2237-09-16 - When The Walls Came Tumbling Down

A marine squad is caught up in the Cylon bombing raid at Argyros.

Date: 2237-09-16

Location: Argyros

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Scene Number: 521

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Twilight has descended on Argyros Naval Station, but the base doesn't sleep. A Caprican CAP patrols the skies. Marines stand at important posts all around the base. The night watch mans the air control tower. And an unlucky squad of Timber Wolves is performing night training exercises. Under the watchful eye of Gunny Mercer, they've taken over an abandoned hangar on the north end of the base. The hangar is chock full of crates and junk, making it a great warren to use for urban combat training. Right now they've split into two teams, practicing room sweeping with their laser tag weapons. They've been taking turns with one team being the room-clearing team and the other team laying in wait as mock bad guys. Right at this moment the red team is moseying over to set up their positions while the blue team is milling about at the starting zone waiting for the 'go' signal. Mercer is hanging out by the blue area. Blue Team: Beckham, Donny, Evan, Gage, Gray, Gustavo, Lyn. Red Team : Abigail, Aldrich, Aleksander, Cate, Charlie, Logan, Rothschild

Cate walks near Aleksander as they head deeper into the hangar. "Here's hoping this game doesn't end in fisticuffs," she says with a smirk.

Lyn is fiddling with her laser tag weapon. They always feel so off, missing the weight of ammo and such. Not to mention the sights are probably as bad as a boardwalk arcade's rifles. She scuffs her boot against the cement floor of the hanger, gauging how well she can maneuver without twisting an ankle or knee.

Tavo checks the settings on his training weapon, and then rechecks them once more. He looks around the little group, then notes, "Once we get moving, we're going to keep moving until we get the all-clear. Hit it hard, hit it fast." Beat pause, and he chuckles at Cate, "And no fisticuffs if we can avoid it." He grins faintly over to the clutter of defensible positions, then looks back to the rest of Blue Team, "I've got a bet that I aim to win." And then to Mercer, "Hey Gunny, we have a course record set yet?"

Once more separated from his Tauron compatriot, Gage nevertheless is prepared this time: he has a smoke tucked behind his ear as his in-case-of-emergency. Bad news, however, waiting around for something to do means, inevitably, he reaches for his cigarette, lights up, and starts smoking while waiting. "What's the bet?" he asks Gustavo, interested. "Anything I can get in on?"

Standing with the rest of blue team, Donny cradles his laser rifle in his arms. He pauses for a moment, looking left and right before trying to spot someone. When Donny's eyes fall on Gage, there's an amused smirk as he speaks up, "Let's just hope the other team doesnt' have any cigs, either." When Gustavo is speaking up, his eyes are on him. Donny nods, "Hit hard, hit fast..." repeats Donny, "Sounds good to me.".

Ever since the training shenanigans, Aleksander has somehow seen more training sessions slotted into his schedule, as if the magical schedule devil had chosen to focus its attention on him. That is why the Tauron was not in the /bigger/ bar brawl, much to his dismay. Moving deeper into the hangar, the Marine rifleman is looking around to try to find a nice place to set up a hiding place, probably so he can smoke and nap if he can get away with it. When Cate shares her hope with Aleksander, he glances in her direction and grins in amusement, "We were practicing close quarter combat engagement, and we both proved that we were still very sharp." But the Tauron probably won't make the same mistake this time, unless the opportunity presents itself and he can't help it. He is already reaching for his pack of cigarettes though.

Abigail, being one of the 'I'm totally the bad guy' team members has found herself a nice little spit from which to rain down destruction. Well, for some value of rain and some other value of destruction. hey! It doesn't matter. She's just in a nice spot up on a crate, alright? She even seems to have a target already in mind, from the way she's tracking the other team's movements.

Gray is amongst those milling about. It's fun! Right now he'd normally be making sure that his rifle isn't likely to jam on him, but...well, these laser rifles just don't let you do that when you're sitting around with nothing to do. So in addition to milling about, he's enjoying a smoke...for certain values of 'enjoy', at least.

Aldrich has been assigned to be a Bad Guy, and he has apparently decided that the best way to do that is to try and get the drop of them.... Perhaps literally. While the blue team is waiting and other red team folks are taking up various positions, Aldrich wanders off into the 'warren' with his laser rifle and finds a particularly nice spot where the crates and such are stacked in such a way as to force someone to maneuver through a narrow space. On the other side, there's a pile of junk which he proceeds to climb up on, getting into a perch where he can (hopefully) shoot at anyone coming through the narrow passageway before they notice he's there. Once he's satisfied with his perch, he settles in to wait.

Rothschild rather loves anything that involves a building, or anything close to urban combat. Moving with the rest of Red Team, she slings up her laser weapon, checking it over as she does. Her eyes cut to Aleksander as she steps closer to him and Cate, sauntering along as she does. "As a spoon, Davy... as a spoon." She quips a smile his way before she tucks in her weapon.

"Should've brought more," Gage allows in response to Donny with a grimace, though it doesn't last long as he grins at the other marine. "Maybe you ought to start bringing some spares, just in case you want to sway the outcome, Rooper."

Lyn gives Tavo a grin and a nod. "Who did you bet against? So I can make my side bet on whether you win it or not?" Aldrich is out there, somewhere, probably dying to shoot her in the face.

Aleksander's eyes narrow at Rothschild when she chooses to add her own input on how sharp he is, "If you saw it live, you would've been incredibly impressed, Dora. I was like a movie star, in one of those action movies. Just missing the part where I rescue the beautiful Leonese Princess at the end, which results in a nice, steamy scene."

Logan moseys as easily as the man can and he opines to Charlie, "At least I don't have to worry about you sniping me from somewhere today." He surveys the area that they're setting up in, "Think I can throw someone through a window?" He asks of her as he checks his gear as he looks for a good spot to set up and surprise someone smiling as he tests his weight against some of the rafters.

Tavo looks out across to where the defenders are filtering through the makeshift terrain at Gage's question, then flashes a grin, "Nope. Definitely not the sort of bet anyone else can get in on." Lyn's question draws a hint of a chuckle, and he glances down for a moment, one boot scuffing across the concrete of the floor, "Roths. Don't have any problems with side-bets, though." He nods to Donny, focusing back on the task at hand, "Arda, Rooper, you're on point. Dorn, you're covering our tail. Everyone else, mind your sides, and don't forget to look up, there's recon on the other side."

Gray nods in response to the directions. "Copy that." Beat. "And let me know if this bet is something I should get in on as well?" he offers, somewhat inquisitively, as he finishes and field-stubs his smoke. With that, he's sliding into position for the exercise.

Red team once again. Charlie's got her band tucked around her gear on her upper arm and her 'rifle' on a sling against her chest. "I miss my gun," she grouches to Abigail, having situated herself nearby the other Piconese woman. "My proper gun. These things have shit batteries." Her voice is kept low, in case they carry in the limited space. There's a sidelong glance to Logan and she scoffs, absently. "Yeah, well, hopefully Davy doesn't frak it up for our side this time, y'know?" As she gets situated, herself, there's a shrug. "Maybe. Go see if you can find a good spot near a window... or something window-like."

"Not a bad idea- I'll remember to keep some change aside for a pack to keep you on my side." Donny says with a lopsided grin as he goes back to looking around. There's a slow breath and then a sigh. Donny's looking over when he's addressed and his role is assigned. Nodding in return, Donny's moving up to the front so he can take point, "Copy."

Lyn winces on Tavo's behalf. "I am so not betting against Roths," she points out with a grin. She nods at the orders though. "Spectre is out there somewhere, and she is damned good at picking people off, so I recommend staying in teams of two. If she gets one of us, the other can spot her to take her down." She's still stinging from that rout in capture the flag.

One could get the feeling Gage knows exactly what Tavo's implying, given the sudden, knowing grin that splits the Tauron marine's expression. "Well then. Aint one to hold a fellow marine down. Let me know if I can help," he says, as he exhales smoke. "Copy that," he acknowledges the orders, still smoking as he checks over the laser weapon, through habit more than anything. His grin to Donny suggests that's a good idea. "Glad to have you on my side, Rooper."

"Maybe this is all about improvisation. Run out of battery? Time to spin your rifle around and start wailing on your enemies like you're clubbing baby seals." Not that the blonde would ever advocate such a thing. "You know what they need to invent? Paint grenades. That way, when you take them out, they can't pretend they didn't get their asses handed to them." At Charlie's comment, Abigail nods, slipping away and trying to keep low as she moves to try to find a spot closer to one of the high windows.

Mercer looks over at Gustavo. "Just got here, Delgado. But if you're aiming to set one, I've got my watch.

