2237-09-08 - Intercept Course

The Air Wing runs a training mission against one of Caprica's Fighter Units

Date: 2237-09-08

Location: Skies Above Caprica City

Related Scenes: 2237-09-08 - Tarmac Talk

Plot: None

Scene Number: 491

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The Vipers and Raptors of the Timber Wolves have been outfitted with simulation gear that's attached to hardpoints around the vehicle. The gear is to mark hits and misses and when a ship is hit, it trails colored smoke from the strike spot. In the case of being shot down, the plane's panel will light up and the weapons will be disabled.

Sitting in the ECO's chair, Princess is looking over the DRADIS screen and frowning. The OPFOR squadron hasn't shown up yet. The flight plan has the squadron come over Caprica City, and with the skies being clear, there's precious few places that a Viper squadron could hide except below the 'deck' and within the city itself. "Flight, Princess. Keep your eyes open. They've got to be around here someplace."

Their opposition today is the Caprican Naval Squadron Five, the 'Fireeaters'. A squadron that had been stationed on Sagittaron and was recalled to Caprica soon after the war started. Many of the pilots had seen combat before the war, and have been actively engaged with the Cylons on Caprica since.

"Princess, Harpy. Copy that. Still no contacts on DRADIS, no visual contact either." Elena settles into formation with the rest of the squadron, her eyes low over the city. She was Caprican Navy. She knows they may be using urban tactics in this skirmish.

Flying in formation with the Timber Wolves Squadron for these wargames, Kell shakes his head slightly when it is announced that the Capricans are not coming in on the agreed approach vector, "Looks like they choose not to play fair..." The Leftenant says to himself, eyes scanning the horizon and the terrain below to see where the 'enemy' may pop up from.

Socks forms up with the Timber Wolves, "No contact this way, either," he chimes in, keeping his eyes peeled as he soars above the countryside. "They's being sneaky," he observes, leaning to one side to see if they're coming in low, hugging the contours of Caprica.

There's a difference in facing off in combat when you're fighting for your lives and the lives of the squadron around you, and 'playing' at combat. Alain's music is still going in his cockpit, and though he's listening to the Flight chatter, there's not much to do until the Capricans show themselves, and so he's drumming away, while he scans left and right, checking in with DRADIS now and then.

Emrys is flying in overwatch, high above the formation in the hopes of picking up any approaches that the others may not see. He's mostly remained quiet on the comms "Flight, Hawk. Maybe one of our ECOs can scan frequencies? See if we can hear them." It might be worth a shot.

Irene, minus the music, is about as relaxed as Alain seems to be in her raptor. She's not asleep, which is good, but bobs her head to some half remembered tune, scanning both visually and on the console screen as per training. She even hums the song, but softly and only intermittently, when the comms are more quiet than not. They definitely aren't now. "Flight, Iris. It might be prudent to stay high, if they're hiding on the deck they'll have to burn hard and be magically invisible to reach us without any of us noticing." She's already cruising fairly high and behind the vipers, and stays in formation. There's a quick glance at her ECO and a raised eyebrow, "No comms chatter?"

Flying in simulation gear is strange. It's like being back in Academy and yet... "Flight, Nova... This feel just wrong to anyone else or just me?" Astraea's felt off the entire time they've been on the base, really. It's not leave, but it's a weird break from the fighting. Like an eye of a storm. An itch. In answer to Hawk, after a lull, "Pitbull has nothin' yet, but we're widenin' th' band. Hold." It weakens a few signals, but might bring something in. She adjusts her angle in a bit below Kell's wing, leaning against her canopy slightly to get a view of the city below.

First time out with her new mates, and it's not live fire -- it's wargames. Somehow, in some way that would be beyond Ines to articulate, that's even more nerve-wracking.
It still feels good to be back in a cockpit. Listening to the unique, familiar fuzz of of voices piped over comms, even if the voices themselves are new to her. That love-hated smell of fuel and recycled air. Metal and rubber. Just being up there is like getting a good, long stretch after being cramped for days. She keeps quiet, but she keeps her eyes open, attention active, roving. Waiting. ...Pretending that her palms aren't sweating. Don't screw it up, Correa.

"Hawk, Princess. Frequency hopping already." Paige responds as she's been trying to listen in, but there are a lot of frequencies to cover. However, it doesn't take too long before two sets of contacts are picked up on DRADIS, and it comes over the comms. "Wolves, Nails." Nails, one of the top aces in the Caprican Navy. They're pulling out the big guns tonight. "It's a beautiful 76 degrees and calm in the harbor tonight. Want to go for a swim?"

