2237-09-06 - Marines Flirt With Fists

Verity seeks out hand-to-hand combat instruction. Erin obliges. Mischief and awkwardness ensues.

Date: 2237-09-06

Location: Argylos Naval Station -- Cqc Arena

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Scene Number: 483

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Marines are required to train all the time in close fighting. While Cylons have a decided advantage in melee combat, a Marine that cannot handle herself against a robot up close is a dead one. The grunts therefore go at one each other with skill and gusto, for pride and for purpose. This often leads to scuffles and disagreements all around, and this leads to inter-force rivalries. It is of no surprise that the Capricans and Timber Wolves would have a bone to pick with one another, then, what with the Colonial Forces getting a lot of media attention these days.

In a close-quarters-combat arena, the units have picked their combatants to square off against one another. There's about a dozen on each side. By the time the scene opens, half of the bouts have happened, with a margin of victory in favor of the Timber Wolves, 4-2.

On the bench is a woman who's too short to be a stormtrooper. Erin doesn't look like a likely-combatant from afar, but she could be scrappy. She looks scrappy. And whereas many of her fellows are sitting and watching, she is up on her feet, yelling into the arena.


And so on.


A scene that one would not expect to see a Viper Pilot. They were on base, on duty - and so Verity was making her way onto the gladitorial arena. Her hands coming up to make sure that her hair was appropriately affixed. She felt completely out of her element here, as her eyes went over the combatants going at it. She was not out of shape, and her muscles were honed. However, the stresses of a Viper and Zero-G were different from that of what a Marine would have to go through. She watched as the various colors of the Timber Wolves and the Capricans clashed against eachother.

Her hands coming behind her as she seemed very intrigued with the close combat techniques. She had been trained in the basics, but nothing so intricate. She continued getting ever closer to where the rest were sitting, and a very vocal Erin. She stopped and looked from the fights to the woman who was causing such a ruckuss. There was a faint smile to her lips as she watched the woman and then spoke up, "..Erin?" A soft cough as she remembered where they were, "Corporal Hayes?" Her body shifting its weight onto her left foot, "..Hey, are you busy?"

She ignored any catcalls or even jeers that a Viper Pilot might get being on Marine turf.

Erin turns to look over her shoulder. "Oh, hi there, Red." She seems to be in an exuberant mood. "I'm just -- I'm up in, like, two or three. So, yeah, sure -- what's up?"

The Marine reaches up to her head, and tucks some hair behind an ear, out of her face. For the anticipated melee, she's got naught but tight shorts and a tank on. Why? Because it'd be harder to get a hold of her that way. That, or she intends to distract her opponent with her body. To say that Erin's merely 'fit' is an understatement: she's lean, sinewed, and mean-looking, despite having the skin like linen sheets.

Erin sets her hands on her hips, and puts on an anxious grin. "You going to throw down with some of Caprica's finest?"

"..Mmm. I didn't know that cursing and jumping up and down was apart of getting prepped. I think I know what I was never in the marines." The redhead counters to Erin jokingly. She glances back out at the fighting and considers, "I did think I wanted to get some extra practice. I don't know if it would be something worthy though. I'm not that well trained in hand to hand. I think it would be something that might have to be a little less then what's going on out here." A brief frown, "..How often are bones broken?" She looks back to the fit woman - this not being a surprise really. When you were in the military, almost everyone was fit. She does note the garb though, "I'm probably not well dressed for it either."

Her eyes finally go back to meet Erin's, "I came to see you and I .. wanted to get training yea. I was hoping that you could help me with that at some point? If I am going to lose, I want it to be to a wolf and not to a Caprican."

Her head bobs from right to left, "Because you know that Capricans wouldn't let you guys live it down and then I have to worry with the Marines being mad at me and then my Viper all of a sudden has toy bullets instead of real bullets.." Her hands come up and start to spin around eachother, "So it snowballs.. You know how it goes." Her tone and the smirk afterwards denotes she is probably joking about her Viper being sabotaged.

