2237-09-11 - Commonalities

Tove and Cate meet in the Infirmary after the marine's training exercises.

Date: 2237-09-11

Location: Argyros Naval Base Infirmary

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Scene Number: 506

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Sure-fire way to earn yourself a trip to the infirmary? Collapse on the training field after a full day of exercises. Cate has been set up to wait in one of the exam rooms. There's an IV in her arm running in fluids, courtesy of one of the squad medics. All her extra gear has been stripped off, leaving her just in her double tanks and fatigue pants. She has an arm draped across her eyes as she waits there, resting.

It's just the middle of Tove's rotation in the infirmary, and she's on her way back to the duty station, to pick up the updated chart for rounds. A few words, in that sort of friendly professional way that rotating staff seems to master, enough to work together, but not so much that there's an invitation for water cooler talk. The new chart she accepts, pausing at the edge of the counter to read over the paperworks, before she steps to the exam room, offering a knock, before she slips in past the curtain that's currently being used to provide some privacy, "Corporal Rhodes?"

There's a faint sigh when Cate has to actually open her eyes. The arm moves off her face, revealing flushed, damp skin and hair that's wet from the water poured over it to cool her off. Her brows come together when she recognizes Tove. "Oh. Hi," she says a little awkwardly. "Lieutenant... Lind?" She squints, memory a little hazy.

"It's like they angle the lights just perfectly to act like daggers in the eyes, isn't it?" Tove's comment comes in the moment after Cate lowers her arm from her eyes, and the nurse moves to dim the lights as best one can. Which, to be honest, isn't much, but it's done with a smile for the woman laid out on the bed, "Yes. Feel free to call me Lind. It saves time."

"Thanks," Cate says when Tove dims the lights. Even if it didn't do much, it's the thought that counts. "And yeah - it's like they were going for an interrogation room vibe." It's a weak joke, but Cate never was very good at playing patient - despite the impressive length of her medical file, some of which is visible in the scars on her arms and shoulders. "Lind then. Everyone calls me Rhodes or Doc but I prefer Cate."

"Then if you'll allow me, I'll also call you Cate." Setting down the file, Tove moves over to check the level and flow of the IV fluids, pulling over the cart with a hand, the thermometer picked up, pulled out of it's holder and slipped into a sterile cover, before she offers it to Cate. "Let me get a reading, and then we'll see how you're fairing, and possibly get you a step closer to being able to be discharged."

"Sure," Cate agrees easily. Her bearing is tentative, tired even. She obediently puts the thermometer in her mouth and hands it back after it beeps. "I'm just an idiot, I didn't drink enough. Got dehydrated." Her temperature is a little elevated, but not alarmingly so. Not unexpected with a heat-related illness. She has a bit of heat exhaustion on top of the dehydration. Running around all day in the hot summer sun in full kit without hydrating enough will do that. Especially when you start at a deficit from a killer hangover. Speaking of which... "Could I get some motrin please." Or whatever the BSG equivalent is.

"Nothing idiotic about it. You get used to serving under certain conditions, especially when you're on a ship, where the environment is controlled and it's easy enough to manage your own well-being," she removes the thermometer, recording the reading on the chart, before she pops off the cover into the disposal. "Then you get thrown into a new environment, and you have to spend more time thinking about other people than yourself, it's easy to forget that you need care as much as any of your patients." A nod, at the request, and Tove moves away to one of the cabinets. She seems to have gotten the hang of the layout of the place well enough, "Have they brought you a change of clothes? They left you a bit bedraggled." Just dumped water on the poor woman and left. "I should be able to rustle up a set, or, if you're more comfortable in scrubs, we've got plenty enough of those." She's not about to make the woman get into a johnny.

"I should know better though," Cate says, not quite so ready to go easy on herself. "Gunny had us doing laps for some stupid shit and I just..." She waves a hand. "Didn't want to give him the satisfaction of quitting." Her mouth twists in a frown, conscious of the fact that instead she gave him the satisfaction(?) of quitting AND having to medical her out. "I just have these, but I'm fine with scrubs. Thanks."

At the medicine cabinet, Tove measures out a dosage of motrin, and brings it back to the rolling table, offering the paper cup to Cate, and pouring a glass of water. "That...is not an uncommon trait amongst marines, or medics. It's difficult to say 'when' when you know that in most cases you have to always be the one that's stronger, more resilient, and tougher than the rest of your squad, because you have to be the one pulling them out. So should you have known better? Probably. But I'm not sure there's any purpose served in beating yourself up about something that you can't change." Tove looks Cate over, assessing the woman's size, before she heads to the rear of the room, and some of the drawers there. "If you need to shower, I can unhook the line for you to do that. Always makes me feel a bit more human." She carries back two sets of bottoms and tops, just to be safe.

