2237-09-07 - Charlie And Evan's Caprican Adventures, Part 2

Charlie decides on her tattoo. Evan accidentally finds himself with a complementary one.

Date: 2237-09-07

Location: Cap City Tattoo Parlor

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Scene Number: 490

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Previously on our adventures...

Evan was guiding Charlie into a tattoo parlor, telling her she needed more ink. Amused, the Piconese woman reminisced on how much he liked what she had, stepping into the small shop. She blinks in the shift in lighting; from the dim, golden glow of the street lights to the harsh, bright lighting of the shop itself. There's the steady buzz of a gun from someone having work done in a chair in the back and music being piped in from a speaker in the corner. "What about you," she offers up, leaning back into the Scorpian's shoulder. "You gonna get one with me?"

"Get one with you? That's some real ... shit there." Evan comments, blinking as he looks at her and managing a small smile, caught off guard with the question. "Depends if it's anything good. I figured you could at least look around. Maybe add ink from everyone colony we go to save?"

"Is it?" Charlie hadn't considered that. She just wanted to share in the moment and in her drunk-state, it seemed right. She slides her arm through Evan's, looking to some of the flash on the wall. "Like... a record." She blinks, making a thoughtful sound. "S'not a bad idea." Her head goes to his shoulder. "Symbol of each of th' colonies, add to 'em as we serve on 'em-" There's a pause and she purses her lips. "Where do you think would be best?" There's a look up to him, again. "You're the expect here." At least in regard to tattoos as history.

"Expert is a far cry. It boils down to if you want them to be visible or if you want them to be private. Myself, some are arlgith being visible but not all. Something like this? You could probably do visible. Iunno, maybe like get a chain of twelve circles around your arm, right? And then in each of them get an image or somethign from the colony?" Evan's own inebriation has him batting ideas in a less than fluid state as he blinks back against the lighting.

"Compared to me you're practically a... a..." Charlie's at a loss for words to explain when one of the artists comes up to them to ask if they're looking for something. She draws herself upright enough to give a nod. "Yeh. Looking for some work- I think-" She looks back to Evan, considering. "I like that idea." Then to the artist again. "I'd like something on my left arm- a, ah, how'd you describe it?" Another look to the Scorpian, for help. "Twelve circles, connected in a ring, I guess. And I need a few filled in with the symbols for Tauron, Canceron, Picon, and Caprica."

Evan nods towards the artist when he approaches, adding on to Charlie's explanation. "Going for a twelve colonies united type look, yeah?" He offers to the man. It takes a bit more explaining but then the guy returns with a sketch book, doing some work to put out a design of what looks like a chain linked and then he does the planetary symbols in it. It's not precisely what Evan had in mind but he tilts his head, "That doesn't look to bad."

There's some input here and there from Charlie, but she's not the most visually creative sort to begin with, nor does she have a lot of experience with these things. Compared to her, Evan is the expert. But she is satisfied, herself, in the end. She does lean up to him, however, murmuring absently: "Should add something someday for all the colonies we've frakked on." She's likely not entirely serious for the way she giggles, falling back on her heels. There's a bump of her hip to his. "Still say you oughta get one," she notes before letting the artist lead her to his chair so the prep work can begin.

Evan chuckles, catching Charlie when she falls back and bracing her some. "I might do one. Not on my arm though. At least not quite like that, it's a bit... not me." He comments the last with a grin. As her seat gets ready he leads her over to it and helps her get sat down. After which, Evan sits down in a chair as well to watch. Granted, the chair he sits in is an ink chair and poor communication is taking place.

"Doesn't have to be your arm, no." Charlie can concede to that much. "But you should have something." To share in with her, the words seem to imply, though she's not able to quite voice that. Her artist is talking to her and she's distracted by the process. There's a smile flashed for Evan, sitting next to her. Something fond and then it's to the task at hand as she settles in. It's just black ink and a fairly straight-forward design, so it won't take too long. Really, having her adjust and shift takes almost as long as the work itself.

Evan's grinning back at Charlie and he's clearly out of it. He doesn't even notice that his leg is being worked on while she's getting hers done. It isn't until about halfway through that he looks down and his eyes widen, "The frak?" He asks, having not realized until that moment that a similar, but slightly edgier looking version of what Charlie is getting done is being applied to his calf in a cluster rather than a chain.

And Charlie? Well, she just figured that was the plan all along! Though she does make sure to point out that his should only have Canceron, Picon, and Caprica. 'Cause he wasn't on the boat yet. Nope, he got to miss fighting in those cold-ass mountains on Tauron. When things are finally done, she sits upright; leaning forward and twisting her arm before her to get a good look at it. She rotates her shoulder so she can get a look at the chain and the 'links' filled in. "It works," she decides, finally, turning in the chair to lean out and give Evan a look.

Evan's looking at Charlie's arm as well, nodding his approval. "Yeah, it definitely works. Very nice." He grins and then looks at his leg. "I can't see this shit, it's on the back of my calf. Is it looking good at least?"

When Evan gives his approval, Charlie leans in to kiss him. It's a slightly drunken kiss, but it's firm and lingering. Probably nothing the shop hasn't seen before. In fact, they've likely witnessed far worse. She settles back and takes a step so she can regard the work on his leg. There's a thoughtful sound and a smile. "I like it," she decides. "A lot. We can get you a better look in the mirror later."

A few more minutes of work and Evan's is finished up. Even if he can't see it too well they try with a mirror but frankly he's so out of it now that the alcohol has worked it's course that he doesn't try. Payment is made as he hands over cubits and with help he stands up, leaning against Charlie when he does. "New rule, when we go out... three drink limit."

There's a snort at the rule as they make their way back onto the street, but it turns into a series of giggles. "As if we'd ever keep to that." Charlie slides her arms around Evan, using it to push him to the outer wall of the building once they're back out there. "Call it a new... form of training... In case the toasters ever... drug us in the field." It sounds good in her drugged state."

Pausing, under a street light, Evan turns to look at Charlie and although he wouldn't call it a giggle, it's pretty damn close. Leaning down, hands to cup her cheeks he plans a kiss on her lips. "Doll... you are really hot. Best time is spending time with you."

Leaning up into that kiss, Charlie grins up at Evan. "I love you," she murmurs, in answer to his words. The ones so similar to the call they used to use with one another. "It's been damn nice being on the same schedule." They've spent most of their time since leave on different schedules and missions; almost a mockery of finally being fully open about their feelings.

"It has been," Evan says as he turns, taking Charlie's hand into his and entwining his fingers, "I guess this is what normal is though? I don't know if I could do normal for a long time. Definitely need more bar fights in my normal."

There's a squeeze to his hand and Charlie leans in against Evan's arm, letting him lead the way. "Bar fights... Epic HALO drops into jungles. That's our normal. This is just a night off." She straightens, briefly, to grin at him anew. "Not sure you could manage to throw a straight punch right now anyway."

"Naw, I'd just hit the guy in the middle. And when in doubt, lower my head before the punch hit me and let them bust their knuckles on the top of my head..." Evan pauses then snickers some, "Although I did that once and they had a bottle. I lost that fight." He's babbling. Drunk babbling. But fortunately they're wandering down the streets in the general direction of the base. With the evening air and a good walk they'll be ok to get back into base.

"Uh-huh." Charlie is happy to just lean against Evan as they walk at this point. She's in no rush. They're not fighting. They're not 'on call.' They've just got training exercises in the morning. At least half the unit will be hungover. "How many of these fights do you lose, honestly?" And it's a reprieve, for their bunkmates, as well. For a week, they're not dealing with one particular couple in the hall.


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