2237-09-24 - High Quality H2o

Tensions are high waiting for more warfare. Kyle, Cate, and Erin catch up in the gym. Kyle masters the Salmon Ladder despite being target practice for water bottles. Cate assists Kyle in a moment of vengeance.

Date: 2237-09-24

Location: Dauntless - Gym

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Scene Number: 1418

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Kyle Costello hasn't been called down to Sagittaron yet. It's been a pair of days of 'hurry up and wait', and the longer it goes on, the more tension weaves itself into the woman's shoulders. Aside from rumors of improper sounds coming from her bunk once or twice, it's been the range, the gym, and the bunk. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It isn't so much a daily cycle as it is a really creative path to pace.

Now, her long, brown ponytail bobs against her black, racerback tanktop that reads MARINES on the front of it. With black, sheer shorts to match, she's slapping the velcro from her gloves into place and looking up to the bar above her. With a grunt, she leaps up and slaps her palms to the bar of the salmon ladder above her and dangles, facing towards the wall, and begins to pull her chin up to the bar.

"Can you actually do that thing?" comes the curious and tentatively-impressed question from behind Kyle, as Cate walks up. She's got on sweatpants and the double-tanks that expose arms with entirely too many scars on them. Her long hair's up in a ponytail, and she her eyes are sporting tired dark circles.

"She's going to try it," shouts out the intrepid Trash Panda from the doorway to the changerooms, who chuckles as she slowly walks from there to the padding that's used to catch people that fall from the ladder and onto their arses. "The key word being try." Erin has a tone in her voice that suggests she's teasing more than making fun of Kyle. But it might be both, let's face it.

"Rhodie." The smallest marine claps the medic on the shoulder, grinning ear to ear. "Haven't seen you in a while." Beat. "Boy, you look beat. You been burning a lot of midnight oil? Candles are both ends?" She clicks her tongue. "Just think, we'll all be in the thick of it soon enough, soon enough. Like, probably when the Dauntless is ready to let us scour the surface for supplies." She snickers. "Heh."

<FS3> Kyle rolls Reflexes + Athletics: Good Success (8 7 7 4 4 4 2 1)

When Kyle pulls herself up, casting her chin out over the bar, fresh lines of muscle tone that don't normally peek out and say high bulge into hard, wiry cords. Her back flexes, pinching muscle to skin, and she lowers herself with ease. "Stay and find out, you two." Kyle replies confidently, looking over her shoulder to flash a grin towards Cate. While hanging, she takes turns with her hands, moving them around so that her fists are on the outside. "After I fell out of that damned Raptor, I needed all of the upper-body strength I could get." She sucks in a sudden break and the muscles in her shoulder snap and...K-THUNK!

Kyle ends up on the second rung, sneakers swaying back and forth, beginning the next ten repetitions of pull-ups.

"Ohhhh look at that, the two women that doubted Kyle Costello, watching in awe as she ascends." Kyle huffs between pulls. "Oh, hey, Erin? Be a dear and make sure Cate gets her water in between workouts, wouldja?"

"Rhodie?" Cate echoes, peering back at Erin. "That's a new one. Hiya. And eh - just haven't been sleeping too well. Got spoiled down on Caprica I guess." Which is a little weird since she spent more than a few nights falling asleep on the couch in the BOQ lounge with the TV on. The Hibernian must have strange ideas of being spoiled. "I went down there earlier for a patrol. No contacts though. Reminds me a bit of that place we were at on Tauron, only hotter."

Cate's eyebrows go up as Kyle successfully goes up a rung. "Hey I didn't say I doubted, just asked if you could, that's all." The mention of the Raptor causes her lips to thin, but she recovers enough to give a good-natured grouse at the teasing, "Hah hah, very funny."

Erin rolls her eyes, and crosses her arms. After a headshake, she says, up to Kyle, "I don't think Rhodie'd want me to intrude on whatever it is that keeps her up at night." Beat. "Could be surgery, could be a bunk-romp. Who'm I to judge? And, what, I'm just supposed to stand around and wait for her to be done, so that I can spray a water bottle in her face, slap her on the rump, and say: 'go on, get in dere, soldier, hee-yaw!'?"

And then, as if the idea suddenly came to her, Erin stops, looks around, and then tip-toes towards the table where water bottles are left. Why? No reason, really. It's not like it's particularly easy to dodge when you're up on the ladder.

