2237-09-06 - We're All Famous Here

Some of the veterans of the Timber Wolves welcome in some fresh blood and discuss their varied backgrounds and upcoming wargames.

Date: 2237-09-06

Location: Argyros Naval Air Station

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Last time, on Caprica NAVMEDCEN...

"See, Miranda, it's much better.." Paige is smirking a slight bit as she bounces back and forth on her ankle in the mess hall of the medical center, as she's trying to convince the doctor that she's fit to return to duty. Dressed in her duty greens, the Captain's pins and ECO tag stands out along with the last name of Graystone before she settles back into her chair to sip her tea.

The Doctor was in her very own uniform, the insignias and initials showing her to be of the support staff and Doctor Variety. She slowly walks around Paige as she is bouncing and shakes her head, "You'll forgive me Captain.. if I leave the flying and killing of Cylons to you..but keep my own medical expertise.." She says with a smirk, as she clicks her pen and seems to be checking a few things off. Her head dips forward, "So.. no muscle spasms? Nothing happen while I haven't seen you?" An eyebrow raising with a smirk as the clipboard is brought behind her. She nods her head, "It would appear you are ready.. And just in time for the Games, I'm told. The Capricans are going to be doing war games with the Timber Wolves, invasion op? That must be exciting.." (Mira)

Another figure wanders into the medical center, more specifically the mess hall. This one is Sarice, the smaller woman clearly off-duty based on the comfortable sweats slouched on and the grey t-shirt and brown tank top combo. Upon realizing where is, however, she throws her hands into the air and mutters quite audibly about the lack of the ability to find anything on a base she is intensely unfamiliar with. One wonders if she even made it back to the bunks last night, or if she slept in the medical bay - the change of clothing, at least confirms she knows where /that/ is.

Irene "Iris" Harris seems to be on her way out of the medical center, looking sharp in her CF duty greens. With her, another blonde, but older and in a Caprican uniform with major's insignia on her collar. The pair seem friendly enough, trading some quiet banter which ends at the mess hall doors. They split there with some casual farewells, salutes and a quick hug, and while the Major heads off down the corridor, Irene strolls into the mess. She has a small, thin box tied with a bow in hand. She also has laser vision that finds Paige like she's a raptor, and Irene is a Cylon SAM. That's the way she goes, stopping nearby and politely waiting to be acknowledged.

Though settled in to her quarters, Sarita is not quite in the duty rotation as of yet. Apparently, she arrived a bit ahead of schedule. It's of no real matter for her. Every naval officer enjoys a bit of time off. She's utilizing the time to familiarize herself with the base... even if they likely won't be there for long. Still good to not get lost between duty shifts, right? Holding a few files in hand and dressed in duty slacks and those notable dual-tanks, the Canceron woman makes her way into the mess hall, the top folder flipped open as she reads it over. She's largely not paying any especial attention to those already at their meals or otherwise as she heads towards the chow line.

Knowing that Paige can shake SAMs like a sorority chick can shake nerds, claiming to be a missile chasing a Raptor may not be the best analogy, but as she approaches, the brunette looks up and grins. "That was not Dirk with the good hair, was it?" she asks with a playful smirk before she glances towards the box and points to the seat next to her. "Dish. But only after introductions. Iris, this is Miranda, or Doctor Cardinal. Or Mira. Mira, this is Lieutenant Irene Harris, or Iris. She usually ferries me about in the Raptor, we make a pretty good team." There's a bump of the blonde's hip if she takes a seat before there's a noticing of Sarice, and Paige raises a hand to her in greetings, since she looks like she's completely lost. "New here, or transferring to Dauntless?" she asks.

One thing about medical centers. Where there are doctors, there are chaplains. Aldrich has been mostly keeping his head down since they came to Caprica, but he still has duties to attend to. He looks very much like he's been On Duty, right down to the shine of his shoes and a basket slung over his arm, but that doesn't stop him from stopping by the mess hall on his way through. He also heads to claim himself a tray. With a friendly smile for anyone he passes.

