2237-09-29 - Let Them Eat Cake

After a rather successful mission under his command (!), Alain sees to it that some of the Wolves have themselves cake in the Mess while they discuss the mission, possible tactics for the mountains, and what they want to do the next time they get leave. Also discussed: Whisper and her part in the bar fight.

Date: 2237-09-29

Location: Mess Hall

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Scene Number: 1432

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If there's one thing about Alain, it's that he's organized. Apparently he violates his usual post-routine flight to stop by the mess first and request a cake (maybe there's bribery involved, but thankfully no witnesses), before he resumes his usual routine. Shower, clean clothes, and then mess. By the time the pilots start arriving, there is indeed cake -- plain, with chocolate icing -- sitting on a table, where Alain is setting down plates and forks.

First things first, post-mission: shower. Because combat means sweating and flight suits love to do nothing but retain all that sweat. And after that glorious shower? Food. Astraea always finds that she is starving after a good dogfight. The Scorpian makes her way into the mess -- which is thankfully still serving hot food -- with that warm, humid sense of 'just bathed' still around her and her hair sort of poofed about her head in its freshly dried, braid-free state. She's in BDUs and dual-tanks; off-duty for the time being, after the mission. She'll have to go over her part of the reports and all later, but right now she gets some downtime to recover. There's a nod of acknowledgement for Alain and a bemused grin at the sight of the cake as she hikes her way through the line to get some proper vittles first.

As tempting as it may be, she won't facestuff with just cake.

Showers are often times the first stop for folks; thus Addison makes it one of his last stops. His post flight routine is to check in with his twin, to make sure she knows he's returned in one piece then to have a few minutes of time with his journal. Writing down observations and notes from the immediate post flight. Only once those tasks are done does he head to clean up and then follows up with going to join others in the Mess. Dressed in a clean flight suit this time, rather than the one he just wore it certainly is not casual wear as another flight may be soon on the docket for the man living the shit house of CAG's wrath.

Is there cake? Because Calliope is all about post-flight cake. And she heard there was cake. She's at least showered, and is dressed down in sweats when she turns up in the mess. Blonde hair still hanging wet and stringy around her shoulders. She eyes the chow line. Sort of edging into it like she's making a vague show of getting real food. But, mostly, she's interested in sweets.

By contrast to the rest, Faye had to duck out of the patrol a little early and may have held off on angry words until after she checked the logs and... Nope, they didn't short her on fuel. Looks like somewhere in there the Viper had sprung a small leak. It wouldn't have been too much of an issue if they were in space, but with the ground operations burning so much fuel, it meant Faye had to turn back early. Something which still made her eye-twitch a little, gotta earn that callsign again, don't ya Faye? Twitch... Twitch-twitch.
The eye was still threatening to twitch as she was walking into the mess after Irene grabbed her with the return of the rest of the flight. She grabbed Irene's hand, giving her a bit of a pull as she says with a just a little bit of consternation at the possible ribbing. "C'mon, I heard that there may be cake. I think. Maybe? I don't know. I just know that I don't want to think about that last part." twitch-twitch, "AND! Last I checked, Dirk isn't there so that should be a plus, right?"

Alain has no such shame. He's totally on board with an all-cake post-flight meal. Adult life! He gives a thumbs up as he sees Astraea -- and how adult she's being with her food choices -- but just continues to set out things, before locating a knife and starting to cut up cake-pieces. "Fresh cake," he says by way of welcome as he sees the others from the patrol start to drift in.

Nora wanders in to join the rest of the patrol group, hair coiled in a thick wet braid that's still dripping slowly down the collar of her tanks. "Cake again?" she asks, as she spots Alain cutting and queues up with the others for a piece, "Did someone ace, or have you lot been doing this every mission and I've been missing it?"

It's sort of healthy. Not many greens. Astraea gets one of those open-faced-mystery-meat-sandwich things that are drowned in gravy and some fries. It's a hot meal, at least. She follows it up with some coffee and meanders her way over towards the table, balancing her tray. As she sets it down, claiming a seat near where Alain cuts slices of the treat. The Scorpian picks up her coffee to take a sip off the top (careful, for it is much too hot), there's a grin towards Nora. "Jigger here promised us all cake. He's jes' makin' sure to pull through 'cause we all know where he sleeps."

