2237-09-06 - The Differences Between Us

Sarita meets another of her new unit. There is talk of how the colonials see one another and how they may see one another going forward.

Date: 2237-09-06

Location: Argyros Station - Gym

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Though it falls to the pilots and marines to keep up their physical forms the most, the support staff do have a certain level of requirement. As a doctor, Sarita does need to at least keep up the appearance of remaining physically fit. Her enjoyment of dance, at least, keeps her from eschewing PT completely after what they put her through in basic when she signed her life away to the Navy. Today, however, she's not doing anything overly exerting. She found the gym on the base and a quiet corner. She's in sweats and situated on the mats, going through the various poses and stretches that make up a yoga routine. Something developed on Canceron, but made popular by Caprica. Most know of it by now. There's a sheen of sweat upon the surgeon's brow as she goes; it's not an overly relaxed routine, from the looks of it, some of the poses requiring a fair bit of body strength and focus to retain. Her hair is in a braid that falls over and against her shoulder from time to time.

Emrys is just doing some light running, on one of the treadmills. It's an easy, low-impact, workout compared to what Micah and Abigail have been putting hm through lately. He's coming to the end of his routine, slowing the machine down before stopping it completely. The machine is wiped down with a towel, before he hops off and moves off to the side near the mats to grab a drink of water.

Once she finishes, Sarita sort of sinks to the mat, almost breathlessly. She reaches out for her water bottle... only to find it empty. The woman swears, quietly, as she does. Not quite ready to stand up, however, she just falls back to lie down and stare at the ceiling for the moment. The empty water bottle is held outward in one hand as she does, chest rising and falling as she catches her breath. Her legs remain crossed, but her arms are spread out; an almost meditative pose if not for the way she keeps casting looks towards the water fountain. Almost as if she blamed it for her empty bottle.

"You need another one?" Emrys calls over to the other servicemember, having noticed her predicament. He brought water bottles, and apparently has a spare. It's proffered out from where he's standing, ready to toss if she wants it.

At the query, Sarita blinks a few times and comes back to herself. Her hand tightens on her water bottle and she finally sits up. It involves a tightening of abdominal muscles and a sort of roll until she's upright. No use of awkward elbows beneath herself to leverage herself up here, no; she utilizes that flexibility to get where she needs to go. There's a somewhat grateful smile for Emrys' offer. "That would be lovely, thank you." There's a touch of Virgon in her accent, but it's mostly governed by Canceron. Someone who grew up in one of the areas still influenced by Virgan colonialization. She finally gets to her feet, taking a deeper breath. "I should have brought two, myself. Poor planning, I'm afraid."

Emrys tosses the water bottle when she accepts the offer, waiting till she's in a position to catch it. "No problem. You live and you learn." His own accent is pure Virgon, and very much from the upper classes. "I don't think I've seen you before...but you don't sound like you're part of the local forces."

To have the sort of accent she does, Sarita would have to be from Canceron's own upper crust. Her words are carefully chosen, selected, appointed. She almost fumbles the bottle, but not quite. More out of weariness than anything. Her own is tucked under her arm as she opens the one offered, tilting her head in appreciation before she takes a long drink. "New transfer," she explains after she's had her initial fill. "For the Dauntless. The Timber Wolves, to be precise. I'm to be one of their unit's new assigned medical team. Once they ship back out, as I would hope none of them are foolish enough to require a surgeon while on training maneuvers." There's a hint of a smile as she says it.

"Training accidents happen." Emrys replies, seeming less amused. "I once had a student lose both his canopy and his landing gear in a routine flight. Fortunately we were able to talk him down with only the expected damage to the viper." He offers out a hand, then. "Captain Emrys Montjoy. Hawk. Virgon Royal Navy, on secondment to the Colonial Forces. Always good to have more medics in the Wolves."

"Oh, I know." Sarita does not appear apologetic or abashed. "But for every accident, I see ten marines who were showing off and frakked themselves up." She takes another drink before juggling water bottles to accept the hand in turn. Her shake is firm, but brief. "Captain Sarita Hargrave." It's a decidedly Virgan surname. She or someone in her family must have married into it. "I signed on as soon as the war began and was... provided to the Fleet by my colony. I suppose they found me useful."

Emrys seems unruffled by the lack of apology. It's entirely possible he would have lost some respect if the woman had become abashed at his words. "Hargrave. I know the Hargraves, at least the Virgon branch. Good solid family. Went to school with one." And just like that, his demeanor is a little friendlier. The good old boys network at work. "Well, I'm sure you will be useful. We fly pretty hard, and see a lot of shrapnel as a result."