Exploring Argyros has been a necessary but somehow frustrating endeavor, less because it's difficult to find her way around, and more because it isn't her final destination, just a waystation along the way to her new life. For Ines, all of the delays between leaving Leonis and whatever routine waits for her on-board the Dauntless are uneasy holding patterns that leave her feeling unsettled, restless. Between assigned duties -- for the time being few and light, given she's not fully integrated yet -- she's burning through that restlessness in roving the base.
Her green duty fatigues help her blend, but only to a point. Not a resident of the base, but not quite a Timber Wolf yet either, she ghosts through the hallways, hands in pockets, slightly disconnected. When she stumbles over this group, she can't resist; she's pulled into that orbit of chatter and personalities as though they exuded actual gravity.

"No, I couldn't believe it. She was the older version of me, in a movie. Or, vice versa. I was her as a kid. I hadn't seen her since the wrap party, but now she's a major in the Caprican Navy." Irene explains, putting the gift on the table and holding up a finger, can't sit yet. "Hello, Doctor. Do you two want anything? I'm dying for a cup of tea." She'll wait long enough for requests if any are forthcoming, then head off.

"Both?" Sarice muses. "I mean, it's technically 'Where the Timber Wolves are assigned', so whether that's a base, of the Dauntless, well - I'm there. The problem is, I've never been on one quite as ... big." She admits, wryly. "Maybe would've helped me if I had explored earlier, instead of hitting just the sickbay, the base PX, and the bunks ... of which I at least know where two of those three are!" Frightening. At least she isn't a pilot. Mira gets blown a kiss from one doc to another with a grin. "Oh well, I'll just ... eat... while I'm here."

Speaking of movies, perhaps, Sarita would look familiar to any who are fans of Canceron films. Particularly those full of singing and dancing. Amrita Singh stars in many of them; a frequent romantic lead. And Sarita? Looks exactly like her. Just... well, sans all the makeup, jewelry, and flowing, ornate outfits. No, she's just in the naval blue trou, dual-tanks, and her hair curls over her shoulders with the slight damp sheen of someone who took a shower recently. She glances back as Aldrich finds himself in line just behind her, giving him a small nod before she moves forward and starts building herself a meal.

"Aha. You know, with all the talent we have.." Paige smirks a little. "We should have our own on-ship talent show. Or maybe even start up our own show." There's a gestures towards the beverage station. "I bought some fresh ground if you want to share with me." she offers to Irene. "Just need the water." With that, she offers her hand to Sarice. "Captain Paige Graystone. Or Princess. I'm one of the ECOs in the Wolves. And you are?"

Aldrich gives Sarita a little smile of recognition when she glances back, and pauses to grab a tray as he waits for his turn. After a moment, he says, "Excuse me, you're new with the Timber Wolves, aren't you? I don't believe we've met... I try to keep up, but with our turnover..." He smiles ruefully at that, and starts filling a plate with whatever greens are available, however wilted.

In what feels like another life, just on the opposite stretch of two years, Ines was once the kind of young woman who paid attention to things like the who's-who of cinema and celebrity. The Uprising put a stop to that, and training kept her attention elsewhere, but it's not so remote from her memory that she doesn't suddenly recognize two people in the group she's approaching, the realization painted in broad strokes on her open face.

A more deliberate look of bewildered amusement edges it out once she's close enough to say something, bright humor coloring her accented enunciation. "This is a military installation, right? I didn't just wander onto a set somewhere..?" Yep: totally assuming that Sarita is Amrita.

Taking the hand, Sarice gives it a good shake. "Lieutenant Sarice Dreik, or 'Lil Dragon', as I've been called when people don't show up for checkups. I'm general practice, I'm one of the newly assigned doctors that got moved over to the Wolves. I got shipboard instructions, but not Caprica base instructions, so I'm a little more lost than I should be." She eyes Sarita and Ines for a moment. "No kidding about talent. We have some /very/ pretty people wandering around." She muses.

