2237-09-14 - Pressure Valve

Stirling is debriefed by Colonel Ryan after the brawl.

Date: 2237-09-14

Location: Argyros Admin Building

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Plot: None

Scene Number: 512

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Stirling reported to Ryan’s office - a temporary one procured in one of the Argyros admin buildings. He looked up when she entered, taking in the freshly-pressed green fatigues and the shiner brewing on her right eye. She came to attention in front of the desk.

“At ease, Major. I have to say - I’m not accustomed to getting a call about one of my senior officers landing in detention.” He doesn’t invite her to sit. This is not that kind of conversation. But he perches on the front of his desk. “So I’m hoping you can explain to me just what in Hades happened tonight.”

Stirling stood in a stiff parade rest. “Barfight, sir.”

Ryan let out an exasperated snort. “Yeah, I kinda got that.” A beat. “What happened?”

“Bad blood, sir.” Stirling sighs softly. “Some of the Wolves blame the Capricans for starting the war. Some of the Capricans resent needing help with Delphi. A few of the boys started trading insults - Caprica vs Tauron, Cap Navy vs the Wolves. The usual. It went from there.”

“Who were the instigators?”

Stirling’s mouth thinned and she shook her head. “Afraid I didn’t get a good look, sir.”

“Is that so?” Ryan reached across his desk to snag a piece of paper, which he held up. “Because according to this report... you were right there in the middle of it when it started.”

Stirling’s eyes flicked down to the paper briefly then back up to the CO. “Yes, sir. But my attention was on the Caprican officer in front of me who was trash-talking our unit. I’d hoped to de-escalate the situation.”

“I see.” Ryan pursed his lips, looking down at the paper again and nodding a little “And was throwing a drink in his face part of your de-escalation strategy?”

Stirling tries very hard to keep a straight face, but a little smirk crept out of one corner of her mouth. “It was an unsuccessful strategy, sir,” she deadpanned back. “He deserved it.”

Ryan couldn’t resist cracking a smile at that, and he rubbed his eyebrow with a thumb. “Who threw the first punch?”

“One of the Caprican marines, I believe, sir. But I’m afraid I didn’t get a good look.”

Ryan slanted her a skeptical look on that point, but seemed to understand her unwillingness to rat out her countrymen. He slapped the report papers against his knee and then set them aside. “Obviously our plans to foster camaraderie with the Capricans went about as well as your de-escalation strategy. Now I have to figure out how to handle this mess.”

“Permission to speak freely sir?” When Ryan nodded, Stirling said, “The troops have been under a lot of pressure since Delphi, and the steam had be vented somewhere. I think it may actually ease the tensions some now that everyone’s gotten that out of their systems. Nobody was seriously hurt. We can clean up the bar, NJP the nitwits who didn’t stop fighting before the cops showed up, and let the rest off with a warning.”

Ryan considered that for a minute thoughtfully, then nodded. “I think I just may do that.” Then he looked at her with a glint in his eye. “And what do you suggest I do with my brawling CAG?”

Stirling smirked briefly. “I take full responsibility for my part instigating the incident, sir. I’ll accept whatever punishment you see fit.”

Ryan’s face turned more serious. “Very well then, Major,” he said, his voice grave. “I’m ordering you to 48 hours barracks restriction at your parents’ residence.” He dropped the stern act and grinned. “Go and see your boy. And be sure to come up with a good story about how you sprained that wrist. Gods forbid you put any ideas into his head.”

Stirling smiled as well. “Just backing up my squad, sir. Thank you, Colonel.” Taking that as a dismissal, she snapped off a salute and then departed.


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