2237-09-28 - New Not New

Marines from the Athena reminesce over butt shrapnel and other injuries. Then meet another new medic. Bonding occurs. Warnings issued.

Date: 2237-09-28

Location: Mess Hall

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It's lunch time. Frakkin' lunch time. That is, it's the middle of the first shift, so it is, like, around what lunch time is supposed to be, if you're on that shift.

The regular crowd shuffles in, gets in line, snags their tray, and then heads to their designated areas. Like high school. Cliques don't exist in the Navy and Marines? They totally do, but no one's willing to admit to to the public. Nope. Marines stick with Marines, Recon with Recon. And so on.

Sunny sits by herself in a corner of the hall. Sadface. Actually, she's not sad: as her name suggests, she appears to be pleased with herself, or amused, or generally happy, for she smiles a pleasant smile while she absently jots down notes/words/things onto a pad of paper. Left hand writes; the right hand gingerly holds a spoon, from which the soup she had thought to deliver into her mouth has since slipped back into the cup from whence it came.

Chow time, and Akeso is right there, tray in hand. She moves through the line with the rest, not commenting on the quality or quantity of the food she heaps up. Her eyes have got to be bigger than her stomach, because it doesn't look even humanly possible for someone her size to get through all that. Being a medic, she's has no cliquemates at hand, but she does have a few words with other Marines behind and in front of her in the queue. That's the good thing about being a medic, people have to pretend to like you. When she gets to the end and has a coffee poured, she moves off towards a table. She passes by most of the full ones and nearing the back, she considers Sunny's spot and the woman herself. Good enough, she apparently decides, setting in across from her without a word.

Nicole walks along the line, grabbing some of this, a little of that, the one upside is that at least in the Marines (unlike High School), the food was actually good here. She glances about after reaching the end of the line, another shuffling step to keep out of the way. The line seems to never stop moving until the entire lunch hour is over. People grabbing an extra bit of this or that mixing with people just trying to grab their first helping. People waking up for a shift soon to start and adding to the lunch rush, and of course the extra chocolate milk run. Can't forget your chocolate milk.
It's during that bit of looking about that she noticed a fairly empty table in the corner. A smile, and she starts off moving through the different groups to wind her way all the way to the back. She doesn't ask, instead just sliding down on the side that has her back to the wall and looking to the others there. A rather Sunny looking person and another who sat down just prior to her. "Oh, damn, did I just shoot a popular table by accident? Or is this just where the really-cool kids hang out?"

As Nicole is posing her question, Sunny runs away in abject terror. Or, rather she needs an emergency coffee refill. That leaves Akeso to reply and she looks momentarily annoyed that she should be so put upon. It's a passing twitch of irritation that's replaced with a more polite, if neutral expression. Her fork and knife, already in hand freeze in a holding pattern over her meal, while she turns her head and stares at the new rifleman. Like /stares/. "I'm here to eat. I don't even know who that is." She finally says, tone flat, and a flick of her chin up and over at the back end of Sunny. "So welcome to this table."

"With that beside manner, it's no wonder you chose the Marines." Nicole says back to Akeso with a rather imperious arch to her eyebrows but still gives a curving of her lips into a smile. She stares back, stares stares, until Sunny leaves as well. "Hm, guess it's not the cool kid table then if people are already running." A look back to Akeso while her fork stabs a sprig of broccoli.

Staring contest! Akeso is a worthy competitor normally, but today, she's more interested in stuffing herself. She breaks the gaze with a slow and thoroughly unimpressed rise of her brow. Not that she's angry or anything, she comes across as simply too tired to bother with social niceties or subtleties. So she doesn't. For the next few long seconds she just fills her face, chew and watches without any focus or interest, the goings on in the rest of the mess hall. When it seems she might have the opportunity to say something, she glances aside at Nicole indifferently and nope, nothing. She just slurps up some noodles instead.

Nicole stares back, though instead of looking tired or unimpressed, she looks horribly amused that someone was trying to stare her down. As Akeso turns away, so down she, glancing down to make sure she doesn't stab herself with her own fork as she each the green little tree. A few more bites as she methodically starts to eat through her food and starts to humm a little bit to some old tune she knew as a kid. It's just a few notes that sometimes gets caught in her head. A twirl of a fork in the noodles. Akeso looks up, Nicole looks up, amused as she stares back, waits, then eats her twirled noodles.

Akeso isn't really all about fancy fork twisting, she simply lifts the bowl, forks enough noodle to her mouth that she can get a good start and slurps the rest up. Chew, swallow and repeat. She goes through the entire bowl rapidly that way and without even the slightest hint of embarrassment. When she's done, she presses her fist to the middle of her chest and holds it there for a short count like she's trying to keep everything down. Satisfied, she glances aside again at Nicole as if finally growing curious about her. "Mmm." Is about all she says though, before reaching for her next dish which looks like scrambled eggs and veggies.