That's where one of the flights are, four blips that are coming in over the harbor and approaching to intercept the Wolves.

At the same time, a second group of blips approaches from the space port. "Nails, Floss, we have their backdoor, let's scramble and splash them!" comes the call over the comms as the two groups race towards the flight.

"Iris, get those talons warmed up, we're about to be busy!" Paige calls out from her seat.

"Hah, the old divide and conquer. This is right out of the Naval Academy playbook," Elena mutters. "Wolves, Harpy. Don't let them get us in a pincer. We need to split up and down and remind them that air combat has a couple extra dimensions. Flight 1, go high over the buildings on my mark. MARK!" She hauls back on the stick and sends her Viper into a climb, before nosing down to put one of the Caprican Naval pilots in her sights.

"Ahoy, there they are!" Socks says, hearing the chatter over the wireless before the DRADIS pings them up. As Elena calls in the mark, he banks his viper and punches it, engines roaring as the fighter shakes in the crosswinds. His warning lights show two targeting him and he smirks, "Aw, shit, they're gangin up on ole' Socks.."

It was hard to believe thir was actualy risk at the moment. Ofcourse there was, they were still in Viper's - going faster then the human body was actually meant to go. However, when you went from live ammunition with unfeeling, unsleeping, ungodly enemies.. to a training mission - it's easy to see how one might take it less vital. This was something that Verity would fight against as her eyes looked over the dradis and controls, "Flameout here, all scopes look good.. Confirmed hostiles on Dradis as well.. I have your wing."

She ofcourse follows this up using the callsigns in her wing, which the player of verity absolutely knows and definetly isn't just writing in the paragraph 'she uses their names' as a cop-out for not knowing them right now. Nope, Professional writer.. right here, boys and girls.

"Flight, targetin' their flight leader." Astraea's already gone weapons hot. That happened as soon as the Caprican voices came in over the radio. Or as weapons hot as things get in simulation, really. She checks in on Pitbull with ECM. Adjusting the thrusters on the Raptor, she rotates them into a climb past her wingmen rather than flying low; giving her a broader field to paint her targets. "So, Hawk-" friendly chatter while they close the distance. "Jigger an' I been talkin' childhood pets. Did you ever have any? We've got a bit of a friendly bet goin'."

"Flight, down

"Flight, down 'em." Hawk calls out encouragingly. "Pack tactics." Which is his way of suggesting they gang up on individuals. And then Nova is asking her question, and his voice takes on a confused tone. "I'm...not sure this is really the time, Nova? But yes, my family kept big dogs. All the rage among Virgon nobility."

Flicking down the music, Alain straightens in his seat and exhales. It's not a real combat, but it doesn't stop that inevitable surge of adrenaline that happens when contact is made. "Welcome to the Wolf zone -- time to teach the Capricans how we clean up in the air." He can be heard snorting briefly at Astraea's question of Emrys, though he pointedly doesn't add to that conversation, instead: "Mittens? Er, Flameout. Keep an eye on Nova, would you? Got a bet going with the deck crew she might be able to bring a bird back undamaged for once." He might be joking, he might not. Who can tell! He flies in tight formation with the rest of his squadron, only breaking off as they reach firing range.

When the Caprican blips finally appear on DRADIS, Kell sees that they are originating from two different locations. Reaching up with a gloved hand, he presses his helmet down as if making it snugger before banking his Viper with the rest of the flight he was assigned with. Emrys's simple and straightforward order is easy to understand and when his group moves into range with the Caprican flight that their ace is leading, he quickly targets the Viper that is going after the biggest asset on their side, the Raptor.

Alain attacks Pitstop with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body.

Ines attacks Biscuit with Kew but Biscuit EVADES!

Irene attacks Pigtails with Talons and HITS! Graze wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Biscuit attacks Elena with Kew but Elena EVADES EASILY!

Emrys attacks Spif with Kew but Spif EVADES!

Pigtails attacks Ines with Kew but Ines EVADES EASILY!

Verity attacks Nails with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Weapon.

Kell attacks Spif with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Controls.

Elena attacks Floss with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body.

Goat attacks Salvae with Kew but Salvae EVADES!

Floss attacks Irene with Kew but Irene EVADES EASILY!

Yardbird attacks Emrys with Kew but Emrys EVADES EASILY!

Nails attacks Alain with Kew but Alain EVADES EASILY!

Spif attacks Astraea with Kew but Astraea EVADES!