"My husband was a Viper pilot," Sarita adds, almost carefully. The words seem to come as if from far away. There's a key in there. 'Was.' "Much of the family. Really, they served in some way or another. One of his brothers was a JAG. His sister was an engineer." She gives a small shrug before offering the water bottle back out toward Emrys. "Thank you." There is a nod along with it, for his words. "I have been studying a number of the after action reports. Many of the squadron would have been justified in seeking medical discharge. It shows a marked dedication that they have not."

"You're welcome." Emrys takes the bottle back. "I'm sorry for your loss." There's a quiet moment. He can read between lines, after all. When they're big and obvious, especially so. When he does speak again, it's with a nod. "None of us want that. It's...well, our worst nightmare. High command has been really good at picking people for the Wolves who seem to fit a certain psychological profile. I think a lot of us can't imagine what we'll do when the war is over."

"Thomas was shot down the second week of the war, when it was... still barely a war," Sarita explains, looking down to her own empty bottle. She rolls it between her hands. "I didn't know what I would do, period. I found myself walking into the Canceron Navy offices and requesting a commission. Of course they gave me one." A surgeon? With war at their doorstep? They'd have been clamoring for her. "If I can keep people alive long enough to imagine what they will do after, I suppose I will have fulfilled my purpose."

"Well, I'm sure you'll be given plenty of opportunities to fulfill that purpose." Emrys assures the doctor, looking considering then. "You must have done very well in your career to this point to have been assigned to the Wolves, you know." He's at least mildly impressed, given she's only been in since the beginning of the war.

"Fairly well." Sarita does look a bit sheepish, then, looking down to her water bottle once more. "I'm afraid I still get rather angry letters from time to time. I was one of the top candidates for a rather... prestigious position on a surgical team at one of the best hospitals on Canceron when I took my commission." Sounds about right for a traditional family from her colony. "Let's just say..." She begins stepping past Emrys on bare feet, towards the water fountain so she can refill her own bottle at last. "The times I have had leave to go home, I have not spent much time with my family."

"Yeah, I didn't do what my family wanted either once." Emrys seems able to sympathise, at least. "Although it sounds like they took it far better in the long term than yours did." But of course they did, because he was male and the oldest son. The only son. "Well, you'll find a respite from that sort of thing here. Everyone learns fast to get along and rely on one another. Even people whose background gives them every reason to hate one another."

"Ah, yes. The colonial hatred." Sarita chuckles faintly as she tilts her water bottle beneath he tap of the fountain, letting it steadily fill. "I have been hearing a lot about that, especially as of late. When you are from Canceron, you find most other colonies forget you even exist. Aerilon loves to cry about being the forgotten one, but everyone knows without them, we'd have no bread." She finishes filling her bottle, capping it off as she turns back to Emrys. "We are too busy being too full of people and sweating our asses off to care what others think about us. And now we are too busy trying not to die. I do not hate someone for where they are born."

"It still flares up from time to time, but very infrequently. And sometimes just in fun." Emrys notes, before shaking his head slightly. "I would assure you Virgon hasn't forgotten Canceron, but I know that's not exactly a comforting reassurance." Colonial powers never like losing their colonies, after all. "Still...it amazes me sometimes, still. We do very well."

"Oh, I am rather keenly aware that Virgon has not forgotten about us." There is something of a smirk from Sarita at that. "However, the rest of the colonies?" One slim shoulder rises and falls in a shrug, but the expression softens into an easy smile. "Controlling fist or no, our colony's independence earned my family a rather decent parcel of land. I know many of my people take issue with Virgon, but I am not one of them. Call it privilege if you'd like. I figure at this juncture, however, we are all rather equally frakked."

"Yeah, you can say that again." Emrys agrees, talking of them being 'equally frakked'. There's a half-shrug at the talk of people taking issue with Virgon. "As proud as I am to be a son of Virgon, I'd be blind and stupid if I didn't admit we've earned quite a bit of it."

"Singh," Sarita fills in, simply. One of those families that got quite a bit of land and found themselves at the top of the caste system when the dust began to settle. Rich, well-off, and helping hold the purse strings in the wake of the revolution. Sure, it's a democracy now, but money rules all. "There are those upon Canceron that curse my family name as much as your colony, Montjoy. To take part, in this war, of continuing the bickering would be unbecoming of me." She lifts a hand to push some hair back from her brow; sweeping it towards the braid that has become a bit of a mess in her workout. "Virgon may have earned it, but her people did not. Certainly not those that serve now."

"Well, that's remarkably forward thinking of you." Emrys nods thoughtfully as he listens. He clearly recognizes the family name, apparently familiar with the history of Virgon's former colony to some degree. "At any rate, here we all are. Hopefully we'll remember all of this when the dust finally settles."