Oh, well, two can play at this game. Mostly because Nicole is still finding this amusing in its own way. She gives another twirl of the fork and stabs a couple pieces of fruit as she lazily starts to work through her own meal. She's not in a rush yet. Instead she seems to be waiting for something, ah there it is! She looks back up at Akeso as Akeso does, then the noise is made so Nicole (with the fork half raised to her mouth), responds in Marine food speak. "mmMMMmmm. mmMM?" And the next bite taken.

The eggs are destroyed just as quickly as the noodles, the veggies too. Akeso is an eating machine that requires but a little coffee to keep the food grinding gears turning. She moves on to the dessert portion, trading out fork for spoon to tackle a parfait. Midway through that she finally takes a full breath, sits back from the table some and holds the small cup close, as if she full expects someone to run by and try to swipe it. With her pace slowing, she can actually speak without spewing half chewed food everywhere, so she says rather flatly, "Do you want to hold hands? Maybe take a long hot shower together?"

"Well," Nicole's free hand rising to her chest, "I mean, that's one way to get to know people around here. Should I pencil you in for the after-breakfast shower-hour or after shift? Maybe just go for a hard scrub and a little cuddling?" She lets her fork dance to one side and then the other as she talks. Then stabs another green vegetable before looking back down at Akeso with a smile flitting across her lips.
"Hell, at that point, why wait? We can just make out under the table right here!" A shrug and she eats the bit of food stabbed upon the tines.

"I don't think you'd survive it, corporal. I haven't had so much as a weekend pass in a very long time." Akeso answers, but by the end she's saying it through a yawn. It's just stupid banter. She knows it. She doesn't even care. With a full belly at least some of the generalized crankiness is bleeding off, enough that she does briefly try on a smile. It doesn't last, but it's better than just staring and looking completely disinterested. The parfait is poked at after that and her attention wanders, back to people watching in the most abstract, barely actually looking, manner.

"Ah, surprised you'd pass up a chance for a quickie under the table then." Nicole pokes around at her food, still amused, then twirls up some more noodles while reaching for her coffee. A waffle of her head from side to side before she raises a shoulder, "But hey, your loss." And she raises the twirled noodles to enjoy her next bite of food.

And that's the end of the dessert. She adds the cup to the other empty dishes on her tray and picks up her coffee. She doesn't drink it, but leans back again, holding the mug in both hands. Staring out across the room she doesn't answer straight away, but when she does she seems like she's accepting the loss and moving on, "I'm Sergeant Ma, Akeso. Medic. I transferred here from the Athena at Caprica." And that's her introduction then.

A blink as Nicole then raises an eyebrow as she stabs at a piece of fruit and it clacks as it misses its target. A quick glance around and then she looks down and takes another more successful stab at the food. "That Battlestar was entirely too big it seems." She raises the fruit, eating her bite quickly, "Same. Taskforce Manticore before I was transferred over here to the Dauntless. There was a number of Raptors headed over, guess we were on different ones."

Akeso turns again and looks at Nicole properly, eyes narrowing until some recognition happens. At that point she rubs her eyes, blinks hard and geniunely laughs when she realizes her mistake, "I am so tired. Sorry. There's so many new faces they're all blurring together. I just thought you were another random Timber Wolf." The tray is pushed out of the way and she drops her head, forehead first to the table, presumably to catch up on her sleep right then and there. "Gods."

A grin, "Oh, now you remember me?" Nicole says, giving a slow, disapproving, shake of her head with a smile growing yet wider. She sighs, a heavy thing, full of SHAME. Before she gives one last twirl of the fork, another bite of the noodles with a piece of fruit jabbed on the end, then she too pushes her food off to the side and picks up the cup of coffee. She leans back, hooking her feet around the legs of the seat she's in and watches the dark haired woman.
"How are you, Sergeant?"

"I'm busy as always. The Cylons just won't stop putting holes in marines." Akeso answers, friendlier by a mile, if slightly chagrined too. She slowly lifts her head from the table after saying that, mostly because it smells like cleaner, and peers through a curtain of hair at Nicole until she can be bothered to sweep it back behind her ear on that side. "How are you? How's your left cheek? Or was that, um," She snaps her fingers, trying to conjure up a name, "Tilly that caught the butt shrapnel on Picon?"

Nicole laughs as she leans onto the table with her elbows, raising the coffee cup up for a sip as she reminisces on that. "I think that was Tilly that caught it in the ass." She held up her left hand and wiggled a the fingers, "I was the one who nearly lost two fingers from that Raptor door when the damn rear-seat freaked and slammed the hatch." She rolls her eyes and then starts to laugh a bit more, slapping her hand onto the table.
"Oh gods, Tilly's face though when you told her it was and just to keep her ass down next time." A snort mixes in with it and she reaches up to sweep at her eyes in genuine mirth.