Paige suppresses Biscuit with Ecm and succeeds.

Paige tries to suppress Floss with Ecm but FAILS.

Paige suppresses Pigtails with Ecm and succeeds.

Pitstop attacks Kell with Kew but Kell EVADES EASILY!

Astraea attacks Nails with Talons but Nails EVADES!

Salvae attacks Biscuit with Kew but Biscuit EVADES!

Floss has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Elena)

Pitstop has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Alain)

Spif has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Kell)

Elena sweeps down from the sky at Floss, the one who seems to be flying cocky. She spirals as she dives, making herself harder to hit, and Biscuit's fire doesn't even come close to hitting her bird. She fires her mock KEW from above into the body of Floss' ship and his computer alerts him that he has been 'killed' in the first pass by a former member of his own Naval forces.

"Jigger, Nova, glad to hear ya at least bet on me in that one." To her credit, Nova is laughing. "What's th' bet? If it's drinks, will ya share? Might inspire me." Once she's satisfied with the targeting coding, she lets fire the first talon in the banks beneath her Raptor's wings. "Well, Hawk, see, I was tellin' Jigger that yer sorta big ol' Puppy 'round here an' I bet it was 'cause you grew up 'round 'em. Now he's gotta pay up later."

The first engagement.. who knows what gods are smiling in blessing the pilots of the Wolves tonight, but it seems that they get the upperhand quickly with the first strike. The radio sings out with pilots calling themselves out as the DRADIS marks them accordingly. "Top aces indeed.." Paige says dryly to Irene. "...something doesn't feel right though."

Irene isn't trying to bunny hop buildings, thanks. Not in a raptor. She had altitude to clear them all and keeps high, turning with alpha team's vipers to face off against the oncoming Caprican fighters. "The talons are ready." She chimes back to Paige, like they're fresh out of the oven and instead of putting them out on the windowsil to cool, she's going to launch them straight out at the neighbors at mach speeds. As the opfor wing closes, she hangs back until they've picked their targets and dives in to the fray last, probably hoping the viper pilot she's locked onto doesn't have eyes on the back of her head. They don't. She manages to get a hit on Pigtails as she goes after Kestrel then breaks off to keep the Caprican pursuing her from drawing a bead on her.

'....Mittens?' The words are stated to herself and not broadcast on the radio. She pauses a moment, "Jigger, ... Flameout.. Don't worry.. Nova's safe under my care." A smirk, not sure how the other pilot will take it, but figuring she should add to the talk. She pulls the stick up, following in line and lines up, ".. Come on..just a bit closer.." She takes the shot - and gives a silent congratulations as the training system registers the hit.

She doesn't say anything more, and just listens as the team goes back and forth. (Verity)

With the rest of the wing damaged and out, the remaining Capricans swarm out. "Flight, Nails. Form up, concentrate on the Raptors. Break them, we can sortie out the rest of their forces!"

"I'm....not at all sure what to say to that, Nova." Emrys admits, as the other pilot reveals that she sees him as a big puppy of all things. "Outstanding opening volley, Wolves. Don't get complacent, something about this feels too easy."

Initially, Alain breaks for the viper going after Nova's bus -- but as he closes in, his spots the viper latching on to Kell, and with a grin, the Gemenese pilot breaks sharply left to track in his wake. It's not nearly as satisfying as KEW fire, but the beeping indicates it's a direct, satisfactory hit, one that would've torn the other viper apart had it been live fire. Jigger, of course, whoops across comms, executing a sharp barrel roll to avoid the return 'fire' from Nails. "It might be drinks. And I might share, depending how hard you try, Nova," Jigger replies. "Thanks Mittens. And good luck." He's definitely laughing, audible in his voice as he swings around to line up a pass on the next viper.

Socks pulls in behind Biscuit along with half of his element, but the deft caprican seems evasive AF today. "Ah, guys's slickern' a greased up ostrich," he complains as the wolves seem to line up right behind him, ganging up on the lone enemy viper while Biscuit's wing harasses the wolves.

It's almost precisely the moment when the radio chatter picks up that Ines spots the glint of light that is another viper on intercept trajectory with her own. Her heart beats one time hammer-hard, and then that lead-blanket calm descends. She flicks pale eyes over the DRADIS display, assesses targets locking, and then decides to wheel off away from her pursuer in order to join Salvae in chasing Biscuit. Her aircraft surges, half-rolls, and drops away downward, peeling around in a loop to strafe the Caprican pilot.
The shots on her zip wide. The corner of her mouth quirks, just a little. Just enough to make up for her own failing to find their mark, but there's an easy solution that problem: more fire. She keeps an eye on Salvae's position, but it looks like she's committed to running down the same target, per orders.

