2237-09-30 - Concerned Big Sister

Isolde is concerned about the state of two of her close friends and reaches out to Kell.

Date: 2237-09-30

Location: Berthings

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Scene Number: 1437

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Isolde has been swamped since her conversation with Astraea, but she finally finds a moment where her and Kell are taking the same off-duty time, and she can slump beside his bunk with her arms crossed and head tilted at the door. She at least isn't waiting on blind luck, having asked Kell to come see her when he does... whatever the crazy Libran does on his time off-duty. She glances up at the ceiling idly, looking like she's counting something.

It isn't surprising when Kell shows up in the berthings in his usual duty blues, which he wears even when he is off-duty unless he is hitting the gym or firing range. Stepping into the bunkroom he shares with nine other members of the Colonial Forces, he sees that Isolde is already there waiting for him. "Hey Pi, you wanted to talk?" Instead of heading for his bunk, he sits on the central bench since Pi has taken up the side of his bunk. From his facial expression, he has no idea what she wanted to talk about, a bit curious.

"Hi!" There's a tiny squeak there in that simple syllable, and then she looks a bit sheepish at that. She has no idea why she's nervous. She's happily married and not looking to start a romance with the Libran, but... "Yeah, I did." She pushes off the side of the bunk and plops herself down at the bench, tucking in a leg against her chest. "I want to preface this by saying I got no preference here either way... I adore you both, and you're like my little brother. Or big brother. I know you're younger, but... whatever." She shrugs sheepishly, and then wriggles her toes within her shoes a bit. "I'm here to talk about Astraea."

There is an arched brow when Kell hears the squeak of a greeting, but not much suspicion yet on what why she isn't her usual relaxed self. He doesn't prod though, which is how he is, when it comes to other people's business, even if Isolde seems a touch nervous. When she joins him on the bench and begins, Razor remains silent and listens without interruption, even when she mentions 'you both' in the sentence. When Astraea's name is finally mentioned, the puzzlement returns and he nods his head slightly, still a bit unsure from his demeanor, "Okay... what about? Is something wrong? I heard the mission they went on in the canyons went well, even though it was pretty tight flying." Of course, he thinks it's duty related or mission related. Probably why they are having this particular conversation right now.

"Well..." Isolde hesitates, trying to remember how she rehearsed this all in her head. She frowns slightly. "You know she really likes you, right?" The question is asked almost cautiously. "Like... she has feelings for you? More than friendship feelings?" She prods him gently with her words before she rubs her fingers at her jaw. "She was in the laundryroom with me a few days ago, and she was really... I dunno... confused, and a little sad. She doesn't think you like her very much."

When Isolde pretty much goes straight to the core of the matter, Kell is silent again without any interruptions though his facial expression does change from puzzled and curious to a slight furrow in his brows. He does seem a bit surprised at the subject of the conversation but not surprised about Astraea's feelings. "Confused... I didn't know that she was confused and sad though I knew that she did like me. Was the last time we were on leave, on Scorpia. She tried to kiss me before your wedding when she went looking for your veil and I had to go find her." There is a pause as he looks towards his bunk for a moment, "I thought we had everything straightened out? What happened?"

"Well... why don't you tell me what you mean by 'you thought you straightened everything out?'" Isolde frowns slightly. "Do you... like her and are letting duty get in the way, or do you maybe not like her like that, or is it maybe none of my business and I should go back to worrying about Cylons trying to kill us?" Beat pause. "I'm really open to any piece of feedback."

Now Kell is trying to remember what happened that night, which is /very/ hard since everyone was pretty intoxicated. Even he was getting hammered as they celebrated his promotion amongst other things, then there was the wedding between Isolde and Van, so most of what happened between himself and Astraea was pushed to a far compartment in his brain and since it wasn't brought up, it stayed there gathering cobwebs. "Well... if I remember correctly, I told her that I thought she liked Jigger instead of me, and also that I wasn't looking for something like that right now. I value her as a good friend and a great pilot, and that I would have her back. But my focus isn't to find a soulmate, a significant other, or a wife." Another pause before he continues, "And I wouldn't say this isn't any of your business, Pi. You're a close friend of mine, and of Nova's too, so I'm not surprised that you're concerned. Especially if she is still..." He isn't able to find the right word for it so his sentence just trails off.

"... In possession of mad feelings for you that she can't quite make sense of and wished she knew a way to either get over you or seduce you properly?" Helpful, Isolde is. Then she offers a small, almost apologetic smile. "I understand... you know, I don't think any of us are really here to find romance. We're moving planet to planet to kill robots that we created. I think we all have bigger things on our plate." She hesitates. "Plus, when you see how many lives we've lost over the last two years... I understand why you might not be very interested." She offers him a small smile. "But, I think you might need to tell her that real directly. If that's where you are, and how you feel, she needs to really understand that so she can, well, let go and move on, and then there's not this awkwardness anymore."

