2237-09-26 - A Tale Of Two Bunks

Kyle and Faye meet for the first time.

Date: 2237-09-26

Location: Crew Lounge

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Scene Number: 1423

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In the continued Colonial Tour of Kyle Costello's pre-drop tension, she's wandered after a quick lunch into the Crew's Lounge. She's tucked her hair back up into a messy ponytail and walked her lonesome into the 'warrior's playroom' with a bit of clip to her step and shoulders radiating the pent up energy that most marines get waiting for the red light to come on.

When you're in hurry-up-and-wait mode, every step, every meal, every activity, every piece of work, is something assumed to be interrupted in a moment's notice, thus...everything is done quickly.

Passing a trio of deckhands centered around a couch, Kyle's ponytail bobs her back to the unoccupied pool table in the back of the room. She grazes her fingers over the felt-covered rails until she's at the head, where she flips out the triangle and then begins clacking colored balls into it.

And then there was Faye! Faye was not in any particular rush at this instant, and while she definitely understood that idea she went the other direction and took to the height of decadence! The meander! To just waste the time, to her, felt like her own bit of control over it again. A way to get back at all the little details that had to be followed, that and the frog pajamas. She was not wearing those however, but instead a pair of gray sweats over the usual off-duty attire.
She took a lazy step one way, and then the other, making her way in the direction of the unoccupied pool table. She was in no rush to get there, it was unoccupied after all and no one seemed to be going for it. Then the Marine zipped from out of nowhere and just pounced on it like a large cat. The Viper pilot sighs but still continues on over, seeing as how it can't be a solo game now she calls out in advance, "Hey! Can I join in on that?" The words directed toward Kyle.

When Faye approaches, the sudden snap of eyes from Kyle Costello to the pilot is guilty. Why, the Marine might just lick the pool table to claim it for herself, but she listens intently when Faye makes the offer, and in answer to her question, rises and stuffs the last three colored balls into the triangle.

"Shit, were you here when I came in? Sure." Kyle rubs at the back of her neck and sways a hand in the direction of the pool cues on the rack. "Pick your weapon of choice and I'll put things together on this end." Kyle smirks to Faye and drops her head with a floppy ponytail, reassembling the balls into a proper pattern.

"Now that we're above the 'Sag everything's just so rush-rush around here. Least I can do is give you the fun part." Clop. Slap. Kyle rolls the triangle forward and flips it up and away with a flourish.

Faye meanders toward the poolcues, looking them over with a lazy sort of cant of her head. She finally reaches out to pick one, pulling it free from the rack and letting the one end thump lightly against the decking as she walks on back over. "I was and I wasn't." Faye says with a slow roll to her shoulders. "Kinda just taking it slow now that I don't need to rush." A thump, as she takes another step, using the cue as a means to support her weight a little as she sidles up next to the table.
"I do appreciate it though, you know - us pilots like watching things explode probably about as much as everyone else." A heavier lean and a slide down the stick with the hand before she pulls it up. She lays the front over her hand and takes the back, leaning heavily onto the table as she lines herself up like they show people do in photos. A pull back and a Ponk, she hits the white ball a bit off center, sending it lazily toward the other end of the table.
k-ksh, it hits and the balls start to slowly roll a bit out. By far, not the strongest break, but at least it's something of a break.

With a backwards step, Kyle turns and meanders towards the rack of cues herself. A recently threaded eyebrow crops up at the way Faye holds the cue for support. "In a relatively safe environment no less." Kyle turns away from the rack, selecting a cue. "I know some of the others are all into the VR games, but there's something really cathartic about going to the range or that grr that goes into breaking a pool table in, you know?"

Plucking one of the long, wooden cues from the rack, Kyle returns to the table. Up comes the chalk into her hand, which she twists to the tip of the cue, watching and waiting until the colored balls spill out across the table, and one sinks in.

"I think I've seen you around; you're one of the pilots, right?" Kyle drags her ponytail over one shoulder and looks to Faye. "And did you get injured? Please tell me for your sake you're not doing that boring grind of waiting to get off of medical clearance. Last time I was there I about lost my mind."