Showers are good. Getting out of a flightsuit, also good. The latter especially, since Irene spent a really long, really unfun time recently pressure testing a great variety of them as uhm, 'special duty'. Any excuse to get into comfy duty greens is one she'll take, at this point. Perhaps she's luxuriating so hard in the more pleasant fabric of her unpressurized uniform that she doesn't think to make fun of Bingo. Maybe later. Probably. "I hate Dirk so much!" She nearly hisses, even if she swings her arm like she's about to start skipping around the mess with Faye, hand in hand. "Cake?" She heard that, and goes that way. Dessert first.

"One does not ask where Cake comes from or why it is here. Cake is simply enjoyed." Addison's observation is offered towards those that seem to be far to interested in the origin or purpose of the cake while he himself seeks to find a plate and some kind of utensils to spare everyone watching him simply eat it. " The only thing better than cake, is when someone jumps out of a cake."

Calliope considers the real food for about another hot second before she gives up all shame. "So there's cake, right?" She just gets herself some juice to wash it down with, and then obtains a piece. There are no greens or proteins. Only cake. She snickers at Addison. "'Cane has, like, exactly the right attitude. And, gods, we kicked toaster ass out there today. That is so worth some calories."

Faye looks about to join her in the skip when instead there's a bee-line and Bingo is right along for that run at the possibly chocolate or vanilla sugary-floof. A snort of a laugh, "Yes!" Faye grins, "I heard right." She heard what Nora asked and she gives a shrug in response. "I'unno." Her eyebrows arch up higher, "Oh! It is a Jigger thing." A look over toward Astraea, answers have been given! One mystery solved!
"Gods yes we did." She agrees with Calliope with another grin of agreement, "And hell yes it is!"

"Don't need an excuse to have cake. Or at least, I don't want to live in a world where that's the case," Alain tells Nora with a welcoming grin, offering her a slice. He gives a firm nod of agreement to Addison, "And so say we all," he adds fervently, chuckling. "I uh, didn't arrange for a cake-jumper though, sorry." But he's offered a slice as well, all the same, before he finally settles down into a seat. His hair is damp, but it's short enough to dry quickly, fingers habitually smoothing it back into place before he takes a bite. After swallowing, he grins as he spots Faye approaching, "Is the board right, Bingo? Did you make double-ace out there?"

"We did do pretty damn well, yeh?" Astraea's tucking into her meal first. She worked up an appetite keeping her Raptor from colliding with anything -- canyon, Raider, or missile alike -- in that flight. There's still tension in her shoulders from how tight her grip was on the controls. "Mebbe ya shoulda taken a bet wit' th' deck, Jigs." She stuffs a few bites into her face, pleased with the warmth and 'comfort food' level of what she's chosen. It's not cake, no, but there's something pleasing about meat, bread, and gravy all the same. She does, however, fork caught between teeth, reach out to snag a plate with a slice and drag it close. She'll need that soon enough. At the question of double-ace, she does look to Faye to await confirmation.

Irene finds a spot to park herself at the table with the cake, making sure there's a free spot next to her for Faye. That way no Dirks will be able to sit beside her. She doesn't say a whole lot, but smiles and looks cheerful enough to compensate pretty well. There's a double nodnod though, confirming her bunkmate's doubleace status.

"Gods, did it update? I thought the gun cam took longer for review?" Faye says, with a look around, "Either way, until I see it - I don't want to jinx it! Had that happen in my old Squadron." Faye picks up her own slice on a plate with her free hand. "If I were to guess, I think I did. I think I got two clean victories on a couple of them during the merge. So..." Bingo's shoulders give a very slow rise before she's moved off toward the table. She turns to look at Irene who's nodding her head.
"Okay, well, if Iris says it, then I believe it. So -- I guess I did!"

