2237-09-17 - High Iron Content

Lyn is brought into the Infirmay at Argyros base after being injured in the Cylon attack. Aidan patches her up, and Aldrich waits for news.

Date: 2237-09-17

Location: Nas Argyros -- Infirmary

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Scene Number: 524

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It's the middle of the night, somewhere in the skies above the fleet is battling to survive. The infirmary is on alert, having been warned that a patient is on the way in from the field. Stable, but with rebar all the way around her. Surgery is prepped and standing by, and ready to meet the marine are one Captain Aidan Kinsinger, and nurse Claire.

Lyn has been in and out of consciousness, because having a metal bar through your body kind of hurts. She's awake-ish now, though coherent is a bit debatable thanks to morpha. She blinks owlishly up at the surgeon and nurse. "Hi. Sorry to wake you up so late, but I think my iron content is a little high tonight," she quips. Yep. Morpha.

"Hilarious. For some strange reason, we were fortunately already awake." Aidan says dryily, in a tone that suggests he finds it anything but. "I'm Dr. Kinsinger, your surgeon." He pauses, as if for applause. "And this is nurse Claire. We're going to need to get you into surgery quickly. But first I'm going to have Claire take you to imaging, so I can see what's going on in there." Claire, for her part, seems a lot warmer. Lyn is given a reassuring smile, as she prepares to take charge of the marine's gurney.

"But Doc, I didn't do my hair all fancy for pictures," Lyn murmurs with a quirk of a grin. She's not normally so sassy. A moment later that grin fades and one hand holds the edge of the gurney with a white-knuckled grip. Humor masking pain, check. "Did everyone make it out ok?" she asks, swallowing hard.

"Almost certainly not. This is a war. People die." Those charming words from Aidan ring in her ear as Claire wheels her off, with a glare for the good doctor. "Don't mind him." She tells Lyn, her voice soothing. "You're the first one we've had from your group. I'm sure your friends are fine, or this place would be full of alarms and people running all over the place."

Lyn gives Aidan a look. The sort of withering glare she usually reserves for her brother when he's done something idiotic. "Bedside manner, not your strong suit, got it," she mutters, before Claire wheels her off. She gives the nurse a grateful look. "There were a couple people in bad shape besides me. Dorn and Anderson. If you could find out how they're doing for me, I'd appreciate it."

"Dorn and Anderson. I'll see what I can do." Claire murmurs. She understands patient confidentially, sure. But she's a military nurse, and so she also understands the bond of marines. Once they get to imagining, there's an imaging specialist there and together the two make short work of prepping Lyn and the machines. "We're going to have to move you as we get different pictures. Let us know if it starts to hurt worse, and we'll see if we can get you something more for the pain."

"Oh believe me, I'll let you know. There will be shrieking and yowling and probably a lot of swearing which I apologize for in advance," Lyn quips. At least she's trying to keep positive, right? Or it's the drugs. Yeah, probably the drugs. She's not particularly known for her positivity. "At least make sure my nightgown covers my backside. That view is reserved."

"I'm sure we've heard worse." Claire chuckles. "Well...let's see...these nightgowns aren't really known for their ability to do that." But the contrast between Claire and Aidan couldn't be more night and day, because after some quick thinking by the nurse involving a second gown, they do come up with a way to gown Lyn that will leave her backside completely covered.

"I, and the Chaplain, thank you for your attention to my derriere," Lyn giggles. This is someone who showers with everyone else on a daily basis. Shyness isn't her usual thing. A medical setting seems to make people all sorts of shy though. Maybe it's the feeling of being so vulnerable.

"Well, we certainly wouldn

"Well, we certainly wouldn't want to upset a Chaplain. Tonight of all nights." Claire looks upward for a moment, to where somewhere high above the sky is filled with cylons. "We need all the prayers we can get." And then the two get her pictures taken. It does involve some movement, since they need a front view, and a back, and a side as well as multiple others. No easy thing with rebar sticking through you, but they manage.

Lyn is a trooper through it. A trooper who swears her head off and sweats profusely from the pain every time they move her for another shot. "Sure we can't just slap on a bandaid and send me back out there to shoot toasters?" she jokes weakly.

Claire and the imaging specialist exchange looks at that question, out of Lyn's sight. This is a very serious wound, after all. "Well...let's see what the pictures say first, hmm?" Claire offers. "You did great." And then it's off on the gurney again, to find a station to settle Lyn in, curtained off, while the images are processed.