"So! Aside from trying to show off, Costello, you done anything terribly interesting?" Small, diversionary talk.

<FS3> Kyle rolls Reflexes + Athletics -1: Good Success (8 6 6 5 5 5 1)

"Sorrrry." Kyle drones out, all nasaly-like, but the whuffle of laughter that escapes her is anything but. It doesn't stop her workout any less, because technically it's something she's graded on periodically. "Wait, wait, you took that as me saying every workout? Oh no, no. I wasn't asking you to be her personal watergirl and hype team to climb in her bunk and give her a high five when the curtain stops shaking." Kyle grins into the last of the ten, then hangs in wait for a few seconds.


Kyle squeaks a grunt as she nearly loses her hand that time. She drops one hand and flexes her fingers, then pulls back onto the bar.

"I showed Ines some hand to hand moves the other day and introduced her to Katja. What about you, Erin? What about you Cate?" Kyle continues her workout, her back to the two. "We haven't talked much since I've been back. What have you been up to these last two months? Who've you been under? Spiiiiill."

Cate actually laughs at their exchange, then holds her fist up to her nose as if to restrain further laughter. Heaven forbid the grim medic actually be amused. And indeed, it doesn't last long, giving way to a subdued smirk. "My love life is not nearly that interesting," she attests. "But who knows, maybe I'll take up moonlighting surgery in my bunk. That should be interesting. Who's Katja?" She sees Kyle go up again. "Hey - two rungs, that's pretty cool."

<FS3> Erin rolls Reflexes+Athletics: Success (8 7 5 5 5 4 4 2)

While Kyle gossips and chatters, Erin makes her way to the bottles. Casually and without malice, but with the intent of being frustrating and annoying, the raccoon Marine launches a bottle at Kyle, who hangs rather helplessly. Water bottles don't hurt, but, when hurled with enough force, can be a nuisance.

Not that anyone would accuse Erin of being a nuisance. She's everyone's favorite pixie. The first bottle lands solidly on Kyle's ass.

"I was sleeping with Katja," Erin tells Cate cheerily. "Well, I was, like -- a few months ago. Now -- " Shrug. " -- not so much." She did ask the question.

<FS3> Kyle rolls Reflexes + Athletics -2: Success (8 7 4 2 1 1)

Kyle is helpless. HELPLESS. It's either let go of the rail or get hit, and in this case she isn't sure if she'll be able to jump up high enough to get the bar if she falls off of it. So with a snap of her teeth and a defiant pair of angry eyes at the bottle, she braces for it. The bottle bounces off of her hip and wobbles to the floor bottle-flip style. On its butt.

"Holy frak, Erin, bae-" Kyle giggles down to the bottle and swings a toe at the bottle's cap, missing it by inches. Her laugh echoes off of the painted walls and rattles off of the locker. "-frak that was amazing, Cate! You see what she did?! Hang on I'm gonna-"


Kyle shoots her arms up and slams the bar into the next series of rungs up above. Sweat starting to bead and arms moving more slowly, it's only getting harder from here (that's what she said). Alas, the pull-ups continue.

"A little window into a tiny, microcosmic soap opera, Cate." Kyle winks over to Erin, then looks back to Cate as she lifts herself up again. "But, seriously, if you have zero interest in a private life, you should probably say so soon, because I'm coming back ten degrees of benevolent and trying to keep my mind off of the inevitable first drop back in the mix. Least I can do is keep other people bored and Erin's got the scavenging specialty covered."

Cate offers Erin a little smile when she explains. "Oh, you were? Cool." Then she seems to consider with a momentary crease to her brow. "I mean... assuming it didn't end horribly or anything. But I'm glad you found someone." That much she's sincere about, at least. Cate apparently missed what was so amazing about the bottle toss, because she just looks back at Kyle with a blank look. "Uh... so... if I throw a water bottle at your ass will I be amazing too?" Eyebrows arched in amused query. She smirks then at the rest. "Speaking of which... you doing okay, being back?" There's a touch of concern there.

<FS3> Erin rolls Reflexes+Athletics: Good Success (7 7 7 6 5 5 4 3)

Erin resumes her ranged assault on Kyle. Why? Because she can. The next bottle is hurled with the same force as a Pyramid ball, and, as before, it hits her intended target: Kyle's rump.