"I've no problem with cake, whatever the reason," Nora assures Calliope and Addison with a smile, taking a slice and a fork and turning back to find a seat with the rest. "Just curious to learn the wing's traditions, and... so forth." She trails off and gestures vaguely with her fork, distracted by a mouthful of cake. A brow rises at the question to Faye, and she offers Bingo a thumbs-up when it's confirmed, nodding approvingly as she eats.

Calliope plops herself down to sit with her flightmates, once her cake is obtained. She beams at Faye. "I mean, I saw you blow up stuff out there, so even if you don't want to jinx the numbers...good on that." A nod to Nora. "Yeah, cake is sort of our thing. It's not quite booze, but I think the CAG would notice if we all got wasted in the mess hall on the regular. So, I will totally take the sugar rush."

"They've got way too much on me, now," Alain tells Astraea, wryly. "Wouldn't want them to get too big for their--" but he doesn't finish the sentence, instead stuffing cake into his mouth. "Congratulations, Bingo," he says, genuinely pleased. "And well -- there's usually cake for ace and double-ace. But we got this cake before we knew about Bingo's status, so we can always have another." Because, excuses. "If there's going to be more of those tight-quarter fights, it'd be interesting to come up with some new strategies. Bait them into chasing around sharp corners and close calls and the like. From what I saw today, we could easily pull it off."

"I tend t'make a cake personally for yer first Ace with th' wing," Astraea pipes up. "Well, I have been since I joined th' Wolves. Though I think I've missed a few for all th', er-" she gestures at her head, indicating one of her more recent times of being stuck in medical. She's been much more fortunate over the last handful of missions. Like maybe things are finally balancing out after a long, long string of bad luck. She flashes a bit of a smirk in Alain's direction before going back to her meal for the time being. She's got to get that finished before she goes for her cake. Mostly because once that sandwich gets cold, it won't be worth eating anymore.

"Well, if it makes you feel better." Faye looks over toward Astraea, "You didn't make me one when I got the first. Though - to be fair - it was during that rather crazy time on Caprica with the transports. No one really seemed to say anything so," Faye gives a shrug, "I didn't know that there was a tradition." She gives a rather dry smile for a moment then stabs a bit of the cake.
She stuffs the bite in her mouth, glancing back over toward Irene, "Tried?" She asks of the other before giving another glance toward the rest of the flightmates.
"Thanks all, I do appreciate it. Gotta take your victories where you can, huh? Hey! Is anyone coming up on their thousandth recovery?"

Irene rubs her eyes before she even attempts to cake. She did have a busy evening attracting raiders, so. Between that and the extra duties she's looking a little overdone. "I don't recall a cake for my first ace either. Then for doubleace it was a group thing for a few of us, like Paige, and it turned into a barfight before I had a slice. Then we were arrested." Her slim shoulders bounce out a shrug at that point, but her expression and tone stay largely neutral, like she's honestly not sure if that made it the best ace party or worst.

Nora nods at her bunkmate's explanation, "I suppose toasting every time would be frowned upon. Cake's certainly a nice stand-in. Maybe one of these days," this to Astraea, "I'll finish shaking all this rust off and earn a cake myself. Fingers crossed." She smiles, and digs in to today's treat, perching on the edge of the table, feet dangling. "I like that idea, Jigger," she adds after a couple bites, "Though we'd need to learn the canyons awfully well ourselves first."

Calliope lets out a low "Heh" as she digs through her dessert. "The night I earned ace, like, no one was in the mood to celebrate. Another pilot had taken out a nuke with his ship. So there wasn't exactly a party. Not that I wanted one then. It would've felt frakked up. I will so take the sugar now, though. Got to grab whatever happy seconds we can out here." She stuffs her face some more.

Despite the light-heartedness of the words, Alain grimaces at Faye's mention of SAR. It's probably soothed somewhat by cake, which he's chowing through, eyeing the rest of the cake like someone who wants a second piece, but is too polite to be the first to do so. "I get the feeling we'll get far too familiar with them over the next few weeks," he replies, wryly, to Nora. Irene's discussion of her double-ace party has him perking with interest. "You were there?" he asks. "Is it true Whisper threw a drink in some Caprican officer's face?"