"How much experience do you have with greased ostriches, Socks?" Elena asks over the comm, with the eyebrow arch practically audible in her tone. "Is that an Aerilon thing?"

"Jigger, Nova... If I'm instrumental in winnin' a bet, I think I oughta benefit as well. I feel kinda used right now!" Astraea's talon doesn't land a hit, but she uses the feedback data to adjust her targeting for the next round. As the faux-tracers report across her screen, she hits her comms again. "Thanks for havin' my tail, Razor. As usual." The smile can be heard in her voice; in he cadence of her words on the radio. She adjusts her thrusters, briefly tightening up with her wingmen as the Capricans that they've hit hard begin to drop out. "Well, Puppy-" Beat. "Hawk, mebbe they thought too highly of themselves before they tangled with us."

Irene is a bit subdued, but she's kind of busy flying. What little she has to say, she says to Paige alone, "They're going to be trying some desparation tactics now, Princess. Pride is on the line." So, naturally, she's flying as defensively as she's able in that flying pillbox. She goes for altitude, letting them lose speed to chase her into the thinner air.

"Oh ya, my buddy Ray had a bunch of em on da farm," Socks says as he does his best to angle in on Biscuit. "One time one got ta lickin the lube for his tractor an got its head stuck in the bucket. Had to chase that frakker round the back 40 all afternoon. Ery time we'd get close to grab the son of a bitch, eighter we'd slip off or get kicked in the junk!"

With Kell's target more focused on the Raptor than his own rear, the Timberwolves Viper pilot has an easy time slipping onto his target's six o'clock and with an easy lead of his targeting reticule, he presses down on the trigger. Simulated autocannons blink to life and soon enough, Spif's Viper is completely lit as it his controls are shot out from under him. Razor also immediately breaks his own fighter to the right, dodging Pitstop's simulated fire on him. "Nova, Razor, one Cyper off of your tail. Going after the second one. Jigger, thanks for clearing my six."

"Any time, Razor," Jigger replies, easily. "On your tail, let's shake this one off Nova." Talk of bets is going to have to wait a moment, he's concentrating!

Salvae attacks Biscuit with Kew but Biscuit EVADES!

Yardbird attacks Irene with Kew but Irene EVADES!

Pigtails attacks Astraea with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Cockpit.

CREW HIT! attacks Astraea with Shrapnel and HITS! Impaired wound to Chest.

CREW HIT! attacks Astraea with Shrapnel and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Abdomen.

Biscuit attacks Astraea with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Wing. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Alain attacks Pigtails with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Weapon. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Elena attacks Biscuit with Kew but Biscuit EVADES!

Kell attacks Pigtails with Kew but Pigtails EVADES!

Ines attacks Biscuit with Kew but Biscuit EVADES!

Goat attacks Irene with Kew. Stopped by ARMOR on Body.

Nails attacks Irene with Kew but Irene EVADES!

Verity attacks Nails with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Nose.

Emrys attacks Yardbird with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Paige suppresses Nails with Ecm and succeeds.

Paige suppresses Goat with Ecm and succeeds.

Paige suppresses Yardbird with Ecm and succeeds.

Irene attacks Yardbird with Talons but Yardbird EVADES!

Astraea attacks Nails with Talons but Nails EVADES!

Astraea has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Pigtails, CREW HIT!)

"Socks, Harpy. Remind me to buy you a beer in the city soon. I think you have more stories I need to hear," Elena quips over the comm. She arcs in a wide loop to come back at the Caprican forces and fires off a burst of pretendy-times KEW fire at Biscuit, but the other pilot seems to be focused on not getting hit, unlike Floss was. "Coming arund again for another pass."

".... Ok, I'm not sure if someone messed up on name tags or something.." Verity returns into the comms as the dogfight continues, she pulls up on her stick, doing a complete 180 - staying on Nails as she moves forward. There's a frown as she continues to get a beat and see's them going for the Raptors. A frown as she reaches over, clicking to the public comms.. ensuring both sides can hear, "Confirmed. I guess the Capricans are far to scared to go after Viper's.. They got to pick on Raptors.. Ahh well, Maybe that's why they send us Wolves.." Beat, "Oh wait, was that the public comms? Belay that last, keep attacking the Raptors.. Switching to team comms, Sorry." Click back to actual team communications, "So.. This is.. Mittens, I guess? Also Flame out..Hopefully they'll leave our raptors away."