"Well, I am a doctor. I find we have to be more progressively minded than most." There's another flash of a smile from Sarita. She opens the water bottle, taking a quick drink. "Mmm, one can hope. I imagine some will. Those that fought, especially. The civilians-" There's a deep breath there as she looks off past the pilot's shoulder. She lets it out in a slow sigh, shrugging as she caps the bottle, lowering it. "I doubt it. I've seen the news reports. The way they respond to even humanitarian efforts. I fear the youngest of us will have the greatest difficulties returning home after the war."

"Perhaps." Emrys agrees thoughtfully. "Or perhaps they will go home to be leaders in their communities, and tell them what they saw." There's a half-shrug. "I don't know. I'm at the end of my military career, not the beginning."

There's a long moment from Sarita of quiet. "Funny how that works, isn't it? Had I gone into the military, rather than the medical field, I'd be at the further end of it. However, as a surgeon, I'm still much closer to the beginning of my career than the end." She shakes her head faintly. "This war will end and I will- well, I will likely have to look at another colony for a job after burning my bridges on Canceron, to be perfectly frank."

"Try Virgon." Emrys suggests. "The Hargrave name will carry some weight there. Might open enough doors to get you settled there and with a good job." He looks thoughtful, as something occurs to him. "It'll be interesting to see how it changes things, or if it does at all, that many of us will have very close friends living on other colonies."

"Perhaps." Sarita bites at her lower lip faintly. "It would feel disingenuous to use my dead husband's name, though. I barely speak to his family anymore. I see his sister sometimes, on leave, when I've been able to visit her, but-" She shakes her head. "It's been over two years and it may be... how many yet?" She laughs softly, moving towards the bench where she'd left her shoes, sitting down to begin putting them on. "Maybe I should begin fostering relationships with hospitals on colonies now, if I find myself stationed on them like this."

"Unfortunately you won't really, very often at all." Emrys explains. "This sort of training duty assignment is unusual for us. We're...as they probably told you...an entirely self-supporting special ops unit. You'll spend almost all your time aboard Dauntless. We get to come down for shore leave every so often, usually right before going to our next big set of fights. But being stationed planetside like this is highly unusual."

"So it seems," Sarita says, lacing up her shoes. "I only found a couple distant references, from before the unit was even wholly formed." She gets to her feet again. "Largely missions planetside for short-term needs, tied to the ship. The Dauntless however is still fairly new from the sounds of it. Previously it was the Vanguard, yes?" She picks her water bottle back up, explaining quickly: "I arrived early and decided to review as much as I could so I'd better understand the people I'm working with. Not just the cases I'd be handed once I am on board."

Emrys nods at that. "Yes, the Vanguard." He confirms. "Not saying I don't miss her, but...Dauntless has a lot of amenities that just weren't present on Vanguard." There's a wry chuckle, as she talks about getting such a headstart. "Yeah, I think you'll fit in fine around here."

"Well, that's at least one vote in my favor." Sarita laughs faintly. "I will have to remember that when I have a marine screaming obscenities at me while I stitch him up, yes?" There is a smirk from the woman as she pushes another errant section of hair back. "I do not doubt I will have no small number of those in the unit that dislike me, but that is the price we medicos pay. We have to be the bad guy that takes away your active duty status so that you don't hurt yourselves."

"Oh, don't worry, you ever yank my flight status I'll teach you swear words you never knew existed." Emrys promises, though there's humor in his tone. "Nah, I'll be more professional than that. But I understand what you mean. Ultimately, though, I think we appreciate our doctors. We just get crossways with you sometimes, that's all."

"How much Leonese do you know, Captain? I might be able to teach you a few in exchange." Sarita smiles, returning that humor. "I can be firm as need be and I have a thick skin. I've spent time with embedded marine units. They can be rather petulant about their doctoring, I have found. I imagine I will handle the Wolves just fine once we are out there."

"Oh, you know. Just enough." Emrys smile has a touch of embarassment, and in the context of Virgon and Leonis it's not hard enough to imagine what 'just enough' would be for young Virgon nobility growing up before the war forced them all to get along. "Well, it's been great talking to you, but I need to getting along. I'm sure I'll see you around, though. Welcome 'aboard', as it were."

"Perhaps we should compare notes. I can't say my Leonese is fluent, after all." Sarita looks rather bemused at the shift in Emrys' smile. Enough to cause her to press the point just a bit. She tilts her head when he mentions a need to get going. "Of course. I need to hit the showers, myself. Hopefully I see you soon and not in the medbay." She lifts her water bottle in departure before heading for the showers attached to the gym.


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