2237-09-18 - Letter from the Front

Emrys tries to write a letter.

Date: 2237-09-18

Location: NAS Argyos - BOQ

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Scene Number: 595

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Emrys sits at the desk in the BOQ room that has become his temporary home, staring at the clock on the wall. It’s sometime into what are traditionally known as the ‘small hours’. Staring at the clock allows him to avoid looking at the paper on the desk. But eventually his eyes fall from the clock to the woman asleep in the bed, red hair splayed out on the pillow, and then he turns his attention back to the letter.


I am writing to inform you…

There’s a heavy sigh, and the paper is balled up and tossed to the corner of the desk. Emrys drums his fingers on the desk, taps his pen a few times, and pulls the next sheet of paper over. After some thought, he begins the letter again.


It is with pleasure that I write to you…

No. Too unbelievable. Once again the paper is balled up and tossed to join the first one. Another sigh. This time Emrys is faster to return to the task, pulling a new sheet of paper open and squaring up his shoulders like he’s about to fight. Then he bends to put pen to paper.


I hope this missive finds you well…

Probably still not really believable. The act of balling it up and tossing it to join its fellows is cathartic. Leaning back in the chair, Emrys twirls the pen around in his fingers idly as the events of the past few weeks play through his mind. This seems to provide inspiration, as he leans forward to begin again.


I write to you on the occasion of my becoming an Ace with the Colonial Forces…

That one, too, does not pass muster. Now there are four little balls of paper on the corner of the desk. Too self-congratulatory, and too unlikely to really matter to the recipient. Another piece of paper is pulled into place. And then Emrys glances to the clock on the wall, and from the clock on the wall to the woman in the bed.

The pen is placed down, and Emrys gives up on trying to write to his father.


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