2237-09-07 - Cardio Cardio Cardio

Elena, Paige, and Mira get in some running at the base.

Date: 2237-09-07

Location: Caprica Base/Track

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Elena is out for a run in her downtime. With the scrimmage against the Caprican Navy coming up, she's clearly focused on getting her head clear and into the combat frame of mind that often degrades when you're parked in a safe-ish spot for a week or two. The pilot is in running shoes, with Timber Wolves branded shorts and tank, the items looking painfully new and unfaded. Her hair is back in a ponytail as she stretches beside the track, preparing to set out and get in a couple miles.

There's a second person about to join the track. Paige is finishing her stretches at the side of the track. Dressed in a black racer back top with a smaller Timber Wolves patch on the right breast and a pair of leggings, the woman finishes her stretches and gives her shoe laces one last tug to make sure they're back in place before merging into the traffic, her own hair done up in it's usual tidy bun. "Morning, Elena." she greets as she sets pace with the older pilot. "Settling in okay?" Concern shows in her voice, a hint of worry for new pilots.

Elena sets off, falling into pace with Paige comfortably, her pace a little easier with a few inches of leg on the ECO. "As well as you can expect," she replies with a tight smile. "Hard to really settle when you're shuttled off to the planet so soon after arriving. But I adapt well, so it'll be fine." She moves without effort at this pace, her ponytail swinging rhythmically. "How about you?" she asks.

There's a slight chuckle. "I'm one of the seinor members, I'm used to it by now. I may not have as many kills as some of the Viper jocks.." Paige gives a shrug of her shoulders. "But I've never really been one to crave the attention. You meet the CAG or any of your fellow pilots yet?" she asks curiously as she moves around the first turn, her left ankle still slightly favored. "Sorry I haven't been around much. ECOs tend to get dragged off to specialized briefings about the latest technology and make sure we have our duties downpat. After what happened a while back on Canceron, I'm not complaining."

"Just in briefings and the bunks and such. I've had a lot of paperwork and training sessions to sit through. The Wolves operate a lot differently than any of the units I've been with, so there's been a whole lot of new thrown at me in the last week or so," Elena quips. "What happened on Canceron?" she asks. She wasn't always in much of the loop, especially as she usually has her nose in a history book, rather than on the news.

"Oh right, before your time.." Paige laughs a little. "I forget sometimes, it feels kind of right having you around. Like the old days." She shrugs. "Anyway, Canceron. We were on a joint mission with their forces, and there was a major frak up that caused our units to mistake a Canceron air patrol for a group of Cypers - the Cylon controlled Vipers. One of our younger pilots, Razor, shot one down before the call came out they were friendlies. There was damn near a court martial over it - and in the investigation, turned out that the ECO on the mission had transposed his frequencies for the Canceron forces and they were hailing dead air. He got raked over the coals and ended up putting in for a transfer. Think, in some ways, it cost the CAG at the time his job too."

"Yikes," Elena says with a grimace. "That had to have been hellish. The hailing was a frak up sure, but I'd have shot them down too, probably, in that case. Razor made out all right though?" she asks, because as a pilot, it's scary to get the blame laid at your feet for someone else's mistake. "I'm guessing that's why we have a mile long prep list before launching now?"

"Mile and a half." Paige replies with a chuckle. "It's supposed to be dulling, but it reminds me to stay on point. He's fine, as far as I know. I haven't had much of a chance to.. socialize." she admits with a puff of breath and then laughs. "I've been in this unit for nearly six months now, and I just only recently got asked out on a date." There's a smirk offered at that. "I guess the Princess keeps to her tower thing kinda stuck."

"His name is pretty high on the kill board, so I'm guessing he's recovered," Elena says with a small smile. At the date mention a brow slides upwards and a smirk blossoms. "That's the other thing I'm going to have to get used to. Fraternization not being forbidden. Not that I'm shopping, mind you. It's been ten years since I've been divorced and the idea of dating still makes me cringe. Who was the brave soul that asked?"

"Don't worry - still not dating pilots. They're too high on their kill counts." Paige winks over at Elena as she chuckles. "She's one of the new doctors, Miranda?" she asks as if Elena may have met her yet. "Decided why not. Even if it doesn't work out, I can still have a good time and make a friend. I have precious few of them in the unit. Irene and Faye, you.." she shrugs again and picks up the pace so Miss Legs that Won't Quit can stretch out. "Anyway - you've had a few days, can't tell me there isn't anyone you've made oogly eyes at." She grins playfully towards Elena. "Especially over in officer's country."