The second Caprican Viper that is after Nova's Raptor is a bit more elusive as Kell's simulated autocannon rounds doesn't register but in turn, their Raptor gets 'shot down'. "Damn!" Razor growls out under his flight helmet as he continues to stay on Pigtails's tail as it tries to go after the second Raptor, "Iris, Razor, you have one on you. Trying to knock him out of the skies!"

While Verity was trying to draw aggro, Nails' comes over the comms, "Wolves, Nails. Chatty bunch you have there." he offers simply as he switches comms to keep his wing coherent as he sends one Viper to ping Verity, but the rest continue on mission.

"Free beer?!" Socks seems distracted enough that Biscuit easily evades his attack, making him look like a raw rookie. "Yer on!" he declares, his wingtips strobing, but the laster targeters not giving him the traditional turbulance of the KEWs shaking the viper. "Come on..." he urges himself as he pulls on the stick pulling into a high G turn.

"Don't know what you're talking about, Mittens." Alain is all innocence, really. Manoeuvering in after Razor's raptor, Alain lays down a 'hit' to the other viper's weapon systems, but he grimaces as the read out indicates it's not sufficient enough to knock him off. Moments later, as he swings around, he notices Astraea's raptor counted as 'out'. "Frak, Nova! There goes the free drinks," he says with an audible grimace. He keeps on the same target, clearly intent on 'revenge'.

Emrys swears under his breath, fortunately not on comms, as Astraea is declared 'out'. "Flight, Hawk. We're down a raptor. Let's tighten up and try not to lose anyone else." He doesn't respond to Nails' quip, focusing on keeping the wolves on the tempo they started at.

Despite being suddenly mobbed by three of the Caprican vipers, Irene played it right, using her extra altitude she turns the bird onto its side and drops like a meteor, gaining so much speed that it throws two of her attackers completely off and the third only manages to tickle the armored underbelly of raptor to no apparent effect, other than making her snort out a terse laugh. She fires off a talon at that one, but it would have been a million dollar shot had it connected. "Princess, it's almost like they know you're on board." She keys her comms as she rights the bird then, "Razor, Iris. Much appreciated. We're awfully popular."

When Pigtails lands a hit on her that the simulator system reports as being one hard enough to take out the cockpit, Astraea hits her controls hard enough that Pitbull shouts at her from the backseat. She yells something back in Scorpian. His buddies will probably hear about that at the bar later. The Raptor is out of the 'game' and poor Alain doesn't win his bet- unless he points out to he deck crew that she didn't actually damage the Raptor and thus it doesn't count. It's just simulated damage. They have no real work to do. "Flight, Nova, prep th'sim medics for me. Make sure they're hot. I want th' works." She continues to grouse -- off radio, at least -- as she peels away and returns to the tarmac to place herself down and wait for the others.

"Maybe they know it's you, Iris. You know, trying to get a hot date with the blonde Raptor jock." Paige responds as she's trying her best to keep jamming. "Do you want me on the guns, or still jamming?"

Swing, and a miss!
Behind the faceplate of her helmet, Ines slowly frowns. Her brows stitch together, just a touch. Just enough for a look of what might, in another life, have looked pettily annoyed.
...Okay, no. It still looks pretty petty. She could blame it on the lubricated ostrich talk, but...
"I don't want to be the one thing I take away with me from Argyros to be the memory of how I was bested by a Biscuit," she says, and banks, hard. Draws contrails out behind her, and sets her jaw.

"Sure, get on the guns. We have the numbers and I'd like to dissuade them from our tail." Irene calls back to her co-pilot. She's even polite enough to right the bird so Paige doesn't have to walk on the wall to get to the tail.

Verity attacks Nails with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Wing. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Paige attacks Goat with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Cockpit. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Nails attacks Emrys with Kew but Emrys EVADES!

Goat attacks Alain with Kew but Alain EVADES EASILY!

Irene attacks Yardbird with Talons and HITS! Graze wound to Wing. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Pigtails attacks Irene with Kew but Irene EVADES!

Biscuit attacks Verity with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body.

Alain attacks Pigtails with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Yardbird attacks Alain with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Cockpit. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Ines attacks Biscuit with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Body.

Salvae attacks Biscuit with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body.

Emrys attacks Yardbird with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Cockpit. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Elena attacks Biscuit with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Cockpit. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Kell attacks Pigtails with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body.

