2237-09-11 - Caprican Fast Food Joint

Some soldiers get a bite to eat and talk... No seriously, that's it.

Date: 2237-09-11

Location: Caprican Fast Food Joint

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A small, tidy and fairly empty fast food joint. With windows at the entrance and sides, there are booths set up back to back all around and with tables at the centers.

Having been standing off from the side for some time now, Donny stares up at the slanted menu display above the counter as he quietly and anxiously taps away at the ground. His right index finger flicks the ends of his mustache back and forth as he seems increasingly more and more indecisive as he looks at more and more of the menu. He lets out a slow sigh, and his his comes around to cross at his chest. Finally, he walks over to the man at the register.

"Uh, hey." Donny speaks up, clearing his throat, "Can I get the... Shredded Spicy Chicken Burrito Supreme?". The clerk nods, "Want that as a meal or-" He's interrupted, "Yeah, yeah the meal. Large fries." he says, looking down at his watch.

"That'll be a few minutes for the chicken." Donny looks up, nodding as he steps away from the counter a bit. "Yeah, sure."

The sliding doors move on open, letting a nice breeze on through the fast food joint as a man steps on in, hands stuffed into the pockets of his navy jeans. Linus steps into the center of the Taco Town, squinting as he gazes up at the menu. He spends a few seconds like this, gazing wistfully at the menu before slowly, he would trail his gaze down to look at the clerk, and move to step on over.

"Hi, Uh- Hi, what would you like?" The clerk asks, stepping up to the counter with a freshly procured milkshake which is apparently for themself, the manager being nowhere in sight. The clerk seems a bit put off by the scars on Linus's face, eyes a bit wide.

"Yeah, hey... Can I uh, get the uh... The Super Slam Chilly Saucy Sexy Marinated Crunchy Chessy Potato Nacho Burrito?" Linus asks, smiling at the clerk as he flawlessly delivers his line.

The clerk blinks, "Uh, sir..-" He would begin, before being cut off by a raspy chuckle coming from Linus, "Naaah, I'm just fucking with you man, hit me up with one of those Mega Burritos in a large meal, with water for the drink." He says, procuring his card and getting ready to tap it as the clerk nods and enters the order. Once the clerk is ready, Linus taps the card against the scanner, paying for the meal. He offers a small nod and a smile that is less than pretty, as the scar tissue on the left side of his face becomes more gnarled with the facial expression, and then moves to step off.

Then, he sees Donny and comes to a pause. For a few second he stands there, blinking, and then recognition dawns in his eyes as he grins widely, further distorting his face, "Holy fucking shit, Donny motherfucker, is that you!?"

Donny is off to the side as he hears the doors slide open, and he's yet to look over. Instead his eyes were down to his watch again, and then at the floor as he quietly waited at the side. The voice of the new arrival causes him to look up, however, and peer at the back of the Linus' head. He squints, and then he leans to the side- noticing the beginning of the scarring at the side of the mans head. And when Linus recognizes who's looking at him, it clicks for Donny as well.

"Dude, no fuckin' way!" he says, stepping over to the man as the corners of his lips pull back and show off the rows off the white of his teeth. "Linus, your sorry ass got sent out here too?" he offers to him as he reaches a hand out for a shake- that would quickly be pulled into a brief hug and pat on the back.

Linus laughs, though quietly enough not to offend anyone's delicate sensibilties within the confines of the Taco Town. He steps on over as Donny grabs his hand, and shakes in turn before he is pulled into a hug, Linus pats Donny's back in turn, unable to wipe that horrific grin from his face. "Yeah my man, got sent this way to join up with the Timber Wolves, just dropped my stuff at the place I'm staying, decided I wanted some fuckin' burrito up in here." Linus would say as he steps back a little, grasping Donny by the shoulders as he looks the man over, up and down before his gaze comes to rest on the man's moustache, "Good to see you're still sporting that glorious piece of history right there, it's good to see you... And your 'stache." Linus would say, controlling his smile a little as he would lower his hands back to his side, looking about for a moment, "You been here long man?" He would say, looking back to Donny.

Donny offers a small shrug of his shoulders, "Nah, I've only arrived a bit ago too. The shuttle they had me in was a bumpy pain in the ass- so I decided I'd get some munchies." he says. "It's good to see you an' your ugly mug too." says Donny lopsided smirk and a snicker.

The clerk clears his throat a bit, "Uh- Burrito Supreme?" Donny looks over, stepping to the counter, "Oh, that's me, hey." he says, before taking his tray of food before he turns back to Linus, "How're the guys back at the legion doing? They gonna send any more of ours this way?" he asks as he heads over to one of the nearer booths to set his food down and take a seat.

Linus listens to Donny speak, nodding along with his words as he watches the man retrieve his food as the clerk calls, he seems to contemplate the man's words for a second as a question about the legion is asked, then chooses to shrug, "I haven't heard much to be honest, things have been a little chaotic following The Unification. They took me out of the civil war and sent me here without much information, but things are proceeding as per usual in Oran." He says, looking over as his order is called by the clerk.

Linus collects his order, offering a short "Thank you" to the clerk before he would move on over to join Donny at his table, sitting opposite of him. He'd begin unwrapping his burrito before sniffing a little, "I hope they send more of our boys this way, nothin' better than some Legion discipline." The man would say, before taking a bite out of his burrito. He'd chew quickly, swallowing a mouthful. "What you been up to since we were last stationed together, though? Like I said I've been over in Oran mostly." He'd go on, before getting back to eating his food.