"Quite new," Sarita offers over her shoulder to Aldrich. She's placing a fairly balanced mix on her own plate, though she's mindful of the vegetables. Too wilted and she skips. Somewhat picky, it would appear. "Just arrived yesterday, though I wasn't due until today." Her accent is that blend some from Canceron have, should they be from the parts still heavily influenced by Virgan colonials. Definitely upper echelons of the society. Ines' input earns a faint smile; almost apologetic. "You're thinking of my sister," she demures, softly. "I'm afraid I'm the boring one. Sarita Hargrave. Surgeon. I'll be serving on the Dauntless."

A light chuckle escapes from the ECO as Paige shakes her head, her hair held up in a tidy bun. "Hopefully, they aren't transferring us to yet another ship, I'm running out of places for patches." she comments with a hint of warm mirth. "We started on Galactica, then Vanguard.. which believe me, it was cramped, but the bunks were so much bigger than on her, and now Dauntless, which had a boarding incident - I guess that's why we're on hold, they're making sure that the ship didn't have any surprises left behind by those Cylons.."

When Sarice brings up the famous faces, there's a small smile offered. "You'll get used to it. I think at last count, we have four former models, three former actors, two Pyramid stars, and a rock star in the Marines. Not to mention, if you're Leonese, we also have Sergeant Rothschild..." The very face of the Leonese military. "You'll get used to it after a while." As she notices Aldrich before giving a wave to the Chaplain and her attention goes back to Irene. "I didn't see the resemblance." she teases before the woman heads off for tea.

Aldrich's accent is noticeably Gemenese, particularly against the background of Caprican natives, but he doesn't seem to be displaying the customary rudeness others might have come to associate with the accent. He looks pretty bewildered by all the talk of talent and sets, but he lets it pass like he does most things he doesn't understand, with a silent smile. He finishes loading up his plate with vegetarian fare, and then offers Sarita, "I'm the chaplain. If you need anything, feel free to let me know. We're sometimes a bit up in the air with regards to location, but the chapel always welcomes all faiths, when I'm in charge of it." He glances over to other new faces to include them in the invitation, then takes a momentary detour to fetch a cup of coffee. Gotta have the coffee or what's the point?

Apology and affable skepticism war for dominance in Ines' expression when Sarita gently corrects her mistake. "Ah, pardon." Pardon, the pronunciation fully Leonese. Hooray for loan words! "You probably get pretty tired of that, hm? But I don't know about 'boring.' Sister of a famous actress, with a medical degree, picked up for a spec-ops unit? If that's boring, the rest of us are in a lot of trouble."
She says nothing about the ambient attractiveness of virtually every soldier she's met since she arrived, because they're about to be squadmates, and that would be...weird. Creepy. Uncomfortable. Not the best way to get to know people. But she does a poor job of suppressing a sudden smile, the corners of her mouth tugged down insufficient to the task, and her shoulders shake twice with some silent laugh. Because it's true. Maybe it's something they put in the food.
Her gaze snaps up again when Paige mentions Rothschild, but she says nothing about it.

"... Four form- th-- tw- a rock st--" Sarice has a hand come up to cover her face, and she can be heard muttering something about needing a talent agency, and thanking the gods that egos seem to be chill on the ship at the least. "Well. What's next? A pop diva? A surfing star off of one of the colonies with the good beaches?" She asks, waving her hand. "Hmm, got popular in here. I recognize barely anyone." Alas.

"Oh. We have a surfing star, I think she's in the Marines. Thanks for the correction." Paige says with a small chuckle. But when Aldrich accepts the invitation, she moves to make room. "Some more of your shipmates are inbound. Smile pretty when you introduce yourself." she teases as she sips her tea.