Biscuit has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Ines, Salvae, Elena)

Elena noses her bird up and over in a flip to roll back towards the very slippery Biscuit. He's not quite so slippery this time, as her shots, and the shots of others, light up his control panel to let him know he's down for the count. Clearly the Wolves are tenacious. "Nice shooting, team. Let's mop up the leftovers."

"Awww, yaa, nice shooting wolves, AROOOO!" Socks cheers as his targeting computer gives a happy red blinking over Biscuit's DRADIS signature. He does a quick victory roll to rub it in, then pulls in to acquire a new target.

Another Click to the public Comm, "Nails, Flameout. Thanks.. I didn't mean to disturb your concentration though.. I apologize. Hey! while I have you and your team on, here's a joke.. How many Caprican Pilots does it take to shoot down one Sagitarron Pilot? We don't know, Capricans have to pay Virgons to score any points. I think that's biscuit on my six..so unless he's a Virgon.." She banks to the right, but still isn't able to get out of the way of the blast. Her Raptor registering the simulated damage. She quietly curses, though a smile comes on her face when she see's Biscuit has been taken out, she clicks, "Ohp.. Guess biscuit wasn't a Virgon.. You guys are still doing good though.." Comm goes dead.

There was a soft chuckle with a shake of her head, Verity would probably catch some flak for this after, but hopefully it was knocking the Capricans off their game a bit. The grin turning to a frown, as she looks at the comm. Her head shaking as she clicks over and stays on the Team Communications now, "Ok so I don't know how much Bingo and-or Iris paid you to start calling me mittens.." She comes about and tries to continue to focus on Nails.

She quietly speaks to herself, 'You can't run to long Nails..'

It's a bit of a mess, what with Alain following Razor after Pigtails, scoring a hit, evading one viper but being hit by a third. It isn't until he's out of the mess of the furball, circling back around, that Jigger even realizes he was hit at all. "Razor, still on your six, following you in. Let's down this guy for daring to touch our raptor." He's not paying much attention to the public comms, though he does chuckle when Verity speculates. "No one's paying me anything, Mittens," he assures her. "Not that I'd object if anyone wanted to."

"Iris, would you kill me if I shot down Mittens myself?" Paige asks Irene in the Raptor. There is one Caprican in the flight, after all.

Perhaps it's the fact that the Caprican Navy isn't used to the Wolves tactics. Maybe its just the fact that they are more used to dealing with Cylons. Breaking ranks when Biscuit goes down, the unit shifts tactics again, switching to dual wings doubling up on single targets.

"Jigger, Razor, this one is a bit more slippering than the other." Kell answers Alain, his combat tendencies to focus on his wingman's comms instead of the general chatter that goes on when they're on missions. There is a glance to his wingman's Viper, "You've picked up on... no, two on your six Jigger." However, it looks like the others are chasing the one that is flying rather aggressively so Razor continues to focus on Pigtails.

That's another hit, and another that doesn't seem to register as serious damage. Not even a wisp of smoke is emitted from the viper Irene tags with a rocket, but she's nonplussed. Yardbird gets away from her in the more nimble craft, but seeing two working to jump on Jigger, she moves to engage - if only to be a distraction. "You outrank me, sir. I'll leave that to your own discretion, but note it's likely against SOP and the colonial forces code of conduct." She's very serious sounding, even if she's smiling up front. "Jigger, Iris. Helping Razor with your friends."

Biscuit blinks red. Finally. "Hah! Suck it, Biscuit!" Ines -- Kestrel -- realizes only a moment too late that she just shared that with her entire wing, but the high warmth in her cheeks is fleeting at best, overruled by her satisfaction. "...I stand by everything I just said," she says, accented words polished with a shine of humor.
And then Caprica's Ace is bearing down on her, and her smile disappears. Evasive maneuvers, that's the conservative call. But it's a game, and it's not as though she's likely to get the chance to see what these guys are made of again, so...
"Oh, why the hell not," she murmurs, this time properly to herself. The viper corkscrews, and she locks Nails with a flutter of anticipation.

"Flight, Hawk. Less running our mouths, more running our guns." It's not clear what caused him to step in, although the Virgon pilot does tend to be less talkative on the comms than most. Shaking his head as his KEW fire seems to mostly hit armored areas of the opposing viper, he comes around for another pass.

Down on the tarmac, Astraea largely watches DRADIS. She can see the birds in the distance over the city, but the radio and DRADIS gives her a better (and more tactical) picture. The woman doesn't say anything over comms, much as she'd like to. Instead, she's unbuckled, removed her helmet, and just sits back in her seat. She's even taken out a sandwich she'd packed for the ride. If only someone else had been 'shot down' to join her in the peanut gallery. Alas.