When she's alone, that's when the bluster and comedy slide away from her. Lyn looks faraway and wherever that place is, it's not a good one. This is reminding her a bit too much of the Uprising, and Aquaria. She was defending the tiny arctic base there. It was the beginning of the worst two years of her life. She shut down during that time, keeping everyone out. Now she's opened up again, made friends, fell in love, and outside there is another battle raging that could take the lives of those she cares about.

After a while, Claire comes back. "Dr. Kinsinger is reviewing your images right now, and then he'll be in to talk to you before we take you down to surgery." She explains. "It looks like Dorn is on his way here with a spinal injury. I couldn't find any information about your other friend, but that's generally a good sign if they're not on our radar yet."

"Frak," Lyn mutters. "Dorn had a bad spinal injury before. That's not a good sign," she notes to Claire, worry creasing her brow. She nods about the rest though. "Tell the doc I apologize for getting any blood on him."

"He did? He'll probably be transfered then to the main Naval Hospital, when things are clear." Claire muses, before shaking her head. "I will, if you want me to." Aidan is clearly not her favorite person. Is he anybody's? Probably not.

And then Aidan himself appears, holding notes and images and looking....almost disappointed? "Well Sergeant, I don't believe it but apparently you're the luckiest marine on Caprica." is his way of saying hello.

Lyn nods a little at Claire. "Thanks," she offers, then looks a little amused at the fact even the nurse seems to find the surgeon less than likeable. When the man himself appears, she squints at him. "The metal I'm currently wearing as an oh-so-fashionable accessory begs to differ, doc. How so?"

"There are very few parts of the human body through which I could thrust a piece of rebar without causing major trauma." Aidan scowls at the images for a moments, as if they personally offend it. "But you managed to find it. Don't misunderstand me, you're not going to be doing crunches tomorrow at PT. But you didn't even nick so much as a single organ."

Lyn bursts into laughter, punctuated with sharp "OW"s because that doesn't tickle. "Preacher protection plan!" she gasps out. That probably makes no sense to anyone but her and her fellow marines. Dating a Chaplain seems to be her lucky charm.

Aidan just shakes his head, chalking it up to all the morpha in her bloodstream. "I would recommend against laughter, or any significant movement." Of course he would recommend against laughter. "Nurse Claire is going to prep you for surgery, then we'll get you under and onto the table. I will see you when you wake up." It almost comes off as a threat, as the doctor turns on his heel and walks out.

"He must be a perfect little ray of sunshine to work with," Lyn quips to Claire. Then she's getting prepped for surgery and put under.

"Some people are so talented...or think they are...that they quite forget what it's like to be one of us mere mortals." is all Claire has to say about that.

Some time later...

Lyn has been placed in a post-op room. It's about time for her to come around. She's hooked up with electrodes, monitoring all of her vitals in case something should change for the worse.

Lyn comes to slowly, as if reluctant to leave sleep behind. Can't really blame her, considering what's waiting on the side of wakefulness. Green eyes open to slits, slowly adjusting to the quality of light. She focuses on the location first, then the electrodes, then the fact that she's alive kicks in. She lets out a sigh. Al will be relieved.

A post-operative care nurse comes in shortly once Lyn is awake. It's someone new, not Claire. "I'm Dan. I'll be your post-op nurse, at least for the rest of the shift." He's a fresh-faced Caprican, probably not long out of training. "Good to see you're up. I'll let the Doctor know. How's your pain? Do you need anything?"

Lyn blinks at the nurse for a long moment. "I'm guessing a beer is out of the question?" she asks, her lips tilting in a small smile. At the mention of letting the Doctor know, she squinches up her face. "If you have to." Because Aidan is kind of a git.

"I'm afraid so." Dan shakes his head with a grin. Patient humor, man. The grin fades a little bit, as he repeats himself for the second. "I'm afraid so on that, too. But it's generally just a small visit. Your surgeon just wants to look in on you and brag about how it went. Standrd procedure." And off he goes.

Lyn lets out a breath when the nurse is gone, and she lifts up the sheet to make sure she still has all her various bits and pieces, and they can move. All seems right with the world down there, so she lies back and waits.

Aldrich would have probably stayed by Lyn's side all the way through surgery if he'd had the choice, but... you know, germs. So instead he's been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Turns out getting a metal pole removed from your side takes time! By the time she's out, he has actually fallen asleep slumped in a chair, so no one bothers to wake him until after she's awake. Which explains why he's looking so disheveled when he appears wherever the post-op area is. Possibly he's not supposed to be there, even. Possibly he doesn't care. "You're awake..." It comes out as a relieved sigh as he steps over to her bedside.

Aldrich is probably not supposed to be there. But one of the great things about being a Chaplain is you can get almost anywhere, particularly in a medical facility.