"Eh." The raccoon looks after to Cate. "Kyle's making fun of me." Sigh. "My life's not that simple. I mean -- " She shrugs. " -- yeah, I found someone. Found more than one someone, in fact. And so -- " She puts her hands on her hips and looks up at the ceiling. " -- I sort of had a problem with saying no. Lots of yes, yes, yes, not a single 'no', so here I am, in a soap opera that I think Kyle finds just so funny."

She then puts her attention back on Kyle, calling up to her. "Rhodie wants to know if you've got cooties or crabs, Costello. Do you?"

<FS3> Kyle rolls Reflexes + Athletics -3: Good Success (8 6 6 5 3)

"Ohhhh my goooooooods." Kyle sighs humorously under her breath. She slows her repetitions, but she can't stop. The lactic acid builds up in the muscles the harder she works, and it's already starting to sear through her nerve endings. "Please please don't turn my ass into target practice, and please don't tell me that it's big enough to qualify for it, either." Kyle wobbles her backside into a little shimmy, but doesn't stop.

"I'm...alright. I've got butterflies. I'm not scared or anything it's just, not to make things dark here, but I can't help but feel like I used up one of the nine lives. I just need to get back into the rhythm and de-virginize myself to this war."

There's a definite bit of grit and growl when Kyle's shoulder muscles snap. K-THUNK!. BONK. ASS.

"FRAK ERIN! I'm gonna frakkin!-" Kyle sags on the bar as her weight nearly pulls her body off of it. Kyle's collecting bottles on the floor now.

"Oh, shit I didn't mention, Erin? I have crabs. Oops." Kyle clicks her tongue and starts up again. "And I don't think it's funny and I'm not making fun of you, I promise. Actually, I didn't mean to bring it up, it just kinda came out." Kyle hisses as her chin passes over the bar. "Stick around, Cate, when I'm done here Erin is frakked."

"More than one huh? Well, good for you." Cate's a little surprised by that, but in a good 'yo go girl' kind of way. She smirks a little at the other two carrying on. "And hey, anything involving crabs - I'm sending that right on to sickbay. They don't want to let me play doctor here, they can deal with that shit," she says, with her hands lifted up briefly in a 'not my problem' gesture. Kyle's remark about the butterflies gets a somber smile. "I get it. But y'know, at least you've only used up one life. I swear I'm on, like, twelve."

<FS3> Erin rolls Reflexes+Athletics: Great Success (8 8 7 7 7 6 3 1)

"Yeah, well -- " Erin finds herself another one of the water bottles, and tests its weight in her hand. " -- it wasn't like I was looking for it." She makes a face at Cate. "I mean, all I wanted was just, y'know, someone to spend time with. Hard to do that when you get laid out, and then, like, forgotten for months." She finds a bottle, calmly unscrews the cap a little, and then takes aim.

"Makes a girl feel kind of unwanted, y'know?"

She licks her lips, and then cocks her arm back. Again, she flings the water bottle with the unerring accuracy of a semi-pro Pyramid player. BAMPH This one hits Kyle on the rump, and kind of explodes there. KABLOOSH! The impact is just enough to take the cap off, and the rest is a water mess that lands partly on Kyle's shorts, and mostly on the floor below. Although intentional, Erin makes a yelping sound and then laughs loudly. "Whoop! That got her!"

She be ded.

<FS3> Kyle rolls Reflexes + Athletics -4: Success (8 6 5 4)

"I don't have crabs; I promise." Kyle chins over her eighth pull up. By now in the workout, she strains her focus, which is foolish after getting hit with two water bottles, but she's so close to the top. Only two more to go. The twitch in her wing-shaped shoulder muscles is starting to get worse. "Two months lost in the woods on Picon, cast on the leg, medical leave. After I finally got to a razor, what was left over could have knitted Erin another hat, Cate." Kyle giggles huskily. "Caprica Discount Waxing took care of the r-FRAKKING GODS DAMNIT, ERIN I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

Kyle kicks her legs wildly towards Erin, splashing as much water as she can her way with a death glare that could peel paint off of a wall. Hazel eyes narrow and a feral gggnnnnnnnRRRUUGGH! weasels past gritted teeth.