Donny snickers as he quietly grabs onto a few fries and begins to munch down on them. He swallows his food before speaking, "They had me fighting some of those rusty cogs, stationed on some moon colony... I don't remember it's name, only of those tiny little ones." he says, leaning forward a bit as he takes a sip of his soda. "That was.. A while back. My transfer papers were off in limbo as the brass was handlin' them."

Donny begins to pick apart the wrapping around his own burrito, his lopsided grin fading a bit. "Weird how I feel anxious to get out there, even tho' whenever I'm out there I'm anxious to get away from there."

Donny sucks in a slow breath before letting out a sigh and beginning to fill his face with burrito, taking a large mouthful and chewing it down. "We shouldn't have made things as smart as us, man. They probably already got my browsing history from a year back."

Linus takes a break from his burrito in order to munch on some of his own fries, licking his lips steadily as he partakes in the delicious processed goods. The scar tissue on his face crunches and stretches in odd ways as he chews away, though it is largely hidden by his hair, which he takes a moment to brush out of his eye on the good side of his face before getting back to his meal.

"Fought the cogs huh? I've got plenty of experience up against humans, but I'm interested to see how the Cylon fucks operate on the field." Linus would say, taking a moment to take a sip of water as he contemplates the rest of Donny's thoughts. "Well, I dunno man, maybe it's a good thing the Cylons were made. I'm not exactly just going to let them get away with it, but sometimes I think maybe the annihilation of the human race would be a good thing... I thought about it for a while, and I figured if the Cylon's killed all of us, then we'd probably no longer go about destroying the planets we reside on, we certainly wouldn't be able to murder ourselves anymore, and I don't think Cylon's are taken by violence out of enjoyment..." Linus says, a hand coming to touch his face absently, as his cheek spasms a little. He lowers his hand and digs into his meal, forcing the spasms to stop by chewing away at his burrito.

Donny's chewing of his burrito slows and slows and slooows as Linus talks on. Swallowing some more of his food, Donny tries to keep a straight face- he really does, but the widening grin on his features betrays that notion. "There's somethin' I -didn't- miss." he says with a snicker and an amused shake of his head. Sitting up a bit, he bites off a bit more. "But like- th' Cylons aren't gonna kill -all- of us." he says, somewhat more hushed as to not start a big scare for those nearby the two soldiers. "They got some of us working in camps and stuff. I dunno, it seems like more of th' same will happen either way." he says before he swallows his burrito. He looks back to Linus, and lets his right brow rise, "And I really like living, thank you very much."

Donny leans back a bit, crossing a leg over the other. "Well, if you're so keen on seeing how th' bots fight, guess makin' you a Wolf was the right choice on th' brasses end." Looking back to Linus, he asks, "You still reconaissance, or they got you as a part of general infantry now?"

Linus smiles slightly, shruggin a little, "Hey, I like living too... But come to think of it, so did all of the people that the seperatists slaughtered out of some ill-concieved notion of superiority which insofar as I can tell is unique to the human mind. But maybe you're right and the Cylon are just big dumbass humans with metal in them instead of blood and bone." The man would say, breathing an idle sigh before he takes a few bites out of his chips.

"But yeah, I'm still recon. Staff Sergeant Linus Garner, is my title now." He'd say, finishing off the last of his chips before he'd look back on over to Donny. "Back to the good old Linus chaos theory of life though; you ever thought that maybe the Cylon's were programmed by a human in order to bring our societies together to function as a whole? Maybe this was just what we needed to make us stop going to war with ourselves... Go to war with something else!" Linus says, gazing to the side, off in his own head.

"Well, I guess we all need a little bit of crazy theories in our life. Just don't go babbling that all over the place and get yourself martialed, alright?" Offers Donny lazily to Linus as he crumples up the wrapper from his burrito and continues with his fries. "But I think Cylons were just made to let me sit on my ass. And that really fucked itself then if that's the case." he says amidst chewing before letting out a mock sad sigh, "Cuz now I've got PT every morning." he murmurs before he shrugs. "And believe me, I know people are shitters. But Cylons just as big shitters- maybe even a bit bigger."

"Maybe, Donny. Maybe." Linus says between mouthfuls of his burrito, "I just wonder about their goals, sometimes y'know? Might just be getting tired of fighting without really knowing the reasons why." The man would say, before shrugging absently as he bites into his burrito, at which point he notices one of the two soldiers standing off to the side giving him a staredown. He gazes back evenly, fist clenching a little where it is on the table before he relaxes it and glances back over to Donny, finishing his burrito before he speaks up, "I figure I'll kick off now man. Wanna share a joint outside before I shoot off?"

Donny stretches his arms out overhead with a quiet grunt before he sighs and pushes up from his seat, collecting his trash on the tray before just leaving it there for someone else to deal with. "Well, if you're gonna think they're anything like us then you may as well drop the notion of goals altogether." he says as he looks back and forth. When the offer of a joint is in the air, he snickers as he's heading to the door with Linus. "You bet your ass I want a puff."

The two head outside as Linus pulls a joint out from a packet in the pocket of his jacket, followed by an electric lighter. They move off to the side a bit to avoid plaguing anyone's noses with the smell of cannabis before Linus lights up the joint and takes a drag. They share the joint, smoking it evenly and have a nice buzz by the time it's done. It's some nice sativa weed, hits the spot. Once it's done, Linus drops the smoke and dashes it underfoot before they say their farewells and part ways.


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