2237-09-11 - Soldier For Life

Aleksander checks in on Cate and they chat about the Foreign Legion and life after the war.

Date: 2237-09-11

Location: Infirmary

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Scene Number: 534

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Cate is camped out in an infirmary bed, watching TV. There's an IV going into her arm and she's been changed out of her dirty, sweaty fatigues and into a set of hospital scrubs instead of the usual patient gown.

Having finished the extra running that was leveled at the 'misbehaving' Marines by the Gunny, Aleksander took the time to get himself cleaned up first and out of the dirty fatigues before choosing to pay Cate a visit, probably feeling a bit guilty for getting her involved and having her end up in the infirmary. Walking into the sickbay, the Tauran is in his off-duty digs, a pair of military issued trousers and the familiar double tank of brown and grey. Asking a passing nurse where a particular patient is, Aleksander is directed towards Cate's location. When he arrives, he offers a quick greeting, "Rhodes, how are you holding up?"

"Hey," Cate offers, sitting up a bit when the other marine arrives. "I'm all right." Her mouth twists wryly. "Just pushed myself too far like an idiot. Gunny finally let you stop running laps huh?"

At Cate's question, Aleksander can only run his hand through his hair with an apolgetic grin, "Yeah, the Gunny wasn't very happy with... how the mock combat drill went. Apparently I was doing it wrong." A simple shrug of shoulders from the Tauran seems to show that he felt differently but he certainly won't try to explain himself to the Gunny, it would only lead to more trouble. "Sorry about getting you drawn into this, Rhodes, definitely didn't mean to have you end up stuck here in sickbay." For Aleksander, getting stuck in sickbay with prickly nurses is as much fun as the run he had to finish under the summer heat on Caprica.

Cate hitches her shoulders. "Eh, I don't know why he got his knickers in a twist. It was a stupid war game. Doesn't really mean anything." His apology gets a wan smile. "Don't be sorry. Wasn't your fault I didn't drink enough water today." Then the smile turns into more of a smirk. "Or that I was too stubborn to tell Gunny I couldn't finish." She lets out a soft heh and nods towards a chair. "You wanna sit or you got a hot date somewhere?"

"The Caprican sun is no friend of mine, that's for sure." Says Aleksander, in full agreement with the training under the oppressive heat today. The invitation to sit is accepted by the Tauran rather easily, probably ascribing to the philosophy of why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lay down. "No date, definitely not on this planet." He says with a slight scowl that wasn't exactly hidden. No shock that Aleksander is not a fan of the natives and wouldn't want to have anything to do with the girls here. "It was a boring war game, wasn't it. Until I scared the bejeezus out of you when you were busy dodging shots from Dorn." He says with his grin reappearing, obviously amused at how Cate reacted when he stuck his laser rifle against her back, "Though if I had just pulled the trigger like I was supposed to, it would have saved you, me, and Tomak a lot of grief."

"Oh, right - I forgot you were from Tauron, yeah?" There's a hint of curiosity on Cate's face at that, but before she can follow up on it he's mentioning scaring the pants off her. She offers a sheepish shrug. "Yeah, well, I think your way was funnier. Even if it did mean having to run our asses off after." Frowning a touch, she says, "I wasn't really paying attention though. Had a bitch of a hangover all day. My head's still killing me." And that might explain why she was more pre-disposed to getting dehydrated.

There is a nod at Cate's rhetorical question from Aleksander and he doesn't expound on it besides saying, "Yeah, my previous life." He doesn't hesitate to focus on the subject of what has the combat medic wiped out like this, "Guess you are putting the nights off to good use as well. Sounds like you might've found a local well that had liquor that counts as passable around here then. Still, you fought me off pretty well, when I tried to use you as a shield. Didn't make it easy and almost got my arm there. If you were in peak condition, I think I would've had to tap out there."

Cate shrugs a bit, the frown lingering when he talks about putting the nights to good use. "Wasn't exactly a party. Well, more like a pity party." Her mouth twists a bit there, then she waves a hand to the rest. "You're pretty good at that yourself. Figure on a good day it'd be more of a draw." There's a beat, then she wonders aloud, "So you left Tauron to join the Legion. Is that where you met Roths?"

Hearing that it wasn't a 'fun' type of party, Aleksander can't help but furrow his brows slightly but he doesn't ask. Either he has experience with those kinds of gatherings, or can tell from her tone that it was something more personal, or both, he has enough tact to steer clear of the subject. "Yes, started a new life on Leonis with the Foreign Legion. They were my new family." A pause when the Tauran nods his head, "Yeah, I met Dora on Leonis and a good friend of Dora's father was my instructor. New her before she became... before Trenoir."