Cate glances over at Rothschild with a puzzled look. "What about spoons?" Apparently she missed something there. Then she smirks at Aleksander, "Yeah instead you got saddled with a Hibernian princess trying to kick your ass." At least she has the good grace to say 'trying', knowing that she came out on the losing end there despite her best efforts.

"Mmhmm... of course you were, darling." Roths gives Aleksander's shoulders a patronizing pat before she moves in to take up her chosen position. She cuts a look to Cate, and a faint smile quirks at her lips. "My guess is though that... it did not end in a nice, steamy scene?" She's teasing, but there's a hidden curiosity there, too. Then she glances around, as if taking a careful count of who is doin what. "Alright. Aim for the heaviest hitters," she offers to her team. "I want to see them hit the ground first." She says this mostly to Charlie, but enough for everyone else to hear.

"Maybe this is all about improvisation. Run out of battery? Time to spin your rifle around and start wailing on your enemies like you're clubbing baby seals." Not that the blonde would ever advocate such a thing. "You know what they need to invent? Paint grenades. That way, when you take them out, they can't pretend they didn't get their asses handed to them." Abigail, for her part, seems only to happy to stay within the radius of the sniper. You don't turn down a choice buddy for no good reason.

"I suspect I know where Recon will hide." Evan comments to the others with Operation Blue. "At least a couple of them. They're kind of predictable." He adds the last part with a small grin, checking over the laser weapon in his hands. "Is your bet anything like the one I have going on? Because if it is, you better not try to use all the washing machines at once."

Tavo nods to Lynn, "Sticking in teams of two is a good idea. And I've won a couple of bets against her." There's a beat pause, "A couple." Gage's knowing grin causes Tavo to shift a little more, distinctly uncomfortable for a moment, "I think I've got it covered, Tomak. And probably not, Calhoun. Not if you're using the machines like you're supposed to." He clears his throat and buckles down, "And yeah, like Arda said, call out contacts. Talk to each other in there. You know the drill, people." He nods to Mercer, "Clock us, Gunny. Then everyone can whistle if we kick ass, and laugh if we suck it up." Because even when he's trying to be inspiring, there's enough of a cynic to the Scorpian to add the last bit.

Aleksander can't help but laugh out loud, unable to help himself, aftering hearing Cate, "Yeah, a very feisty one. You almost had my arm there and probably saved Tomak a couple times." He had him painted but the shot was just off enough that it didn't 'kill' the other Tauron while he was using the Hibernian hostage. When Rothschild pats his shoulder, the Tauron tsks and shakes his head as he moves into his defensive position as well. "Oh it did, just me steaming with perspiration with the run that Gunny had us do." The run that Rhodes couldn't finish due to her health condition but he won't mention that, no need to bring it back up. "Heaviest hitter... Delgado then, got it."

Logan lets out a soft chuckle to Charlie and smiles as he sidles up to a position between a window and a doorway. He shifts his rifle, "Good idea." He murmurs quietly to the other Recon Marine. He smiles at Charlie, "I'm sure your girl will be nice and safe when you go back to check on her. i'm sure Davy can't mess it up too bad, you got me." He says brightly and then grins to Abigail as she suggests that Charlie should switch from sniping to batting practices.

"Uh-huh. These plastic shits would break on the first swing," Spectre points out after a tap to the gun's casing. "Take out Calhoun, too," Charlie grouses, "else he'll find and drop me just for the hell of it." And to not let her forget it for days on end. "Tavo, Tomak will be the big hitters on their side. Arda and Rooper will be the ones we have to watch our backs for." She does double-check her laser rifle. "I'll keep an eye for them sneaking around. The big guys aren't likely to be quiet about it."

Donny looks back at Gage, smirking as he brings a hand over to show him a thumbs up. Then he's looking forward again as his gaze goes down to his laser rifle as he double-checks it and begins to spend a moment to get his head in the game.

Roths starts to laugh as Aleksander picks the target of choice. "Mmhmm. You can get Delgado by targetting weaker targets if he's behind cover. He has a soft spot." Love is ruthless, people. Not that there's dare been the L-word said between Delgado and Rothschild. No way. Nu huh. Roths glances around at the rest of Red team. She nods in agreement to Charlie. "Heaviest down first, and then pick off the weaker ones. Concentrate fire. After all... the Cylons do it to us."

"I wish," Cate chuckles to Rothschild, then smirks at Aleksander's response. Though it dampens a bit when he brings up the run that didn't end well. "Copy." She's moving to a position behind some crates.

Rothschild glances over toward Aleksander and Cate, and she offers them a glimmer of sympathy before she moves to take her place. The gunner finds her place to set up, bipodding her weapon so she can really lay down some laser destruction. Sadly, the laser weapons lack some of the tactile satisfaction of an actual light machine gun, but this will have to do.

"Oh, believe me. I've got plans for Tomak." Because that's how engineers roll, when they're going head to head, "But if I can get a shot in on Calhoun, I'll do you a solid." Abigail shifts, hunkering down to try to get as little clearance as possible, so that they won't spot her, if she's lucky, with ease. But who's to say. She's just supposed to be blowing **** up.

Weapon checked, Gage keeps smoking while waiting for the order to move out. He's well practiced at killing time, if nothing else. "Probably laugh, either way," is his bland response to Gustavo, because well. They're marines.

"Anyone feel like a stroll in the park?" Evan asks towards others in blue, eyeing up who he's going to be grouping with while awaiting the go ahead. "I'm probably going to end up stopping for a beer halfway through, just to see that vein in the forehead pop out on ya Staff."

The suggestion of pairing off gets a nod from Gray...until he realizes that, in spite of being a Marine, he can count higher than five. He can use both hands to count! Wow! "So, there's seven of us..." Beat. "I'll see if I can get in somewhere they're not expecting..." You know, if nobody objects to him going all lone wolf.

Lyn looks out across the hangar to begin plotting her clearing path, waiting for the go signal. She gives the other Recon marine the sign that she'll take the left side when this starts.

"Thirty seconds, Red Team," Mercer bellows, giving them fair warning that the blue team will be unleashed soon and they should get into their final positions. But before the countdown completes, an air raid siren starts going off, howling across the base. Gunny frowns darkly. "What the hell?" He looks up, as if he could see through the ceiling, and keys his mic on the band that connects them to mission command. "This is Whiskey-Six-Zero. Sitrep?" Then an odd look comes over the Gunny's face at the reply - a dangerous, dark look. "Copy that." Then he says -- off-mic, one presumes. "Frak me sideways. Wolves! Bring it in! We've got an all-out attack on Caprica City. Get that laser tag shit off." The guns are functional, but minor problem... they weren't equipped for a live-fire exercise so they have no ammo.

Tavo snugs the butt of his training rifle up into his shoulder, moving up to behind one of the stacked-up crates that creates the 'entrance' to the training area. He snorts at Gage, but nods, then rolls his eyes at Evan. Gray's suggestion causes him to chuckle faintly again, "You go off alone, it's your own fault if Lindus throws you through something." Then he looks up to Mercer, and back to the team, "Smokes out. Game-faces on, peopl -- " And there's the air raid siren. "Shit." He starts removing the training gear from his rifle immediately. After all, he can always put it back on if he has to. "Nearest armory, who's got it? Capricans or ours?" He doesn't know the base all that well, despite the time spent there.

Lyn blinks a few times at the air raid siren. This is Caprica City, a safe space for all intents and purposes. Is there a storm or some- CYLONS? All out attack? She quickly starts dropping the laser training gear like a hot potato into a pile on the floor. "No ammo. WE NEED AMMO GUNNY!" she shouts, then her head cranes, looking for Aldrich to emerge from the maze of crates.

Now to lie in wait. It's something Charlie is good at- waiting. She's even got a music player with her and she's untangling the earbuds to pop one in... when Mercer speaks up. The woman pushes herself upright as he mentions 'attack on Caprica City.' Flashbacks. She's assuredly not the only one. There's a flush across her neck at the sudden adrenaline surge as she rips off the laser tag gear to leave her with just her usual battle dress underneath. "Never leave the frakkin' boat," she mutters, rifle to shoulder, "Armory?" It's a general query to the rest of the Red team before she starts taking off running in the direction. No time to waste; to rendezvous with the rest of their platoon first, then hit the armory.

Donny is looking sideways in Lyns direction. There's a nod, and his heels are digging into the ground so he can get ready to go for the right until his hairs stand up on end at the sounds of the siren. Donny looks over his shoulder, and then he's turning. When Mercer calls everyone in, he's jogging over to gather with the others as he quickly taking off his training equipment. "Frakkin' toasters don't know when to quit." he growls. When talk of Armory is up, he's quiet and listening.

