2237-09-22 - We Interrupt Your Soap...

Faye and Irene were both in the Alert Lounge, Iris was taking a nap while Faye was contemplating the meaning of life. With the speed of a sloth, Faye lunged with the voracity of a snail at Iris and pinned her like a wet noodle to the couch, where she laid on her and took a moment to be serious. It was a muddled interaction, and ended with Faye being almost as confused as she was to begin with.

Date: 2237-09-22

Location: Alert Lounge

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Scene Number: 540

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Well, looks like Irene is on alert. If being on alert means being tucked into the corner of a couch, passed out. On the plus side, she's in her full flight suit so when she gets the call she can just pop up and run out to her raptor. For now though, it's dream time. The program playing on tv obviously wasn't too riveting.

Faye also is on alert and she's currently just tapping her foot on the ground while she has a cup of coffee in her hand. She's stopping the foot just before it actually makes contact with the surface and her eyes flick over toward Irene again and again. Probably part of the reason that she's not letting the boot hit the decking. A twist one way, a twist the other, her eyes flicking about and finally... Pffft! She's Faye! She sets down the coffee cup and moves on over toward Irene.
Faye, also in her flight suit, sits down next to the Raptor pilot and snuggles on into Irene in the corner, waiting to see if she'll wake up or not before she would wrap an arm about her and look toward the bunkmate of the other. She looks a bit more intent then usual.

The proximity does illicit a response from Irene, but it's just her mumbling something about not wanting to go to school. She's not going today. She's sick. It's not until she's got an arm around her that she starts to slowly stir back to some semblance of consciousness. "I'm going, I'm going." She mumbles a little louder and clearer, reaching up to rub her eye as she does. Blink, blink and there's Faye. She's awake. "Is it time already? The show's not even over." She protests, but when she looks over at the screen it is in fact, a totally different cast of characters.

Faye looks back at her, resting a head on Irene's shoulder. She pauses, just staring for a moment at the sleepy woman, then she blinks and turns her head to nuzzle her cheek into the rather stiff shoulder of the other woman's flight suit. A moment later she goes back to looking at Irene, still not having said anything at all. Then the other arm tries to wrap about Irene, if she wasn't stopped something horrible would happen! She would be giving Irene a hug! Perish the thought.

Irene yawns without a hint of feeling self conscious about it, her sole attempt at etiquette being that she turns her head away from Faye for the duration. Afterwards, she rubs the yawn tears from the outer corners of her eyes and comes around, fully awake. Awake and wondering. A brow arches at her huggy bunkmate but she's otherwise not too concerned, nor does she stiffen or flail to escape. "Bingo?" She prompts, like she's worried the other pilot is having a bad day or something.

"Hey." Bingo says, her eyes slowly trailing away from Iris for a moment. They look up toward the TV as she nuzzles the side of her head once more into Irene's shoulder, she closes her eyes and lets out a long sigh that sounds half content and half frustrated. The huggy bunkmate gives a bit more of a hug even and then finally eases up and just lays on the other while watching the show. A few more seconds pass and she finally speaks up.
"Irene. Why haven't you asked me out yet?" She doesn't look back toward the blonde woman, "Normally, by this point - even though we're just playing and all - the other person's asked me out."

The show is, something, that looks like an attempt at comedy from the Capricans. It must be an old episode, since Caprica City is perfectly intact in the establishing shots. Irene doesn't laugh, but then she's missed the first ten minutes or so, so the jokes fall a bit flat for her. The cast looks super glamorous though, so maybe that's why she kindly fixes Faye hair for her once she's settled in, smoothing it down until it's Caprican nice, more or less. The question posed is mulled over a bit before the Virgon answers, thoughtfully but also a little teasingly, "I thought we were already going steady. We do stuff together all the time, Faye."

There's a turn of her head after her hair was fixed and she sticks her tongue out at Irene, but then it sort of falls a bit flat as she looks at the woman. One of her brows slowly starts to dip a little lower as she looks at the other woman. Her eyes dance from one eye to the other of the Virgon. She stares, a bit intently perhaps, as she considers that. A little shift because something on Iris' belt was digging into her ribs and she also was wanting to get in a bit closer.
"No playing for a moment, we can go right back to it in like-" Her eyes dance about and settle on Irene again, "-two minutes, just tell me honestly." She just stares up at Irene as if waiting for the answer again.

Now, Irene is Virgon, and even if she's not half as uptight as most, she's still got that strong streak of propriety they tend to have. When she replies, she's firm, but not hard about it, "We're friends, and I respect that friendship. There's nothing so wrong with you as a person that the thought wouldn't even cross my mind, but it's just been easier to not worry about serious romance right now. Because of the war, and the cylons trying to exterminate us. So I never let the thought become, you know, a full blown fantasy where we dance off into the sunset together."
She pauses there, eyeing the other woman suspiciously, "If you're having me on, I swear."

There's a long pause, and Faye stares at Irene, listening to her words. She doesn't turn them away or even blink as the other talks, she also doesn't smile (or frown) just stares at Irene. When the other finishes, she finally does give a blink and then begins to ooze up a little higher. A sort of shuffling motion with a bit of side-to-side to avoid getting caught and some squirming for good measure until she's able to comfortably be nose-to-nose with the other. A quick glance around, people are doing other things, and she leans in to try and kiss the other.