"I know exactly what you mean." Faye says, her eyes casting over toward the other with a slow smile running along her lips. There's a rise of her shoulders as she stands back up and moves over to one side. She again props the cue onto the ground (the rubberside down) and leans toward it some. It's a bit of a support structure at the moment for the leaning tower of Faye.
"Yeah, Vipers." Faye confirms as a foot sort of waffles on the ground as she sways from one side to the other. "I didn't get injured, no, just have mostly been pulling CAPs or milk runs. Not like that cluster frak of yesterday. Ugh." A sigh, "I heard we lost a pilot even." Her mouth pulls off to the side, another waffle to one side and then the other.
"A-a-a-and, you must be a Marine? Wait... I haven't seen you in Charisma bunk. You in E then or somewhere else?"

"Yeah..." Kyle breathes out softly, nodding her head in mention of the dead. Lips flatten into a simple line and she presses a hand between her breasts, to her heart, but not a single prayer escapes her. Her cheek dimples strangely in a frown; her lip curls downwards on the Faye side. "I'm really sorry to hear that. We're thinking of you and your team."

Who? The 'We'. The glorious unnamed 'we'.

"Charisma bunk isn't E-bunk?" Kyle suddenly brightens with an alley cat smile and walks lazily towards the cue ball. "Last I heard we had plenty of crazy in E, but I think it was Ines who dropped by the other day from C-bunk." Kyle bends at the waist to line up her shot. "Corporal Kyle Costello. Recon. From E-bunk, where the party is."

Tap. The cue ball sails out, but is a pinch off, and she sinks nothing.

"Pfft." One of Faye's brows goes up, the other down, "Charisma bunk is C-bunk!" She latches onto this one fully. Better than the more sorrowful half of the conversation. She grins widely at the other and starts to meander toward the table herself, her hand waving lightly in the direction of Kyle. "Can't be E-bunk."
"We have at least 3 models, a photographer, and and a Charlie." A direct nod of her head and a point off toward Kyle, "Plus, at least two people were in films too. S'why we're Charisma bunk." Faye preens at the other woman, and then picks up the other end of the pool cue to line up another shot. A heavy lean forward, her front leg pent a little, almost like she's laying on the poolcue as she lines it up and...
Tak-waffle-waffle kch thunk. She sunk the white ball.
"Lieutenant Jay Gee Faye Zeller. Just Faye, or Bingo, though. I don't stand much on that if I can help it. I don't really work for a living anymore." She smiles as she stands back up.

"Well neither of our bunks is frakkin' Pool Expert Bunk, that's for frakkin' certain." Kyle tucks one arm under her breasts and hugs the cue to her side. She turns her head into her step over to the pocket and digs her hand into it. "That or you're five minutes away from putting cubits on the table." Kyle adds with a crackle, stepping around Faye to the head of the table.

"I'm on Charlie's squad and she has me. Okay, okay..." Kyle chirps as she sets the ball down and gives Faye a mockingly baleful look. "...we don't have models or a photographer -- what the frak, that sounds like a people-watching dream -- but we have a guy with a really great mustache, a professional surfer, the greatest scavenger of swag in all of the colonies, and me." Kyle bends down to line up her shot. "And for all of your models and Charlies, it's totally worth being in E-bunk, because we have two siblings and it's only a matter of time until we get to watch them get all weirded out about listening to each other get frakked."

TAP! Kyle sways the cue over her knuckles and knocks one into the corner pocket. She picks up her cue and saunters over to the other side of the table.

"Since we're friends, Faye, I'll keep you in mind when we're up to bunk-only funtimes. Maybe." Kyle grins a cocky grin. "Maybe I'll let Ines bring you along."

A snort and she shakes her head as she starts to slowly walk around the table, the long way so as to pass by Kyle. She leans in, saying gently, "I'll make sure to bring Irene along then." A crinkle to the raven-haired woman's nose as she lets out a chuckle and continues to move till she gets to the other side. A plant of the back end down on the ground and she leans int the poolcue with a sigh.
"So you have a brother and a sister? I didn't know we had that - who?" An arch to her brows as she wiffles back and forth, using the pool cue as a center to her rotation.

"Addison and Abigail Walker." Kyle leans back and presses her hips forward, eyes crinkling with the names. Her lips part and she sticks a tongue to her upper teeth, making a buggy-eyed face to Faye. "Why anyone would bunk with their brother or sis-" Kyle stops herself. War. "-okay I get why, and I know this isn't a pleasure cruise, but it just seems counterproFRAKtive, if you catch my drift?" Kyle throws her hands up and bends in again, back going strait to match the length of the cue, and she lines up her shot. "Lovely people, but if my brother were here, I would shove him in Bravo Bunk and tell him to get laid and stay out of my airspace."

Kyle shoots, but doesn't score. The cue ball rolls out closer to the center of the table with a grimace on Kyle's lips. Ugh.