Irene takes her sweet time over at the hot beverage station, completely absorbed in her work there. Not that it's particularly tough, or anything. Put hot water in a cup, tea in another, add the usual tea accompaniments. When she finally's through with the prep she notices the chaplain on the way over and gives him a nod and familiar smile. She'll follow him back to Paige's table and the growing group of Timber Wolves. The smile brightens as she sets one cup in front of the ECO and her tea at the seat one over from hers. "Hi." She politely offers the new faces, "I'm Irene." There's no bother with rank or much more detail than that. She has her uniform on, complete with lieutenant junior grade pips and pilot wings, so that ought to be more or less sufficient.

"All faiths?" There's a considering look for Aldrich from Sarita, as if she's considering the true breadth of his words. "Well, I may stop by sometime." She provides him a small smile before finally stepping away, turning that smile a bit more broadly onto Ines. "Imagine it the other way. She'd never be mistaken for me. Thus, I am the boring one." Balancing her tray carefully, the Captain begins angling her way for the drink station and that vitally precious thing: coffee.

"Oh gods. Frak this, I'm not prepared for all of these good-looking successful people." Sarice drops into a seat, dramatically sprawling over the table, making sure not to take any food, or gods forbid, coffee on the way in the process. She is smiling though.

Aldrich gives Irene a grin of his own as he carries his coffee and salad back and drops carefully into an empty chair to get started. He doesn't waste any time with it. Probably been in the trenches too long to be squeamish about table manners. At least he's not as bad as some of the marines. "All faiths," he confirms. "Yours can't possibly be weirder than mine, and if it is, I want to hear about it," he claims, with a touch of self-mocking in his smile.

"Ines," supplies the same when Irene introduces herself to new faces at the table. She finally commits to hanging around by dragging a chair out and dropping with semi-boneless grace into it. She crosses her legs at the knee and hooks one arm over the back of her seat, posture canted on an angle and at-ease. Sarita's insistence meets with more obvious skepticism, but she gets a wry shrug.
Muted green eyes settle on Sarice after that, though they bounce away once when the chaplain joins the table. There's sympathy in the look. "Stands to reason you being here makes you successful too, no?" There's a pause, then her brows knit. "I get what you're saying, though. The last two days I've felt like someone is going to grab me by the collar any second and ask me what the hell I think I'm doing here."

Paige is totally not bringing up any kind of fame, accepting the cup from the pilot with a grateful smile as she starts to set up a fresh bag of leaves to seap. With the conversations going on around her, for a moment, she's allowing it to simply swirl around her while she enjoys it, the ECO usually known for keeping quiet at times. Closing her eyes to breath in the scent of the tea, she sighs. "Going to be jockeying me around for the war games against the Cap Navy?" she asks Irene curiously.

Once she has her coffee, Sarita opts to join the others at the table they've all settled at. Largely because she's still talking to a couple of them. Aldrich, at the every least. Her tray has a fair amount of fruits and vegetables on it and some meat... but mostly fowl. She avoided the red meat; perhaps for the mystery of which exact animal it came from. Her sitting down is more careful, though that may be for fear of spillage. "I would not say weird so much as... misunderstood sometimes," she ventures, finally, though in a low enough voice to not talk over the others.

"I suppose I could, if you want to break the bad news to Wooly." Irene replies to Paige after looking all the new faces over and settling into her seat. She composes herself just about perfectly, somehow managing to tilt her head just enough to get the best lighting possible. Not that mess halls in medical centers have particularly dramatic, or even very interesting lighting. Maybe she just looks good inspite of it. Stupid celebrities. "He probably won't mind though. I think he's still cranky about the fresh shrapnel stuck in his left cheek. He says everytime he sits down the pain in his ass reminds him of me." Shrug. She smiles at the assembled, and assembling, Ines, especially when she gives her introduction.

"Hello! I'm Sarice." Sarice greets the newcomers from her sprawl. "Mmph. Hey, table's actually pretty comfy. This could be good for a nap." No, bad dragon. Silly dragon. She does stir at the smell of coffee, however.