Kyle takes her anger out on the next leap up to K-THUNK the bar onto the second to last rail.

"I still missed you two, dearly." Kyle sighs down to her sopping, wet lycra shorts, little more than yoga-type shorts, and the socks that are now slimy. "Next leave I'm taking you two out, provided I don't get court martialed for what happens after I finish this ladder. I sweaaars."

"Yeah I get it," Cate offers with a sympathetic frown to Erin. Cate takes a quick hop back when the water goes everywhere, and off to the side when Kyle starts flinging water towards Erin. Getting out of range, most likely. "I'm glad you made it back," she offers to Kyle. She smirks a bit at the threat. "Just don't get yourself thrown in lockup. That's even worse than being stranded on Picon." Which is saying a lot.

<FS3> Erin rolls Reflexes+Athletics: Good Success (8 7 6 5 5 4 4 2)

For her part, Erin doesn't seem to be the least bit concerned about a possible court martialing. After all, she's merely tossing water bottles to help Kyle. Really. If you can dodge a bottle, you can dodge a bullet, as they say, nowhere.

"You know, you really ought to try this," suggests the raccoon to the medic, grinning at her ear-to-ear. "I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?" She goes and gets another water bottle, and similarly unscrews the end so that it becomes a Weapon of Mass Immersion. "Besides, I'm just trying to make Kyle feel more at home. Her siblings seem like the ruthless sort, y'know, in their own way."

"Head's up!" And then, the water-bottle-grenade once again hits the mark: this time, Kyle's back. Because, it's just not mean enough to get her socks and underwear sopping. With a loud, crowing sound, Erin claps her hands, and then sighs happily. "Oh, this is good practice, I tell ya. Moving target. Satisfying screams of success."

She calls up: "You like that, Scream-a?" Making fun of Kyle's callsign? That's just low.

<FS3> Kyle rolls Reflexes + Athletics -5: Success (7 7 3)

Kyle snarls through nine quick pull-ups, racing for the finish line, or the inevitable water monster hate crime she's about to inflict upon Erin. After she finishes, she hangs and turns her head to the Cate side, looking over to the woman with a pair of half-lidded eyes, ready for the bottle. "I won't. And you know I don't go to chapel. I don't think Erin does, either, but when we're not out in the field, let's all do movies together, or mess hall, or take naps on that neat-ass Observation Deck. I missed my friends, and you're one of them. Never forget that." Kyle smiles, then clamps her eyes shut when Erin calls out the water bottle's incoming.

This one is colder. The back of Kyle's ponytail is sopped. Her back? SOPPED. Goosebumps ripple into place as all she can do is lower her head and make another horrid banshee of a squeal-roar down the front of her shirt and into her sports bra.

"Okay. Frak this!" Kyle huffs up and K-Thunk!. The bar slams into the final rung, and not a second after, Kyle's dropping off of the bar and grabbing the two surviving water bottles at her feet, taking off in a sprint towards Erin's table.


Cate watches Erin with raised eyebrows. "Girl, you're just cruising for an ass-kicking," she warns good-naturedly. When Erin suggests she join in, she purses her lips consideringly. "Huh, maybe I should." She picks up a water bottle off the table and unscrews the cap. "I'm totally down with mess hall or whatever," she offers up to Kyle. There's a little grin, and then she's stepping forward to try to upend her water bottle onto Erin's head - hopefully while the other woman is distracted by the sprinting Kyle.

Hooray! For Erin, she mentally claims the moral victory of having thrown Kyle off her game. And for instigating what will, no doubt, be quite a chase around the gym. "See ya, Rhodie." And then, she prepares to takes off from her place when Cate dumps her water bottle on her head.

If you can't tease family -- military family, in this case -- then who can you tease?

"Mmrphphlppth-- HEY!" Erin looks incredulously at Cate, taken off-guard. And, for the moment, stunned. "What the -- who's side are you on?" Should be easy prey now.

Kyle watches a lot of action movies. After working in a garage for years, her skill at sliding over a hood is finely tuned. So the skimming of her ass over the top of the table on her way after Erin is both stylish and tactical. She laughs while she does it, too, whooping after the woman, but one day, one day, she'll use this skill in the field.