"Faye?" A beat. "Who's Irene?" Kyle leans back up and drops her favorite ass onto a spinnable barstool. "Is she the Charisma from C-bunk we have to poach into Echo bunk for legitimacy, or are you threatening me?"

"She's my bottom bunk." Faye starts to walk around the table toward where she would line up her shot. She again leans toward the table, almost laying on the stick, a bit of an arch and a twist with a poke of her tongue out the side of her mouth. "Hmm." A slide back and Tack! She nearly wiffs it all together, sending the ball spinning over and hitting one of the balls. It rolls and drops in the pocket. An amused smile as she looks back at Kyle.
"Totally meant to do that." She says, as straight faced as she can manage before moving around the table to take another shot.
"I wouldn't either. I'd never be in the same bunk room as a sibling. It'd suck, I'd think, I dunno - I was an only child." She gives a little shake of her head though, "You better not poach her. I'd have to put chilipowder in your underwear drawer."

"Of course you did." Kyle grins broadly and kicks her foot against the carpet. She hikes the cue onto her boot and the chair begins to slowly spin around in a circle. "I've never seen a trick shot like that. Very skillful." Kyle adds with a tilt of her head as the room spins around her. "Frak, I'm learning things just watchin'."

Kyle takes the time to stretch out her back. A press forward of her hips and she tilts her head down, straightening out the muscle of her back until somewhere along her spine she feels a gentle crack. A puff of breath is a sigh of relief.

"I won't poach her." Kyle finally snorts. "Not that I'm living in fear of you powdering my underwear; you should fear Corporal Erin Hayes and she's my bottom bunk, but if you guys have a fun thing going on, just think of us sometimes. I'm honestly trying to branch out. You know. People to cheer on while we're down there under Cylon cover and Faye and frakkin' Irene are saving our dirt covered asses."

Faye laughs as she continues toward the other side and leans forward to line up another shot, this one she squints an eye for and pokes the tongue out of the corner of her mouth. Back a-a-a-and! She hits the cue ball, sending it off in a slow roll to clack off one, then another, sinking one stripe and one solid. Faye frowns as she stands back up and nods back to her.
Faye cants her head and then looks over to Kyle with a slow dipping of an eyebrow. "Well, of course we have something fun going on? I mean, how could we not?" A blink, "Just don't bring up Dirk, she really hates that guy." She nods her head and steps off to the side.
"Irene's the one probably doing more of that though, she's the Raptor pilot. She even gives you guys lifts sometimes."

"Dirk?" Kyle replies in a nasally, low tone. It's not a flattering way of repeating the name. "Gods, I don't even know anyone named Dirk, but if I did, I get this image of my head of a shiny-toothed douchebag. So...Dirk Caprica and the Capricanauts or something." Kyle plants her foot to stop the chair's spinning and eyes Faye dramatically. "And I hate you for telling me to not do it because now when I meet her I'm going to be thinking: Don't say Dirk. Don't say Dirk."

<<CORPORAL COSTELLO, REPORT TO...>> A voice crackles over the intercom. Kyle perks an ear and sighs, hopping off of her chair.

"I told Ines the other night I'm jealous of you pilots. I am. So when I can, I'm always watching like I'm on the sidelines in a pyramid stadium." Kyle sets the cue on a rack and speeds past Faye, squeezing her arm in passing. "I'm not frakking kidding you. Don't forget about me when the time comes. I just got back from the dead."

Kyle waves over her shoulder and hustles for the hatch.

"Was a pleasure, Faye."

There's a laugh and she gives a wave back toward her, "Well, when I think of any parties in C, I'll make sure to tell you. But no, he's not a douche." She shakes her head from side-to-side.
"He just was her fiance, until I sabotaged it, and then they broke up. I mean, really, it was his fault too. He was going through medical school and cared more about his career than her." She gives a shrug of her shoulders, "Besides, Irene then decided to come after me - in a good way - and stole me away from her sister Lauren by putting her in a coma. She just woke up though and doesn't remember it."
She leans in and says in something that might be a stage whisper, might not be though too, "A touch of amnesia." A nod.

Kyle blinks and stops, turns around, and stares at Faye in horror. Brows shoot up high over hazel eyes and Kyle mouths: 'oh my god, is that bullshit?' to the pilot. Aghast, Kyle turns with a swinging ponytail and hurries out into the hallway. Corporals get timed by the second.

Mental note: It's not Charisma Bunk. It's CRAZY Bunk.


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