2237-09-04 - Charlie And Evan's Caprican Adventures, Part 1

With evenings off, Charlie and Evan have an opportunity for a night out. That's what couples do... right?

Date: 2237-09-04

Location: Somewhere In Cap City

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The day of training assignments has passed, another rather glorious day really. Evan had little qualms about the training or the current tasks. Mostly because the schedule was rather normalized; it was like being an ordinary person at times. One of those times was the evening where rather than the general mess, Evan had actually done the unthinkable. Dinner reservations.

It was almost normal. Especially as compared to the fighting. And it wasn't quite leave, either. No, that was more... akin to pure debauchery for the Wolves. Being fully well and away from 'work' life. But to have been told they had dinner reservations rather than grabbing a meal at the mess before returning to their room? That was different. A chance to pull out the civvies and go into Cap City, however, wasn't something Charlie was going to turn down. Her dreads gathered into a sort of haphazard bun, she stared out the window of the bus most of them used to get in and out of the city center. Well, into the window of it. Some of her hair was still growing back from that shot to the head she'd taken. "What do you think of these exercises with Caprica's marines so far?"

Evan is sitting, leaning actually with arms stretched out to either side on the bus seat, his own eyes looking out the window. "Eh. They're not bad. They do things... a bit static I think. I'd say robotic but that's probably too accurate. There's a methodology that makes me feel like they aren't used to things changing quickly." His eyes turn to glance at Charlie then, smiling a bit, "You know how every plan goes to hell? That's what we should be working on."

Drawing her eyes away from her own translucent visage, Charlie looks to Evan as she leans into him. "They've been successful. If any colony could've been lost, it'd have been Caprica. They've got ground control, the cities are decently intact- Picon was worse." She sounds almost bitter to admit it. There's a small return of the smile as she leans up to kiss him. "Well, yes, but I think that's what we're for. To be there when the plans go to hell. We're glorified janitors, we Wolves."

"Hey now, nothing wrong with janitor work. I've cleaned my fair share of stores to earn a few cubits." Evan laments towards Charlie as he slips his arm around her shoulders. "Picon was worse. A lot of places are worse. It's weird, you'd think the Cylons would want to target Caprica the hardest, maybe they have in some ways."

"And now you get to clean up cities," Charlie teases, prodding him in the leg with a knuckle. She grins, faintly. There's a glance through the window at a passing street sign. "How far are we going?" Not that she minds the interlude; tucked in against him as she is. She considers his words, chewing at her lip for a moment. "Caprica's got... art, history, but not... I mean, on Picon, they hit factories. One of the recon missions I did, we saw them in control of a Raptor factory. Sometimes I'm surprised they haven't made a full-out assault on the shipyards. Maybe the Cylons don't fully understand just how important culture is."

"Why would they? Art and music arent in their programming right?" Evan asks, nudging Charlie some and nodding towards the door as the transport starts to come to a halt. "If you can't understand the value of something, then you don't see the need to destroy it." He starts to get up, to depart the vehicle and lead the way down the street. It's a nicer part of town, nothing overly glamorous but certainly away from the conflict zones.

All the best it's not overly glamorous. Charlie's not dressed for that; jeans and t-shirt as she is. She follows suit, falling into step alongside Evan once they're off the bus. "They could figure out the tactical advantage of it, I'm sure." She purses her lips. "I'm afraid they might, now. After Delphi. I'm sure they could analyze our firing patterns and how we avoided damaging the art. Just because they don't value it doesn't mean they can't calculate that we do."

Hand reaches out to take hers, and Evan leads down the street a couple of blocks until reaching a lovely hole in the wall type location and takes Charlie in. Despite the outward appearance the inside is rather nice; but still casual. "I don't know. Can a machine calculate emotional turmoil? Could it assign a tactical value on the symbolic action? That's what I'm not sure of. Blow up a factory, that's a tactical victory. Blow up a museum that's a symbolic one. But what's the math behind it? In the end, they're machines, they use math."