"Hah, actually not really. I went out for beers with a marine and a chaplain but we just chatted about the unit and such. Neither were my type. And I've mostly just had my nose in a book. Like I said, not shopping. And no one's approached me either," Elena says as she increases the pace to meet Paige's. Still not even breaking a sweat. This is nothing compared to the 4-6 hours a day she trained as a gymnast. "I'm not interested in any drama, so I'm laying low," she adds.

"I can totally agree with that." Paige rolls her eyes. "Believe me, there is drama, if you want to go looking for it. Not my thing. It's why I don't date pilots. That and you know, other pilots will cry foul when you save their asses with the jamming." she smirks at that as she blows out her breath. "Don't really blame you. Plus, you're new to the unit. You should at least get to shop around. I mean. Flexible~." She's totally teasing the older woman as she cuts a swift smile. "I should get you with me sometime to work on some yoga and gymnastics. Most everyone else is into boxing or pyramid."

"Yoga is probably best for the pilots," Elena says with a chuckle. "I don't want to be responsible for breaking their necks trying to teach them gymnastics. And the jarheads are usually too buff to be very flexible." She snorts about the drama. "I had enough of that in my marriage. I don't need it in my military life," she points out.

There's a snort in response. "They're not interested. They're all young, dumb, and full of.. you know what." Paige comments before she laughs. "Either that, or they're too old and want to sit around and knit - or chase tail in the marines, or each other." she shrugs. "Yeah, not everyone can say they have documented proof of their drama."

"Well, all we can do is offer it. Maybe I can set up a yoga session on the Dauntless a couple days a week and they can join or not as they wish," Elena says. "Either way, I get my own yoga in, whether or not I have to tell people the moves is irrelevant. Really wish we had a track on the ship though, for running. I hate treadmills."

"I'll be there. I don't mind having a yoga partner. Plus, like I said. Nice to have someone to talk to." Paige responds as they finish the first lap and start on the second. "You know, I could set you up with some holobands. Load in a scenario or two? Maybe you could want to feel like you're running through a forest? Or that insanity they do on Canceron with the running with the bulls..." she smiles a little at the offer. "...that way it's not exactly boring running in place?"

Elena lets out a burst of a laugh. "I'll pass. If I'm going to run through the woods, I want it to really be the woods. I think being in the film industry ruined VR for me, because I know all the work that goes into making it look real without it feeling real to me." She's still looking fresh as a daisy, the wench.

Paige, already, is starting to get a sweat. Not that she isn't fit. She is. She just.. well, she sweats easily. Pushing some of her hair over her ear, there's a small puff of a breath. "At least you didn't immediately recoil in horror." she points out with a lift of her arms to give them a good stretch over her head. "There is always laps on the hangar deck if you don't want the treadmill and don't mind dirty looks from the knuckledraggers. And the pool's pretty nice."

"I am happy about the pool. My last few posts certainly didn't have one," Elena chuckles. "And I know you, Paige. I know having the Graystone name has to suck lately, but none of us saw this coming. No matter how high and mighty other colonies may feel about not having MADE the Cylons, they still USED the Cylons. Their glass houses are cracking rapidly." Seeing the sweat begin, she slows the pace just a touch.

When Elena slows, Paige gives a grunt and picks it up. She's pushing herself. She's always pushing herself. "Uncle Daniel really frakked it all up, didn't he?" she says with a dry laugh as she hits the straight-away in not quite a full sprint. She'll slow down on the curve. "Doesn't matter at this point. We're all in this together at this point. If they want to hate me, they can find plenty of reason to. Not going to stop me from carrying out my duties."

"I know Paige. I know. People are petty as hell and scared, and looking to lay blame because of it. Don't have to worry about that from me," Elena assures the other woman. They're running side by side, at a pretty good clip. Paige is looking a bit sweaty, Elena is not. "So why did you go the ECO track?" she asks curiously. The girl she knew was a model after all.

"After I left the social scene..." Elena would know the story, really. Paige discovered her then fiancee with two girls at a sorority party talking about how much of a cold fish she'll probably be after marriage and that he was only interested in her money and fame, "...I joined the military academy. I was a natural, you know - Graystone last name - to do something in engineering, but I didn't want it easy. I wanted to be normal. So I asked to be a pilot at first, but then I discovered that I was a natural with ship systems and transferred to the ECO program. Got my degree in robotics." she shrugs her shoulders as she falls back into Elena's original pace. "Not that it doesn't stop people from remembering I was a model. What about you? Gymanist - I'd taken you for a Marine."