Cate murmurs her thanks again when the motrin is offered, and downs it quickly. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. I mean, we've done exercises before, but it doesn't get this hot where I come from." As for the shower. "Maybe in a few minutes... still a little dizzy. But thanks." She watches the nurse move back and forth at her tasks, a pensive frown taking hold. After several seconds of silence, she ventures tentatively. "So... I'm sorry about last night. I was kinda a jerk." She offers a sheepish shrug.

Tove's laughter is light, companionable, "You and I have a very different experience, then. I'm from Sagittaron. I keep walking around this place wondering why it's so damned cold all of the time. I think most people think that's a bit mental." Tove steps back, to begin to draw the curtains around Cate's bed, so that the woman can have some privacy to change when the time comes. She sets the curtains so that she can still work with her, but she's blocked from the rest of the infirmary. "I walked into what seemed to be a heated situation. It's hard to shift gears. Apology accepted, though it's not necessary."

"Never been to Sagittaron," Cate replies amiably. "I'm from Hibernia. Tended toward the chilly side where I was at." Though the mention of home causes that frown to deepen. She nods to Tove accepting her apology. "It was a rough night. I had too much to drink so... mouth before brain. Anyway, sorry you got caught in the cross fire."

"Chilly as in snow?" That actually seems of great interest to the small woman, "I went to a resort once, spent just about every dime that I had, where they had this...it was like a ski slope, and it had snow and all. But I've never actually seen the real stuff, like falling from the sky." Strange, the things people seem to feel wistful about, "No worries. Thankfully, I've had plenty of experience dodging bullets." Though that's likely not at all the same sort of bullet.

Cate shakes her head. "No snow where I was. Up in the mountains sometimes on other parts of the moon though. Mostly just... a little colder than this." She gestures to indicate the room. The story about the resort gets an interested look. "That's cool. We helped rescue some people from a ski resort on Tauron once. That was the first time I saw snow." Her apology delivered, she seems content to say no more about the other night.

"Even without the snow, I think it sounds as though we came from completely different places." Cate's look at her story gets a laugh, "I'm serious. I have the video to prove it. The crazy amount of shit they used to have in the Leonese Protectorate," so that at least identifies from where on Sagittaron she hails, "Was mind boggling." Tove moves off to do a bit of housekeeping, setting up another bag of fluids, "You've with the Wolves...what can you tell me about the unit? I don't have any experience working on a shipboard unit. I've spend my entire career on the ground."

"Well, I haven't really found anywhere that's quite like Hibernia, so... probably true. The Leonese part... that's where the ICJPK was yeah? That really bad fighting..." Apparently she doesn't realize that it's not the /entire/ Leonese protectorate. Cate rests her head back against the pillow, looking tired. "The ship itself? It's really just like a base in space, just everything's smaller. There are public showers, which it somebody's twisted idea of a joke I think. Everyone bunks in the same area - pilots, marines, doctors."

Tove finishes setting up the second drip, carrying it back to the small working table that has been arranged beside Cate's bed. "My own experience is quite limited. Sagittaron, Leonis. But I can't help thinking that it's nostalgia as much as anything that makes home seem so..singular." At the question, Tove offers a nod, "Yeah, the civil war in the Oran Province. That's where I served. They sent me there right after my commission and I never left until the cylons came, and then they just sent me to a whole other war." She looks away a moment, out back towards the infirmary still hidden by the curtain, "Seems unnatural to me. This quiet." Again, that lift of her eyebrows, "That's certainly new. They give us the usual 2 tops, or do we get the enlisted 3 pieces?" A snort, at the comment about showers, "Considering the shit people do behind as curtain? No wonder they want everything in the open."

Cate listens, nodding. The mention of Oran catches her attention. "Did you know a Raptor crew there? Dub and Mute, from Picon? They were with the ICJPK detachment a couple years back." The mention of quiet gets an arched eyebrow. "You think this is quiet, you should see the Dauntless sickbay. And yeah - we have the two-high bunks, thank the Gods. Though I'm sad to say the lack of curtains in the showers doesn't deter everybody." Cate makes a face.