Curling her fingers into Evan's, Charlie seems happy to be led along. It's all a nice surprise and a chance to see more of a place she's never been before. "Some of them were tour guides before the war. Programmed to lead groups through the museum. Do they have that programming in their databases still? We know they learn and adapt. They would know the historical importance. They held Delphi for a reason. I think they knew that destroying it would be a blow to morale and that morale has an effect on us. They have all of humanity's history on call in an instant. Part of what makes it so hard for us to fight them... we can't do the same things in return."

"That, or setting aside those emotions." Evan responds quietly to Charlie before he approaches the hostess, gives his name and shortly they're led to a small table in a quiet section. "Don't get too used to this. You know I prefer to cook rather than eat out."

"We can't set aside those emotions, not completely. In the heat of battle, of course, but we have to think of the civilians. We can't ask them to give up on the very things that keep them going." Charlie squeezes Evan's hand gently, leaning up to press her lips to the corner of his mouth before disengaging to take her seat. "I like when you cook," she notes, leaning an arm on the table. "But I think if we're going to properly take in every colony, we should have at least one night out."

"Well, we're currently at three out of them." Evan points out with a small smile as he glances briefly at the menu and quickly decides what he'll get then puts it aside. "The civilians also aren't fighting the war. I don't know, it's just getting tougher. Every victory we have, it almost feels as if they have two."

Picking up her own menu, Charlie lifts a shoulder in a shrug as she starts to consider. Food, she decides quickly. It's drinks that take her longer. "They sort of do. They have numbers on us. By a fair margin. It's easier for them to get those victories. We need something major-" There's a glance up to Evan. "And soon... but it's on the Admirals to find it."

"Yeah. The brains. Not the brawn." Evan adds that last part with a grin. As the server returns, he puts in his food and drink order; almost sounding like he's ordering for two in that moment but then he motions for Charlie to order as well. Apparently someone is hungry, and 'thirsty'. After she finishes, he continues, "I'm not saying it's unwinnable. Just feels like treading water, right?"

Insofar as Charlie's order goes, she's heavy on the drinks, but not the food. There's a lot of alcohol to be had, but less on the meal front. Marines. Once their server has left, she leans an elbow on the table so she can prop her chin in her hand. Studying Evan, she considers. "Sometimes. But that's war, I think. At least the majority of it. A lot of just... feeling like it's hopeless until it's suddenly over, right?"

"Yeah, it is." Evan responds with that look of recognition and distance in his eyes he gets from time to time. "It's why I got out of the business of war the first time. Just this cycle that goes on and on but goes no where, like a treadmill." He's about to say more when the first tray of drinks arrive. For him, it's pretty much straight scotch and a cola with whisky to go with it.

For Charlie, it's shots of whiskey and beer. She picks up her first shot, holding it up as she offers Evan a small smile. "For as shit as it all is, I'm glad you came back. This would all be far worse bullshit for me to deal with if I didn't have you by my side, Calhoun."

Evan chuckles at that and then shakes his head, lifting his scotch towards Charlie, "It's certainly been an amusing ride, twist of fates, whatever you want to call it. Hell, it was a flip of a coin that brought me back actually."

There's a tilt of her glass to his. "Do you still have that coin?" Charlie downs her shot in one go. "'Cause I'd like to have it. I'd say it's lucky, at least for me." There's a flash of a grin for him as she picks up her beer to chase the liquor. "I mean, my sex life has improved considerably, at the very least."

"The coin? It's probably somewhere in my place. I didn't put it anywhere special, but it's an old coin that I picked up in the jungle once." Evan contemplates for a bit before he quirks his eyebrow, "Well no shit your sex life improved. I think that's why people are trying to move out of the bunk room."

There's a snort of amusement into her beer, but Charlie grins over the rim at Evan anyway. "Your ego is showing again, my dear." She extends a leg under the table to press to his. "It's not like it's all thanks to you." She takes a long drink, closing her eyes to savor that warm sensation from the alcohol. "Shame the mess can't serve beer."

"Because that's what we need. A bunch of drunk Marines and Pilots hanging around the ship. Just cause we can hold our booze doesn't mean the rest of those heathens can." Evan quips the last, shifting his leg to rub back against her foot. "How your parents doing?"