So, Sunny's just been listening in. Sort of. She's humming to herself gently, writing with her left and holding her spoon with her right. And then, as if she suddenly realized there's people around her, she blinks and startles. Her spoon splashes into her soup bowl, and she drops her pencil onto the paper she was writing on.

"Oh! Hello!" And then, she laughs, somewhat embarrassed. "How long have you been here? Wow. I must've been -- " Headsmack. " -- wow, I was right out of it, I'ven't done that in -- wow!" Some more laughter follows. "Sorry, um --"

Sunny points to her chest, specifically her stitched-on name patch. "Ashley Day. I transferred just before the jump." She smiles widely. "Last one on, they said."

"It was still smoking when I dug it out, and Turner had to tackle her to keep her from running around, screaming and clutching her ass." Akeso remembers, almost fondly, and given it was a pretty minor wound compared to others she's had to deal with, it could truly be a cherished memory now. She sits up as she's speaking, leans over and eyes the fingers to place that memory too. "That was you that got doored? I heard about that one... At least the docs didn't amputate." Small miracles. Then there's Sunny, coming alive and talking. There's a polite smile for her, and a simple introduction, "Hi. I'm Akeso Ma. We just came over from the Athena ourselves."

Nicole keeps laughing, nearly breathless as she actually starts crying from the memory. She sets the coffee down and flings her arms up in the air, flailing them a little while trying to eek out "My ass, my ass!" She lets out another snort, a chortle, and then puts her head down on the table to stifle her laughter from growing any louder. A snerk to finish it off and she picks up her head, sweeping away tears. A sigh of mirth, and then a nod.
"All luck, I assure you. Apparently due to a lot of luck, the bones weren't crushed. Something to do with the way the seals work and... yeah." She cringes for a moment, then looks over at Sunny with her eyebrows darting up.
"It lives! Nicole Siska." She says and a jerk of her head in the direction of Akeso as a confirmation to the state of affairs.

Sunny makes a face of surprise, and then laughs again. "Yes, I, ah -- sorry? -- I apparently was just lost in what I was doing." Speaking of which, Sunny sort of pushes her pad under her tray. Private thoughts? Yes. But it puts the tray on sort-of-shaky footing. Especially with a pencil under it too.

"So, you two know each other, then? From the, ah -- " She looks to Akeso. " -- the Athena, I'm guessing?" Good guess. "Wow. Hey, what was it like on the Athena?" She sets her forearms and elbows on the table. "Heard that place was hyoo-jah." Huge, stretched out a little. "Seriously big, right? Probably could get lost easily in it."

"We weren't in the same squad or spending hours swapping spit in the shower, or anything." Akeso answers, but she gives Nicole a considering look and shrugs as if it wouldn't have been terrible had they... been in the same squad. "It certainly is big. Is this your first shipboard assignment?" She then probes, gently before picking up her neglected coffee and sipping at it. There's a glance down at Sunny's paper, but she's not overtly nosey about it.

Nicole gives another laugh, a shake of her head from side-to-side before looking toward Akeso when the comments where made of not being the same squad. A little raise of her eyebrows in return, it wouldn't have been bad at all... to have Akeso as a medic. "I mean, you'd still run into people often enough. It was big enough you weren't hot-bunking, thank the Gods, but it was also small enough that you got to good few of them in passing."
She shifts and then slides up to her feet, "Excuse me though. Sunny, Sergeant, I have to run. Have some prep to do." And she starts off with her coffee cup toward one of the exits.

Sunny is about to take a sip of her tea when Akeso says something that causes her to snort loudly, and giggle. "Swapping spit in the shower? You mean, like -- " Her mouth opens wide, as do her eyes. " -- you're kidding? People make out in the showers on ships?" She laughs again. "Oh, shit, that's -- " Blush. " -- uh, like -- and everyone showers in the same place, right? I mean, like, women and men and men and women." Then something dawns on her; she gasps. "Would people have sex in the showers?"

Yep. First time assigned to a ship, it sounds like. At least, permanently -- or for some time.

She looks into her cup, and says, "Mental note: wear shower slippers." Sip. "Mm-hmm." Still blushing. Hard to hide that when you're pale and freckled.

"Not when there's officers around." Akeso clarifies, but she has to press her lips into a tight line to keep a laugh from getting out. It instead shakes through her body and escapes her nose in the form of a soft snort of amusement. "But you'll be fine, there's not wall to wall orgies going on in the head. It gets unsexy in a hurry, honestly."