"Oh, shit, now you're an accomplice!" Kyle laughs and lowers her head into the waterfall. Arms extended, she crashes into Erin's side and tackles her down onto the hand-to-hand mats with a WOOF. "I frakkin' warned you, Hayes. You do NOT taunt the girl who can make the ladder!" Kyle cackles a grin upwards to Cate and begins to slap-box her way into a straddle over Erin that tries to hold her shoulders down with her knees. "Time to practice them interrogation skills."

Cate gives Erin a helpless shrug and an impish grin. "No one's. I'm taking the Libran route." She has an odd definition of neutrality if that's the case. "Just figure I owe Costello one." For what, exactly, is left unspecified. She holds off further assaults with the water after the sneak attack, and just watches in amusement while Kyle tries to subdue Erin. Kyle's mention of interrogation skills gets a confused look. "What?" Then she looks at the bottle in her hand, and at Erin, with the sudden realization of what she means. (Or at least what Cate thinks she means.) Instead of amusement or an evil grin, though, Cate looks aghast. Then her brow creases and she gives the tiniest of headshakes. She takes a step back, capping the water bottle. "You're on your own there, Costello," she mumbles.

<FS3> Erin rolls Melee (8 8 6 5 4 4 1) vs Kyle's Melee+2 (8 5 5 4 4 3 1 1)
<FS3> Victory for Erin.

Erin is taken by surprise here. She gets bowled over by the slightly-larger marine, and comes down to the ground easily. The thing is, like any good vermin, the Trash Panda is hard to keep pinned down, even when she's soaked with water.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that Erin kind of likes getting down-and-dirty. Clearly, going hand-to-hand is something she's prepared for, judging from the way she leverages Kyle's momentum almost instantly, to buck the latter out of position. Then, it's a matter of tucking, pushing, and rolling out from underneath, then onto her feet.

"You'll remember this day," says she of Clan Raccoon, "as the day that you almost caught Corporal Erin Hayes, love." And then, it's a foot chase around the gym. Erin dashes.

<FS3> Kyle rolls Athletics (7 5 4 3 3 2 1) vs Erin's Athletics (8 7 6 4 4 3 2)
<FS3> Victory for Erin.

"Oh heck yeah I'm about to waterboard 'dis bit-" Kyle's low rent accent comes out. She even does the head jar from side to side while she climbs atop the woman, assuming her victory. When paired with Erin's muskrat-fu technique, it's Kyle's undoing. She gets the top off of one bottle before she's jarred to the side and her knees come down without an Erin to mount upon. "Cate, she is SO lucky that I didn't have my music player in my waistband today." Kyle huffs her hair out of her eyes in Cate's direction, looking up to the woman with an exhausted, deadpan stare.

And then Kyle is off. Racing with two opened water bottles as the second bottle's cap is spun off with a thumb and left to roll under one of the treadmills. Kyle chases Erin like she's carrying two sticks of lit dynamite, giggling like she's half her age in the circular route around the gym.

"When I make Sergeant I'm not going to have to chase you!" Kyle taunts the Trash Panda. "When I make Sergeant I'll just have to yell HAYES FRONT AND CENTER and you'll remember THAT day! Day ain't over yet!" Kyle yells, thrusting the bottles out before her menacingly.

Only...Kyle isn't winning this race at all.

"Yeah, I can see that," Cate deadpans back to Kyle. She watches the two tear off around the gym for a few moments, lips pressed together, before heading wordlessly for the hatch. She still has the water bottle in her hand, though, so at least she'll stay hydrated. One can hope so, anyway.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Erin is distracted from taking immediate revenge on Cate. Instead, she channels her inner raccoon, and nimbly dashes ahead of Kyle, keeping well-out-of-range. "You think I'll still be around if you make it to Sergeant, Costello? Frak, I'll probably be old and lazy by then -- or hidden in some out-of-the-way science camp where you'll never find me." She laughs, and continues to run ahead.

"Man, you're slow. I'd make fun of you for it, but I figure it wouldn't be so kind to poke fun at the lame woman." Beat. "But, see, now I get why the Bucs can't win: apparently, Capricans can't even chase down a lowly Aquarian." Because, you know, those hippie-science folks are hippie-science folks, and Erin, being Aquarian, must also be a hippie-scientist, even if she has the good sense and courage of a witless teenager.

<FS3> Kyle rolls Athletics-1 (8 4 4 2 1 1) vs Erin's Athletics (8 6 5 4 2 2 1)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Erin.

