2237-09-26 - Walkway Discussional

After a talking to by Stirling, and technically a talking to with Stirling by Irene, Faye and Irene catch up outside on their way to the above decks. A discussion on life, living, happiness, and other such sundries. I could just keep talking really, but the question is if you really want to read this or if you're just reading this because it's a short summary. Hint! It's not. I'm making it longer for no reason other than because I can. If you did read this though, you are awesome.

Date: 2237-09-26

Location: Deck 2

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Plot: None

Scene Number: 1422

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Faye walks out and speeds up to walk side-by-side with the other pilot, "Iris!" A sheepish smile as she pushes a shoulder up and raises an eyebrow, "Hey. Err, hah. I didn't expect it to be about the Zebra. They got my good side at least in the photo."

"Yeah." Irene replies non-committally, like she wasn't entirely listening. "Well. Pressure testing flightsuits. That'll be fun." She further says, meaning the opposite. Not fun. Boring. Uncomfortable. Awful. She finally looks up from the stare she's been burning into the deck plates and at Faye, then beyond her, "Where's the nearest airlock? I should let myself out."

"What?" Faye says with a rather abrupt start, she looks at the other woman for a long moment with a pull of her mouth off to one side in a frown. Her eyes dance down and to the side, up, down, back up and then a shake of her head.
"What's been going on, Irene?" There's a shake of her head and she looks away from the other and toward the direction they're walking. She reaches out to take Irene's hand, if she'll let her.

Irene stops and lets a prickly wave of irritation slough off her shoulders. Not that it helps much. "I made a mistake. I know better, but I still made it, because I was angry with things that weren't really in anyone's control. Some missions are just like that. Everything goes wrong and stuff happens. You shouldn't blame people for it." The offered hand is taken, but she doesn't seem to take much solace in the gesture. "I told the CAG I didn't want to fly on someone's wing again. Why did I do that, Bingo?" Frustrated and embarrassed, she turns and stalks off again, like she is looking for the nearest airlock. "You don't do that."

Faye walks along with Irene, now that Irene's stalking off Faye is moving along with her. She gives a squeeze to the hand that she's holding, and then otherwise walks along side the blonde woman toward the other decks of the ship. There's no real words as she walks along with her for a moment, then gives another little squeeze of the hand, "Besides I wear Zebra onsies and try to do yoga."
She looks to the side for a moment and then back over toward Iris again, "I understand. I don't blame you, and I'm sure you had a good reason. You did it probably because you're worried about the safety of you and your ECO."

"I should have kept my mouth shut. I'm just a lowly bus driver." Irene decides, stopping again this time at a crossroads of sorts, where the stairs go to the decks above and below. She leans in at that point, setting her chin on Faye's shoulder to look sad and defeated. The uuuuugh sound she makes is very suitable.

Faye gives her a hug, a rest of her head on Irene's shoulder in return and a drawn out sigh sound. She gives a rub of her back, a squeeze, and then leans back so that she can look toward her eyes. A cant of her head to the side as she furrows her brows. "Iris, you are not lowly nor a bus driver." Her lips curve into a gentle smile.
"You, are the best Raptor pilot I know." Another squeeze to her hand as she takes half a step back. "And I would fly on your wing any day I can. Iris-" A pause, and a shake of her head as she looks toward the other woman still.
"-you matter to me, and you'll never be lowly or just a bus driver to me."

Irene puts on a smile, but it doesn't quite stick and then quickly fades away. She tried! "I still feel terrible about it, but thanks, Bingo. Flattery is nice," She says, looking down and reaching out to clasp Faye's hand with both of her own, "Even if it's from a zebra." After a chew on the inside of her cheek she seems to hearten some. "I should go get ready. I have to drop off some marines soon. You're okay?"

"Wait." Faye says, giving a squeeze of her own hands in response. "I'm not just... It's not..." A pause as she looks at Irene and cants her head to the side. "You matter, and if you were upset, then I'm sure there was a good reason." She looks down and to the side, "By the way, you've been a bit distant. Just thinking or something else? I mean, I know I didn't exactly make things easy." A light laugh, her eyes looking back up to Irene, "But I'm here for you either way. You're my Bunkmate for forever after all. So,"
"I mean, if it's not me, then do I have to break some legs or something? Or maybe just paint things on their Viper?"

"I.." Begins the Virgon, tentatively. There's hesitation there, as if she's trying different wordings and they're not coming together in her head. When they do, Irene continues, gently with her head tilting and eyes seeking Faye's, "I think we should be discrete, even if just playing around. There's a lot of other people here that have lost those close to them, who are far away from them or don't have anyone at all and wish they did. I don't want to cause anybody pain that way. You understand, right?"

Faye looks back toward Irene's and she shifts from one foot to the other for a moment. A reach up to brush back some of her black hair behind her ear as she just watches her for the moment. A pause of her own and then a raise of her eyebrow. "Promise, nothing outside of our usual antics in public."
A nod of her head, "So long as you promise we pick that back up. And-" A pause, a hitched breath, and then her eyes dance away with a pull of her eyebrows upward.
"Maybe, I dunno, you could find yourself on the top bunk before I win the bottom one back." A look back toward Irene, "Deal?"

"I'll see how I feel about it after pressure testing flightsuits all day." Irene frowns, making no deals. Instead it's a wrinkly nose at the Libran pilot and a grumpy face. "I'm going. Stow your crazy pajamas, or I'll stow them for you, Bingo." Like, outside in cold space she seems to imply since she's in serious person mode now. Super serious! She only breaks character to stick the tip of her tongue out before she starts down the steps.

"I didn't mean all the time. Just sometimes." Faye says with a roll of her eyes, and a grin as she seems to have taken it as at least a solid probably. "And you know we'll both have some fun at it, even if we just have to talk about Dirk!" She plants her hands on her hips and stares back at her.
"No way! I'm gonna leave you ribbited with my amazing pajamas." A stick of her tongue out in return and she starts off toward the mess to grab some food. Okay, probably just coffee.


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