The Sagitt medic spends a good long moment looking Sunny and her blush over. Undoubtedly she's sized up, but not rejected out of hand. Akeso is still friendly, posing a question with a half smile, "How long have you been in?"

"Been in?" Beat. "Actually, I served before the Uprising. I was, ah -- " Sunny strokes a lock of hair behind an ear. " -- part of the Aerilon militia. I joined up to get an education, but -- " She chuckles. " -- bad timing, I guess." Not that it seems to keep her down.%
"As for wall-to-wall orgies, well!" She rolls her eyes. "Unsexy and boring probably, right? I mean -- " More laughter. She seems to laugh a lot. " -- could you imagine the C.O. calling for people, and having to explain why time was needed to put on underwear and clean off your bits?" Snicker. "Eew, right?"

Akeso finishes her coffee and finds a place on her tray for it, nodding along where appropriate. She's listening, even if she's playing a crummy game of tetris to get her dishes to all fit. "You're fresh from the militia? This must be a big adjustment. It was for me, when I went from the FSM to the Athena." She continues, the eew right given an agreeable nod. Eew, right. She's still amused.

"Oh, no -- I meant -- no, I'm not coming straight from the militia." Sunny laughs some more. Yep, she likes to chuckle and snicker. "I meant -- what I meant to say is that I was in the militia before the war, and now I'm in -- or I was in -- the Colonial Forces." Beat. "Served on Tauron, Picon, and Caprica. But, I guess my C.O. was told that they wanted more medics in the Timber Wolves, and I was given the nod." Her eyes widen again. "I've heard about the Timber Wolves too. The best of the best, right? Or just the craziest of the crazies?"

Akeso laughs sparingly in contrast, and not now. She merely looks up from her tray, puts her hands together on the table and knits her fingers together as she stares at Sunny. It's not a mean stare, really, just direct. Her head slowly tips to the side as the misunderstanding is corrected and a faint smile forms, "So they say. Aside from them all being way too photogenic, I haven't noticed much of a difference yet."

"Isn't it better than the opposite?" Sunny lifts a hand up to cup her chin, so she can rest her head on her hand. "I mean, I don't think I'm shallow, but it's nice to be around pretty people." Sigh. "You know, I grew up in this little place, on a farm, so -- yeah, going to Caprica blew my mind, know what I mean? I spent the first month's leave time just going around trying to get photos of all of the sights and stars, and then sent the pictures back home to my family and friends." She grins toothily for a second. "I was so popular."

Akeso doesn't have an argument for being surrounded by hideous trolls, so she merely rolls out a non-committal shrug. That'll have to do. Maybe she's just a shallow as Sunny. "I felt that way about Leonis. My father always talked about how amazing it was. Sadly by the time I got there, it was burning down and crawling with Cylons. I didn't get to see much of Caprica either. Looked nice enough. Did you get pictures of anyone really famous there?" There's a bit of a smile from her as if she's trying to be encouraging, but it's couched in regret.

"Yeah, actually, I probably still do. Think I downloaded some of them on, ah -- something, somewhere, I don't know." Sunny laughs. Again. "I brought whatever I owned on board, which is, like, not a lot: some notebooks, some paper, pencils, my guitar, and probably some vids and other devices. Oh, and the camera, of course." She lifts her head and bobs it. "When I find them, I can bring it by your bunk? Where are you staying at?"

"E-4, bottom bunk." Akeso replies, "Drop by after duty, if you want." Then she's rising, her allotted chow time about done. The tray is slid to her side of the table and picked up once she's on her feet and though she's turning she lingers a moment longer, "Just don't wake me up if I'm already sleeping." She looks apologetic in advance for that, because obviously bad things come to those who wake her. Terrible bad things.

"Oh. Oh, I won't do that." Sunny grins widely. "I mean, I'm not the brightest person, but I'm not the dumbest either. I've been around Marines long enough to know that you don't try to wake 'em up when they're trying to get some shut-eye." She makes a waving gesture with her hand. "When I find 'em, I'll bring the pictures by, okay? 'til then, I'll see you around, right, Sergeant Ma?"

As it seems the other Marine's leaving, Sunny gingerly moves her tray off of her pad and pencil. Perhaps she intends to write in it again. "You know what would be fun?" she begins, almost as an afterthought. "I was think, like, maybe, some time, we could get together and play Triad?" Sunny makes a face, and then chuckles. "I'm no good at it, but I like watching people play it."

That stops Akeso in her tracks, and out of concern she leans in to say a few more things after a careful glance in either direction to make sure there's no eavedroppers, "I can show you how to play if you want, but don't go up against Tomak. Alright? Not unless you want to lose all your cubits. He's the big Tauran engineer. Dark hair, winning personality." Warning delivered she flashes a momentary smile in place of a wave (her hands being full with the tray) and starts off. "See you around, Sunny."


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