libran! I just got shipped out here to Caprica, I've just gotten assigned to the Timber Wolves as of this morning. There was bound to be something left behind; at least it's something silly like that, after all, yes?" She walks over, accepting the brush with a grateful smile. "Thank you, it's very kind of you to help me out."

Geoff looks Sarice curiously up and down. "Sure," he says, then pauses before guessing, "Pilot?" He and Sarice are chatting in the cosmetics and hair care aisle of the exchange, Geoff's cart nearby.

"Aheh, no, I wouldn't trust these hands in a ship. I do, however, trust them down in the Sickbay. Sarice Dreik, I'm one of the new doctors for the Timber Wolves. No specialization - I handle general medicine, and pass on where needed to those that can handle the rest." Sarice explains. She is standing nearby Geoff in the cosmetics and pharmacy aisle, leaning on a cart like it's her lifeline as she reaches up to scratch her head. "Pretty sure I'm still forgetting something, but I can't remember what..."

"You know, I could have done this on my own.." Paige's Caprican tone is easy to pick up for those that know her as she moves on a pair of crutches, her left ankle tapped up. "After all, you were the one that said I should only stay off my foot today." the woman is pointing out as she is carrying a small basket, making her way into the cosmetics section as she walks with another woman, a redhead. "But thank you for coming anyway." she finally offers with a little lift her smile as she clops along on the crutches.

Geoff looks doubtfully at Sarice's hands, then back at her face. "Guess we can always use more doctors. Look out for Miko. Just punch him if he's rude, he can take it." No further explanation seems apt to follow. "Did you bring hair ties? Deodorant?" Geoff suggests.

"Yes.. The Captain can handle everything on her own, I'm aware." The smooth, saucy accent of the Leonis woman responds with a half chuckle. She shakes her head, "However, I needed to get a few things and it's my job to make sure that you are well cared for." Her head dips from right to left, "It felt like a win win.." The doctor is walking next to Paige as they make their way in. She looks ready to assist the woman at any point that it should be necessary. Since they are out and about, she is not wearing her normal uniform one would see but a black sleveless shirt with black pants that lead to boots. She also have on a dark blue jacket. She glances up at those in the store and then to Paige, "Now..You're going to tell me what you want and need - and I am going to fetch it for you. Very, Very easy." Mira seems very confident in her plan.

"I try not to punch my patients, it's the principle of the matter. I'm supposed to heal them, not hurt them." Sarice says with a shrug. She leaves her wording open, however, implying that she's not against doing so if it'll get them to sit down and shut up. She snaps her fingers. "Hairties, no. I use them for everything, not just my hair. My yarn skeins are practically all tied with them, anyways." She glances down the aisle, lifting her eyebrow at the other pair. "Huh. Seems like I'm not the only one with that habit." She says vaguely, lifting a hand and calling out down towards them. "You two okay down there? I can help! Seems to be that sort of night - he's helped me so far." Pause. "Speaking of, he. Heeee. What's your name? I promise to forget it at least once."

"Me? I'm not sure I'll find my shampoo here.." Paige admits with a sigh. "It was only carried in a few salons around Caprica - I had to special order it. But I did want to find some lotion and..." as she's called out to, there's a blink of her eyes as she lifts her head. "Courtios." she greets Geoff with a smile. "It may be about a week before I can have my dance lesson, I fear. Doctor's orders." A smirk is passed to the redhead next to her. "Who's your friend?"

But the young woman pauses. "Manners." she reminds herself. "Doctor Cardinal, this is Corporal Geoff Courtois, another one of the Wolves. Geoff, this is Doctor Miranda Cardinal, recently transferred to the Wolves. Guess they finally heard we've been getting pretty chewed up out there."

"Miko works as a medic," Geoff says. "So you can punch him." He frowns thoughtfully. "You knit? You should meet Salvae. He's into that." Geoff's gaze drifts to the shelves, but then he looks to Paige, and her ankle. "Yeah, not much we can do with that, huh?" He nods at Miranda, then looks at Sarice. "Like she said, I'm Geoff." He looks back to the pair of ladies. "Don't know her name yet. But she's Libran."

".. Well we have to ensure that hair keeps its beautiful shine.. That's for sure." The doctor brings her hands into her pockets and she begins looking up, "What was it called again?" She side glances to the Captain and then looks back to the rack - as if she could magically see what it is before being given a brand. She is about to continue when they are called out to. She leans back and looks between the two, "..Ahh.. " She dips her head, "Please, call me Mira." Her voice is light and upbeat, "I don't like to keep it professional outside of Operations. It helps with connections with my patients." She shakes her head to the woman, "I think we got it..Though we may need help finding some Shampoo."

There's a brief pause when Geoff speaks and a dip of her head, "Well.. A Libran.." She nods her head to Sarice, "Caprican.." She motions with her head to Paige, "And I'm Leonis.. So if you're Virgon or Sagitarron.. We'll have a full set of Colors wont we?" She speaks to Geoff with a teasing bent, her words a reference to a card game for anyone who may know the craft.

