2237-10-01 - Introductions, With A Sprinkle Of Olive Oil

Donny whips up a bit of terror in the kitchen- and he arranges Laliru to help.

Date: 2237-10-01

Location: Dauntless - Mess Hall

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It's an hour or two after breakfast is scheduled, and a couple more before briefings for todays missions. At this time, the messhall is empty enough that there's little more than a few people here and there talking. But it's also got just enough people that someone in the kitchen wouldn't be too out of the ordinary. And just who's in the kitchen?

It's none other than Donny. He's got a knife in one hand and another holding a carrot by its base against a cutting board. Nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary... Except for the two bottles of cheap no name brand olive oil. How he's gotten them? That's a story for another time. But right now, he's chopping and dicing away at the carrots at his cutting board, with some of the good ol' 'mystery meat' they serve at lunch in a bowl, peas, a tomato, and a banana. What this is all going to end up turning into? One can only imagine.

Still, Donny's eyes one briefly flick up and around once in a while. His gaze then is watchful, but for the most part he diligently goes to work preparing this... Food, if you can call it that.

It was a he said/she said/they said type thing. Someone was looking for some help in the kitchen. She was fresh here, and carries that newly transferred scent; eager to please, she heads into the kitchen after finishing up her own breakfast. She ate alone that morning, but all in due time.

The girl knocks first, peeking in with a push of her hand against the doorway. One violet eye can be seen, then the other, as she calls out in a heavily accented voice. "Good mornin'?" In she goes a bit more, still in her dress downs, and her massively curly hair allowed to puff out and about as it pleases. Spotting Donny, she gives the man a bright and chipper smile.

"Mornin'," she greets again. "M'lookin' f'r...well, whoeva it was dat needed s'm'help?"

The recon marine's mustache shifts a bit as Donny hears the knock at the kitchen doorway. With a look over his shoulder, Donny pushes aside the chopped up carrot aside on the cutting board before he returns the combat medics smile. "Hey!- Hold on, lemme wash my hands."

Donny sets down his knife and wanders over to the sink, quickly giving his hands a rinse, a flick, and then a drying with a cloth before he steps over to Laliru, "Nice to meet you, newblood. Name's Donovan- just call me Donny." The man extends his hand out to the girl for a shake. His eyes wander to the first thing they catch, her hair. "Cute hair-do."

Then Donny snaps back to reality. "But uh, yeah. I need help whippin' up the Gunny a uh..." Donny pauses, looking over to myriad of different foodstuffs on the counter. "..Scorpian recipe. It's called Vetkoek." Donny's lips purse briefly to hide an amused grin, before he looks back, "Think you can dice up th' tomato and take out two pieces of bread from the pantry for me?"

Laliru beams, offering her hand in return, even if the term 'new blood' causes her cheeks to flush pink. "Nice t'meet y', Donny. M'Laliru. Uh...call me whateva y'wan'." The comment about her hair has another hint of heat on her cheeks, free hand up and digging at the curls, making them bounce slightly. "T'anks. C'n' do a t'ing wit it." She laments with a soft frown.

Her eyes then skirt about the ingredients. She pauses, quirks a brow and then stares at Donny. "What y'feedin' de Gunny?" A pause, "Mo' like, what y'tryin' t'feed de Gunny?" Even so, she moves toward the sink. First, she pulls up her hair as best as possible, all this does is set up a fluffball at the back of her head. Washing her hands, she dries them off and goes for the tomato, and bread, as requested.

Donny rolls Composure: Success (7 5 4 4 3 3 3 1 1)

The marine snickers as he steps back along to his cutting board. "Righto then, Lali." Having already decided on a nickname for her, Donny is picking up the banana- the dreaded banana. He peers at it for a moment, and only just manages to keep a straight face. "You got a interestin' accent. Where're you from?" After poising his question, he's peeling his banana before setting it onto the board, beginning to cut it up into half-inch wide slices.

When the otehr marines question in poised, however, he pauses. "...Vetkoek." he reaffirms, looking back at her. Then he's turning it on her, "What, you never had Vetkoek before? It's a treat across the colonies." After leaving his lies to sow, Donny is setting the chopped up banana aside as well. He slides the bowl of meat over and begins to mix in the carrots and peas into the bowl.

"Aerilon." She replies without pause, studying him attentively as he, in turn, studies the banana. Still, her brow keeps itself aloft before she tsks, shakes her head, and gets to cutting. The motion of her hand with the blade is smooth, practiced, genuinely enjoyable, at least for her.