The familiar voice has Lyn turning her head towards it. She smiles warmly at the Chaplain and holds a hand out towards him, though it only gets a half inch off the bed. She's still anesthetic-heavy feeling. "Yep. Doctor said the bar missed everything important. Guess they were looking out for me," the gods that is.

Aldrich finds a chair to pull up to the bedside, then takes her hand, gently. He tries a smile, but it doesn't quite cover the remains of a night spent worried and praying. "Or else you're tougher than they realized," he says. "I'm... glad you're okay. Do you need anything? Is there anything I can do?"

"I'm sure I'll think of something once I'm more awake. Right now though, I just need to know how everyone is. What happened out there?" Lyn's brow creases in concern. She's pretty sure she's still at the base, but she hasn't been in sick bay here so she can't be certain.

Aidan steps in, looking momentarily surprised to see Aldrich there. "I didn't realize you were being visited by a Chaplain." It's as close as he comes to 'sorry for interrupting'. It doesn't deter him, though. "How are you feeling? Your surgery went perfectly, of course."

Aldrich rubs a circle on the back of Lyn's hand with his thumb, in an unconscious gesture. "I'm not sure of all the details myself," he admits, "They left me behind with the wounded. But I know the Cylons attacked. It was..." He hesitates at that, brow furrowing. "This was beyond even Edson. I haven't seen anything on this scale since... Well, since I was caught in the occupied zone on Leonis, back at the beginning of the war." He glances up when Aidan comes in, and says nothing more. Yep, just a chaplain. Visiting with an injured soldier. Nothing more to see here.

The way that Lyn is looking at Aldrich, it's pretty clear this is more than just a Chaplain visiting one of his injured flock. "Dorn may have hurt his back again, they said," she says quietly. They all know the implications of that. "Are we still on Caprica?" she asks. She looks over at the doctor with a slight grimace. "I feel like a wall fell on me, stabbed me through the gut, and then stirred up my insides with a spoon."

"Well, the nurses will give you something for the pain." Aidan doesn't come any futher in. Indeed, he seems uncomfortable. It's as if the Chaplain, of all things, is somehow a ward against him. "The post-op team will take it from here. They'll go over restrictions with you, write your profile, all of that. Talk to you about recovery. This is the end of my involvement with your case, unless something goes wrong internally. Which it won't, because I did your surgery. Good day and good luck, Sergeant." And then he's gone, a little quicker than he came.

Aldrich watches the doctor with a mild, unbothered expression. It's almost as though that's not the first time someone has reacted that way to him! Once the doc has disappeared, Al looks back to Lyn with a slight clearing of his throat. "Anyway. Yes, we're still on Caprica, for now. Dorn... was in bad shape, last time I saw him. He may not make it back to active duty, but to be honest, I thought that the last time. He's pretty tough." He lifts a shoulder, then adds, "Anderson got hit pretty bad, too."

"I'm sure he is a fantastic surgeon," Lyn says wryly to Aldrich after Aidan departs. "Because he sure isn't farting rainbows in his bedside manner." Ah morpha. Whee. She looks back to the Chaplain with a worried expression. "At least Dorn is alive. He can go home and see his baby born." She squeezes Al's hand. "Looks like I'll be laid up at least a few days in here, and probably a week of light duty. It could have been a lot worse. I'll take it."

Aldrich looks a little doubtful. "Only a week?" He squeezes her hand back, but still looks pretty concerned. "You really scared me, you know. I didn't know if you were going to make it, for a minute there. I think maybe Cate thought you weren't going to..." he admits, though he keeps his concern reigned tightly in. Falling apart later is still an option, but for now, Preacher Face is serving him well.

Lyn smiles. "Doc said I was the luckiest marine on Caprica. The rebar didn't nick a single organ. It's about as bad as getting a through and through shot in the arm, Al. I'm going to be just fine. Just have to take it easy for a bit."

Aldrich still looks a little doubtful about comparing it to a gunshot. "Bullets get sterilized before they hit you," he points out. "Just... Don't push it too hard, okay?" he requests. "I know you're strong. You don't have anything to prove on that score."

"I promise," Lyn says softly. "I'm going to milk this for all it's worth. I expect you to bring me some more of that Gemenese noodle soup to make me feel better," she declares with faux seriousness.

Aldrich nods, and squeezes her hand again. "I'll try to sneak some in," he promises, slightly more solemn than she is about the whole thing. "I might have to just bring the broth, at first, but I can figure something out..."

A nurse comes in to shoo Aldrich out so they can prep Lyn to move to a regular room. She squeezes his hand once more, then lets go.


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