2237-09-16 - 'Tis Only A Flesh Wound...

Aldrich treats Gray in the wake of the Cylon attack, while waiting for the medics to arrive.

Date: 2237-09-16

Location: Argyros

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Scene Number: 526

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Once Lyn was stabilized, the next on the triage list was Beckham. It doesn't take long to run an IV and do whatever he can for the poor fellow, and soon Aldrich is climbing over the debris to get to Gray. He's already covered in cement dust and sweat, but he pauses to pull on a fresh pair of gloves from his medkit. "Hello, Anderson, it's the chaplain," he announces himself, as he goes to a knee next to the downed soldier. He's got a slightly shell-shocked look around the eyes, but he's keeping it together, it seems.

Gray nods to Aldrich...well, as much as he can manage. "Hey there, padre. I don't think I'm /that/ bad off..." he smirks at his own bad joke about how bad the situation is (or isn't). "Gunny didn't say we were going to have a First Aid drill today..."

Aldrich gives a vague smile to the joke. "Ah, of course. Faking it to get out of active duty. Should've known," he jokes back, weakly, as he starts examining Gray for wounds, starting with head wounds and moving on to any bleeding that might need to be stopped. "Any back or neck pain?"

"Yeah...write me up for malingering..." Gray responds. "Nothing in the neck. Sore in the lower back." There's some bleeding on one of his legs, but it's more of the 'superficially ugly' type than the 'spurting all over the place, oh gods I'm going to bleed out' type. Beyond that there are a few bad scratches, nothing more.

Aldrich nods a little, but his brow furrows a little at the mention of 'soreness' in the back. "Can you move your feet for me?" he requests. "Just a little to show me you can."

Gray nods. Wiggling his toes in combat boots is...non-indicative, so after doing a little of that he lifts his better foot. "Nope, not paralyzed..." he offers, helpfully. He moves the other one...but winces at doing so.

Aldrich nods a little at that, but he still looks concerned. "Yep, that's a good sign. Make sure the medics know you have a back injury, when they get here to lift you out. They'll want to be careful moving you until they're sure it's not a spinal injury." He grabs his medkit and starts pulling out supplies. "I'm going to give you some morpha." He glances to the bad leg, and then adds, "And I'll splint that leg, to be safe. Any other pain I should know about?"

Gray shakes his head. "Other than my arm being a little sore?" he gestures to his left arm with his right hand. "I think I'm good." Beat. "Thanks..." Oh, morpha! Nice! Gray /knew/ there had to be /some/ sort of upside to this mess.

Aldrich raises an eyebrow slightly. "Little sore?" he echoes, doubtfully, but leaves it at that. He has morpha to administer! Once that is done, he moves to check the arm and leg for obvious signs of being broken. "You're better off than Arda or Dorn, but I suspect you'll have earned yourself a bit of a vacation, anyway."

"How bad off are they?" Gray asks, unable to help himself in wondering how his squadmates are doing as Aldrich checks his arm and leg. The two limbs are /painfully/ sore, but there's no obvious sign of a break. Bruising or a hairline fracture, probably, and an X-ray will be needed to tell for sure. The mention of a vacation gets a groan, however. "How long?"

Aldrich nods a little and decides to go ahead with splints, since it certainly can't hurt. "They're both unconscious," Aldrich explains, without going into too much detail about their condition. As far as how long his 'vacation' will be, Al smiles weakly. "That's a question for the medics, I'm afraid. They'll need to do some x-rays to see how bad everything is. But look at it this way... You can catch up on some of your reading?"

Frak. Well, that's a lovely development. "Hopefully there's a good lending library..." Gray mutters, just /thrilled/ at the idea. "Not your fault..." he offers to Aldrich as the morpha takes effect, making him...slowly less grouchy. "Yeah, I can dig out some books or something..."

Aldrich nods a little, as he goes about the less-urgent tasks of wrapping the arm and leg in splints and then bandaging up anything worse than a scratch. "I'll make a note to try to find you something interesting," he promises. "I need to check up on the others. Will you be okay here for now?"

Gray nods. "I should be able to manage." Now that he knows he's not going to bleed out and has a second opinion that isn't presently in a world of hurt...and is suitably drugged...Gray can honestly say he'll be fine for a while. "Thanks again, padre."

Aldrich nods a little, and gives Gray's shoulder a gentle pat. "All right. I'll swing by to check on you again, soon," he promises. "But if something changes, call out and I'll hear you." He smiles a little, then packs up his medkit, ditches his gloves, and heads off to make sure the others are still stable.

Gray smirks. "Will do!" And with that, he lets Aldrich go to deal with the others.


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