"I can dream, can't I?" Charlie grins over her glass, content to play 'footsie' under the table with Evan. They're allowed their moments and she presumes it's part of the reason for the quiet corner. "My parents?" She seems a bit surprised at the question. "They're... alright. My mother is still spending all of her time cooking for the refugees in Queenstown and my father is already working on his next book, which will... supposedly..." Her voice drops, "be about how Caprica got us into this war-" There's a bit of a wince. "I don't imagine that'll win him a lot of fans in some places."

"Well, I don't imagine he'd be terribly too far off." Evan considers when Charlie explains the origin of her father's next book. "I've heard those sentiments from a lot of places; don't believe it fully myself. It was all of us really. Technology is a means to an end; but our end is corrupted, so our means would become corrupted as well."

"I think it's more... complicated than that," Charlie admits quietly, setting down her beer to reach for her second shot. "More like... Caprica's ideals and pushing the technology led to an over-reliance on the technology..." She gestures with the whiskey before she downs it. "It's my father, so it'll be more a study and in a decade, if we survive, students will be studying it." She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes briefly. "He never cares if he pisses people off. He just likes to... understand things, I think. He gets an idea, he digs to the bottom of it until he understands it completely, then he writes a book."

"You tell them yet?" Evan asks after a few moments of silent thinking, the unspoken subject is emphasized with a small gesture between the two of them. "Or keeping it on the quiet for the time?" The first part of the meal comes, something to pick at around conversation; and the second round of drinks follows shortly after.

"Not yet," Charlie admits, finishing off her beer as their meal arrives. She sets the empty glass aside. "I haven't decided if a letter would be enough or get me in trouble with my mother. But at the same time..." More drinks, though she decides to get some food in her first. "Who knows when I'll see them next, y'know?"

"Well, if it makes you feel any better my mother has been asking non stop." Evan offers, the tone clearly showing he doesn't really approve of the pestering by his mother. "I think next leave, we might need to stay on base or find someplace else to sneak off to; gotta avoid the family."

"Asking what non-stop? She knows we don't get leave often, right?" There's a faintly amused look from Charlie. "You know the way to manage mothers, right?" There's a small nudge of his knee with her own. "You give them a bit here and there to keep them satisfied. If you don't, they'll never stop prying." She grins, reaching for her next shot. "I'm sure if we agree to dinner, we can get her to leave us alone the rest of leave."

"Asking about how you're doing, how we're doing, you know. Stuff like that." Evan laments as he picks at the food some between words and of course drinking more from time to time to match Charlie's shots as well. "Oh I usually know how to keep her at bay. But with being gone and then dad, she's extra.... mother like I guess is the best way. You're right though, we pull the bandaid, early dinner and get left alone." When her knee nudges his, Evan looks up and quirks an eyebrow, giving hers a nudge in return.

"So she approves of your girlfriend," Charlie points out, grinning a bit more broadly. "At least you aren't here telling me how much she hates me and wishes you'd break up with me. It could be so much worse, babe." She's definitely drinking more heavily than eating, but the food isn't going to waste. "I don't blame her. She's a nice woman. We'll plan dinner with her -- just her, I hope -- early on leave and we'll get the rest of the time to ourselves. And... I'll... send a letter to my folks. I should. It probably would be worse if I wait."

"Yeah, because either your parents will take it out on you which means I have to watch; or they'll take it out on me, which means I have to endure it." Evan points out the two options he sees if she delays talking to her parents. "Just make sure to mention that everything was your idea. I don't want your dad to choke me."

"He wouldn't- well, okay, he might." Charlie looks a little sheepish. "When we get back to the ship, I'll send them a letter." She leans back a bit, nursing her beer for a moment. "Either way, my folks seemed to like you. And not just... as my Sergeant-" there's a slight tilt of her head left and right. "My mother asked after you in a letter. I think she'd be urging me to date you either way."