Cate doesn't seem inclined to elaborate on said pity party either, but it's probably clear from her expression that the memory of it still weighs on her. Talking about Leonis is a far easier topic. "Ah, so you knew Papa Roths. That's cool. What's it like? I mean, to just... start over like that?"

"Yeah... he's a hard man to please, though we're on good terms." Aleksander says though something does bring an amused grin to surface when he thinks about Rothschild's father. "Funny, he actually tried to get Dora and myself together." Which to most may be an embarrassing story, but to him, it is clearly just amusing. "And starting over was great... I can see why the Foreign Legion is so successful. They know how to separate those who aren't fully committed, but those who are? They get a second chance at life, a clean slate, and even citizenship if they serve long enough. Can't ask for more than that."

Cate manages a smirk, though she squints a bit skeptically at him. "You and Roths? She doesn't exactly seem your type. Too prim and proper. Guess Papa Roths must've really liked you though." She nods to the rest. "Yeah, that's a pretty good deal. I actually looked into joining once upon a time. When I got off Picon and wanted to get back in the war. Didn't work out though."

Hearing Cate's description of Rothschild, Aleksander can't help but laugh but he cuts it short, not wanting to disturb the other patients and get kicked out by a swarm of angry nurses, "Yeah, we're not each other's type. Though I always joke with her about how if I was ever to settle down, it would be for a Leonese Princess, nothing less. I guess her father saw that I was no real danger to his precious daughter and that I had adhered to the Legionnaire training fully." When Rhodes mentions that she thought about becoming a Legionnaire, the Tauran can't help but arch his brow in interest, "Really, how come? If you don't mind me asking."

Cate smirks. "Now what the hell would you do with a Leonese princess? Sit around stuffy people and go to balls every weekend?" The medic looks skeptical. The question about the Legion causes her to frown a bit. "I got hurt when Triton got overrun, and then we had to spend about a month running around behind the lines. Wasn't exactly in the best of shape, and my shoulder was still a little frakked up. The Legion recruiter told me they took a pretty hard line on the intake requirements, so... I didn't have much of a chance." A little smirk then. "Royal marines have lower standards."

It's obvious that Aleksander didn't that far ahead, it was just such a lofty, unobtainable goal that it was a fun one to pick. As for being in good condition for the Legionnaire, the Tauran can only wince in sympathy for Cate, "That is unfortunate then... bad timing. You would've been a great addition to the Legion, Rhodes. I miss the Legionnaires and Leonis, that's for sure." He certainly misses fighting at their side, his gaze shifting off to the side for a moment. "Well, the sooner we turn the toasters to scrap, the sooner we can get back to our lives before this mess."

"Well thanks. Wouldn't have been the first Hibernian to do it anyway." With Leonis being opposed to Virgon, more than one Hibernian had gotten some military training in the Legion and then gone back home to continue the fight. The mention of lives before causes Cate to chew her lip, eyes drifting up towards the TV screen. "Or start a new one," she offers somberly, before asking, "So what did you do, before all this?"

Aleksander has certainly seen Hibernians come and go in the Foreign Legion, so it is no surprise to him when Cate mentions it. However, when she asks the question about his previous life, that is when she will meet a stone wall in response, "The only life I know is the Legion. Was there before the Cylons rebelled, and that is where I will be after their uprising is put down." Rhode's question is not exactly answered, more like it was purposefully dodged.

Cate seems to understand - or at least respect - the dodge. "Soldier for life huh?" She offers a tiny smirk. "Well, not for me. The sooner I can take off a uniform, the happier I'll be."

"Unless a Leonese Princess comes by and picks me up, I don't really see any other path, Rhodes." Aleksander says, his grin returning, especially since she doesn't press further into his past. "Well, let's turn more toasters into little tin cans where the military can store more food for us, and our tour may be up soon enough." With that said, the Tauran rises from the seat he was resting on, "Well, I should let you get back to your show and your rest. I wouldn't be surprised if a nurse comes by and shoo's me out."

"Oh, I think you have enough imagination for more than that, Davion," Cate points out mildly. "But hey - if it's Legion for life, there's nothing wrong with that. Least you have somewhere to go back to." She nods when he rises. "Hey, thanks for coming by."


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