2237-09-12 - Donny On The Prowl: Bathroom Sabotage and Taco Town Showdown

Donny's dumb adventures before and after the brawl at The Lazy Mushroom.

Date: 2237-09-12

Location: The Lazy Mushroom, Downtown Taco Town

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Scene Number: 593

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Donny quietly thumbs at the rental phone he's picked up since his arrival on Capricon, looking up as he walks down the street. "Lazy Mushroom, Lazy Mushroom..." he murmurs to himself, eyes peeled for the sign before he catches glimpse of it. "Cool- Lazy Mushroom!".

Donny arrives at the front door, depressing the handle and pushing it open as he heads inside. "Alright, our table should be..." Donny walks along before he finds the table the Wolves are all supposed to be meeting at, only with no one there yet. Donny pauses, before he takes out his phone and looks down to check the time. "...Huh. Guess I'm early." he says, pursing his lips a bit as he looks left and right. "...Got some time to kill, then."

Donny immediately turns for the mens room, heading inside to the toilets as he wanders along to the stalls. He steps inside one, locking it besides him before he lets out a sigh. "Alright. Game time." he says. His eyes drop down to the rolls of toilet paper, which he immediately begins to spin as fast as he can get them- letting the toilet paper collect down at the floor before the rolls down to its cardboard. "One down." he says, an amused twitch of the corner of his lip showing as he exits that stall and moves on to the second one.

Second verse is same as the first, and Donny is dropping all the toilet paper down to the floor. This time, he gets creative once it's all there- and he puts it IN the toilet. "Two." he says, leaving that same stall before heading over to beginning of the final stall. The handicapped stall. Donny pauses, staring at the open stall door before he decides against it, turning back to head to the sink and wash off his hands. He quickly flicks his wrists down back into the sink, and then steps over to the blow drier.

Donny hovers his hands under them for a second... And nothing happens. Donny squints at the machine, and he begins moving his hands around to try and figure out how to turn it on before it flicks on- for a second or two before dying down again. "Gods-dammit. Karma's a bitch." he says with a tsk as he turns and walks out, flicking his wrists again.

...Fast forward around an hour and a half of drinking, fighting, laughing, and fleeing...

Donny grunts, his cheeks red, the rest of his face just a little less flushed as he steps out of the back seat of the rental car. "Aaaaallright guyss." he says, staggering a bit as he turns back to the car. "Gettin' tacos~." he declares, taking out the wallet he relieved from the dreaded UglyMug not long ago. Grunting and clearing his throat, Donny begins to make his way over to the dual doors of the fast food joint. A pint of rum and cola and two shots of vodka really do a number.

Donny pushes open the two doors, with a little hiccup to follow as he barely manages to make his way over to the counter. The girl at the counter recedes a bit, the look on her face showing volumes of discomfort. When Donny simply stands there, staring blankly at her for a good six seconds she finally musters up the courage to ask, "Sir... Can I take your order?"

With a blink, Donny is brought back to life as he brightens up with a wide grin, "Yeah!" he says happily, before he pushes himself back and stares up at the menu, "Can I... Have... Three Monstro Taco's... Just th' tacos. Aaaaand, one Bandito Burrito?" he asks. The girl nods a bit, punching it all into the register before she says, "Want any drinks, or--" Donny snorts, "Naaaaah! I've had plenty t' drink!" he says. "Uh-huh. Yeah, I guess you have." she says, he brows rising as she lets out a sigh. "Okay uhm, that'll be fifteen thirty nine."

This is the moment Donny has been waiting for. The moment of ultimate truth. Donny's beginning to open up the wallet before he hears the doors open. Usually he wouldn't pay any attention, but he's also super shitfaced, so when he looks around you could imagine the look on his face when it was a pair of Capricons from the bar brawl. Donny's neck seems to disappear when he scrunches his head back and his lips flatten and widen out. "Shiiiit." he wheezes out, hastily putting down 20 cubits that the clerk takes. "Don't worry 'bout th'- hic- change. And to go, please." he says, blinking a bit as the two Capricons look over and seem to recognize Donny as well.

"Well shit, Jin. Look who it is." one of them says to the other, who is looking up from his phone. "Well frak me." he says. Neither of them look happy to see Donny- and Donny looks even less happy to see them. When they begin their slow walk towards them, Donny sniffles and clears his throat- dabbing his thumb on his tongue to straighten out his brows. "Hey guysh!" he says, his words beginning to slur as he steps over and opens his arms out a bit- slipping the wallet down his sleeve now that the foods been payed for.

Sweat begins to gather at the top of Donny's brows, as he looks left at one, and then right at the other. They're both choosing a side to go from. "How you guys doin'?" he asks, stepping back a bit as he watches them as carefully as a drunk guy can. The clerk watches a bit nervously, before looking over and asking aloud, "Uh-- Can I take your orders?" One of the Capricons looks to the clerk, holding up a finger to ask her to wait before looking back to Donny. Then they begin to close in.

At this point, Donny's looking a little sick- pale in the face. The closer the get, the more worried he gets, the more he's gagging- and finally when it looks like one of them's about to swing at him, Donny lurches forward and catches himself by the Capricon soldiers shoulder before he throws up down onto soldiers chest, pants and shoes. "Woah- WOAH--" he begins to yell, and they both step back as Donny's bag of food is set on the counter.

Donny makes his move with the sliver of a chance he gets, stumbling over as he wipes away some of the throw up from his chin and mustache as he grabs onto his food and makes a hasty shamble for the doors. "I got'sh ta' go, see ya!" slurs Donny. It seems the two Capricons are a bit more worried about the stain that'll show on the uniform, and how they'll have to explain and get out of it- giving Donny the chance he needs to pull open the doors and hobble for the car door- pulling it open and dropping in. Rolling down his window, Donny lets out a sigh of relief and just drunken exhaustion as the car begins to pull out. Before their away from the scene, the last words from the group in the car is audible.

"...Donny, this isn't what I asked you to get me."


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