Aldrich has been hanging out, waiting patiently, and he looks up, too, when the air raid sirens go off. He's already readying himself to climb down when the order is bellowed out, but he gets the lead out when Mercer bellows. He slides a little when a crate goes wobbly on him, but manages to land safely on his feet, then starts scrambling back toward the starting area. He starts ditching the laser tag stuff as he goes.

Logan braces himself in his little spot as Gunny announces the warning. he blinks then at the sudden change, "Frak. Where's Chilly when you need her. I bet she would have snuck some ammo along." He grumbles eyeing his rifle with a sudden new found disgust. Logan nods to Charlie and Abigail, "Guess we might be using them as clubs sooner than we thought. He's running out of the red team's building shoving a shoulder into any door's that might not be quick enough to get out of the way as they head out after the squad.

Gray was grinning back at the idea of Logan throwing him through something. He can see it, sure... "Copy that." And then things happen all of a sudden. "Frak." It takes him about a second to process what's going on before he's got his laser tag gear off. "What, we can't just go 'bloop' and shut the toasters down?" he mutters as he falls in with his teammates, heading for the hangar.

"If you're offering beer, I'll bring the smokes," Gage tells Evan. Except for the fact that he's smoking his spare cigarette, but details. "Maybe later, anyway," he self-corrects, as he drops his cigarette and crushes it underfoot when Mercer gives the thirty second warning. He shifts his shoulders, preparing himself... when the sirens go off. A clear expression of 'wtf' crosses the Tauron's features, gaze glued to the Gunny's expression, reading something in it that makes him scowl. He's all too eager to pull the laser off his weapon, scowl deepening as he jerks a thumb. "Gotta be back at the hangar."

As soon as Abigail hears the call, she takes a second to glance Charlie's way, before she's popping up from where she's been crouching, hands already working at pulling off the training equipment on her SMG as she starts crawling down the crates. "Wagner, I'm going to head to the hangar. Don't know this base well enough to guess where they keep the good shit."

Evan's eyes snap a bit at the news that there's real shit going on, he looks at Gage and nods his head towards him a moment after. "No Ammo, shedding the gear, but anything we have of use to club or bomb rig?" The man starts looking around quickly then, "Are they in air or they moving to land?"

When the countdown starts going down, Aleksander gets ready to defend their position, expecting the other team to come at them hard and quick, like a blitzkreig. He doesn't have time to pull out his pack to grab a smoke but when the air raid sirens go off, howling at an ungodly volume, the Tauron rises from his position and looks up at the ceiling, a questionable frown appearing. "What the frak?" He looks over to where Mercer is with the other team and when they are told to bring it in, he begins jogging towards the other team. Aleksander does glance at Rothschild, "Dora, any idea what's going on? Training on top of training?" It doesn't exactly dawn on the Tauron that a strike on this airbase was possible.

Cate looks up when the air raid siren starts going off, paling noticeably. "Frak," she mumbles. Then she too realizes they don't have any ammo. Frakfrakfrakfrak. That much she kept to herself, stripping off the laser tag system as she starts hurrying back towards the starting zone.

Gage's, "I wish," is a rather fervent answer to Evan's request for something explosive. "Aint sure how effective these are," he lifts his weapon, "As a club against toasters. Guess we're going to find out. Gotta secure some ammo or we're straight up frakked."

Rothschild blinks as she hears the sirens, and the woman actually straightens from her spot with the bipod. Her eyes cut left and right, glancing toward one of the windows as she tries to make sense of light and sound. The question from Aleksander draws her brows together, and she starts to shake her head. Something in her gut sours. "I don't think so, Davy." Then she hauls up her laser weapon, and then drops the useless thing. "Stay in groups," Rothschild bellows. "No one goes out alone." She glances toward the Gunny, and then at the others. "Let's move!"

Clenched jaws, furrowed brows, Donny looks more troubled as the severity of the situation becomes more and more clear to him. Holding his rifle at low ready, Donny is looking around a bit before he forces a lopsided smirk. "Who knows- maybe they don't do so good against these laser-tag systems." he offers, his voice missing a little bit of the humor necessary for the joke. It's the thought that counts, right? "I'd still like some ammo, though."

Gray smirks back at Donny's remark, quite close to his own, keeping his own rifle at the low ready. "You and me both..." he offers, sliding into a clump with Donny. "So much for playing lone wolf..."

Tavo tucks away the laser tag gear, because... well... soldiers are hoarders. Then he slings his rifle and reaches for the knife at the back of his belt, "If they're in the air, we don't want to be in here. If they're on the ground, they're gonna need us out there. In a functioning group."

Mercer immediately unslings his backpack, getting down on one knee. "Keep your pants on, everyone," he says sharply to the troops. "I got ammo." That's a bit unorthodox. Is the gunny really that prepared? Or is something more going on here?

They may never know. As Mercer starts rummaging in his pack, the marines can hear the boom of flak cannons going off around the air base. The Cylons must be close. Mercer, hearing updates on the base tac band, says, "Just air for now, but that's just 'cause they ain't had time to land anything yet. They'll need us soon enough."

More explosions can be heard as the Cylons begin their bombing raid on the base. The ground rumbles, the windows rattling. Then, suddenly, there's an earth-shattering kaboom just outside the west wall of the hangar. The blue team assembly area was on the west side. Though it's not hit directly by the explosion, the bomb blows the wall in. Suddenly lacking any support, a heavy metal scaffolding above them comes crashing down. Ouch.

The familiar sounds of flak cannons going off has Aleksander looking rather solemn and serious for once, perhaps remembering his times with the Foreign Legion back on Leonis. When the Gunny says he has ammo, the Tauron just waits quietly for the ammo ration to be doled out. If things get hectic, they can always pick up ammo from fallen Capricans, this he doesn't voice out loud of course. When the first bombs fall, Aleksander drops to a knee for stability, but his eyes are on the falling scaffolding, "Oh frak."

<FS3> Charlie rolls Composure: Failure (5 5 5 3 2 2 2)

<FS3> Gray rolls Composure: Success (7 6 5 2 2 2)

<FS3> Donny rolls Composure: Good Success (7 7 6 6 5 3 3 3 2)

<FS3> Gustavo rolls Composure: Good Success (8 7 6 5 5 3 3 1 1)

<FS3> Lyn rolls Composure: Good Success (8 7 7 6 5 5 2)

<FS3> Evan rolls Composure: Success (8 5 5 4 3 1 1 1)

<FS3> Gage rolls Composure: Success (7 7 5 3 3 2 2)

Abby was just about to make it to where Mercer's getting set to dole out the ammo he brought with him. Because of course he did, when the explosion brings down, what feel as though it's half the ceiling. her first response, however, is not to run towards the scaffolding and the people possibly trapped under there, it's to try to intercept Charlie to keep her from running over there.

<FS3> Rothschild rolls Composure: Amazing Success (8 7 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 5 2 1)

Tavo looks up as the flak cannons start up, and again at the first bomb exploding. He has just drawn his knife when the world turns to fire, shrapnel, and falling scaffolding. The blade goes skittering away when some of the scaffolding's supports collapse on him, pinning his right leg under twisted metal. The big man bites back a cry of pain, but it still comes out as a groan as he scrabbles about on the concrete for a moment trying to silence the ringing in his ears and figure out why his leg won't move.

Mercer's magical bag earns a side-eye from Gage that turns into laughingly impressed. "Shit, Gunny. What else are you hiding in there? Explosives, too?" That might be a bit hopeful, but before anyone can find out -- there's a kaboom. The Tauron turns, naturally, towards the noise, eyes widening as he sucks in a breath. "Frak. Run!" He yells, but he barely even gets a step himself before the scaffolding collapses on it. The edge of the frame collapses onto the lower half of his body, earning a guttural yell.

It's slow motion really. Evan's arm flies up to shield his eyes out of instinct as the explosion rips the wall far to close to him for comfort, enough to lift the man off his feet and a distance he can't quite measure. The daze of his head like a thick fog sits as he looks upwards towards the scaffold ceiling above him, wondering about the fact that it seems to be larger than he noticed. Periphery of his vision is already swimming and it's only the sound of yelling that has him lift his arm's once again to shield over before the collapse is on top of him.

Lyn is just reaching her hand out for some ammo when that horrible sound begins up above. The sound of metal screaming as it rends itself apart. She looks up, stunned, at the collapsing scaffolding, before looking once more for Aldrich as if to make sure he's not underneath the drop zone. She, however, is most definitely underneath. WHAM! It feels like a ton of bricks hits her in the chest as the metal pieces slam into her, knocking her to the ground, under a pile of rubble. She's conscious, but dazed, blinking through all the dust from the collapse and the bombs striking. There's a gash on her forehead, but it looks worse than it is. The piece of metal pole pinning her to a metal floor grate is more troublesome, as it's gone through one side of her abdomen.