Aldrich's attention perks at Sarita's admission, though he at least has the good grace to swallow before answering. "Really? Well, now you have my professional curiosity piqued. Perhaps you could come by sometime and tell me about it?" He leaves it at that and pauses to take a sip of coffee, to avoid potentially embarrassing her, though that curiosity never really goes away.

"Ugh, as long as we don't use the same Raptor." Paige makes a face. There's a reason why the guy's called 'Wooly' and the ECO makes a face at it all as she turns her attention back to the others and raises a hand in greetings to those who arrived late. "Paige." she adds to the introductions.

Ines lifts a hand, wiggles her fingers 'hello' at Paige's introduction, but she's quiet now, listening. Watching, picking up things about the people here and their relationships from context clues.
At least until curiosity gets the better of her. When there's an opening long enough to pipe up without interrupting, she asks, "What's this about war games?"

The gift box, the one Irene came in with and left on the table, is contemplated by the Raptor pilot. One hand around her cup of tea, she reaches for the box with her other, pinning the corner with her fingers and sliding it closer to pull idly at the loops of the ribbon bow on top. There's a bit of a snort at Paige's objection to sharing a raptor with her other most favorite co-pilot, but she doesn't have a snappy retort at that junction, she instead handles the question from the new viper pilot. "While we're repairing and resupplying, we'll be having war games against the Capricans. THe Marines will be, definitely." She glances aside at Paige after, brow quirked, "Is the air wing participating? I thought maybe we were just doing training exercises together."

"Perhaps," Sarita answers Aldrich with a faint smile. "I would be interested to see how the chapel may be able to support it, at the very least." The doctor has no care, herself, for the lighting nor elsewise what it may do for her looks. Her sister would, surely, were she here. Now, certain tricks of shadows do show that she has a number of piercings... just all taken up by retainers at the moment. At least those that aren't professional such as simple studs in the ears. She doesn't delve into her food right away, but rather nurses the coffee with slow sips as she looks over the others; carefully memorizing faces as names are given.

"They're fitting the Raptors and Vipers with sim gear, so I can only assume we're going to be mixing it up too, from what I've heard." Paige glances over at Ines. "You met any of the other Viper pilots yet?" she asks curiously. "Assuming you fly Vipers, of course. We haven't been lucky enough to get fresh Raptor pilots since Iris joined us."

Sarice listens to the conversation. She's pretty chill, and has no idea what's going on - so listening is good. Definitely not falling asleep on the table. She warned people, man - she'll take naps everywhere.

Aldrich continues eating his food, making quick work out of it (it's easy when you're eating light) and then finishes off his coffee. "It was a pleasure to meet all of you," he offers, with a glance around the table as he stands up, "But I have a bit of training to get to this afternoon. I hope I'll see you all soon."

Ines lifts her hand as the chaplain leaves, but most of her attention is on talk of the coming exercises, something of enough interest that it has her leaning up away from the back of her chair and into the fold of her forearms along the table's edge. "Sounds like a good time." And a relief, all things considered. It's strange not having very much to do. She's sure she'll look back on this downtime with longing someday, and maybe someday soon, but for now it chafes against the eagerness that comes along with new circumstances.
"Two," she says, with a short nod at Paige. "Three, I guess, if you count the Major. I only know their callsigns -- Nova and Milkman?"

Lifting her mug as Aldrich departs, Sarita murmurs after him, "Nama." A simple Canceronian word of greeting. Or departure, in this case. No language there own, but they have words here and there. Another sip of coffee and, sufficiently caffeinated, the surgeon finally looks to the meal before her. There's a slight purse of her lips before she shakes her head and picks up a fork. "I shall have to go into the city at some point. Partake of a proper meal before I forget what one is again."

