2237-09-05 - Crazy Medics

After a training session, Beckham and Cate talk about taking crazy risks.

Date: 2237-09-05

Location: Argyros Naval Air Station

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Scene Number: 479

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The bandage around Beckham's head is still snug as he grunts over at Cate as the pair of them are coming out of the classrooms. "I knew I was right." he mutters. At least partially. ".. I mean, going after Neely. Only one sniper, we already had return fire outbound.." It seems he's just grumping more than actively complaining. "We're not allowed to leave her out there if she's ever shot, are we?"

Cate is walking next to Beckham, hands stuffed in her pockets and a grumpy look on her face. It turns to confusion at Beckham's comment. "Huh?" She slants him a squinty look. "We didn't have return fire outbound because we didn't even know where the frak they were. And we didn't know there was only one of them." She shrugs. "I mean, I won't say you were wrong... I would've done the same. But I'm allowed to do crazy shit. I don't have a wife and a kid on the way." She adjusts her path to give him a good-natured collision/nudge with her upper arm.

"You know how much of my ass that Tamlin would take out of me if I tried that lame-ass excuse?" Beckham responds, nudging back in response. "There's a lot of military personnel that are married or have families. Even our CAG, you know?" There's a little frown at that. "It wasn't about being stupid, it was about tending to the wounded. There was no way to tell if Neely was dead, and if we'd left him out there, we may as well have used him as bait for the sniper to finish him off."

"It's not lame, Becks," Cate insists, bumped off course by his nudge but recovering easily. She frowns. "I'm serious. Look, we take risks every time we go out, but charging out into the open when there's a sniper and we don't know where it is to lay down covering fire? That's damn near suicidal." And yet didn't she just say she'd do the same thing? "An inch or two to the left and we wouldn't be having this conversation." Cate sighs, looking ahead. "I just don't want to be the one sending your shit back to Tamlin, okay?"

"You think anyone wants that duty, Cate?" Beckham pauses, and considers for a moment. "Look. I know you've been doing this longer. You show it every time we're in the showers, cause you wear it all. You wear it well, but it still shows. I still outrank you, despite the amount of times you've been hit, you know." There's a frown as he shakes his head. "He needed help. I reacted. I just happened to get out there before you did. Do you think I'd feel any better telling Tamlin that you bought the farm because you didn't think I should have gone out?"

"What the hell does rank have to do with anything?" Cate asks, slanting him a grumpy look. "Fact is neither of us 'should' have gone out," Cate says flatly. "But I'm like you - I can't just sit back and watch someone bleeding to death. That doesn't make it not stupid." She shakes her head, looking forward again. "And yeah, if it has to be one of us telling Tamlin the other bought it, I'd sure as hell rather it be you." She then says abruptly. "You wanna go out and get some beers or something?"

"Beers with a head wound, sounds great." Beckham teases before he gives Cate a push. "Stop trying to prove the engineer and sniper right. Just because I chuck a grenade now and again don't mean I can do their job." he says after the bounce of his shoulder against hers. "How long you think this lull's gonna last before they send us back out again?"

"Fine, you can watch while I drink," Cate replies back with a wry smirk. "And hey - it's not my fault they had a point, even if they were kinda being asses about it. But sometimes you've got to ignore the rulebook. I'd bet any of the Wolves medics would've done the same thing you did, crazy or not." She shrugs to the latter question. "Dunno. Too long and not long enough."

"Hey, at last you don't have to put on the dress again." Beckham points out wryly as he loops his arm into Cate's to lead her along, "Come on, I know a great place nearby." As he walks, he shrugs and then laughs, "Though really, I think it'd knock Jacob on his ass to see you in that number you wore to that first post-awards party."

"Hey, I'll wear the damn dress if it means not having to sit through another day of that shit," Cate jerks her head back towards the classrooms and the torturous lecture. The comment about Jacob gets an awkward, gloomy shrug. "I dunno. He's seen me in a dress before." She follows along with him. "Heard from Tamlin lately?"

Like her, Beckham's response is in the form of a shrug. "She's been busy, I think. You know, pregnancy stuff." he admits quietly. "I mean, I get it. I'm hoping that at some point between deployments, I get a chance to visit her, but I'm not holding my breath."

"Well, plus she's still doing training right? Or is she done with that now?" Cate lost track there somewhere. She looks over at him. "This place on base or do we need to take the shuttle into town?" Though even the base itself is pretty huge.

"Naw, the NCO club here is pretty swank, if I recall right. Pool tables and stuff." Beckham nods. "She's doing the paper trail - can't really do the physical part of it until after she gives birth, you know." There's a slight grin at that before he chuckles. "We may have to catch the shuttle over there anyway."

Cate ahs softly. "Haven't been over there, yet, so - lead on." She slants him a look as they walk along. "How's your head doing? Over the concussion nonsense?"

"Yeah. It rung my bell but good." Beckham admits and reaches up to touch the bandage. "Made it through the protocols without much issue. Just in the observation mode for the next twelve hours. So if I get sloppy drunk easy, you know it's the concussion."


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