"Vetkoek?" She muses and shrugs. "C'n' say I have. Dat de sound y'make afta ya eat it?" Glancing up and winking, she continues her 'job' that was given to her, carefully looking after his mixing and what's added to the bowl. "Y'get me in trouble n'I jus' got here? We be fightin', Donny. I promise y'dat."

There's a lopsided grin from Donny, "I 'unno. I've never really stuck around someone who's been eatin' it." he offers back to her. Then he's reaching over and grabbing one of the bottles of olive oil and setting it at the edge of the stove. "But I heard Aerilon is pretty..." Then there's a pause, and he looks up at nothing in particular. "And it's seems everyone that comes from there is too." His lips purse a bit in thought before his expression relaxes and he gets back to his concoction.

"But don't worry, we aint gonna be gettin' in trouble. You're new, they won't suspect ya'." he says, before setting the bowl of meat next to the stove as well- and then he's moving over to it properly. He turns it up to low, and begins to let it heat up as he sets out a pan and is wandering around over to the fridge to fish around inside. "Besides-- it's not like we're gonna leave it for him when he's around. It's a lot funnier when you hear him yelling when you were just forgetting that you set the trap for him, trust me."

Donny retrieves a stick of butter while he looks back over to Laliru with a wink of his own, "So, guess that's my way of sayin' don't beat me up." Walking back over to his pan, he begins to put down a slice of butter to spread around in the heating pan. "But that's still cool, I knew a guy from Aerilon in the Foreign Legion..." Beat. "He was a dick." Then he's chuckling with that said- briefly reminiscing.

Another shock of red colors her face, but the girl waves it off with a waggle of her hand. Job done, she moves the other pieces of the puzzle toward his other collection. Tomtato, bread, and now she's looming around the stove just to see what he's up to. "Dat's' lotta oil," she comments in a murmur, less so to him directly and more just a voiced thought. "N'butta, too?" Eyes wide now, she inches closer, attentive like a child might be.

The more his plan comes into view, the more she's shaking her head, causing a few stray kinks to sway in the process. Yet, she doesn't speak, doesn't stop him, and says, "I won' beat y'up. 'll jus' rememba dis if y'needin' t'be patched up." Nodding, crosses her arms under her chest and just observes. "Ah..." she smiles, her voice smoothly transitioning into Leonese. "Really? I spent some time abroad myself for my training."

Donny nods, his eyes still down in the pan as he begins to load in the meat-mix after the butter, and then after that a really generous amount of olive oil. "Better too much than too little." There's a hint of an amused scoff with that said, but he stifles it as he continues cooking.

"Oh-" he begins before looking over to her, "So you're a medic? Good to have more of you folks with us, then." Donny snickers a bit, "But if y'er gonna remember this- just remember it fondly, yeah?".

Donny perks up a bit when he hears her transitioning into Leonese, his second language. Then he glances back to her with a lofted right brow and a lopsided smirk, speaking in the same tongue. "Well, there are few places you could've gotten better training at. They teach you the combat or medic part when you were over there?"

Laliru can't help, or hide, that twisting of her face when the oil is added. At first, the very idea, the smell wasn't bad; butter, meat and veg? But this..."Y'goin' t'hell f'doin' dat t'good food." She promises, regardless if such a place existed or not. Even so, she looks at his work. It's like a train wreck; you can't look away.

"Mmhmm!" She smiles anew, indeed being a medic. Keeping in time with him, she speaks they share in a common tongue. "Medical. Well, somewhat. Field medical I should say. Originally learned that type of thing from my parents. What about you?"

Trainwreck is putting this a bit kindly. Especially since it's not even the worst part. Donny can't even hide his stupid grin as he's bringing over the chopped up banana and adding it in. Then he's taking a wooden spoon and stirring it all together. "Can you uh--" Donny cracks up a bit, "Can you bring over the tomato and bread now?"

Donny takes in a deep breath before sighing, collecting himself for the moment. "Medicine and saving lives is a good thing to learn. Good thing your folks decided to pass that on to you." he says, continuing the rest of the conversation in Leonese. "Me? Well- I joined up with the Foreign Legion when the uprising started. Also cause I decided I didn't wanna spend all my days on Scorpia. It's a nice place to plan a vacation to, I imagine, but... It ain't a place I want to spend the rest of my days on."