Paige attacks Goat with Kew but Goat EVADES EASILY!

Ines attacks Nails with Kew but Nails EVADES EASILY!

Irene attacks Goat with Talons but Goat EVADES EASILY!

Verity attacks Nails with Kew but Nails EVADES EASILY!

Salvae attacks Yardbird with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Kell attacks Pigtails with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Goat attacks Alain with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body.

Yardbird attacks Alain with Kew but Alain EVADES!

Alain attacks Pigtails with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Cockpit.

Nails attacks Ines with Kew and HITS! Impaired wound to Body.

Emrys attacks Yardbird with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body.

Pigtails attacks Ines with Kew but Ines EVADES!

Elena attacks Nails with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Weapon. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Pigtails has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Kell, Alain)

Yardbird has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Salvae, Emrys)

And that makes two, Socks licks his thumb and dabs his canopy like he were putting up a gold star on his report card back in preschool. With Yardbird spewing colourful smoke and drifting off to the landing strip, Socks pulls up and begins zeroing in on Nails. "This ain't the same Nails we have back home, is he? Are they clonin pilots now?"

"I see them, Razor," Jigger acknowledges, with a bare glance at DRADIS. "Better on me than on our raptor. I'll keep them occupied," he replies, swiftly. He keeps to his usual flight tactics -- even keeled, nothing too aggressive, but it allows him to get a clear shot in the viper he and Razor are tracking. His whooping call of delight soon signifies target down. "Iris, Jigger. Appreciate the distraction. Let's go clean 'em up now!" as he swings back around to the two remaining vipers.

To Paige's credit, she does not target Verity. She seethes a little, but she remains on task, using the KEW to chew towards Nails.

With two more Capricans going down, the last two Vipers form up in order to try to take down the mouthy little redhead, at least to claim the phyric victory in all this.

"Flight, Princess. Working on suppression." she warns as she moves back to the ECO station.

Elena drops down from overhead, on a "chicken" collision course with Nails. She fires off her mock KEW before breaking hard right, and grins when she sees she's painted his weapon with the laser light. "Come on, big shot," she mutters to herself. "You're only top ace because I was transferred."

"Flight, Mittens.. I guess for now.. Acknowledged Order." Though she had to use 'mittens', there was a chuckle. Her eyes coming up as she aims at Nails. An eyebrow raising as the two turn around and appear to come aiming for her. Her head leaning back, Ok.. This is what she wanted - technically. Though, she didn't savor getting destroyed by two pissed off Capricans. Her hands coming up as she decreases the speed - still keeping it fast enough. It was to late to attempt an evade or even run.. No she was poking the bear at close range and the bear turned around.

Her eyes watching the Dradis, finger coming to the trigger.

"Ok Nails.. Let's see who gets out of this one alive.." (Verity)

"Flight, Hawk. Great job. I'm going to give them one chance to call it good." Emrys calls out over comms, before switching to the public frequency. "Caprican Forces, this is Captain Emrys Montjoy of Colonial Fleet Combined Forces Squadron VK-1. You are directed to put your birds down immediately and surrender to our custody. You will be afforded all rights due to prisoners of war." It's incredibly formal, and one gets the sense the Virgon probably has had it memorised for years.

Somewhere in the midst of the world spinning, Ines registers that her game of chicken with the Caprican Ace has gone 1-0, advantage Nails. Not enough to ground her, but enough to make his point. She tchs as she rights herself, and suppresses a faint smile. "Well, I probably deserved that."
More conservatively, then, she falls back behind some of the others, with every intention of adding her fire to theirs. All that holds it off is the announcement Emrys makes, which wins a wide flash of a smile out of her. She holds her breath: will they actually surrender?
In their shoes? She wouldn't.

"..Nails, this is Flameout, or Mittens.. I'd listen to him - he's from Virgon!" It was going to be worth the reprimand and having absolutely no freedoms for the next week.. Atleast to Verity's mind after she added that.

"Hawk, Nails. Negative. Cylons wouldn't ask you to surrender, either." comes the curt response.

Ines attacks Nails with Kew but Nails EVADES EASILY!

Salvae attacks Nails with Kew and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Wing.

Nails attacks Verity with Kew but Verity EVADES!

Alain attacks Goat with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Weapon.

Irene attacks Goat with Talons and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Kell attacks Nails with Kew but Nails EVADES EASILY!

