2237-09-05 - The Lazy Mushroom

A marine, a redhead, and a pilot walk into a bar ....

Date: 2237-09-05

Location: The Lazy Mushroom, Caprica

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The Lazy Mushroom

Near every military base, there lies a subnetwork of places that the military enjoy leaving to come to. Military Friendly, but not in the thick of it proper. The bar known affectionatly as 'The Lazy Mushroom' - was one of the popular bars that were available. It is also the place now finding itself inundated with Timber Wolves and Capricans alike. There was even a few tables the Timber Wolves had been given..or perhaps claimed.. that they could come to to hang out, meet people, or just drink their days away. It was in back.

This is actually where Verity would find herself on this auspicious night. The woman was somewhat sore from the flight training, but that was to be expected for the most part. Verity had a clear glass with a yellow liquid infront of her. Her eyes focused on the Glass. A soft exhale as the woman seemed to be in her own world, in her own thoughts. She hadn't much talked to anyone - as of yet.

There's lots of mushrooms, but a lazy one isn't half-bad. It could be a lot worse.

Erin seems to fit in as well as any barfly might. She arrives with a small group of other Marines from the Timber Wolves, the band of marauders laughing and demanding booze, as military grunts would. Normally, this would be unseemly on genteel Caprica, but, at a place named as this one has been, it goes without much notice. No one looks up; no one looks down; and everyone keeps on with their business.

Erin's path takes her to the bar counter, coincidentally, at which she discovers Verity. In a friendly way, she smacks her palm on the other woman's shoulder. "Well! Harte, isn't it? I think? Big Red?" The gleefully-chipper and off-kilter recon Marine smiles crookedly at Verity. "Holding up okay?"

Jackson has been here for long enough to empty two glasses of beer and make a general nuisance of himself. As his latest conversational partner makes it clear that he's overstepped some boundary or another he decides to give up on the locals and heads for the other pilot instead. "Hey Erin." he says as he props himself up on the bar. A few other marines get hey's too. "Flameout." he tosses them all a bright grin. "Whats happening?"

The Viper Pilot was in her own world at the moment. She didn't even notice that the Marines were coming here way. That was until she hit on the shoulder, her eyes registering and widening as she glanced up at the woman. The recognition was almost instant, "Oh.. Yea.. Hey.." She stood up, her hand coming to her arm that was hit, "Yea.. I'm fine." A soft exhale as she glanced at her drink and then back at Erin, "Been a long few days.. But you persevere." She motions to the table, "Why don't you have a seat? Let me get you something to drink..on me.." Her eyes go to Jackson as he says her callsign. There's a pause to see if she can remember the pilot - not that it ultimately matters. Her head shaking, "Not much.. It would seem we have a party now... Would you two like something to drink on me? They have about anything you could want here.." She sits back down.

"The Caprican Military Games are due to start soon, so thought i would get the down time while I had it.." (Verity)

"Arda." Erin holds out her hand for a fist-bump. "How's your sister? Haven't seen her in forever, yeah?" Her crooked smile becomes a crooked grin. "Can't blame her, though, right? Right." Whatever that means.

And then, the Trash Panda takes a seat with a huff. "Games. Right." She snorts. "Last time I did some of those, we kicked the crap out of a bunch of Scorpians. And we were still in bikinis and barefoot when we did so." Another snort. "You know, I know that Capricans pride themselves on their skills, but, c'mon. I don't really think there'll be much competition."

Confidence? She has it in spades.

Jackson returns the fist-bump with an easy grin. "You know what she's like."

At the offer of a seat and a drink he grabs one of the chairs and claims a space at the table. "Thanks Harte but i'll pass on the drink. Already a little drink." He grins at the mention of the games. "Guess that means I should support the Scorpians. Ever underdog needs cheering on." he looks at Harte. "Who are you favoring?"

"..You wore a bikini?" Verity raises an eyebrow as if that somehow seems odd to her. She looks over to Jackson and then takes a large swig of her drink. Her head shaking, "I don't know much about Caprica. This is my first time on planet." Her voice is soft. She sits back and just relaxes a moment, "They do have some nice skills, but I agree - they don't go through what the Timber Wolves go through." Her eyes go back to Jackson as he speaks and shakes her head, "I'm always going to be supporting my team." She says with a faint smile, "Though outside of the Timber Wolves, I wouldn't know much about the Scorpians, Capricans - or anyone else." There's a brief pause, "Where are you two from?"