Apparently, Erin's attention span lives up to her nickname. Like a raccoon, she is distracted; who cares about a tournament when someone's asking for fighting pointers, right? "Sure, no problem," says the diminuitive Marine without hesitation. "C'mon, let's -- there's another ring around here to spar in, follow me, 'kay?" She swipes her towel up from the bench, and mosies on through the small crowd of onlookers to a smaller, less formal training area.

It's really just a set of mats on the floor. That's it.

"We don't try to break bones. Like, that's dumb," Erin explains on the way. "You spar to get the other person to tap out, so it's more like wrestling, rather than full-on fisticuffs, know what I mean? And, like -- " She runs a hand through her hair, and then has to tuck some of it from her face again. " -- like, if you punch and punch, you can break a finger, a wrist, and that'll take you out of action. COs hate that. Wrestling, though, is different."

Blink. "So, you came to see me to get some training?" Beat. "I mean, did people tell you to come find me for help, or -- ?" Question is left there.

The Viper seems mildly surprised that she is given priority and slowly follows the Marine. She nods her head and glances around the smaller area. She moves ot take off her boots and tentatively makes her way onto the Matt. The woman is definetly out of her element and she looks down from the matt up to the woman. She nods in consideration, "That would make sense. I suppose it was silly to ask about bones then. You're useless if you can't fight - and training that ends in you being hurt is counter productive." A soft inhale as she considers and her hands come to her sides.

Her eyes do widen at the last question though and her head dips to the right, ".. I.. are you a bad person to train with?" The question not meant to be insulting, but now curious. She smiles briefly, "You're someone I know, we've had a few drinks. I thought you would be good to talk to on this and to help me." She shrugs her shoulders, "Noone told me to come find you. They don't have to.. You know your stuff - best of the best, right?" (Verity)

"Well -- " Shrug. " -- I mean, no, not really. I don't think so. Pretty sure Lindus'd win in a fight, but I've never sparred with him." He's a giant Marine: Erin's Groot to her Rocket. "I guess, well, I don't know -- I'm fishing for compliments and seeing whether people're gossiping about my awesomeness." Snerk. And then, a full out laugh. "A woman can't be too careful with her reputation, right?"


"So, when it comes to grappling, it's all about your center of balance," begins the Marine, making a vague gesture with her hands. "Knowing how to manipulate your opponent's center of mass makes it easier for you to toss them. For example, when someone rushes you, your best bet is to either evade or have them travel over you to the ground. Hip throw, leg toss -- it all works."

She makes a gesture with her hand, inviting Verity to take a stance of some kind. "So, we start with how you stand at ready. Best place to start." Beat. "Show me."

There's a brief pause and her mouth opens up slightly giving an 'oh' moment. She shakes her head and takes a step forward, "Oh no, you misunderstand. You're legendary.." She says, realizing what was going on. Her head shakes and she looks up at the ceiling as if it were the stars, "I've been told that among the twelve colonies, very few are universally feared..and fewer yet were feared by even the Cylons. That among the names of heroes that the Cylons tremble at.. Erin.. Chilly.. Hayes.. was one." Her hand swipes from right to left as if to embolden the words. She looks back to Erin and winks, "I can't give names since so many has said this, ofcourse." She then becomes a bit more serious and slowly steps back.

She takes a deep breath and moves more into position - not attacking, but coming into position. Her pink tongue coming out as she bites down a bit to try to get just right. She is..decent there.. Not really nailing it - but the basic form looks to be accurate.

"You know, Red, I should really punch you in the nose for that." Erin's mouth cracks open into a crooked grin. "Count yourself lucky that I don't punch pretty people in the face."

"Okay, you -- this is just me, because I'm a bit smaller, but I like to have my back foot a little closer in to center mass. And then -- " Erin reaches out, and manipulates where Verity puts her hands. " -- there. Hands up a bit higher, elbows in a bit closer. I know it's unconventional, but I figure a better guard would suit you more." For whatever reason.

She sniffs. "All right, so here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to come forward with a strike, and you -- all you need to do is block with your high hand, and then sweep down and forward to capture my arm, all right?" Beat. "One -- two -- " She punches.