"If he works as a medic, then he knows not to get punched. If he deserves it, shame on him." There's another laugh from Sarice, before she shakes her head, turning her head at the introductions. "Sarice, Sarice Dreik. I'm also a a newly assigned Doctor to the Wolves; glad to see it's more than just me they decided to pluck, Mira. A good fighter is worth their weight in gold, and two doctors to keep up with them." She tilts her head, glancing at Paige. "Shampoo? A specific one, I take it? Let me help you find it, or at least something. Four sets of eyes are better than one. Or, well, three... don't go walking there, dear. Itn is, however, nice to meet all of you."

"Shampoo is like right over there," Geoff points out. He shrugs. "Sorry, I'm Caprican, hope you didn't bet too big," he says about the set of colors. He eyes Sarice at all these genteel turns of phrase.

"it's called Perini. Like I said, I had to order it before the war.." Paige laughs a little. "It was one of the few things I held onto because it really did my hair well." she smiles and lifts her head. "Hello, Sarice. A pleasure to meet you." she offers as she nods to Geoff. "I'll be over there in a moment, but wanted to get some more makeup - you know how these things go - big campaign, some downtime, and the inevitable awards ball." she says with a small smile. "I'm Captain Paige Graystone, one of the ECOs in the Wolves." And one of those Graystones that created Cylons.

"I apologize.. You're right.. You did say that. I was to distracted by the company I was keeping." Mira says with a smirk and wink to Paige. Her hands stay in her pockets as she looks over to the Marine and she shakes her head, "Nuts.. I'm always a fan of full colors." She looks over to Sarice as she makes the offer. She considers her a moment and dips her head, "Yea, I was told they definetly needed more help, so I would suppose that's us. Though I worry for what that means. I do general practice and Surgery.." She bows half respectedly and then looks back at the rack where Geoff points out the Shampoo. A frown in consideration.

"You would think that it'd be illegal to have so many brands.."

"I'll go pull makeup for you if you want," Geoff offers Paige, since she's on the crutches and all, and the doctors might want to talk a little shop.

"I am of the opinion that if it's fancy enough to take longer than a good fifteen minutes to wash up water off, it's too long." Sarice remarks absently as she starts perusing the shampoo shelves. "Any longer than that is barging in on my naptime!" She glances down at Geoff as he volunteers to gather makeup. That's sweet of him. She then winces at Mira. "Yeah, I worry too, especially since we're both new. Pardon my asking, who else do the Wolves call their medical staff?"

"No, but thank you, Geoff, I can handle it." Paige promises, before the question is asked. There's a glance over to Mira for a moment and roll of her eyes. "You just want to pamper me." she says with a lift of her chin, before her attention returns to the other. "There's Eli.. Doctor Cadmus, he's a Captain in medical. Doctor Kamran is our resident psychiatrist - and then there's the medics.. you'd know them better that I, Geoff." she admits as she adjusts on her crutches and reaches over to pick up some concealer to put against her skin to check.

"I mean, I know Cate and Miko pretty well. But I don't remember the name of the guy who stopped my head gushing blood during the boarding," he says. These things can get hectic, after all. Names get lost in the shuffle.

"Mmm..Then we may have to introduce you to the subtleties of our species and the rather intricate fun that one can have with more time then fifteen minutes." Miranda replies to Sarice teasingly. Her eyes going to Geoff and she nods her head, "And they say that there aren't gentlemen in the fleet." She looks to Sarice and opens her mouth when paige answers for her. She shakes her head and her voice becomes a bit more somber, "I'm told that the Timber Wolves were pretty hard up though. Fatigue, battle losses, and transfers. They wanted some new blood." She glances over to Paige and smiles as her hand comes up to tousel the captain's hair, "Only the best for those I deem worthy." Though the hand returns to its pocket and she considers.

"Hopefully.. This will give time for integration and some time to rest. The patients I have seen.." A beat of a pause as she leans over to nudge Paige, "Current patient excluded.. Need some time down. The human body and mind aren't meant to go through what they are being put through."

"A small team, but you and I are both feisty, so we'll make do. I'll need to make sure to find Eli and Kamran, then. Always good to know the other mains, considering the size some sickbays can get." Sarice smirks a little at Mira. "I'm not lazy, so to say, so much as I realistically understand I'm not about to go get swept off my feet by a fancy Pyramid player; plus if I get a good nap in, I'm not likely to fall asleep under a desk." She rubs her nose thoughtfully while continuing to shampoo search. "I guess the Wolves are a pretty close group, then?"

"Believe me, I ain't a gentleman," Geoff replies to Miranda, nodding once. He looks at Mira, his mouth a straight line. "Most of us just want to get back out there when we can and do our part. Of course, it may be known to a doctor that Geoff was badly injured a while ago and even sent planetside for a month of recovery. Or it may not be.