"You know, I suspect your dad thought something was going on. Bunk buddies at least, which to be fair at the time is what it was. The whole... dating thing is so raw anyway, right?" Evan finishes another scotch just as a refill comes through which he picks up and looks at, shaking his head at the drink for a moment as if contemplating the pros and cons of taking it. The pros win. "I don't know which of the two options gets me choked harder. The fraking or the dating."

"My father is not a stupid man," Charlie reminds Evan with a faint twist at the corner of her lips. She leaves her own new round of shots to wait for the moment. She'll nurse her beer for the time being; allow those to wait for the time being. "Mmm. The real question is... Which gets the speargun. That's when you start to worry." A slightly broader grin comes out. "No-" She finally does lean for a shot, glancing away from the alcohol to Evan. "None of that happens unless you make me cry and he's there to see it. Then you'd better hope you can run real fast."

"Not planning on making you cry." Evan points out as he matches his scotch with Charlie's drink, keeping pace and then attacking a bit of food. "I mean, not you know... sad cry. I don't think a couple nights ago counts. That wasn't sad crying." He points his finger at Charlie, emphasizing the point as he shakes his head. "Whoa shit. That last drink." Taking a moment he attempts to take stock.

There's a sort of giggle at the clarification; a sign of Charlie's own inebriation setting in. As if the fact that she hasn't moved her leg from his wasn't already. "My father doesn't need to know what we've been doing at night, Evan. In fact, I'd prefer he didn't." She watches him as he takes stock, her own grin broadening. She downs the rest of her beer and closes her eyes in the wake of it. There's a slow breath taken in and she lets it out. "I don't think we can go back to base anytime soon."

"Uh, no. Not unless we want the MP to cart us off for public," the words given as he leans back in his chair. His hands fall under the table, then he leans forward again, to bring one to her knee. "So we either stay here, get some dessert or wander the streets."

"...what do they do to you if you frak in the brig?" Charlie's attention wavers as she begins pondering that particular NJP. And the poor JAG brought in to deal with it, since surely the MP would have questions. Evan's hand on her knee brings her back to the moment and she reaches for her scotch, grinning at him as she finally downs the shot. "I think we should hit the streets. I'd hate to leave Caprica and say I felt like I missed out."

"I... don't know. I mean, that's certainly an interesting question, we'll ask a JAG sometime so we know how much trouble we'll actually be in." When Charlie shares her desire, he motions to the waitress for the check, finishing his own scotch while waiting. "Alright. Just so you know though, while we're out in the city if we find any hookers that claim to know me... don't believe them." There's a very humored look in his eyes.

"So don't believe them... but also invite them back to our room?" Charlie is teasing Evan as she says it, glancing over their table in a hint of disappointment at finding they've finished their drinks. In that way of someone drunk who could easily continue drinking... even if they're fairly drunk as it is. Once they've paid, she's on her feet; albeit a touch unsteadily. Sliding a hand into his, she's pulling him behind her and back onto the sidewalks and under the glow of the streetlights. "So, where next? Left or right?"

The lights seem to be a bit too bright, even at night, for Evan's liking particularly in the initial look. From behind he slides to a hand resting around Charlie's waist and then he looks up and down the street. One side looks a bit seedier than the other, so naturally he nods his head that way. "Let's go this way, maybe someone will try to mug us."

Happy both for Evan's arm around her and the added support it provides, Charlie looks in the direction he indicates and grins broadly. "You tease," she answers, grinning. Starting them in that direction, she slips an arm around him in return. Largely just so she can tuck a hand into his back pocket and grab his ass.

The walk goes on for awhile down the street, a couple places passed. Bars, a night club, but one place does catch Evan's eyes and he turns Charlie towards it. "You, darling. You need more ink I think."

A couple bars do start to catch Charlie's eye. She wants more beer. More shots. But Evan keeps her on task. What that task is, she doesn't know. Not until he starts angling her towards the tattoo parlor. She blinks at it, then up at him. There's a bit of a grin to him, but she doesn't stop him from guiding her that way, no. "I've noticed you seem quite fond of what I got on leave."

Evan nods


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