"Aquaria," says Erin almost curtly. "You know: the planet that's a smoldering crater." And then, she chuckles ruefully. "Beautiful place once, but now -- " Shrug. " -- it's still home. Just a ruined, crushed home is all. Not that I carry a grudge or anything."

She leans back against the bar counter. "Where're you from, Red?" Seems that Erin has a nickname for Verity already. Her own, of course; glamourous rogues always have their own nicknames for people.

"Aquaria too. Little place called Arctic station Thula." Jackson answers on his own behalf. His eyes going to Erin as his tone turns almost questioning. "Think we should be saying we are Libran now Erin?" He turns his eyes back to Hayes. "Thats where most of us ended up." a sad twist of his mouth. "After the smoking crater thing." He nods along with Erin's question, his smile already back in place. "I've not been to Caprica before now either. As far as joining the armed forces and visiting glamourous places is concerned; It's not half bad. You come from somewhere glamourous Red?"

"..Mmm.. Saggitarron.. " Her accent being a little more noticeable as she says it. Though there is a pause, "Initially, Virgon most of my life." She raises her glass and finishes it off. There's a frown in the consideration of the words, "It'll be beautiful once again." She says confidently, "We just have to have faith." She sets the empty glass and pushes it forward. If there's an issue with her nickname, it isn't easy to see. Though it's probable she has either heard it before, or prefers it. She reaches up to move an errant lock of red hair behind her ear, "Tell me what Aquaria was like though..before the crater?"

Erin gives Verity a pained sort of expression. "I don't think I should," she says shortly. "I mean -- you're here to relax, right? -- and talking about home -- " Hand-wave. " -- I get to sounding maudlin. Makes me more of a buzzkill than sand in the panties, so -- " Shrug. " -- sorry. I mean, that, and I lived on a glacier for most of my life, with short stops at Heim, which is nice vacation spot."

She licks her lips, and looks at Jackson for a second. "You know, there's always the hope, yeah, but -- to be honest? -- I stopped hoping a long time ago. I mean -- what's the point if you're not going to act?" Beat. "So, that's why I fight. So I don't have to hope, I should -- " Vague hand-gesture. " -- do."

"Lived near a volcano." Jackson says. "Surrounded by science geeks. We had the advantage of being evacuated so I guess the memories aren't quite so bad for me. Those last days were pretty awful though, even so." He nods at Erin and then looks to Verity. "Yeah. Lets stick to brighter things. Cant say I know that much about Sagittaron. I'm mostly familiar with Tauron, got family there, and to a lesser level Libran." He looks back at Erin. "Yeah." he says, dropping the smile for a moment to be serious. "Even if we go back its still gonna be different. Cant change that. Doesnt mean its not worth it though."

Verity's eyes stay with Erin as she speaks and the question of curiosity turns to a bit of a frown as she continues on. She shakes her head and then looks over to Jackson. She slowly nods her head as they speak and sighs, "Sagitarron is.." She pauses and shrugs her shoulders, ".. It's about as happy as what you two are talking about.. Only it comes off with blaming other colonies.." She slowly stands and walks away from them. She comes back with a bottle and sets it down next to her and three shot glasses. She pours the three and nods her head, "I'm told.. that this is so strong, noone's had it and they forgot what it is.. But it is the color blue, so we have that going for us.." The Pilot who doesn't drink all that often.. and never liqour.. scoots one to Erin, and then one to Jackson. She raises her, "I need to head out soon..but I'll do one for the road to end this on a good note with you fine people?" She says, giving the hint of a smile.

"Fine people?" Erin chortles, as she picks up the drink. "You don't know me well, do you, Red?" She snickers, and reaches out to Jackson to nudge him. "Fine people. Me. Ha." And then, she looks back to Verity. "Anyhow, sure. Let's drink to our health and our future, then, mm?" She raises her glass up.

Jackson gives a short, light laugh at the fine people comment as well. "When it comes to drinking partners, we're plenty fine Erin." he winks at Erin and then grins at Verity, lifting his own glass. "To health and a fine, long future." He knocks it back and then moves to his feet. "We have to do this again." He looks at Erin. "Think you could get another one of those surfing shows maybe?" then back to Verity. "The last one I watched was priceless. Everyone should see it at least once."

"..To us then..and our health." Verity takes the shot with out thinking about it..and then starts coughing hard. Her hand coming onto the table as she shakes her head with a rather disgusted face. She coughs a bit more, "People.. like that stuff?" It is a moment and her head dips and she bows, "I'll see you both tomorrow at the games.."


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