Goat attacks Verity with Kew but Verity EVADES!

Elena attacks Nails with Kew and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Body. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Verity attacks Nails with Kew and HITS! Graze wound to Nose. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Paige suppresses Nails with Ecm and succeeds.

Paige tries to suppress Goat with Ecm but FAILS.

Nails has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Salvae, Elena)

Less talking, more gunnering. Irene is alright with that, she's usually not the chattiest over the comms anyway. She murmurs a vaguely consoling sound back at the seething Caprican in the back of her bus, but she's more than a little hyper focused. Having missed Goat, she brings the raptor around and has another go at him with the talons. She might not do much more than dent whatever she hits with those, but it's the hitting that counts, to her, anyway. When they refuse to surrender, she actually pipes up, sounding much more genuine than mocking, "Caprican flight, Iris. I personally appreciate your dedication and exceptional flying. Fight on!"

With Nails going down, Goat is breaking off the attack to shut down the weapons systems. The combat is apparently over. But any goodwill that may have been formed with the team building and banter? It's lost as Nails calls out to his team. "Fireeaters, on me. We're withdrawing to base. Good show, Hawk." There's nothing else offered as the Vipers fold up to return to base.

And Nails makes his final mistake. As he continues to chase after the taunting Verity, Elena comes in at his bird from one side, and paints an incapacitating laser swipe to it with her faux-KEW fire. ''Hawk, Harpy. He should have accepted the surrender offer," she notes cheerfully.

Socks pulls in behind Nails and his blinkers blink, but they only register a marginal hit on the wing. "What? I totally nailed him!" he complains to the flight recorder, shaking his head, but then a gout of smoke begins pouring out and he sees Elena soaring by, victorious over the Caprican. "Nice shootin, Harps!"

Paige shuts down her ECO station and lets out a breath. "I flew with a couple of them, Irene." she says quietly. "I was hoping to catch up." She sighs and leans back in her chair. "Guess that's frakked up now." she mutters as she blows out her breath. "Arseholes." is added quietly.

"Nails, Hawk copies. Good flying out there." Hawk calls back, as the others withdraw. And that's all she wrote. His tone is quiet, almost thoughtful, but there's no sense that the words aren't genuine. "Flight, Hawk. Return to base."

Alain makes a pass on Goat, but it's an awkward angle and the systems report he does little more than a grace. When the Caprican navy prepare to depart, Alain does a brief fly-by, wiggling his wings in a gesture of respect before he circles back to join the flight. "Hawk, Jigger. Copy that, RTB."

Verity breaks left, coming out from under - her shots missing but seeing that Nails is hit. She aims up and comes to fire on Goat when they pull off. An eyebrow raising as the system alerts that it's over. A shake of her head as she turns on comms, "Good Show, Capricans. All apart of the banter. Drinks on me for the entire squadron next time we see eachother.." She shuts down the comms, and looks back to her devices - forming up. If the attitude was impactful to her, she doesn't note it - or let it show. She forms up as ordered.

"RTB, Harpy copies," Elena says over the comm, sliding back into formation to head for the base.

Evening up the score with Nails isn't going to be in the cards, it seems. Ines will have to content herself with the knowledge that, whatever other misses there were, at least she didn't have her ass handed to her by a Biscuit.
There's nothing from her over the radio as she follows the rest home, but she cranes her head to look back at the retreating Capricans just once, thoughtful.

When the order to return to base, Socks pulls away from his attack vector. "Copy that, on my way," he says, switching off his targeting computer and easing off the throttle to a relaxing cruising speed as he pulls into formation with the others.

When the 'RTB' is called out, Astraea quickly finishes off her sandwich and hops to her feet from her pilot's couch. She stretches, tossing own her helmet behind her. Her part of the post-flight check is already done and she hands off the clipboard to Pitbull on her way out. "Catch ya later, 'bull." The hatch is opened and the Scorpian pilot steps out on the Raptor's wing, shielding her eyes against the Caprican sun to watch the rest of the flight as they make their way in to the tarmac.

Irene has a silent victory party in her head, a brief one, as she did manage to ping a rocket off Goat's viper before he called it quits. That's good enough for her. She easily slides the raptor into formation with her wing of vipers for the short trip to base, "Good work, Flight. Iris, returning to base." She offers and acknowledges. That all covered, she leans into her straps and twists so she can look back at Paige. "We can go find them after and do some feather smoothing, if you want, sir. I'm sure they're big boys and girls, and aren't too hurt in their feelings to be mollified by drinks."


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