"I spent a while with them, and I guess I was planning on just going through my tour and then moving to Leonis. But they ended up transfering me here instead. Funny thing about the Foreign Legion: You meet people who come from really low places. I knew a guy who came straight outta one of those Caprican mafia movies." Donny tilts his head to the side, "Before that I was a tattoo artist, though. Made decent money off tourists." Donny pauses, as though he were thinking of better times... But then he's adding in more olive oil.

The girl shudders now, her face twisting up all the more, nose scrunching; she does as he asks. Fruit over, along with the bread, she eyes the mixture and sticks out her tongue slightly, one nostril still pressing up, along with a curl of her lip. Pausing, she looks around for a moment and then steps away. Soon enough, she sets down a massive brick shaker of paprika.

After a sly smile flirts across her lips, it fades slightly when speaking about her parents. "Yeah." She agrees and leaves it at that. "I wanted to help people, so, here I am. Not sure why I got transferred here, though. Guess I'll find that out sometime." Moving to his other side to get a better look at his skills, she watches the spoon, the oil, the mess, and turns her head just so to focus on his features. "Really? What did he do to make you think that?" A pause. "I've never been to Scorpia. Never seen a beach or anything, really. I grew up on farmland. Around swamps and marshes. The sea, though? Bet that's beautiful."

Laliru motions to the spices. "Hide the banana. Just cook it a lil, but mask it with the spices. That way, it'll look like sausage."

Donny looks over as he hears something being set down, and then he peers at the shaker. Donny looks up to her and smirks, "Well look at you, getting all into it!" he says with a chuckle. "Good plan-" he pauses his sentence, beginning to mask it just as she said, "I may need to get you to help out with this kinda stuff more often if you're gonna be -this- resourceful."

Donny sniffs the steam rising from the dish before he involuntarily reels back for a second. "Whew. I think it's almost finished..." he says, before mixing in the diced tomatoes with it all, and then he's setting up the slices of bread to make it into a sandwich of sorts... Probably a sandwich from hell.

"Well- the guy had a unmistakable Caprican City accent for starters. Even after months you could make it out through his Leonese. He also had a tattoo on his upper back that said Tilanni Family... He had a lot of tattoos in general. And he was also really good with a handgun. Like, really good. Like he'd been using one for years." Donny finishes setting the sandwich up before putting it on a plate, and looking over to Laliru properly whilst he turns the heat off from the stove. "That and we got drunk on leave and he went on about how he was Made, but the folks he was with were still trying to take him out." There's a shrug and a lopsided grin, "So it's just kinda a hunch for now." Then there's the talk of Scorpia. "Yeah... I guess it's pretty." And just like how she left the talk of parents at that, he leaves Scorpia at that.

Laliru eyes the sandwich. That twisted expression returns, the one that people get when they see something that's just plainly wrong. Her making that face to this? That means something; she was a field medic after all. "Sounds like a character," she replies, keeping their conversation in Leoneses. "You still talk to him? That 'Made' man?" Regardless of his story, she keeps her violet gaze on the abomination before them. "You're twisted." She finally decides, looking up and over toward Donny, smirking and shaking her head before moving to him, then to the dishes, picking them up to take them to the sink.

There's a snicker from Donny, stepping over to the sink to wash off his hands. "Character's a way of putting it, yeah." Donny turns off the faucet, and dries off his hands. "But no, we don't have time to keep in touch. If he was nothing else, he was definitely business." The marine walks over to his plate, looking over it for a moment as he sizes it up for a second. Then there's Donny's shit eating grin.

"Nah, I'm not twisted. I'm evil." he says, sticking a tongue out at Laliru playfully. "But, I'm a necessary one." he says, reaching into his back pocket and taking out a notepad and a piece of paper. He sets them down, one which already has writing on it, and another blanked and lined. Looking back and forth, he begins to carefully try and copy the handwriting, "Because without folks like me, we'd all be moping around while the Cylons are one zero oneing with eachother to the blood bank."

"Quickly, come up with a random last name. Something... Generic."

The water was running now, and she suds it up. His tongue poke is met with one of the girl's own before she moves her hands in the water and cleans the evidence of something having been made recently. "Smith. Johnson. Peterson." She offers, still playing right along with him and his requests. "Thanks for letting me be evil with you, Donny. I have a feeling I'm going to regret it." Another shake, those curls bounce and soon enough, she's done. "You always been this way? A prankster, I mean."

Donny slowly nods as he gets to writing, "From... Private Willy Johnson." There's a grin on his face, for a joke as childish. Once the note's written, he dabs his thumb on his tongue and folds it neatly. Donny grins at Laliru, "Hey- don't worry about it. Being evil's best when it's with good company."