Tove pauses, and Cate can almost see the mental roledex as she thinks back. She even does that slightly weird thing where her eyes actually move back and force as if she were reading something. So many faces, so many years. "Brunette, looks perpetually like someone spilled his milk? And a tall blonde in the backseat? Great smile, killer voice?" She looks back down, again with that strange reading motion, "Kostopolous? And Yates?" And then over to the woman, "I'm terrible at callsigns. They never stick in my head. Had to try to parse it. I knew them in passing, not well. I was still with the Navy. But they worked evac a few times out of the field hospital I was stationed at."

A sad but fond smile takes hold when Tove describes the two. Even a faint bit of color creeps into Cate's cheeks. "Yeah. That's them. I knew them on Picon at the beginning of the war. Good guys." The smile flickers. "They helped me get out of Triton when it fell, but then we got separated. They're both still MIA." She lets her head loll back, looking up at the ceiling. "Last night... it was the anniversary of the base falling. Running into Jake... that was just the icing on the cake." She sighs, then tries to force her thoughts elsewhere. "Have you always been in the navy?"

"I read all of the news we could get back then, about that. Hell of a thing, to be frank, that anyone made it out. And I hear that the colony is still under heavy assault, though the Wolves seem to have had a hand in trying to clean that up a bit." Tove, having gotten things as prepared as she's going to get them, settles into a comfortable lean of a hip against one edge of a counter, "I'm sorry for what you went through. Some things...they're just too big to wrap your head around." A nod, follows, at the question, "Since I got my degree. Spent a few years as a pilot saving money. Got my commission just after I graduated. I haven't left a combat or conflict area since. That was eight years ago."

"Yeah, the Wolves were there for a couple months. It was frakking awful." Cate's lips thin. "But yeah, thanks." Talking about Tove's work history is a safer topic. "That's a long time. Can see why they picked you for this bunch." She shrugs a little. "I was an ER doc, before the war. Inner city hospital, so... different kind of conflict area." A tiny, brief, smirk is offered.

"So I gathered. I think I read in the reports that the scale was unlike anything that they'd expected." Because where the wolves go, news follows. And a basestar? hell. "Long time. Maybe they just wanted someone who knows what it's like to be in combat. Some of the staff I worked with? They'd never even seen a gunshot wound, before they did a rotation." A lift of her brows, at Cate's revelation, "Didn't want to ride a desk through the war?" Not that a doctor in sickbay would be riding any desk, but...the field? Not at all.

"Probably, yeah. They seem to have picked a lot of people for their experiences like that." The question about her position gets a little shrug. "When I was on Picon, they were so short-staffed that I got to do both. I'd go out with the marines as their medic, and when I wasn't doing that I'd work in sickbay. That's what I'd like to do, but..." Cate frowns and shrugs again. "Military doesn't like people who don't fit into boxes, so... I chose to fight." She runs a hand through her sweaty hair. "Think I will try to get that shower now." Despite knowing full well how to do it, she defers to Tove to stop the IV line so she can go. Professional courtesy.

"I think it's be criminal not to otherwise. War or not, it's just assisted suicide to throw some of these kids right into the meat grinder." Tove steps back, coming back to her full height, such as it is, and moving on soft-soled feet back over to where Cate's sitting up. She makes quick work of the IV line and then uses an occlusive dressing to ensure that the catheter left in Cate's arm is waterproof, "Yeah. I was told the same. I spent all my time working in field hospitals, working in combat areas...but I was told there was no chance I'd ever get to work on the ground, even if they were short on medics. Still, I think your squad's probably pretty damned glad they have someone with as much experience as you do on the ground with them." Cate prepped and ready to go, she steps back, "Take all the time you need. I'll change out your linens and get everything ready. A good night's sleep and we should be able to get you out of here."

"Yeah, it's kinda silly. You'd think they'd just... use people wherever they could be the most use. But... that's the army for you." Cate gives a what-can-you-do shrug. She swings her bare feet over the edge and gingerly gets up. She's a little wobbly for a few seconds but then gets her balance. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, Cate. I'll wait until you're in the shower, and then get this all ready for you. I think I might have even spied a few magazines you may not have read a few dozen times....unless you want a trashy telenovela. That seems to be the bulk of the movie library here." She's still close enough to help if the need arises, but Tove seems quite intent on allowing Cate to do for herself if she can.

Cate nods. "Thanks. My head's still killing me so I think I'll just take the movie. Can listen to that at least, while I cover my eyes." With a wan smile, she shuffles over to the shower - another luxury of a real army base: hospital rooms with showers.

"I'll see if I can pick a few winners. High drama, low intellect." As all good telenovelas should be. Once Cate's on her way, Tove will also go about her business, so that by the time the medic returns, the room is changed, prepped and comfortably settled for the overnight stay. Trashy melodramas with terrible soundtracks and all.


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