Donny glances back over to Gray, shrugging with a faint grin, "Getting shot's always better with friends." he says before he looks back around and lets out a slow, controlled breath. "If it's just enemy air then let's--" Donny is cut off as he knees bend a bit as he keeps himself upright as the explosion rocks him. "Frak-" he's beginning to curse out before he falls onto his bum.

"Gods damn it.." he's beginning, before he hears the loud, tell-tale sound of noisy bending metal. Looking up, Donny catches it just in time to watch it come crashing down. When the scaffolding slams into the ground with a thunderous noise, and he earsn a big metal bar diagonally weighing down across his stomache and with a couple of broken ribs at the very least to take home with him. With a few wheezes and gasps for breath, saying Donny is dazed is an understatement as his eyes flick around trying to make sense of everything.

Rothschild is crisp and calm the moment the megatons of shit hits the fan. The explosion rattles, but she is down with her arms over her head within a heartbeat of the aftershock. She remains in a strong crouch for an interior count of five before she begins to get herself back to her feet. She turns sharply when she spots the scaffolding, and her gaze cuts wildly across the marines who had been standing nearest to it. She moves forward, pushing herself toward the closest support beam as if she's preparing for more to come down. Her eyes dart back toward Blue Team, and she immediately calls, "Rhodes!" She is starting to move forward now, darting along toward the collapse so she can lend a hand. "Grab them and get them out," she orders to others standing about.

Cate skids to a halt as the wall blows in, bringing up her hand to shield her face. She's far enough back to not get hit by anything more than dust, but then starts running forward again. "Becks!" Of course she calls for her best medic buddy first, an edge of panic in her voice. Not that she doesn't love the rest of everyone too, as evidenced by the follow-on shouting of other names. "Lyn? Tomak? Frakking hell." She surveys the mess, trying to figure out how to get to the injured safely.

<FS3> Abigail rolls Athletics (6 5 3 3 3 2) vs Charlie's Athletics (8 8 8 7 4 2 2)
<FS3> Crushing Victory for Charlie.

It was a fairly steady jog -- like they do when they run in kit for PT -- that had Charlie heading for the blue team. A good pace, but not one that would wear her out. Get there quick, but don't run out of breath. And then part of the building collapses. Now, she's been on the receiving end of some damn severe injuries in the last handful of months, but Evan's always been the safe one (mostly). Especially since Certain Words Were Said. That's the moment something flashes across the sniper's features. Fear. Anger. That jog breaks into an all-out run. Abigail may be there to try to hold her back and stop her from bee-lining for the section of walls and support that have collapsed and may even get ahold of some of Wagner's kit, but it's as if Spectre doesn't even notice. She just barrels on past and through, scurrying like someone who has observed Hayes far too many times and wants to find an opening to get in and locate. She'll try to get to whoever she can find first, but anyone would know who her goal is, yes.

Gray winces as the guns all start going off, though Mercer mentioning that he has sweet, sweet ammo on hand relaxes him a bit. He's turning to make his way towards Mercer when something really big goes BOOM and there's stuff falling and...

Gray comes to perhaps a minute later. He's not even sure /what/ is broken, but he knows it's /something/. Probably multiple somethings. He's under some scaffolding, with some piece of it having done a number on his left arm. From his angle he can't see his legs...his left leg doesn't want to move, however. And he can't hear a godsdamned thing, though /that/ should pass in a moment or two. Then, to top it off, when he tries to move he doesn't /feel/ the pain, he /hears/ it. And he's momentarily deaf. "Frak..." he mutters.

Mercer has just enough time to duck and cover before everything comes crashing down. He was positioned on the edge of the blue group, so he doesn't get the worst of it. He gets up, dusts himself off, and looks around to take stock of the situation.

Aldrich skids to a stop at the sound of metal tearing, his gaze going up toward the ceiling, searching for the source... And then the ceiling collapses and he ducks instinctively, even though he's not even close. He mutters under his breath but takes to running again, emerging from the crate maze to the scene of destruction. "Frak..." He doesn't bother with the other 'enemy' team members arriving on the scene. He scans the debris, searching for the injured. "Lyn?!" Shouldn't he be equally concerned about all his flock? "Cate, do you see Lyn?"

After a moment, Gage groans, tries to move, and barely stifles another yelp of pain. He's breathing hard as he levers himself up on an elbow, blinking as he tries to make sense of it. Yup. A building fell on them, and part of it is still pinning the lower half of him down. Collapsing onto his back, he takes a moment to get his breath, then tries to heave, unsuccessfully. The angle is just all wrong, and all it does is make him cough. He can't hear Cate yelling, ears still ringing as -- after a moment, he makes another unsuccessful attempt to heave off the scaffolding.

There's a lot of shouting going on, but it's really just a dull blur to Tavo as he blinks, trying to clear his vision from the dust and his ears from the ringing. "Blue Team..." his own words sound loud enough inside his ears, but they are utterly swallowed up by explosions and gunfire from outside and the follow-on sound of things clattering to the ground. "...sound off." He pushes himself up, starting to sit up, but the motion wrenches something in his leg, and the big man cries out again, less successful in clamping down on the sound, and collapses onto his back again, breathing hard and then coughing as the dust catches in his throat.

Well frak. She isn't going to be able to extract herself. People are going to need to lift her up and slide her off the damned metal pole stuck through her. Oh, there's a metal pole stuck through her. It takes a moment or five for Lyn to process that. "Arda, Here," she croaks out, raising a hand up to wriggle her fingers as a sign of life. "Al?"

Abigail does not, sadly, manage to slow Charlie even a little, but she doesn't have time herself, even if she's more than wary of running pell-mell into an unstable minefield of debris. Fall down, break an ankle and then where will she be? She does gives a glance towards Mercer, but seeing him fine, she heads for the last place she saw her buddy. "Tomak, you still in there?"

After the crash, Aleksander quickly moves towards his downed brethren, moving out of training and instinct now. Moving past debris, he spots his fellow Tauron and is already heading there to help Gage with the piece of scaffolding that is pinning the combat engineer down. "Hang on Tomak!" He is no civil engineer but he can tell what is pinning the other Marine down, "On three and I'll try to lift it!" First, he fixes a strong grip on the scaffolding and then begins the countdown, trying to lift it himself to see if he can do it or if he needs to call for help. "One... Two... Three!"

Hearing slowly comes back, albeit dampened for now, as Gray has a moment to recover from the initial shock. He hears something that /sounds/ like 'Sound off'... "WHAT?" he shouts (not aware that he's blaring at the top of his lungs. "RE...SAY AGAIN!" Wince. "DO NOT..." Another wince. "...DO NOT REPEAT!" If he causes some jerk to bring another round of incoming fire on him, he's going to be rather annoyed with himself.

Donny shifts, trying to tug an arm back as his eyes seem to properly focus. The first thing he sees? A giant piece of metal across him. Lips purse, and his face pales- but he keeps himself together as he wrestles hands out from under himself. His hands come over, trying at first to lift it up to no effect. "Nggh- Come on!" he growls, his ears ringing as he notices he can barely hear himself. Donny squints, trying to take in the situation from where he is on his back. Then he's trying to get the metal budge again, only managing to shift it a bit. "Hey- You guys alright?!" he asks, "I'm-- Hng- A little stuck!"

There's a flailing, maybe frustrated, gesture from Gage. He sees Aleksander before he hears him -- only catching a bit of his words. "Gotta smoke?" he says, coughing again for a moment. Abigail's approach earns a good attempt at a flat sort of grin, that fades abruptly into a wince as Aleksander begins to lever the scaffolding up. He does his best to help, grunting with the effort, but the other Tauron probably bears the weight of most of it as he tries -- and fails, initially, to tug himself free.

Logan perks up as the Gunny has ammo and then there's explosions, collapsing and mayhem. Logan lets out a curse, "Someone call for medical!" He suggests and Logan is running towards the building yes widening a hand going up to cover his mouth. Logan isn't looking for anyone in particular instead eyes quickly sorting moving wounded with those trapped. As Aleksander gets to Gage he moves on to the next person and then he's near Donny and he helps to try and lift the metal bracing against it, "Can you crawl out?" He half-shouts as his feet brace and he presses his weight against the metal trapping the other Marine.

"Oh, good. I'd hate to be going all of this only to find out you were dead." Because Abby, because Gage." A glance, to Aleks, as he starts to get leverage, and Abigail moves in, trying to either turns and use her back against the metal to give her leverage to push and help, or to find something she can use as a lever to do the same thing.

<FS3> Rothschild rolls Athletics: Success (8 6 5 3 2 2 1)

<FS3> Abigail rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 8 6 6 3 2)

<FS3> Charlie rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 7 6 6 5 3 1 1)

Feet extended out from under a slab of concrete and rybar serve as the visible state of where Evan was at when the ceiling came falling down. The call for roll is unanswered from that vicinity although there is movement from the foot as it shakes.