Irene lifts her fingers from the gift for a wiggle-wave at the departing Aldrich, having a good long think about the sim gear and the potential war games to be played. When she's done mulling that, she checks out the remaining Timber Wolves, curious over the new ones, to be sure. Sarice, Sarita and Ines. None are spared! "Well, we're a friendly bunch. Honestly. Even the marines, mostly, on a good day." She smiles, speaking mostly to Ines but obviously that applies to all new folks. "It might take a little time to acclimate if you're transferring straight from a colonial military. It definitely wasn't like I expected... coming from Virgon. Where are you all from?"

"Nova and Milkman? Yeah. Nova's a Raptor driver, Milkman's in the Vipers. Whisper, that's the Major, she's our third CAG. First one was a good guy, he got wounded and was transferred to the hospital. Second one was Webb, went by Spyder. He was a hard ass. People didn't like him - said he went a little hardcore with the rules. Whisper's our third." Paige explains as she nods to Irene's assessment. "Our top ace is Cherry. She's around sometimes, but she concentrates mainly on the other Viper pilots these days. Emrys.. Hawk, he's a former Vironese instructor turned pilot, and Busker, that's the aforementioned rockstar - Micah Knorr."

"I'm Libran." Sarice says, resting her head on her arms on the table. Yes, not asleep yet, still paying attention. "So... I probably saw even less than some others, I was a Reservist, and served briefly on Leonis at the start of the war, but ...

Names, roles, ranks. Paige spills a raft of them, and Ines absorbs them with the same unwavering intensity of focus that probably had much to do with her landing in the seat she's sitting in now. Just nods in response, at least until he tosses out another celebrity name, and one well-kept brow wings upward. "I think I remember him. I was still in school the last time I heard that name." Fifteen or thereabouts, in fact, but why make a thing of it?
Irene's question gets a fleeting smile. "Montseny, Leonis." An industrial center that was soundly bent over a barrel by Cylons almost from the word go, and hasn't yet figured out how to unassume the position. She's not politically incendiary by nature -- she was shooting to be a diplomat, after all -- but she still can't help a brief study of the Virgon's expression, as though expecting some sort of centuries-old colonial grudge to manifest all of a sudden. For Sarice, a glance, and: "Thanks for that." Serving on Leonis, one assumes.

After a couple bites of chicken -- or perhaps it's turkey -- Sarita starts eating it alongside the vegetables on her plate. It helps add some level of flavor. When Irene inquires as to where they're from, she looks up, picking up her coffee to wash down a mouthful. "Canceron, originally," she ventures, her origins clear in her accent. That mix of her colony along with the Virgan influence from their colonial settlements. "I've been serving with the Fleet since the beginning of the war, however. I was with the hospital ship, Second Light, prior to my transfer." She pays only half a mind to the names being given to Ines; she'd never remember them all at once, anyway.

"We're near my hometown." Paige admits. With the last name Graystone, it makes sense. Creator of the Cylons, based right here on good ole Caprica. "Served a few years in the ICJPK, came back when the Uprising started, joined the Colonial Forces shortly after - been with the Wolves since their creation in one way or another." she explains quietly by way of her upbringing. She takes a sip from her tea and considers the tea leaves near the top in the process. "There's a whole other wing of pilots, don't worry, you'll meet them soon enough. Some are just as new as you are to the unit."

There's no twitchy eye from Irene when any of the home colonies are given. If she's holding a grudge, she hides it well. She could be very, very dangerous, or just friendly. "I'm from Aerilon originally, but grew up on Virgon and served in the Royal Navy. There's a mix of everyone from all over here. My bunkmate is a Libran and she's the best. There's also lot of nice Capricans, like the Captain here, if you need a guide to keep you from the tourist traps in the city." Paige, she seems to mean, tipping her head to gesture to the other woman. Nice Caprican, her. "It's decent, actually. I think I've only run into one or two people that really bristled when you brought up one colony or the other in front of them."

Sarice perks a little at the mention of other Librans, but that's about all. She's pretty Chill. Libran is pretty chill, as far as things go. She glances at Irene for a moment, giving her a small smile. "I help where I can, no matter where it is." She says, very simply. Truly a good creed for a doctor - she does her best to hold everyone the same sort of way.