"I'm feisty am I?" Mira asks as she sways her coat from left to right in a teasing manner. She smirks, "Why Doctor..You don't even know me. I'm touched that I give such an impression." Her eyes look to Geoff and she nods her head as he speaks. Her teasing does turn a bit more serious - that same somber tone, though it is still airy, "Ofcourse. I didn't say that the Timber Wolves weren't willing to get back into the fight. That they didn't want to kill every single cylon and save the colonies." Her voice is ginger, "I said that the human condition requires some down time or accidents happen and people get hurt." Her head tilts to the right, "It also allows pretty Doctors like me.. and even male counterparts.. to ensure that you're in tip top form. Isn't that atleast a nice little Dalliance before you go back to the killing? Everyone wins in the scenario.."

"I rescind feisty, and instead go with sassy." Sarice deadpans towards Mira. "My goodness, woman!" Sarice is visibly torn between facepalming and laughing, leaning against her cart to stop herself from just falling over in a fit of the giggles.

"I didn't get my pretty dalliance," Geoff says. "Is there a voucher system or something? Miko musta been falling down on the job again."

After returning from her search for the shampoo triumphant, Paige's hand finds her hip as she curls her lip up in a playful smirk. "Is that what I am supposed to be, Doctor Cardinal, your perscription for me is a dalliance?" she asks with a lift of her brow in amusement and a nod towards Sarice. "At least she makes her motivations known?"

"Wait..Wait.. Wait.. Everyone stop." Mira says looking seriously as her eyes go to Geoff. She frowns, "Are you saying that you did not recieve your Dalliance? Under Colonial Fleet Medical Mandate five of the appropriate code six-seven-seven dash six-nine, you are required. Who is this Miko? This will be reported to the toppest Echelons.." She tries to hold the face with out breaking into a faint smile. She looks over to Sarice and dips her head, "I'm just happy to serve Doctor." She glances over to Paige as she returns and smirks, ".. well.. I will probably be required to have multiple visits with you, It was a bad sprain. So perhaps a Dalliance-extraordinaire?" A grin and she glances back and shakes her head, "But seriously.. I am glad the Wolves are getting more people. You do so much for the fleet.. You deserve our care. The fleet needs to take care of those who sacrifice so much."

"I must be behind, I don't remember this mandate. Think of all the folks I haven't been giving their daily dalliance too! Good gods, whatever am I thinking." Sarice adds on dryly, before laughing a little more, pushing herself into a standing position as she remembers to breathe. She then nods in agreement with the rest of Miras' sentence. "She's, right, though. It's a honor to be able to serve with the Wolves, and make sure they're in and attempt to keep them in fighting shape."

Geoff seems amused by Mira now, slowly grinning at her. "You're all right." He looks to Sarice. "Docs here are all right," he reports. Just so she knows.

"Oh, enjoy the honeymoon." Paige says with a smirk. She has no doubt in her mind that's gonna last about a week before she glances aside to Mira. "I tend to have a very specialized dalliance. You may not be able to keep up." There's a playful thiness in her smile as she looks down into her basket. "I have a few more things to get." she admits as she moves on her crutches over towards the eye pencils.

"Dear Eli and Kamran... I don't know who you two are, but if you've been around the Wolves long enough, I think you'll realize what kind of shenanigans they get into... so if dalliances get asked about... It is not my fault!" Mira gets a wink from Sharice, before she pushes her cart down towards more of the necessities. "If you two are any sort of what I need to expect from the rest of them... I am not prepared!"

"What type of doctor are you?" Paige asks Sarice curiously. "I have a doctorate in robotics.. not that it's very helpful these days." she admits with chagrin. "Are you more of a general practicioner? Or specialist?"

"Get ready," Geoff advises Sarice. "Everything tends to happen all at once." He wanders a little closer to his cart, maybe thinking of moving on.

"General practice." Sarice says with a incline of her head. "Well... I hope everyone's not coming all at once." She notes to Geoff on the side.

"Ah, good. The type we'll need." Paige says with a small smile as he draws in her breath. Reaching out to touch Sarice's shoulder, the ECO offers a smile. "Welcome aboard. Maybe we can have a welcome party for you and Mira when we have time."

Geoff seems a litle unsure of what to do with himself for a moment, but then he lifts a hand. "I'm, uh, gonna get my shopping done, I think. See y'all around."

"I'd like that. But if it's for both of us, you might want to have it in the sickbay. Or figure out how to do it in the corridor directly outside." She gives Paiges' hand a pat, before turning to Geoff, and inclines her upper half slightly. "Thank you very much, again. I've gotten lost so many times today...!" She gives him a smile.

"I better go track down Mira before she gets lost." Paige says as she glances between the two. "It was nice meeting you, Sarice." she comments as she moves away to go find out where the other doctor went.


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