The Doctor made her way onto the track, wearing a simple tanktop and shirt. The pieces of clothing on her in every way created to make it conducive to getting ready for the activity she was about to engage in. She reaches down, and slowly begins to stretch - one leg coming out from the other. If the other two women were on her Radar, she didn't show it. She continued her flexing right next to the track itself.

"Caprican Eagle," is Elena's reply. "It may have been the film I met the asshole on, but it was also the one I got to get some basic flying lessons. Fell in love with ships as much as I did with Lance. Well more, clearly, since I'm still piloting ships," she laughs. "It's a different sort of challenge, more cerebral, and I think that appealed. I'd been relying on physicality for so long in my life."

"Oh gods, I'd forgotten about that movie. The alluring yet standoffish flight bunny." Paige laughs at that before she catches sight of a familiar figure stretching out on the track. As they jog by, Paige twirls so she's running backwards for a moment. "Going to join us, Doctor?" she asks with a grin before she turns back around to catch back up to Elena and gestures a little with her head, a bit of heat rising in her cheeks as she mouths 'That's her'.

The redhead flexes her back and exhales softly. The stretching excercise almost a meditative state for her. She glances up as she hears her title and smiles at the woman, "I'd hate to make the Timber Wolves' finest pilots look bad." She teases to the woman as she continues stretching for the moment. She would, ofcourse, not notice any signals in reference to her. She takes a deep breath and waits for the two to do a full circle again before she begins to join, one last check of the scrunchie type object to ensure her hair would not become a problem. Her head dipping, "Hey.." She says pretty upbeat, "..I'm Mira.." Her head dips as she begins to jog with them.

Elena eyerolls at Paige. "Yeah, don't blame me, I was just the stunt woman," she reminds her friend. At the blush, her head swivels to get a look at Mira and a grin blossoms. "A ginger!" she exclaims with a chuckle. "We seem to have as many of those as we do celebrities in this unit." As the doctor joins them, she gives her a smile and nod. "Elena Imbros, Viper Pilot."

The call out of a ginger may make Paige blush just a bit more as the youngest of the three waits for Mira to catch up. "Miranda Cardinal, Doctor." she adds for her patr of the introduction. "Or as she said, Mira. And yes.. there seems to be a lot of both. Is it any wonder that there isn't rampant dating amongst the..." a playful wave of her hand in a lassiez faire motion, "...beautiful people."

"..That is ..infact..not my full name, but it's a mouthful and most don't like repeating it." Mira says with a chuckle, though her breath is already starting to lengthen a bit, "Wow.. You pilots like to keep it at very steady pace, huh?" She retorts and nods her head, "and yea.. I was very surprised at the Roster of who we have. Celebrities, War Heroes.. It's like some admiral thought they should hire every A-lister they could." She chuckles softly - if one can do that while slowly being winded. Her eyes stay on Elena a moment, "You look familiar to.." She bites her bottom lip trying to place it, "Mmmm.. Actress?"

"I'm just thankful that for all our celebrity, we're still damn fine at what we do," Elena points out. "The Wolves' reputation is pretty darn strong. And I'm pretty sure I wasn't transferred because I used to be in those social circles." Pause. "At least I hope so. Maybe Lance bribed someone to get me put on the front lines so he can get me killed," she laughs. She shakes her head at Mira. "Stuntwoman. Former wife of an actor though." Lance Sirra, short marriage, messy divorce about a decade ago.

"If you can't keep up, Mira.." Paige smiles wickedly, a glance back to Mira in a challenging way as she keeps with Elena's pace, before noticing her shoelace. "..dammit. Need to fix that. I'll catch you two on the next pass."

"Ahh..ofcourse.. I didn't mean it in any insulting way. Itw as more a .. joke.." The doctor was damned if she wasn't going to keep up with them though. She smirks at Paige, "Mmm..So you just have to stop behind us, huh?" She looks back to Elena and nods her head, "Well.. I can see why Paige talked so highly of her friends. Intelligent, smart, cute.. The whole package on everyone." She looks forward and takes deeper, slower breaths, "So... Do you enjoy being apart of the Timber Wolves then? Is it different from.... stunt..work?"

Elena snorts at the cute part, and she glances back when Paige stops, then continues on. "I haven't been with them long, barely two weeks," she replies to Mira. "I was with the Caprican Navy for the last ten years and so far, the differences I've noticed are the brass and enlisted bunking together, and the fact fraternization isn't a blatant no-no." She chuckles.

"It's a double edged sword.." Mira offers with a chuckle as she dips her head towards Elena to her point, "If you have inter-fraternization, you can increase morale. It's also going to happen, no matter what anyone thinks. Though, my friends in Psychology tell me that it's not wise. It's like getting involved with a patient. It makes you think of the individual and not the unit." A brief beat and the woman's cheeks darken, "..Not that I listen to them on that score." She shakes her head as she can feel her entire body aching, "This doesn't seem like something a human should be able to keep up.." She speaks to the running ofcourse.