<FS3> Logan rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 8 7 4 3 2 2 1 1 1)

<FS3> Donny rolls Athletics: Good Success (7 7 6 2 1)

Donny winces a bit as he looks around a bit. When he spots a figure coming by, he's shifting a bit more to try and push it up- and when Logan helps with lifting it up he's wriggling himself out as best as he can. There's a another wince and a pinch in his face as he feels pain shoot up his side, but he's determined enough to get out from under the metal.

"Thanks..." he lets out in a heavy breath, an arm coming to wrap around his own chest. "My ears--" he lets out in a grunt, rolling over to sit up a bit as he points at his ears. "They're pretty frakked." Then Donny's taking in a deep breath and holding a hand out to Logan, "Ngh- help me up?"

Aldrich hears Lyn's call and has to pick his way over the debris to avoid hurting anyone else or himself in the process. Finally, however, he arrives at Lyn's side, and goes a couple of shades paler when he does so. "Gods... Lyn, I'm here. Hang on, we're going to need to..." He trails off, no idea what is going to be needed. This is way outside his training. "Can you breathe?" Then he adds to the general noise in the area by calling out, "WE NEED A MEDIC OVER HERE!" Presumably he means a real medic and not a chaplain play-acting as one.

No sign of him yet. Charlie's breathing is becoming more rapid, but not strained. Her eyes are wide and tearing up from the dust that's stirred up all around them. "C'mon, c'mon you frakker. Where are you." There's some cursing in Scorpian under her breath, too, as she goes; the anger an attempt to hide her growing worry. The others have begun to sing out or attempt to unearth themselves. She hasn't found Evan yet. As people step up to help other members of the blue team, Wagner has moved on in her search until she spots one of those boots. She practically stumbles as she slides down some of the rumble. "Evan! Calhoun!" Frak proper names or ranks. She's already grabbing onto that slab of concrete, straining to lift it to try to get to the man underneath.

"Worst sound off ever," Roths gripes as she arrives at Tavo's side, climbing over the first bits of debris to get to him. She shakes her head as she arrives beside him, smirking. "Hello there, gigas... lying down on the job, are we?" She then quickly surveys the situation before she crouches down and tries to get her fingers under the bit of scaffolding. She takes a deep breath, digging in her heels, and then beginning to lift. She feels a bit of a pain in her shoulder as she commits herself, fighting through it as she lifts the metal just enough for Tavo to hopefully wrench out.

Cate scans the wreckage, shaking her head to Aldrich. "No I don't... there she is. Lyn!" Cate scrambles over some of the debris as cautiously as she can toward where her friend called out. She gets there just a little bit after Aldrich. Coming down on her knees next to her - thank goodness for kneepads - she says, "Are you..." The 'all right' part never makes it past her lips when she sees that bar sticking through. She pales and just stares for a few seconds. Way to go with the reassuring bedside manner there, doc.

Hey, Tavo can actually hear Gray. It's amazing what 'the other guy shouting at the top of his lungs' does for you when you're deaf. But that's only one voice from 'his' portion of the squad that he can hear, but thankfully there are plenty of others moving around, and Tavo can see them well enough, even if he can't hear them very well. Rothschild's words are a velvet blur across his ears, and he points to his ear, and this time his voice bellows out, "I can't hear you, Roths, you'll have to get closer. I'm too busy lying down on the job." Despite the pain in his voice, he's clearly teasing with her. He also totally didn't hear what she said, the repetition complete happenstance. When she lifts the scaffolding, he pulls himself up to his elbows, his foot straightening out under the metal, and then he scrabbles backwards, wincing in pain and gritting his teeth as he pulls himself all the way out, leaving some lacerations on his shin and calf.

"Just get me off this stupid thing," Lyn grunts, glaring at the pair staring at her. "Plug the holes after." She knows it looks bad, but it'll look a lot worse if the hangar takes another hit with them inside. It's bad, but it could have been much worse. Her spleen might be taking a powder in the long term, but it didn't hit anything else super vital. Keeping her from bleeding out is the big part of this. She reaches to grip Al's hand. "Just focus. Each of you take a side and just lift me off the pole." Pause. "Please." Because it effing HURTS and she can't move and that is freaking her out more than anything, being trapped.

Gage's hand falls away from the scaffolding as Abigail comes in on the other side, the combat engineer exhaling a breath. "Yeah, bet that would ruin your day," he answers the other engineer. The combined effort of Aleksander and Abigail is enough to lift the frame off the lower half of his body, and Gage -- with grunted, concerted effort, levers himself out, panting hard. A long, nasty gash snakes down his left leg, bleeding heavily. It's definitely going to need stitches. His ankle looks to be swelling, too, but thankfully it doesn't seem broken. Right now though, he's just going to lie there and catch his breath and hope the world doesn't end in the interim. "Thanks," is all he manages.

Mercer keys his mic on the command band to report them as combat-ineffective for now, and requests medevac. Not that he actually expects to get one given all the shit going down around the base. More explosions can be heard in the distance. He hangs back, surveying the positions of everyone, mentally cataloguing the people sounding off. The only one who hasn't answered is Beckham, and Mercer quickly moves and starts digging where the other medic had gone down. "The base has its hands full, people," Gunny bellows to everyone. "We're on our own for now."

With the movement of the slab over him as Charlie begins to wedge it enough space is created for Evan's lungs to get some air into them. "It's right on me." The words, gasped out to nowhere in particular signify he's alive, if not in a very uncomfortable position; much like having sex in the back of a VW Bug.

Aldrich shakes his head sharply. "I don't think we're supposed to do that..." he starts, but then stops because he's not the one with the training here. That thought, plus Lyn's hand grabbing his makes him realize that the person who /does/ have the training hasn't said anything yet, and he snaps his fingers a little, to get her attention. "Cate, focus. What are we supposed to do here?" He glances up when Mercer shouts out that they're on their own, which only makes him look more grim as he looks back to Cate. "How do we help her without making her bleed out?"

<FS3> Charlie rolls Brawn: Success (6 6 4 3)

As his hearing /slowly/ comes back, Gray makes another attempt at moving...before his back rather loudly (as far as he's concerned, literally) objects and he decides that 'remain still' is a good move. "Anderson over here!" he shouts, hoping for at least verbal recognition from someone (if he could hear it) so he can go back to being utterly useless on the ground. If there's a bright side to this, he tries wiggling his toes and gets a little bit of feedback...so at least there's that (even if his back's condition means he's missing his slow clap processor). For the moment, he's going to presume two things: 1) Someone else is probably worse off and 2) The squad out here is small enough that he's not going to get lost in the numbers.

Rothschild shakes her head, a small smile of amusement on her lips. The scaffolding now back in place on the ground, this time without Tavo, the Leonese noblewoman glances over toward the cluster around Lyn. The call from Mercer draws a faint frown to her lips, and she then dips down beside Tavo so she can check his shin and lacerations for anything that is worse than a little blood. Satsified, she moves on, this time to Gage once he's freed. She looms into his vision, and she offers him one of her warm smiles. "Tomak, you -- " And then she hears Gray, and starts to move toward him. She gestures for Tavo, scrabbling over some debris to get within sight of the Lance Corporal. "Anderson," she says, trying to be a bit louder this time.

It's heavy as frak, but Charlie has inspiration. It's called 'the person I love is trapped.' She's breathing heavily and straining, but she manages to get her shoulder beneath the slab that Evan is under even if it presses her to her knees. Just enough. An angle. A bit of air and light. "All right," she hisses. Then another: "All right." There's a cough at the stirred dust and she turns her head: "Need some help over here! Evan's trapped!" Tilting her head down, she tries to get a look in at him: "Can you move? I-" There's a waver to her voice. "I can't move it any further by myself, babe." All she can do is hold it enough so he can breathe.

"It would. Nobody understands me and my love of explosives like you, Tomak." As soon as Gage is clear, Abigail, assessing his state and finding him, at least mostly, alive, offers an, "I'll be back, and heads over to where she can see Charlie straining, "I've got you, Wagner." never enough hands at a time like this. And this time, given the situation, she is looking for a lever to use to help with freeing Calhoun.

The scaffolding was much heavier than it looked so Aleksander was only able to barely lift it, just enough so that the weight is off of Gage so that with Abigails help, he is pulled free. One the other Tauron is free though, the heavy debris is dropped with a loud noise, combined with a long exhale from the rifleman. "Damn, did you break anything, Tomak?" No smoke is offered for now as he doesn't know how bad the combat engineer is injured, waiting for a medic to come help.