"But what about Dir-" k. Irene starts to say, pressing her head back and back until the cushion yields to the hard part of the couch behind her. Not that she gets much further than an inch apart with that move and though her hands come up between them to rest on Faye's shoulders as if she's prepared to shove her right off her and the couch, she doesn't. That's about the full extent of her resistance. She'll go with the kiss, wide eyed, but only so far. There's probably a few reasons for that, but she doesn't voice a single one.

When the other starts to inch back it makes her pause, the hands too, but she follows in with her until there's the press and then she pulls back. She starts to inch back down the other, her cheeks a little flushed now as she murmurs softly, "I just asked for two minutes." She looks a bit uncomfortable as she shuffles back down, her shoulders curving in and her eyes darts off to the side and forward the floor. "I'm not having you on. I'm being honest, I dunno... just."
She hides her head, pressing her head into Irene's shoulder again but turning her head away, "Right. Dirk. Don't forget about your mother, right? Since Dirk is trying to steal the company from her, but it looks like he's actually trying to steal it from your dad? What did we name the company again, I forget?" She starts trying to push up and away from Irene then.

"I don't know. It doesn't even matter." Irene says, not with a sigh, proper, but almost one. She's completely lost the plot. If there's anything that's obvious, it's that, and that she's way off balance because of it. It seems to make her just a touch annoyed, a rare turn for her, "Gods, Faye. I thought we were just playing around, and now I feel like trash for it. I don't want to hurt you, you dummy." So she hugs her before she can push away, clinging gently and putting her mouth closer to her ear, saying softer and with more amusedly, "You're such a dummy dumbhead. Virgons hate surprises. so. much."

Faye doesn't resist as she's being pulled back down and she instead wraps her arms back around Irene as she closes her eyes and feels the other cling a little. A bit of a smile and she hears the words, and processes them all little by little. Faye normally just rolls with everything from what Irene's seen, but this time she actually pauses and gives thought. She doesn't turn her head toward Irene but she doesn't move away. "We have been. I mean, before just now, and I've loved it. It's been so much fun, Gods it's been the most fun I've had since this whole fraking war started."
She gives a sigh and then turns to look toward Irene, blinking with her mouth pulling off to one side. "That's why I was surprised you didn't ask, usually that's when I run and I was waiting for the shoe to drop." She lifts a shoulder, "You're a dummy head for not realizing I was being serious just now." A snuggle down a little lower so she's speaking more into Irene's shoulder now, peaking up over it at her eyes.
"I'm not looking for anything serious either." Faye says, "I just... wanted to show I care I guess." A blink, "Me and showing emotions don't often get along."

Speaking of that whole fraking war thing, Irene finally notices Wooly, her usual cranky old ECO standing there in the entrance, unabashedly staring at the pair. She frowns at him over Faye's shoulder, whispering an agreement as she does, "I am a dummy head."
Wooly doesn't frown back, or smile, but he's a rock. If he's laughing, he's doing it on the inside. He clears his throat the says, simply, "Iris, we're up."

Faye gives a narrow of her eyes and a frown as she stares at Iris, still peering over the shoulder of the blonde's flightsuit at the other woman. "Either way, Dirk is still a jerk. Just tell me if it's all just in my head, or if it's in our heads." A slow blink, a raise of a dark eyebrow as she stares at Iris. "Promise, Iris, nothing different just curious. You've already won this round with me." Another blink, and a hand held up with a single index finger at the ECO. He can wait another 10 seconds! Faye was flying on their wing anyway.

"Pitter patter." Wooly calls over in response to that finger, but he does fold his arms as though he's amenable to waiting in the very short term, and with some obvious impatience.
Irene ignores him for the time being, mostly, kinda. "I wasn't trying to win anything, Faye. You care about me and I care about you. If that changes I'll be really upset." So, maybe that's why she's not jumping in head first. She does instead scrunch her nose up at Faye for a brief, cute-ugly face like she's just so annoyed with her, then relents, plants a light kiss on her jaw just shy of her ear and starts to struggle up. "And now back to our regularly scheduled war, Bingo. We'll talk about this after, when certain Woolys aren't staring at us."

"That's not what I was saying!" Faye says, the kiss to her jaw is leaned into. But it is time to continue! She then moves to the side between Iris and the couch, carefully plants a foot to Irene's back/side and shoves with a foot and hands. Not hard, no, it's a stage push with lots of sound to the effort to make it look good. "Damn it woman! I told you that Dirk isn't after your money!" A sigh.
And once Iris is up, Bingo is rolling up to her feet behind her. "At this rate, you probably would be /glad/ if he got a concussion and forgot all about what your father did to your second step mom's sister, once removed!" A fling of her arms off to the side, "Think of Terry in all this!"

"When Lauren wakes up he's so finished." Irene decides while try to put on a smile, because her sister knows all his dirty Dirky secrets, which is half of why she's in a coma. She goes with the shove and once up on her feet at least tries to look dignified. It's a hard sell, especially to Wooly who gives both of them a grumpy old man look. Damned younguns being youthful and such! If they were on a lawn, he'd be yelling at them to get off of it. The blonde won't be discouraged by the contempt, she'll just stick out her arm for Faye to link with for the big long trip all the way to the hangar.

Bingo of course takes the arm, then laces her fingers into Irene's as she look over at the other. "Pfft! You just say that because Lauren will probably have short term memory loss and forget about her and I's engagement." She steps along with Irene in the direction of the hangar, her free hand reaching out and snagging (with a bit of difficulty) both of their helmet bags. It unbalanced her a little until she offers the one over toward Irene and then they're back to walking.
Faye puts her head on Irene's shoulder for a moment, "You're the worst."


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