Something lets go in Ines' shoulders. Not tension, exactly. Self-awareness, or something like it. "People have been a lot more laid back than I expected," she admits. "I'm not sure what I was expecting, though. A lot of grizzled, no-nonsense veterans I'd drive half-crazy with my sunny disposition?" Her lips quirk, lashes lower, and she looks momentarily abashed. "I didn't come from a military family. I've got two years under my belt, and before that..." In the pause that follows, she sweeps the back of her hand through the air dismissively: there was nothing, the gesture seems to say.
"I won't say no to a guide for just about anything, is what I'm saying."

"Difficult to find grizzled veterans when few have seen war such as this," Sarita points out gently. She eats slowly, but steadily. The pace of someone who is hungry, but not particularly enjoying their meal. "I'm not one to be a guide. I'm terribly lost around here, myself." A Captain she may be, but she's brand new to the Wolves, herself. After a time, the doctor finds her fill and nudges the tray aside. The space is replaced with her forearms and her coffee.

"The only time I'm on point is when we're in a mission. Otherwise, I do try to relax." Paige responds. Though she does seem rather prim and proper about it all. "As far as a tour? Only if it's a girls' night out." she points out with a smirk. "There's always the NCO club or the Mushroom if you want the local places that are military friendly."

"There's a few old timers." Irene grins, pointedly not looking at Captain Graystone. She's so not looking at Paige that she notices someone walking by the exit in the corridor beyond. A second later she's up out of her seat, rushing a quick drink of her tea before abandoning it and the group, "Sorry, have to run. I have a gift to deliver. Nice to meet you all! Sirs." The box is scooped up and tucked under arm, quick salute offered to the officers en masse and she takes off on the double trying to catch whoever it was she saw.

Ines glances at Sarita, pressing her lips into a thinner line. "That's true. Really, though, anyone to see heavy fighting in the last two years seems grizzled to me. Not that I -- " She stops short, then exhales something that would've been a laugh if it had more substance. "Well, you're right, anyway." A sobering thought, given the things people have already seen in a war still more or less in its infancy. When Irene pops up on a mission, she waves, throws a small smile after her.
The words 'girls' night out' throw her for such a loop that for a moment all she can do is sit and stare, and this time when she laughs it's full, bright. "I mean -- yes. Yeah. Of course. I'm always up for little adventures. Sorry, I just -- I haven't heard those words in what feels like forever."

"Just wait until we're officially released on leave. You'll think you're in college again." Paige responds as she watches Irene off and then glances at her watch. "I should get ready to return myself. I have a few more lectures to attend this afternoon." She's clearly not excited by the idea, but it's something she wants to do. "I hope I'll see you all soon."

Sarice lifts a finger. "I ended up in here because I got lost. Don't ask me for anything unless it's medical advice." She lays her head back down on her arms. "And now I'm too sleepy to get up and try to find the gym."

Pressing to her own feet, having finished her coffee, Sarita gives a small shake of her head. "Speaking of being lost-" Things are stacked carefully upon her tray. "I am going to familiarize myself with the base before I am officially on duty, lest I embarrass myself before a Major or worse." There is a small smile for Ines. "Do not worry. You would not be here if someone didn't think you deserved it." With that and a nod for Sarice, she steps away to return her tray.

The assembly begins to break up, and Ines takes that as her cue, too. She slides out of her seat, boots still so new that they creak as she regains her feet. Sarita's reassurance wins a double-take from her, but she follows it up with the kind of smile that she keeps in plentiful store, like solid proof of that sunny disposition she mentioned. Warm, bright. "Thanks. It was good to meet you." Pause. "And you both," she adds, for the departing Paige and the drowsy Sarice. "I'm sure I'll be seeing all of you again soon."
Moments later, she's slipped off into the rest of the foot traffic through the mess hall.

Waving, Sarice contemplates the table. "It was nice to meet all of you!" She says, cheerfully, before Sarice takes a nap.


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