<FS3> Abigail rolls Salvage: Good Success (8 8 6 4 3 3 2 2 1)

Grunting, Donny is bringing himself up to his feet- with or without assistance as he raises a hand up as high as the pain in his body will let him. "I'm-- I'm good!" he calls out, squinting as he looks around and finally begins to take in all the damage properly. "...Frak." he lets out, a worried look flashing over his features before he grunts and leans down to pick up his rifle. Donny begins to shuffle and get out of the way of everyone getting the rest of the injured with a bit of a limp. "This day frakkin' blows..."

<FS3> Gage rolls Composure: Great Success (7 7 6 6 6 4 2)

<FS3> Gustavo rolls Composure-1: Success (8 7 5 5 5 4 2 2)

"I can try to move.." Evan comments with a grunt as he reaches out with an arm to try and wedge his body some against the wall on him. "Hurts like frak." The grunt comes as he does so however, even a soft cry of pain which is a rare thing from the man but he attempts to pull and wiggle some, not making much progress until he finds he's able to slide a bit easier. "Think the blood is starting to make it more slippery down here."

Logan nods as Donny clears out and then reaches down to help Donny up, "Got you." He starts to help the other Marine out and then he's grunting, "You mobile?" He asks and as Donny gets himself off he's heading towards Charlie and Abigail. He surveys and grunts, "Oye. I'll help lift. Spec, drag his happy ass out. I don't think even I'm getting it entirely off him. He says as he drops down to a knee and help lever up

Gage summons a grin for Rothschild. He opens his mouth, but doesn't manage to say anything before she's pulled away. He doesn't watch Abigail depart, instead pushing himself to a seated position. "Not sure," he answers Aleksander, reaching up to try and grip the other Tauron's arm for leverage to pull himself up. He settles a moment's worth of weight on his left foot, winces, then tries again, expression set. "Not so bad," he reports, even though he's sweating a little as he leans more weight on his good foot. "Smoke?" he asks his fellow Tauron, with a brief grin -- at least until he sees some of the other members of his team, wincing. "Go help the others, if you need, Davy. I'm good."

<FS3> Charlie rolls Composure: Success (8 6 5 4 4 2 1)

Cate is looking at Lyn's wound like she's seen a ghost. When Aldrich snaps his finger in her face, it gets her attention, but there's a blank look in her eyes. It's not until he starts talking that she seems to focus in on his voice and come back to herself. Still visibly rattled, but getting her shit together. She gulps, her voice shaky. "We can't move her. We need to get that bar cut." Which is really not her forte. "Stay as still as you can," she warns Lyn. Then to Aldrich, "Check for other injuries, start a line." She calls over to Abigail, "Walker! We need something to cut this bar to get Arda out." But she's not waiting for that - she's moving over to the next nearest person. Which would be Evan and Charlie.

Abigail manages to grab up a suitable piece of rebar, as she runs to Charlie, "Is he giving you lip under there, Wagner?" Not that she waits for the woman's response, instead, she simply find a good patch of the slab Charlie;s holding up and leans into it, putting all of her weight and strength into trying to leverage the slab up enough that she can help give Evan room to get out.

<FS3> Abigail rolls Composure: Great Success (8 7 7 7 6 5 4 3 3)

Tavo sits back to let Rothschild check his leg over, peering past her to get a look himself. He grunts as she moves off, nodding and pushing himself up to his feet. He limps over in the direction of Gray's call, then stops, hissing in pain and grabbing onto a piece of wreckage so he can take his weight off his left leg. "Frak. I'll give you a hand in just a sec, Roths." He's still speaking a little too loud, especially when he raises his voice, "ANDERSON. WE'RE ON THE WAY." He's not trying to boom.

Lyn scowls at Cate, and when the medic walks off, she looks back at Aldrich. "We might not have time to cut the damned bar. If another bombing run hits us we'll all be dead," she says sincerely. "If they don't find a way to cut it in the next minute or so, you just pull me off this stupid stick and stuff something in the holes." She is clearly NOT a medic.

When Evan cries out, Charlie pales just a bit. She's seen the man badly injured- she knows how much he can handle. Still, she holds fast to the slab until Logan and Abigail come in to help lift and support it. All she can do is let out a forced chuckle at the other Picon woman's words and drop to her knees to reach in and try to take hold of the Scorpian's battle vest at the shoulders to start to pull him free. "Shut up about blood you ass," she hisses, muscles in shoulders and back straining as she pulls him towards her and out.

When the other Tauron reaches for his arm, Aleksander offers it and with a strong grip, helps pull Gage up to his feet. Since the other man isn't bleeding all over the place or falls back down in a crumple, Doctor Davy assumes that the combat engineer isn't that badly off. He does pull out a pack of smoke and offers it to Gage first before grabbing one for himself. Then he lights for both of them, taking a drag real quick as he looks to where the others are. It sounds like Arda is still down but he sees that there are others already clustering in that direction, "Probably too crowded, adding one more won't help. Hope the flyboys are having a better time up there. Must've been a helluva surprise if we had such short warning between the sirens and the bombs."

"We're getting you on your feet, Anderson." Rothschild can only focus on one fallen companion at a time. Those who are still stuck are given priority. She hears Charlie and Evan's concerns from near-by, and she glances their way. Then she grits her teeth and drops her focus back to Gray. "We will get you unpinned, but if you need help getting out, you'll need to say something fast, hm?" Then she glances over toward Tavo, nodding as she waits for him to arrive so she can start to heave up the debris that has Anderson grounded.

Cate doesn't hear Lyn's plea to Aldrich as she's walking away. She comes up to Evan's position just as the other ladies are putting their backs into the lifting. Assuming there's room for her to work herself in there somewhere, she'll lend a hand herself.

With the combined help, Evan's scooched out from under the rubble he was occupying leaving a trail of blood, not severe but noticeable, behind him as Charlie finishes getting him free. A few moments to catch his breath then he nods slightly, "Left knee is twisted up and some cuts somewhere I think. Will live."

Donny is sitting himself down now that he's out of the way of everything- offering Logan a thumbs up when he's helped up and along. "Thanks." he offers, as he continues to practice controlled breathing. His hands are wandering over his chest a bit, pressing and wincing as he figure out what hurts where, before he seems to have an idea of what's wrong with himself. Now he's moving over to get a good position to try and get a view of outside the warehouse they're in to figure out if anything that's big, made of metal and hates humans is coming their way.

"Frack, I thought so..." Aldrich replies to Cate's assessment. He doesn't know about cutting big metal bars, so he jumps to follow Cate's instructions and leaves her to figure that part out. After checking her over and finding nothing immediately life threatening, he reaches for his med kit, produces an alcohol swab, and starts cleaning up a spot over a vein in her arm. "Respectfully, my love? You don't know what you're talking about," he offers, not-so-gently. "You will most definitely die if we do that. We need a surgeon to remove it." That probably explains the three shades of white he has turned.

Testing his weight again on his left foot, Gage gets a feel for just how uncomfortable it is. Blood is soaking his fatigues and down into his boot, but it could be worse -- he's staring towards Lyn when Aleksander looks that way, and grimaces. Not much help he can give either, right now. Plus, there's cigarettes. He's never looked so grateful as when he takes one from his fellow Tauron. He waits until his first, appreciative drag before he runs his other hand over his now-dusty face. <<Bet the Capricans are glad they've got us rooming with them now,>> he mutters, lapsing into Tauran. <<Think they'll overrun the base?>>

Abigail, as soon as she sees Evan pulled free, lets the lever fall, "I'm on it, Doc." And with that, she is, moving off at speed, eyes scanning the area for anything that might be useful to help extricate the downed recon marine. It takes her a few, but she does finally arrive at a tool kit. Flipping the thing open, finding something useful within, she's soon running back towards where Arda and the chaplain are still waiting.

"Roger!" Gray either allows or forces himself to relax, knowing that he's /not/ forgotten. Otherwise, all he can really do is lay there and try to fumble for his smokes with his one free hand, forgetting the fact that getting a cigarette lit in his current position is going to be an...interesting exercise that will probably result in his back filing another complaint against him.

Lyn looks up at Aldrich and sighs. "I'm totally frakked, aren't I?" she asks him, reading his face for that haze of shock that comes with trauma. "If the bombs start again, you get to safety, hear me?" she insists, grabbing his jacket sleeve with a white knuckled grip. Then she lies her head back down, because the adrenaline is beginning to ebb, and the actual pain is starting to hit.

Once Evan is free, Charlie presses herself up under his left arm to support the side with the injured knee. "C'mon, let's get you somewhere to sit down. I'll take a look at it." As best she can, at least. Since no one else is in immediate need to be freed from beneath anything (without crowding them) she'll play faux-medic for the Scorpian. "Thanks, guys," she says, mildly breathless, to Abigail, Logan, and Cate. There's still concern across her features.