"Well, mebbe not... maneuvers for these canyons," Astraea says to Nora with a small shrug. "But for canyons in general. Ways t'fly wit' each other or firin' patterns for th' Raiders. I'm sure we could review our cam footage later for ideas." She finally finishes her sandwich and only goes for a few of the fries before pushing the tray aside and grabbing her plate of cake. As for Irene and Faye, she gestures to the two. "I can bake y'all a cake. I'm sorry I didn't, y'know, get a better one handled. I try to keep up, but it's hard to keep track of everyone, y'know? We need someone else who can bake 'round here. But iff'n ya tell me what sort of cake you two want, I'll get one for ya. Ya don't even gotta share. Sound good?" When Alain asks of Whisper and the bar fight, she looks very interested in... her cake, actually.

A smile and Faye bumps lightly at Irene's shoulder, "Hey, go catch some sleep. I'll save your cake for ya. Promise. All yours when you're nice and refreshed. Kay?" Faye gives an arch of her eyebrows, then it's off toward the others once more. "Wait, what? Whisper dunked a Cappie in booze? I didn't hear about this! Why did I not hear about this?" She chuckle and glances toward Astraea with a shrug of her shoulder and a short nod, "S'okay. I understand what you mean, especially since it seems like we keep getting pilots cycling in and out around here."
She turns back to her own bit of cake for a second, stabbing a little bit more with her fork, "But I'll gladly share with anyone that wants to." A glance back to Astraea as she eats it.

"Good point," Nora nods to Astraea, punctuating it with a point-and-circle fork gesture. Luckily it's been cleaned of cake between bites. "Different firing and flight patterns would certainly be useful. Maneuvers and wing shapes better suited to close quarters. I know we did a bit of canyon flying when I was here with the ICJPK, if we've anyone aboard who was posted out here longer they might have some resources we could build off. And I can bake," she adds, after another bite or two, side of her fork scraping up frosting, "Bread's more my speciality than cake, but if you need hands."

"Oh, I remember that one. It was my first time out after transfering in. Not a good party time, fun time." Irene says somberly of Calli's ace mission, the memory prompting a frown. Maybe cake would be a good distraction she seems to decide at that point as she finally digs in and takes off a corner with the edge of her fork. Before she can lift it to her mouth, there's Alain's question and it makes laugh a little. "I think that's how it went down. There was some cranky Capricans at the bar, drinks were spilled, insults traded. It went from zero to chaos fast." She's a bit sketchy on detail, but she wasn't at the center of it and was well into the shots when it started, so, not a reliable witness. As for going to sleep, she considers it and returns shoulder bump with a light headbutt to Faye's.

Calliope leans forward, at the tale of the bar brawl. Sniggering at the image of the CAG throwing a drink. "It's kind of hard to picture but then again...it's always the quiet ones, they say. Whisper is, like, intense." A little shrug, at Irene. "I mean, I guess that's just how it goes with all this. Like, you get a win, but there're always going to be casualties, and maybe it's best to remember that. I'll totally tear it up when I make...triple ace, or whatever. I'm just happy to kill some toasters and come back in one piece most days."

Faye lets out a snort of a laugh as Irene headbutts her. Those stubborn Virgons and their ways! Her head shakes from side to side as her nose gives a crinkle, she wasn't there for the incident they're talking about and - from the sound of it - it probably was better that she wasn't. Things like that don't make for good memories. Then back to Calliope who's talking about better times. "Right? When I get triple ace, I'm totally buying a bottle of good whiskey and sitting down for shots. Just, you know, don't tell the CAG why I'm actually sick the next day."

Leaning back in his chair, Alain smooths down his hair again, chuckling when Irene talks about the fight. "Sounds about par for the CF," the zero-to-chaos part, presumably. Nora's discussion of ICJPK's flying has him nodding, thoughtfully. "If you have any footage from those days, I've love to see them. I was stuck on the ground last time I was here. Bit different up in the skies."