Elena chuckles. "Well I'm not in the market for any fraternization myself. I'm still a bit gunshy of socializing after my messy past. As for running, this is easy stuff. I may start a daily yoga session on the dauntless if you want to join. Paige will be there."

"Is this..the part.." Breathes in between the words, "where I try to be..your friend..and tell you of how love is awesome to love..or .. the medical professional about the..advantages of..a..healthy..relationship.." There is an attempt to say all of this in jest, ofcourse. Though it may be lost in the translation of her breathing. She is keeping up with Elena, for what its worth. As she hears of Paige there's a pause in her mannerisms, "She's pretty cute, huh?" She says with a faint smile, "...Her..and I.. spent..some..time together.." She could feel her body giving out - but there was still a little left in her.

Elena grins. "I have had plenty of therapy I assure you. No need to try to save me." At the words about Paige she chuckles. "I've known her since she was a teenager, so I can't really speak to that. She mentioned you, though."

"I'm surprised you two haven't .. Well unless you prefer other types of relationships.." Mira says, trying to chuckle and failing. She nods her head slowly, "..Well, if you ever need to talk.. I did take some Psych.. and i'm a good drinker." Her cheeks darken when she is mentioned and then her lungs just absolutely give out. She slows and then stops, "Oh..Did y..you..hear that? Yea.. That.. sounds like..an emergency..I..I should go check..out..med..bay.." There was no emergency. She waves on, "Good to see you Elena.. Tell Paige I'll talk to you guys later.."

"I'm not into the ladies, if that's what you're asking," Elena replies with a grin. "No problems with it, just not my thing. "And I don't drink much. A couple beers at best once in a while. I did my partying in my youth, and sort of burned out on it. I guess I'm a little stodgy these days." As the doc begs off continuing the run, she raises a hand to wave at her. "Will do."

When Mira peels off, Paige frowns as she catches back up with Elena. "...something happen?" she asks in confusion as it seems the doctor couldn't even finish one lap when the ECO rejoins the run as she works on completing her first mile of the day.

Elena gives Paige a little grin. "I don't think the Doc has had much cardio training. She may need to go to our yoga class." She tilts her head at the ECO. "She asked about you. Wondered if we dated. I had to let her know the ladies aren't my thing. I think she was worried you might be interested in me." She can't help but laugh at that.

Paige laughs. She's swung both ways, she just never really advertise it. "Elena, with all your drama, I doubt you wanted mine too." she winks, clearly teasing the older woman. "Maybe she was feeling her way to asking you out if our date doesn't work out, or she wanted someone closer to her own age." There's a frown and a shrug at that. "You've been my friend since.. since I was old enough to realize what a friend really was. I may love you, but not like that. I mean, you're a friend."

"Same. I just look at you and still see teenage Paige, the model," Elena admits. "And I'll take all the friends I can get. I value them more than romance and the like." She finally slows down to stop after the third lap, and begins cooldown stretching.

Slowing down as well, Paige laughs as she stretches. "Gee, I thought I'd gotten tits and an ass since then." she says with a mischevious wink. "I look at those pictures and realize.. just how unhappy I really was at the time. Mom had my whole life planned out for me, and I just wanted to escape. And I looked up to you, utterly. Even after the divorce, I didn't believe anything from Lance's mouth. I knew you better than that."

"Most people who knew Lance more than casually realized he was full of shit," Elena notes with a nod. "It's the millions of fans who only know his movies and the nice things he pays the press to report that think I'm a horrible human." She chuckles. "And I have no time for those people. Why in the world would you look up to me though?" she blinks.

"You were all confident and sure of yourself. I wanted to be like that." Paige says with a small laugh. "Do you remember I was an impressionable sixteen year old?" she winks. "Plus, you kept me from sleeping with someone stupid." There's a laugh at that. "I mean, making a mistake.."

Elena laughs. "Too bad I wasn't as good of an influence on myself. But thanks, that gives my ego a boost." She straightens up. "I'm gonna go hit the machines in the gym. We'll catch up later?" Of course the crazy woman just ran 3 miles and wants to go work out more.

"Go for it. I'm gonna get in a stretch and go get ready for the next lectures." Paige takes a moment and gives Elena a quick hug. "I'll tell you how the date went." she smirks slightly. "And maybe it's my turn to be the influence." With that, she casts a wave over her shoulder as she goes to get her gym bag and head off to the showers.


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