Mercer finally unearths the unconscious Beckham. He performs some basic aid, seeing that Cate is otherwise occupied, then gets to his feet. "Rhodes! Dorn needs you." The Gunny then surveys the rest of them. Seeing that everyone's accounted for, he bellows. "We've still got an attack underway people. If you're combat effective and not helping Anderson or Arda, get your asses over here and get some ammo. Rhodes can kiss the boo boos later."

Tavo is not moving quickly, but he does get moving again, limping over the debris and leaving a few drops of blood behind him as he goes. Getting over to Gray's side a bit behind Rothschild, he grounds his left knee, wincing a little as the bruised flesh takes up the weight. "Are you just going to sit there all day and smoke, Anderson?" The words are still a little too loud, but he's getting better. Getting his hands under some of the debris atop Gray, he nods to Rothschild, "I lift, you pull?" Before he can get a response, he looks down to Gray, "You can feel your legs, right? We're not gonna frak up your back?" Mercer gets a glance, and he nods, then looks back to his task.

<<I hope not, I'm sure our pilots are teaching the Capricans a thing or two about shooting down toasters in the sky.>> Aleksander says after another drag, shaking his head at Gage. Then the Gunny calls them over, <<Can you still fight, Tomak?>> He asks as he begins heading towards where Mercer is so he can pick up his allotment of ammo.

Logan nods at Evan as he gets free, "Knee huh? And to think you could have been an adventurer." He says mildly though his features look relieved and then he's looking around for whose next. He's jogging then for ammo, "I really need to figure out when one reports for boo boo kisses." He opines to no one in particular as he moves to get ammo and load up.

Also worth noting: Although nothing has hit close to the hangar, the sound of explosions outside has been ever-present. It's a scale of attack that hasn't been seen since Uprising Day.

Rothschild waits for Tavo to be ready, and she nods sharply at Tavo's words. She scoops her arms under Gray's, so she can easily pull him, and then she waits for Tavo to lift so she can yank the man out from under the debris. She's stalled a bit by Tavo's question, and she looks down at Gray for a response.

Abigail makes short work of getting to where she's needed, giving Aldrich room to work, as she takes a knee by Arda. Thankfully, it's not the blood or possible guts that bothers her, it's the angle of the rebar and how she can cut it out. "Alright, let me see what I can do." She sets down the toolkit, pulling out the metal saw, and crouching down, trying to get a good angle from which to begin working. No way she's taking the metal out. Instead, she'll shorter it on the top and then attempt to cut it at a decent length in the back.

Aldrich shakes his head, and takes a brief moment to put a hand on Lyn's head. "Hush," he says a little harsher than he probably intended. "We're going to help, and I'm not going anywhere." He gets a line started in her vein, then gives her hand a squeeze. Can chaplains masquerading as medics administer morpha? If so, he does. "But keep talking to me, okay? Everything is going to be fine. The gods are looking out for you, remember?" His confidence in the gods doesn't explain the grim look all over his face when he looks up to the approaching Abigail.

<FS3> Gustavo rolls Athletics-1: Great Success (7 7 7 7 7 6 4 4 2 1)

<FS3> Rothschild rolls Athletics: Success (6 6 5 4 3 2 2)

<<If I can stand, I can frakking fight,>> comes Gage's fervent response to Aleksander as he bends down to collect his rifle from where it was lying next some of the debris. Limping over towards Mercer, he collects some ammo, looking pleased to be armed again as he chambers a round and checks over his weapon. After a moment's consideration, he tears the bottom of his fatigues below the knee, using the material as a makeshift bandage, wrapping it around the gash on his leg. "Good to go, Gunny," he reports.

<FS3> Abigail rolls Salvage+3: Great Success (8 7 7 6 6 4 3 3 3 1 1 1)

Gray lets out a pained chuckle at Tavo's joke. Ok, it's funny (at least by combat arms standards, that is) but it hurts a bit. The volume level is about right, though, for Gray's improving deafness. "I can feel my legs. No promises on the back, it hurts when I move at /all/." Beat. "I'd say 'get me out and worry about that later', but...I'm not panicking." No, he just has two disabled limbs, is more than a little bloody (though with no punctured veins, thank Apollo), and has a single cracked vertebrae. It definitely /could/ have been worse.

Donny looks around a bit more, brows furrowing as he considers helping before he lets out a breath and hears Mercer's bellows. He considers his state before he sniffles and heads over to, "Hey, Gunny. I think I can still whip up some scrap metal." he says as he brings his rifle over to high ready this time around- for ease of loading, and now that he knows an accidental discharge can't collapse much more of the roof now that a lot of it's already on the ground.

Lyn mutters to Aldrich, as fluids start to go in, "If the gods have been watching, they sure as hell just blinked." As Abigail sets to it, she grits her teeth and closes her eyes. Some things, you just don't want to watch, and this is one of them.

When the Gunny calls them to fight, Charlie looks a touch torn, but also hungry. This is the second time she's been ground side since joining the Colonial Fleet that there's been an assault on the base. The woman swallows, looking to Evan. "You need to wait with the medics, or-" there's a glance to his knee as she starts to step away, hesitant about leaving his side to go get ammo for the fight.

When Tavo lifts, Roths pulls. Together they get Gray out from under his debris, and the Praetorian of Trenoir smiles slightly to him. "You're going to be alright," she promises him, but then she glances over toward the others. Her eyes cut up to Tavo. "Delgado is going to make sure you don't need some serious intervention, I'm going to go help Rhodes." She squeezes Gray's shoulder before she stands. She squeezes Tavo's forearm in passing, heading toward Evan and Charlie with some haste.

Cate might otherwise shoot the Gunny an irritated look at the crack about boo boos, but right now she's crouching down to check on her unconscious buddy. She gets his helmet off very carefully and puts a neck collar on to brace his neck. If her expression was rattled before, with Lyn? Now she's barely keeping it together. But the operative word there is barely, because she is, in fact, still doing her job. She reluctantly leaves Beckham to come back over to Lyn, just as Abigail starts cutting. "Al, stabilize that bar while she cuts. We can't let it move around. You give her morpha already?"

"Go." Evan responds towards Charlie, tilting his head when Mercer calls out. "I'm fine, I'll catch up in a moment just gotta get my breath." He manages a thin smile but mutters some before shooing the Recon towards the ammo.

"Then you'll live." That's Doctor Tavo, NotMD's diagnosis. He gets his hands settled under the wreckage, finding some rebar to grab, and then he curls it. He should probably be lifting with his legs, but one of them is frakked up, and at least he's not lifting with his back. "Go, go Roths." Tavo looks up to Eudora as she speaks up, nodding and clasping her shoulder a moment before she heads out, "Let's see where you're broken, Anderson, then we'll move over and get us both some ammo."

Aldrich apparently has nothing comforting to say to the subject of whether the gods are watching or not, so instead, he starts to stroke Lyn's hair while he watches, starting to get that kind of shell-shocked look Cate had, muttering one of his litanies. Cate's return causes him to look up, slightly startled, but then he nods sharply and jumps to follow instructions. "I did. And I think she's going into shock."

Once they get Gray out from the debris, the damage is (mostly) clear: His left arm is busted, albeit not so obviously such that it's screaming 'problen' loudly. His left leg, on the other hand, is pretty clearly floppy and somewhat bloodied: It's not a compound fracture and it's not spurting blood, but it's all of the other fun stuff you can imagine with that sort of injury. Surprisingly, when pulling him out, there's no profanity...just a /very loud/ grunt/growl and some heavy breathing as he reacts to the pain as best he can. "Thanks..." he offers once he's free of the collapsed building.

The upper portion of the metal rod..that's not really much of a problem, especially with Aldrich helping to stabilize it. Of course, the vibration, combined with the pain might be playing hell with Arda's sense of well-being, but hopefully the dosage of morpha is enough to keep her going. "Going to need you to get in here, Chaplain. You'd going to need to support her the best you can. Once I cut through this on the bottom," which she's fixing to do, "her weights going to come down hard, and we don't want that. Gotta keep her up so she doesn't rock that thing around inside.

There's a sort of frown up at Evan, but Charlie gives him a half-hearted punch to the shoulder. It's symbolic, more than anything else. There's absolutely no force behind it. The woman swallows, before turning to move at a jog towards Mercer. She's already slinging her rifle toward once again, pulling out the currently empty magazine. "Ready to go, Gunny. Calhoun will be along momentarily."

Oh that really SUCKS. Lyn sucks in air through her grinding teeth at the vibrations running through the rebar. Morpha, at least, takes the worst of it down to only horrendous instead of excruciating. "FRAK!" she rasps out.