".. I thought that was how Marines flirted.. punching.." Ok now she's asking for it.. Though Verity does keep it light and is attempting to just give and take. She allows herself to be moved by the woman and looks at where her arms and such are being placed. Her head slowly nodding, "Ok.. That makes sense.. I think?" It's said in a question form - which may or may not be a good reflection.

She takes a deep breath and watches the woman infront of her. As the attack comes, she brings up her arm to block - and as instructed, attempts to sweep in order to lock the arm.

Though its sloppy and probably opens her up to attacks she doesn't realize. She finds her body pressed against Erin's and dips her head, "Alright..Now.. do I flip you or something?" She asks, sincerely..though probably watching to many movies.

Erin grins. Eyes wide. "No, see -- flirting? -- Marines flirt like this." She's pressed up tightly, after all. "So, it kind of depends, Red."

"You could flip me over. Or try to. Or I could kick out your legs, and put you on your back." Her grin doesn't leave her. "Whatever you want. Although, I didn't think Marines'd be your type, what with our noise, our smell, our general lack of decorum and sense when it comes to proper etiquette in the bunkrooms."

Dare? Daring, sure. Erin remains still for now, perhaps seeing what Verity'll do next.

"..Smell.. Lovely.." Verity rolls her eyes as she considers the situation. She frowns and brings the arm down - and spins, trying to bring it around Erin's back and for her up. This seems like a sure fire thing to do. It is also probably the last thing one would want to do as well, "Well.. I was teasing you, but I'm open to all kinds of things." There's a soft gruff as she moves. What she lacks in strength, she makes up in dexterity. Though again, a probably failing proposition.

When Verity twists, Erin's arm comes free. Like most women, the Marine is stronger than she looks. A lot stronger. By fate, Erin manages to capture the Pilot about the waist, as the two move, and then hoists the latter off of feet into a suplex takedown.

It gets some attention, if only because the impact makes a solid sound. There's a soft 'ooooh' that comes after. The takedown looks more painful than it is, but that's not to say that it isn't entirely painless.

"You okay?" asks Erin when she disengages. "I'm sorry, Harte, you -- you're a little lighter than I expected, since -- " She rolls into a kneeling pose. " -- I mean, you're taller than me." Beat. "Not that I thought you were heavy or fat or anything, I just -- well, I'm used to picking up other Marines, and they tend to, you know, be, ah -- a little on the heavier side."

Is she concerned? Erin sounds concerned. Like she just bodyslammed someone she kind of likes.

Wait a second, why was Erin's arm free? That's not exactly how this was supposed to.. Now she has someone grabing her by the waist.. That's fine she'll just twist and.. Wait she's in the air and now coming down to hit her back with an oomph. Her hands come to her stomach as the air is knocked out of her. As she is released, she turns onto her stomach, her knees coming up and her elbows coming down. This causes her body to ball up in a fetal position as she gains her breath back. The 'ooohs' and stares not doing much as her cheeks darken at being so easily handled.

Her hand comes up in a ball and her index finger pointing up to indicate she just needed a minute. She takes deep breaths and slowly moves to a sitting position, her hands coming to lean back on. She turns her head so that she is looking at Erin, her breath a bit heavier. Her head tilting as she watches her. She smiles faintly and her voice is soft, "Ow." She says to the woman firmly.

She leans in closer and her voice gets just ever so softer, "I'm not against you tossing me around infront of your friends.. I know how street cred works, beating up an officer and all. It's just, some of me is not as bendy as you - you got to be careful." She moves back, though her face stays close to Erin and she smiles. Her tone and her actions denoting that she is teasing the woman.

She slowly begins to stand, "Wow.. you are extremely agile and strong. I don't think I could ever be that good.." She says louder.

"Red." Erin furrows her brows, and gets up to her feet just after Verity. "I -- " Beat. " -- didn't mean to toss you like that, I just -- " She frowns for a second. " -- no, that didn't go through my head at any second, Red, seriously." Even if Verity is teasing her, Erin seems sincerely sober about the event.

"No, really, I'm sorry about that." She raises her voice. "That was an accident." And then, she lowers it again, and then lifts an eyebrow. Squinting at Verity for a couple of seconds. "Wait. Were you trying to get me to apologize loudly?"