"Cate, you're leaving?" Kyle looks to Cate as she rounds around past the woman to splash a little water on her shoulder. "If you're leaving, I'm breaking out the movies in a night or two. Grab food! We'll blanket and kick the deck apes off of the couch." Kyle sploshes the water bottle once more like she's an acolyte in the chapel, censering incense. "You're not off the hook for being single." Kyle points and tightens her brows to the woman, then...

...Erin goes and makes it worse.

With the hatch open, another blood-curdling roar bellows out of Kyle. "You leave them out of this! I broke my frakking leg! I'm seriously going to strangle you with your scarf!" Kyle puts her shoulders into it, trying to take short cuts by jumping over the treadmills, past the free weights, there's even a point where circling around a table at high speed doesn't gain Kyle any ground, and before long, the already muscle-sore Marine slows and braces a hand on a table, dripping water and bending at the waist, gasping for breath. "Know. Where. You. Sleep."

Poor Kyle. It's not enough that Erin is adorkably cute, but she's also a slippery prey to catch as well. That her callsign now matches her personality is a happy coincidence.

"Aw, you're tired already?" Erin remains a few yards away, her hands on her hips. "Man, you know, instead of doing that silly ladder, maybe you should start with trying to catch me. And, last time I checked, there were several empty bunks I can hide in. Or occupied ones."

It's all in good fun, really. Aside from being used for grenade practice. And being doused in water. And being mocked and having one's favorite sports team denigrated by an Aquarian, those ice-eaters. Frak. Not a proud day.

"C'mon, tell you what: we'll get washed up, and I'll give that tired old body a nice rub-down to recover, okay?" Erin grins from ear to ear. "Maybe rub some topical analgesic cream to make you feel tingly and smell minty-fresh. I'll even stir the honey into your tea, which I'll make sure is warm, but not too warm."

Oh, an age joke? Looks like someone's gonna be a coonskin cap.

Huh. Hrmph. Hnnfh! Kyle looks up through the matted hair over her eyes to blink sweat-glazed lashes up at Erin. It's as if she can't decide whether to snort, snarl, laugh, or spit at the woman, so she makes incredulous noises in her direction. She weakly shakes the water bottle towards Erin, getting most of the droplets in the space in between them.

"You're lucky there isn't a couch that I can make you sleep on, you know that?" Kyle crinkles her eyes in an upwards grin. Kyle quickly looks over Erin from head to toe and achingly rights herself to her full height. "I'm not that tired, you're just fast and frak-damnit you stopped outside of kicking distance because I've got a smart girlfriend."

Kyle glances quickly back to the hatch after she says it, then wide-eyes Erin in a pronounced step backwards in the direction of a door marked with a human body wearing a skirt. Skirt means women's.

"I'm going to remember this," Kyle lowers her voice to taunting levels. She leaves the bottles of water on a passing table and reaches for the hem of her tank top. "You know what, Erin? I'm going to replay this whole moment in my head while I'm in the shower. Because I'm not going to chase you anymore." Kyle's grin widens, clamped down in the center with her two front teeth. Once she's past the open tile doors of the locker room, the tank top comes up and over her black sports bra.

"You win. Today. To-day." Kyle holds up a finger, then turns it over into a crook which beckons. "And if you make one more old, achey woman joke, well-" Kyle turns towards the shower stalls. "-I'll just have to wash my own back."

Hee hee. Erin marks this off in her head as a victory. If she had little sentient tattoos, one of them would add a line to her score sheet. You're welcome.

"You say all this. Are you sure you don't want a rub-down? It sounds like you do. I'll bet you do." Erin follows along, tempted and taunted. Doesn't take much. "And why do I get the feeling that I should sleep with one eye open tonight?"

Along the way to the changeroom, the Trash Panda picks up another bottle of water. The last one. She calmly uncaps the top, and takes a nice long sip. It's been a good, if brief, respite for her. Some running. Some target practice. A lot of laughing and heavy breathing. But that's just to start the evening off.

Probably plenty more to happen.

"You know, this one time? My ex-girlfriend forgot to watch the analgesic she used on me before we fooled around. Felt like my parts were on fire for two days, and not in the good way, you know that?" The changeroom door shuts behind her.


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