"The IV will help with that," Cate tells Aldrich. Then when Abigail is asking for Al's help, Cate interjects, "I got it." She crouches down and gets ready to support Lyn's weight when the bar shifts. "You're gonna be okay, Lyn," she says, but there's a hollow sound to her voice when she says it, and she can't look Aldrich in the eye. Instead she looks over at Mercer. "Gunny! Becks and Lyn need urgent evac."

"We'll get them out ASAP, Rhodes." ASAP but not immediately. He starts doling out ammo and grenades. Gunny comes prepared, it seems.

Tavo takes a looks over Gray, frowning, "I think you're combat-ineffective, Anderson. Lucky you, you get to goldbrick in sickbay." Once they get there, and if sickbay is still around after the attack. Tavo straightens up carefully, with the help of some of the wreckage, and then reaches down with his right hand for Gray's right, "Let's get you up and moving to the others. You can help support me, and I'll help support you. Three-legged race and all that. If you're up for it." He looks up to the chaos in the sky visible through the fallen wall, scowling up at the chaos, "Frak me... this might be the worst I've seen a place." Granted, he was on-ship for the last fight on Picon.

The way Gage is standing, he's obviously favoring his uninjured leg, shoulders slumped as he smokes. Thankfully, things being what they are, it's not an immediate trip to a very dull infirmary in his future, but back to business. He practically beams as Mercer starts handing out grenades. "Frak, Gunny. You make a marine want to turn for you," he says, with a thin grin through his smoke, mindful enough to finish that first before he reaches for them.

"You doing okay over here?" Roths asks, as if knowing she needs to stay out of the way of Lyn, Aldrich, and Cate. She'll be no good there. She glances over Charlie and Evan, trying to make sense of how they are. She glances at Mercer and then to the others. When Tavo looks up, she does too, and her breath stops for a second in her chest.

Aldrich nods to Abigail's request, and starts to shift, but stops when Cate jumps in. "You sure...?" he asks, because he's still sometimes kind of a guy. Assuming she doesn't give over the task to him, Al focuses his attention back on Lyn, going back to petting her hair. "Sorry..." he murmurs, to Lyn. "But we're halfway there, now. You're going to be okay. Just hang in there." He doesn't try to look Cate in the eye, it turns out. He's too buy watching Lyn.

Gray smirks at the opportunity to 'goldbrick'. "Oh, great..." He nods to Tavo at the three-legged race suggestion and takes a deep breath. "Alright, let's try this..." he offers, tentatively.

Donny takes a moment to look around at the rest gathering around Mercer, waiting for their ammo. His thumb is against his mag-release, and he catchs it with an open hand and puts the empty magazine into an ammo pouch at his chest. When gunny begins handing out ammunition and grenades, Donny takes only as much as he needs- one mag goes into the magazine well, and two others in his pouches. Readying his rifle, he looks around to the others. "This is a weird first fight with you guys." he offers with a meek grin, "I was hoping for more of us dropping in, blowing something up, coming out as heroes. Seems like they're beating us to the first two parts."

Lyn's teeth start to chatter a little, thanks to the morpha and such. "Is everyone else all right?" she asks Aldrich, because there were a lot of them under that scaffold, and that did not include the trio hovering around her.

That bottom end of the rod, that is the tricksy bit, and Abigail takes her time. Well, as much time as such emergency circumstances allow. Still, given Arda's condition, the war will just have to wait, as far as the engineer is concerned. She scoots down, as Cate takes over, making no comment, and simply focusing on the work. Slow and steady wins the race. Cate will be able to feel Arda's body shift, as she comes free from the remainder of the rebar, leaving only the segment inside of her to worry about.

Tavo reaches down to start helping Gray up, but keeps the pressure light in case the other man is hurt (even) worse than he looks.

Gray puts his good arm around Tavo's shoulder and prepares to come up...but when they lift, he /howls/ and is back to hearing the pain in a very annoyed lumbar vertibrae.

"Well shit, Tomak, you're making me blush," deadpans Mercer, who is in fact doing no such thing. He eyes the limpers skeptically, and while under better circumstances he might send them off to get treated, today is not that day. He finishes doling out the ammo then bellows, "Chaplain! I need you to stay with the wounded. We'll send a truck back for you."
Cate looks over at that as she tries to get Lyn stabilized up on her side with a blanket from her pack, looking aghast. "Gunny, I should stay with them."
"Can you do any more for them right now?"
"No, but..."
"Then I need your ass over here. We've got a shitton of Cylons attacking the base and this squad needs a medic." Seeing her continue to hesitate, he barks. "Now, Corporal. Rest of you, get ready to move out."

When everything shifts from the support of the bar being removed, Lyn lets out a yelp of pain. But it looks like the plan worked. The bar is still in her, effectively keeping the bleeding minimized. "Oh frakety-frakking fraknuggets. That was not fun," she grunts, blinking up at her rescuers with the glassy-eyed focus of someone on morpha. But she's free and can be laid on her side so as not to aggravate things.

Aldrich shakes his head a little. "Nothing you need to worry about," he tells Lyn, which isn't exactly an answer to her question. Gray's howl somewhere in the vicinity probably answers it a little more accurately, but Aldrich's attention is all for the task at hand. He looks up, distractedly, when Mercer bellows an order, and lifts a hand to show that he's heard. It doesn't even seem to notice that Cate has been ordered away. Probably because of Lyn's yelp of pain.

Giving a wink to the Gunnery Sergeant -- apparently Gage isn't that fussed about never getting promoted again -- he pats the hook of his belt where he webs the grenades in. "Davy, you got one," he pauses, reconsiders, "Two for the road?" smokes, presumably, by the way he waves his fingers. It's going to be a long night, and they'll undoubtedly come in handy.

With Lyn free, Mercer giving the order, and with more work to be done, Abigail rises, "We'll come back, or we'll send someone in to get you. You two just stay together." The tool kit she leaves, but the saw she'll take with her, trying to stuff it into her pack as she makes her way finally, back over to Mercer to get whatever the Gunny has left to hand out.

Tavo lets Gray back down to the concrete as gently as possible at the howl, although it's probably a little too hard for Gray, all things considered. "Shit." Grimacing, he glances over to the gathering around Lyn, then gives a sharp whistle, "Roths, got a sec?" Looking back down to Gray, the big man flops back down onto the ground alongside him, reaching out to put a hand on his chest, "Just stay down, man." Mercer's commands cause him to wince, then haul himself up again, "Shit. Chap's gonna stay with you, Anderson. We'll be back A-S-A-P." And then he barks out, "Chaplain! Anderson's right over here. Don't know if I can move him."

Gray allows himself to be laid back down and nods in acknowledgement to the order. Right now he's a little dizzy from the failed move attempt and wincing...but the pain is subsiding now that he's back horizontal. "Yeah..." /Gods, that hurt.../

Donny purses his lips as he seems to avoid turning his gaze over to the injured, his eyes set outside to witness the destruction and combat. Now that his rifle's loaded, he hold it at a fourty five degree angle and rests it flat against his chest. He nibbles down on his lower lip as his brows dip down. He looks left and right, his anxiousness showing the longer he's standing still.

There's a moment there when it really looks like Cate is going to continue to argue with the gunny. Abandoning critically-injured friends goes against just about every fiber of her being, and it's visible in the way the muscles stand out on her jaw. "Frak," she curses, and then looks to Aldrich. "Just keep the fluids going and stabilize the bar with gauze pads to keep it from shifting when they move her. Becks needs an IV too, and make sure they stabilize his back when they move him." Her expression is stricken when she looks between Al and Lyn, but she abruptly then jerks to her feet and follows Abigail over to the ammo goodie bag.

Lyn's adrenaline has worn off now, and the morpha is really kicking in. She smiles at Aldrich. "I'm just gonna take a nap until you find me a nice hospital bed, mkay?" Then she's unconscious.

As ammo is doled out, Charlie takes her share and rapidly loads up her weapon, scowling at the thing once it is. "I swear to frak," she hisses, "if my rifle isn't in good shape when this is over..." the threat lies here. Sure, she could requisition another, but this is Sasha we're talking about. She'd probably rage just as hard, if not harder, than she did for Evan's sake. Sasha's been with her since the war began. The woman gives a sharp nod to Mercer. "Lead the way, Gunny."

Aldrich looks up, a little lost but at least aware that someone is calling for his attention, and then he snaps out of it. "Yes. Okay, no, don't move him!" he calls back, then looks back to Cate. That's about the time when he realizes that she is leaving, and his brows go up with alarm, but he nods grimly. "All right. I'll... we'll make it work." he glances down, in time to find Lyn unconscious, and winces, but after checking to make sure she's not crashing or something, he starts gathering his medkit. There are other patients that need attention, too.


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