"Erin.." Verity's hands come out and sleep under the the womans to take her by the elbows. This may seem a bit more intimate or comfy then most would imagine - especially for marines. Her eyes try to catch the Marines and she over exagerates a breath, "Breath." Her voice is soft and then her head shakes, "I was teasing you. I don't think you did that on purpose. And if you had? I would just pretend to be angry." She smiles and her voice gets soft so that only she can hear, "I was teasing you. Everything is fine and I didn't want you to apologize loudly. I don't care. And it's not like it's not true.." She smirks, "It probably makes you look rougher to the Capricans to show you just beat up an officer.. The viper's are going to have my neck."

She doesn't immediately begin to pull away - though realize how this might look, her cheeks darken and her hands come down and go back behind her back, "No, I wanted you to show me how to fight." A brief pause, "I still do. There was no harm, nor foul for doing what I asked." She puts more weight on her right foot causing her body to just twist a bit, "Would you like to continue..or do you have to get back, or shall we get you some water? You look parched.."

Erin's eyes are ever attentive. Although she mostly stares into Verity's as the other woman talks, Erin otherwise seems to be distracted by other things. She licks her lower lip quickly, and then shakes her head. "No, no, I'm fine." And she puts on a smile, even if she is apparently anxious or nervous about something. Maybe being so close. "I'm fine. Really, I'm fine."

She clears her throat. "You wanted to learn to fight, so, ah -- " And she does it again. " -- okay, so, when -- here." Erin reaches out behind Verity, to take her hands. "Put your hands up here. Right here. Then -- " The Marines' callused hands take a hold of the collar of Verity's top. " -- I want you to shake me off you. Like, you can, um -- " She licks her lips again. " -- you can just, like, knock my hands away, or push me back, or whatever. And what I'll do is try to keep a hold on you." Seems like a wrestling drill. "Got it?"

Blushing? Erin's blushing a bit, yes. Could just be the exertion, but she doesn't seem winded at all.

The Pilot wasn't stupid, she could feel the heat between them. Atleast, it felt like that to her. She continued the eye contact, even as she was being coached. Her head slowly nodding as its finally broken to look at where her fists were. The difference between the two could not be more stark. Her hands were not nearly as calloused - using the throttle of a ship didn't require as much. She looked back as her collar is grabbed. A deep breath and she considered the position she was in. It is not moments past when she is told that she brings her hands down and then up inbetween Erin's and knocks herself free.

With lightning reflexes, Verity rushes towards her, arm coming around the womans waist and the other to her back. She lifts and goes to bring the woman behind her and on her back... well tries. She lifts once..and then..twice. She fails to use the leverage to move the woman - meaning she is now just holding her in an awkward hug. Her face now close to Erin's. Her breath still heavy and a shake of her head.

"..Ok.. I think we've had enough of embarassing me for one day.." She says to what may be snickers for the few that were still watching to see how the Pilot would react. She doesn't move away from Erin immediately. Her fingers come up and move an errant hair from her eyes to behind her ear and her voice stays soft, "..I think I should probably go..we're both on duty. Buy a girl a drink later tonight?"



That didn't sound right. At least, it didn't sound proper.

"Okay," Erin repeats, a little louder. And not in a squeak.

Someone snickers. That snaps Erin back to reality, and she looks around to see who's laughing at her right now. Death eyes.

"Yeah, I'd -- " Erin looks back to Verity, becomes uncertain again, and gnaws on her lower lip. " -- I'll be like that." Beat. "I mean, I'd like that, and I'll be there." Sigh.

Not that she's letting go. Arms loosely around Verity's neck and shoulders. Awkwrrrrrrd.

"..Ok..Good.." Verity says softly. The hand on the womans shoulder comes to her chin and her thumb gently begins to rub her cheek. She leans in closer and her voice is very soft - it almost looks like a kiss from the wrong angle, "..Corporal.. Unless you're going to kiss me infront of your friends, You have to let me go - or I can't leave." Even though the pilot was acting very calm and cool - this close it was easy to tell that she was being impacted as well. There were goosebumps on her skin, she was slightly flushed to. Her breathing harder.

"..The Lazy Mushroom.. Six or so?" She ignores the others..for now.


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