There, Kell looks a bit troubled at the two options that are laid out, as he studies his bunk again, expression a bit stonier. "You are right, nobody is here looking for it, at least not why they transferred in, but it happens. I'm certainly not telling people if it is right for wrong, I only know what is right or wrong for me." When Isolde mentions telling Astraea again where they stand, Razor can't help but release a slow sigh, "I might need to but... I'm afraid if I tell her now, since she is already confused and sad, it would just make her feel worse, you know?"

"I wasn't trying to chastise, Kell... you know, Van had a real hard time at first, too. It's why we broke it off the first time around." Even if there's more to that story, Isolde moves on from it. "You just should... well... decide what you want, though. It isn't very fair to either of you for her to be questioning your every move, and trying to decide whether or not you're just being nice for nice sakes, or being nice because you have feelings for her. You know?" She sighs a bit, rubbing at her shin. "I know you don't wanna hurt her. I certainly don't want you to, but... sometimes we gotta face the big pain so we can move on rather than facing small cuts and nicks until we can't stand it anymore." She hesitates. "You just gotta decide, and then, well, let her know. I'm gonna support you two either way."

What Isolde says make perfect sense, but it certainly doesn't make it any easier as the frown remains on Kell's face as he continues to look at his bunk, though his focus is somewhere distance. "So just rip off the band-aid then, yeah? It'll hurt but hopefully it will be over soon. I guess I'll do that." The way he says it though, it sounds like it is the last thing he wants to do but luckily, he is the dutibound type so he will see it through, "Thanks Pi. I didn't know she was still looking for closure."

Isolde offers him a small smile then, and she reaches out to squeeze his wrist with that gentle warm pressure. "I love you, Razor... you're part of my family. I'm looking out for you while also looking out for Astraea. Don't forget that, okay?" She then gives him a one-armed hug, whether he wants it or not. She squeezes him a bit. Then she releases him from her could-be awkward affection before she bumps her shoulder into him. "Now... I want to invite you to my birthday party..."

Kell does nod his head and lean into Isolde slightly as if to show that there is no misunderstanding on that part, "Of course, Pi. I could never forget that." When the subject changes to her birthday party, he arches a brow, attention shifting from his bunk back to the ECO, "Birthday party? Is it happening next leave or sooner?"

"Well, my birthday was three days ago, so... I dunno. Whenever I can actually get people organized." Isolde laughs then. "You know, I didn't actually remember it until I got a video message from my mom. She is really good at that stuff. I don't think I even sent her a birthday message this year." She sounds amused, but awkwardly so. "I hope she forgives me for that..."

There is a slight look of surprise but Kell nods his head, "Happy belated birthday, Pi. I'm sure she will forgive you, she knows that you're focused on your duty and they definitely keep us busy here with our assignments. As for your party, if I'm free and not stuck flying CAP or on Alert-Five, count me in for sure."

Isolde smiles sheepishly. "Thanks. Um. I don't even think Van knows yet." She laughs slightly at that before she gives him another smile. "And I will." She nudges him slightly before she lets a half-second of silence go by. Then she looks his way. "How are you doing?" The question is asked quietly. "We haven't really had time to check-in."

"I'm doing okay, losing Farmboy was rough, a very harsh reminder of just how dangerous our jobs are. I hope the Marines groundside are able to lcoate Hawk soon." That mission against the SAM sites had devastating results as many of them also limped back with very badly damaged birds. Kell does shake his head slightly, "Just doing what I can to be prepared, need to do some canyon training as well. In case we have to fly in that type of terrain again."

"Yeah." Isolde's shoulders slump a bit at the reminder of Farmboy. The mention of Hawk has her also frowning. "Doesn't seem to be getting any easier." Then she nods in agreement with the mention of canyon training, and she grimaces a bit. "I'm going to know how to fly any terrain in the 12 Colonies by the time we're done."

Kell can only nod his head as well, "I think we all will, especially when they have us going to all these colonies. I have to say, I'm surprised when Sagittaron was our next assignemnt. I was expecting Picon again." As for not getting any easier, he can only frown at that, "I thought Picon was going to be the most difficult by far but it seems like each colony has their unique challenges we have to be wary of."

"Yeah... I wish we could have gone back to Picon too." Isolde smiles a bit ruefully then before she gives him another light nudge. "I guess we'll have to see what Sagittaron holds for us... I've never even seen it before, save for some random pictures." She glances over to him before she smiles. "Alright, I gotta go find Van. He's supposed to be finishing up his CAP soon and I promised we'd go to the mess together." She hesitates. "You wanna come?"

When the invitation is offered, Kell hesitates again before shaking his head, "I think I will pass this time, Pi, thanks. I should find Nova and talk to her so we can clear the air sooner rather than later... adn I should take a moment to figure out what to say." To at least to try to lessen the pain that it will indoubtly cause. "Though she may seek you out again after I talk to you. So..." At least Isolde has a heads up on that, since he knows that he isn't the smoothest one when it comes to this particular subject.

Isolde smiles ruefully. "Such is the life of being part of a big family." She gives him a grin before she leans in, smooches his cheek with that sisterly quality, and then hauls herself up to her feet. "You know that I'm here if you need to talk to me, too. Van if you want some manly time." She grins then. "But really, it's okay." Then she gives his shoulder a squeeze. "See you later, Raz."


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