Donny appraises her question, humming a little as he turns to lean back against the counter, scratching his chin a bit. "Kinda, kinda not." Then Donny pauses, and elaborates, "I guess the folks in the Legion brought that kinda thing out in me. I was a lot less inclusive in my fun before I met the guys there... Then it just kinda became the norm for me." There's a pause, and Donny shrugs. "I guess getting shot at makes you appreciate getting frakked with every now and then." Then Donny turns it on her, "How about you? You always help people with their dastardly plans?"

Laliru pauses mid-scrub, and snickers. "Wha-WILLY. JOHNSON?!" She exclaims, looking at him, the note and him again. "Hell, why not call him Dick McCockprick next time, huh?" It hurts, that joke, but she giggled at first and there's no denying that. Back to scrubbing, she listens, nodding now and then to show she is attentive. "Guess so," she agrees. At his question, she trains the water and rinses off the dishes, searching for a towel to dry them, and herself off. "Ah, learned that from family, too. Help people who ask for it." She smiles and shrugs. "Maybe I just liked your mustache and that silly grin you get. Devilish twinkling in your eyes."

There's a snicker from Donny, "The comedy lies in the innocence, young one." says Donny, putting on a wistful and sagely tone to his voice. He holds up the letter, looks at it, and then at her. "It's the perfect seed of chaos." he says, before his expression cracks and his grin shows. He sets it down, and nods.

"My parents just told me to kick any of the kids who tried taking my stuff in the crotch." There's a shrug, with a tilt of his head to the side. "Mostly my dad." He offers, in a lower tone- as though he might hear before he snickers. When she mentions the grin and mustache, Donny's got a tint to his cheeks- maybe flattered, maybe amused. Probably both. "D'aaww thanks, you! I don't mean to brag- but it drags in a lot of ladies, so I guess I should've figured." There's definite sarcasm those words of him, "But y'know, it takes evil to see evil. And now we're partners in crime. I guess I'll have to bother you for more stuff like this later when I need the help."

"Did you have to kick a lot of kids when you were little?" She quirks a brow, putting all the pots, knives, and cutting boards away. Hands dry, she hangs the towel to dry and now stands beside him, leaning to the counter. Her nose wringles gently, and finally, she transitions her speaking tone and accent. "Y'mind 'f I get back t'm' normal lang'age? Don' mind Leonese if y'd ratha, dough." Looking at his face, her head cants and she gives him an appraising look. "Yeah, I t'ink y'han's'm."

"Do not get me started." Donny chuckles a bit, but as his mind delves on the memories he seems a little annoyed. "Like I said- Scorpia's pretty at the coast, lots of low income housing further inland though." Donny watches her sort everything out and put it away, before he looks around for a moment. He checks the clock, looks up at the time. "Damn- I should get help more, that was quick."

Donny's lips purse thoughtfully before he hears Laliru speaking in standard again. Looking back to her, Donny smirks, moving to the same language, "It doesn' make a difference to me." And there's his own hint of an accent- Scorpian, of course. Then he's looking out to the rest of the mess hall, "'Sides, the folks may get suspicious." he adds. Looking back, a brow of Donny's rises before his eyes shut and he pumps a fist, smiling wide and letting out a slow "Yesss." And a bit pinker cheeks to accompany it.

Donny's eyes flutter open, "Though, to be fair-" Donny pauses, looking around. "Everyone in this place is good looking. Like- seriously, I'm starting to frakkin' think this is half taskforce, half modeling agency."

"Mmm, guess dey would get lil curious 'bout t'ings." She agrees, looking at that horrible thing on the counter one last time before heading for the exit. "Y't'ink?" She blinks, perhaps she didn't see it, or notice it. "Mabye s'because y'see lot'f ugly stuff, dat when y'don', it jus' dat much prettier." Winking, she eyes the time as well. "Hey, y'need help 'gain, call on me, hmm? I come runnin'," a pause. "N'maybe, we c'n get a coffee s'mtime."

Donny lets his shoulders rise in a shrug, "Hey, there's probably truth in that." Donny spins around, swooping up his WMD before turning to face the door. He's not stepping after her, just waiting. "I don't like coffee." he says, expression blank for a second before he grins, "But for you? Yeah- sure." Then there's that same grin, "Catch you later- don't be surprised if you see me runnin' laps later." he says before he's taking his leave right after her.

Time to deliver the payload.


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