"Survival's pretty frakkin' important," Astraea says, agreeing with Calliope. She's eating her cake more slowly, but tilts her head to Nora. "Might take ya up on that. Can't have folks goin' without cake. Especially if it risks Jigger here goin' 'round handin' out his mug cakes." She leans, bumping her shoulder to the Gemenese pilot with a grin. "Not that I've minded when I'm stuck in medical." They're better than some of the food she's been saddled with in there, after all. "Frak, y'all, we dunno when we'll next get leave. All this talk of drinkin' ain't fair."

"Whisper took care of things afterwards too, dealt with the authorities and everything." Irene mentions almost proudly and there's a look over and nod to Calli as well. Wins and losses. There's a slow smile for everyone, since tonight was a win with no sad attached. She'll take it! Also, cake. She has a few bites, stifles a yawn and finally gives up her small crusade to stay awake. "I'm going to turn in. You guys were amazing tonight. Thanks for the cake, Jigger."

"So say we all," Calliope murmurs in firm agreement with Astraea, as to survival. She semi-toasts this point with a fork of cake. Then another. Cleaning her plate with all deliberate speed. A laugh. "Whatever. We can celebrate, like, quadruple ace on Scorpia with a few more missions like tonight. And celebrate being alive and everything else. Tonight, though? I shoud be crashing pretty soon. Enjoy the win while we've got it. And yeah, Jigger, you rule. For cake and flying."

"If we've got a link into their systems I can look it up or check the archive," Nora offers Alain, "I've nothing of my own, I'm afraid." Her smile is quick, tight around the edges, and she lets it drop to fork up the last bite of cake. Astraea she answers with a nod, adding, "Let me know if you do. I'd best turn in as well, I've another rotation at dawn. Thank you for the cake, Jigger. Good flying, all."

"Hey, my mug cakes are the best," Alain protests, "Stealthy, infirmary, unapproved mug-cakes are even better." And then with a grin, "They're hard to get wrong. You can thank Cherry for those." Irene's words earn an easy, genuine smile in return from the Gemenese pilot. "You're welcome. And I second that -- you were all amazing tonight. Here's to many more flights like that." He's going to stick around, it seems, if just to snag the remainder of the cake for himself, go figure.

A headbutt from Faye to Irene's shoulder, then she picks up the other pilots slice of cake and meanders off toward where she can find more disposable types of plates. She figured she might as well save both pieces of cake. Might not be good in the morning but... maybe with a little coffee? "I'll tell Lauren you said ''Hi'' Iris, but don't snore so loud!" A glance over her shoulder to the blonde, then back toward the rest.
"Right? I think it would be nice to have more runs like today - without the fuel fun anyway." She finally finds what she's looking for to hide away the cake till morning. She totally can sneak it out of here... and it's only till morning.

"No system links," Astraea offers to Nora. For obvious reasons; cylons and all. "But Whisper's generally willin' to request footage an' reports if ya ask her. Especially if it's for research... or ya tell her it is." There's a flashed grin, at that. She's not quite stuffing her face with cake, but she is eating quick enough to make sure she's able o snag at least another sliver of it. It'll keep her around a bit longer, too, but she's in no rush. "Well-" another bite swallowed and washed down with coffee. "Mebbe we should have a big party next leave. Celebrate everyone at once, yeh? An' without any fights or jail time. Lotta alcohol an' cake an' civvies an' no worries 'bout havin' to be up early or go on CAP or anythin' th' next day."

Calliope mops up whatever crumbs are left, says her final good-nights, and slips off to her rack.

Alain is at least mindful enough to let Astraea steal one slice out of the remainder before he collects the rest. "Good luck arranging a party with booze and CF officers and marines with/out/ a fight or jail time. I'll see you back at the bunk later, Nova. Going to drop this off, then head up to the Chapel for a bit." With a wiggle of fingers, he heads out.

"I'll jes' ask th' Walker twins t'handle th'arrangements. Their party went off without any fights or jail time," Astraea points out, grinning after Alain. "See ya at th' bunk, Jigger." There's a pause and she lifts her voice to call after him: "Ya did real good today. Leadin' us out there."

Alain slows, and stops near the door, grinning back over his shoulder. "Thanks, Nova." And then he takes his cake and goes.


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